August Prayer Intentions

Posted on August 1, 2021

For all CORAC and ASOH members and their families who have someone ill with covid… that Our Lord and Our Lady be with them, bringing healing, soothing hearts and strengthening each one in faith, hope and love

For Brother Gideon, recently ordained subdeacon, as he makes the journey to priestly ordination in the near future… and for all the Monks of Mount Tabor

For St. Joseph’s ongoing, special intervention and protection over Charlie, all leaders and team members, CORAC members and their families as we pour out our hearts and efforts in building and nurturing CORAC

For ongoing generosity in donating to CORAC

For deepening resolve and fortitude, laser focus and speedy response to whatever the Lord is asking of each one and to embrace, in wisdom, the call to unplug from the frenzy around us, contemplate in Sacred Silence and connect with God – actually rest in Him – allowing Him to calm us, maintain our equilibrium and infuse us with joy through this Storm

For the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit upon every person on the planet, igniting a fire of desire for the Living God

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.

St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Prayer Warriors

B.H., MT | M.P., AZ | J.B., IL | N.S., NE | K.V.M., KS | K.U., OR | K.A., MN | C.F., NE | M.K., IA | E.T., MT | P.A.B., PA | P.W., MI | N.S., NE | C.J.C., MO | C.E., NE| W.H., IA | A.E.L., MN | S.B., CT | P.A.B., PA | C.G., MT |K.M.B., VA | K.U., OR | A.L.M., GA | K.V.M., KS

Prayer Communities

The Monks of Mount Tabor


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