September Prayer Intentions

Posted on September 1, 2021

For all CORAC and ASOH members and their family members who are ill with covid… that Our Lord and Our Lady be with them, bringing healing, soothing hearts and strengthening each one

For St. Joseph’s ongoing, special interventions for Charlie, as he takes his next right steps in God’s Will for him and as he travels the country once again

For ongoing generosity in donating to CORAC

For the intercession of St. Barnabas as protector of each member of CORAC as well as their families

For deepening resolve and fortitude, laser focus and speedy responses to whatever the Lord is asking of each one and for the courage to unplug from the frenzy around us to contemplate in Sacred Silence and connect with God – actually rest in Him – allowing Him to calm us, maintain our equilibrium and infuse us with joy throughout this Storm

For the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit upon every living person, igniting a fire of desire for the Living God

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.

St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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  1. MountainMama

    Asking for prayers for a property my husband and I have been pursuing since April. We sold our house in January and have been living in RVs since. Have been looking for the right property, in the area we have discerned we are to move. It has been 6 years since we began our search. Afternlooking at many homes, we have better defined what we are looking for in that time. I am hopeful this property is the one God has led us to, to bring the most glory about from the work He has planned for us. We move forward in trust and pursue this with much faith. Prayers make the unknown a bit easier to navigate. Thank you.

    • Beckita

      Praying a PMT for you and your husband, Lisa, and sending St. Joseph to accompany you through this transition.

    • Jen Byrd

      I have offered a prayer for you and yours in your plans. Godspeed. Jen

    • MarieUrsula

      Praying for your intentions, MountainMama.

      I think we have met more than once, have we not?

      God bless and keep you and your family.

      Sister Bear

  2. Andrea Hart

    My cousin Paul is in the hospital with Covid and on a ventilator. Please pray for his recovery, and his salvation, according to God’s will. He is Christian, and a dear kind man like a brother to me. Thank you!

    • Beckita

      Praying a PMT for Paul, Andrea, and sending Archangel Raphael to tend to him.

    • Jen Byrd

      I have offered a prayer for Paul and for consolation for all who love and care for him. Jen

  3. CSearing

    Asking for prayers for my sister’s stepson, Christopher W, who is in the hospital for Covid-19 and is not doing well at all. He is on a ventilator and they are giving him Remdesivir which is known to kill the patient. He is close to death. Praying for a miracle. Also please pray for my sister, Barbara, as she has been pleading with the hospital to stop that medication and given him Ivermectin but no one is listening to her so she is very depressed.

    • Beckita

      Praying for Christopher and Barbara, Carol, with a PMT while sending St. Raphael to intercede.

  4. MarieUrsula

    I am praying for the intentions of Andrea Hart and CSearing, whose loved ones are in the hospital with COVID. I concur with the prayers that Jen and Beckita have offered.

    God bless and keep you and your families,
    Sister Bear

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