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Posted on October 15, 2021

Current Edition

Whether or not you like to do research, the times require that you do your own reading and analysis. It is not the time to rely blindly on authorities. The people I put the most stock in are the ones who say, “Don’t believe me; read it for yourself!” Do some initial research, then bounce it off others who are reading the same thing. This is the benefit of an organization like CORAC: we can share our insights. In the Communications section of this newsletter, we’re launching a “chat” feature in which members can post observations, insights, research, questions. It can be used as heavily or as lightly as you choose. Hope to see you in our chat room!

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  1. MarieUrsula

    These are very well done. Thank you for writing, posting, and making downloadable.

    Sister Bear

    • Sheryl

      Thank you , Sister Bear! Hope they help!

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