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Posted on January 5, 2022
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Patrick Coffin – December 2, 2021

“Are Hospitals Prison Camps?” Live stream rebroadcast summary, as promised, by Jen 01.03.2022

Due to an extensive healthcare business background, I found this topic to be of great interest. I had the good fortune of being able to listen to a public and complimentary rebroadcast of Patrick Coffin’s interview with Doctor Lee Vliet, CEO of Truth for Health Foundation on AmericaOutLoud.

I have highlighted some key points. Risky hospitalizations may be inevitable, therefore I implore you to learn more how to best safeguard yourself in the event that should arise.

Guest commenter – Nicole Landers, R.N., Director of The Covid Strategy Team, Truth for Health Foundation


Nicole serves to educate and advocate for patients and for their family members in many aspects and especially for patients “trapped” in the hospital.

Typically patients have an opportunity to pick their own medical treatment path that they feel is best for them in the manner of an informed consent agreed upon a procedural approach to care. Now the patient and family members are strong-armed into a single plan with no understanding of the risk involved, especially in the case of prescribed harmful and dangerous Remdesivir protocols. The medical industry, since the Ebola outbreaks, are/should be aware of the potential damage to bodily organs and the high mortality rates. State and federal Insurance agencies, (NIH & CSM were named) declare Remdesivir as the “gold standard.”

It is routine that hospital staff deny that treatment options even exist for the patient to consider.

Doctor Vliet suggests that this common practice stated above borders on criminal malfeasance. It is a violation of constitutional and basic human/patient rights and medical ethics. While in conferences with fellow medical staff and while acting as a patient’s Power of Attorney (P.O.A.) she has witnessed first-hand that they are conning patients.

She goes on to explain how hospitals are paid bonuses, which she refers to as bounty payments, for PCR testing, a positive Covid diagnoses and for prescribing ventilators and the use of Remdesivir instead of any other drug. There is also a bonus if the death certificate lists Covid as a diagnosis in some cases. Family members are mostly unaware that their loved ones are being sacrificed for money.

The monetary incentive gives motives to turn the Hippocratic Oath upside down to “Do Great Harm” i.e. the patients become collateral damage for profiteering. There also exists legislation that enables medical death panels; eugenics movements. “Life worthy of life” decisions dictate whether a patient receives I.V. fluids, foods, and other life sustaining necessities. Sanger, Hitler, Liverpool euthanasia programs, and now Covid standards in the U.S. allow the termination of select populations.

Nicole Landers is also a whistleblower that revealed the unusual and unexplained physical phenomena after vaccination. Patients showed up at the hospital anywhere from 24 hours to months after vaccination with multiple and odd “symptomology.” Blood clots, heart attacks, respiratory failure, and neurological disorders were also noted. She also saw unexplained loss of white blood cells, people with no history or warning sign getting diabetes, paralysis, sudden cardiac problems, again without any prior cardiac health history and in hindsight spinal inflammation among other things not previously noted/connected. The patients that she followed had their health deteriorate before her eyes. Nicole resigned her nursing position as a result of what she witnessed in her patients when she was told that she too must be vaccinated.

Dr. Vliet added testicular, ovarian and menstrual dysfunctions and irregularities, miscarriages and stillbirths. Migraine headaches, mood swings, patients with autoimmune conditions such as MS and cancers that were in remission are relapsing due to the inflammation caused by the spike proteins and nanoparticles. Secondary viral illnesses arise, pneumonia, Epstein Barr Syndrome and hosts of other problems. The illnesses are happening so fast that proper testing/diagnosing/treatment care is difficult in a crisis of this magnitude.

Anecdotally, Patrick mentions young and finely tuned athletes, especially in the UK are dropping dead after the vaxx and/or booster in great numbers from sudden cardiac episodes.

A large number of professional and outpatient medical staff are disconnected and will not make the connection between sudden anomalies and the vaccine.  85% of such physicians are employed by big business insurance and/or governmental institutions and are trained and scripted by administrators to be in lockstep with the narrative. These are some of the money, power and control extensions that lead to the channels of patient care.

What can be done to safeguard our rights as a patient? Your health and your life are literally in your hands. Take heed of the valuable resources provided:

Notes –

Fact Sheet: Steps To Take Before Hospitalization PDF attached.

Nicole mentions a few lifestyle changes that can be done to strengthen our immunity include some simple steps are to increase daily exercise, get more fresh air, connect with nature (mind/body connections.) Eat better, increase fiber, fruits/veggies and vitamin intake, especially vitamin D. Every home should own and know how to operate a nebulizer. Pay attention to your breathing and take deep breaths. Slow down, stop the rat race. Be still and be with God/meditate in silence.

Other considerations that Doctor Vliet mentions are glucose, excess carbs, sweets, and sugars are fuels that fan the flames of inflammation and are Covid risk factors. Alcohol is metabolized as a simple sugar and drinking in excess is detrimental along with smoking pot, which causes inflammation in the lungs. Our “American” tendency to turn to sweets, drugs and alcohol to self-medicate put us on a fast track to compromised immunity defenses. Add the other dark restrictions such as isolation, loneliness, depression, the lack of human contact from lockdowns, no sunshine, and cabin fever, it is no wonder homicides and suicides are increasing rapidly during the pandemic.

Patrick added that our catholic and protestant clergy who think that watching church services from a laptop is equally as beneficial as worshipping God together in the same sacred space are mistaken.  Dr. Vliet states many churches gave in to the directives and did not take a stand as they should have. She believes that that was very much designed to rip apart the durability of the fabric that made America strong. Faith, community, connection and working together in united ways through crises have consistently been our history and is our strength. They attacked our institutions, churches, schools, families and pushed the isolation.

Patrick mentions that many non-religious influencers that are being red-pilled are becoming keenly aware of evil because of these global Covid narratives, which over many decades has been orchestrated by design. The devil overplayed his hand. Simultaneously, medical lingo, procedures, protocols, etc. are not universally formed, approved and rolled out overnight.

Seeking a legal advocate for a Covid Specific Power of Attorney (P.O.A.) is important. If a specific patient written protocol is not followed and injury occurs, that falls under tort and can be prosecuted as such outside of malpractice according to the legal board of Truth For Health Foundation.

Do this work before you get sick or are hospitalized. It is difficult to be your own best advocate without medical records, P.O.A.s., and directives in hand at the time of admission.

If a patient becomes a “prisoner” in the hospital, it becomes a vicious battle to leave, even against medical advice (A.M.A.) See # 8 on fact sheet. Bodily integrity and the choice to choose medical treatment and where to spend your final days is God-given and constitutionally protected. Advocacy Teams with doctors, attorneys, L.E.O.s. and ambulances and EMTs are extracting and rescuing patients from these medical prisons, but not without complications. In the case of Veronica Wolski in Chicago, the police did not enter the hospital to save the patient because the administrator would not let them in. Nicole mentions that sheriffs and deputies have Surety Bonds that we the people can revoke from civil servants who have abdicated their roles/oaths to serve and protect us. We need to learn how to execute claims against these bonds and remove and replace these nefarious public servants.

Patrick said that he has heard and agrees that a crisis does not build character, it reveals it. Not even 80/20 but 80/10/10 Patrick believes 80% will just roll over, 10% are red-pilled and understand that evils are being perpetrated, but it is only the final 10% of that will say okay my gloves are off, I am going to say no to a possible paycheck, trust in God and take the steps needed to face and expose the evils as they come.

Nicole says that those whose eyes have been opened have the responsibility to go out and minister for those who do not see. We have the onus or responsibility to be a voice in the desert to seek to bring others along. It is our Lord’s model.

Dr. Vliet concluded that when asked, she did not have any idea how she would/could make a difference and do the right thing, the Christian thing, for patients and their families in balance with ethical patient care. She stated that she didn’t have the money for the reactivation of her health foundation and did not know where she was going to find the resources.  She added it was just like the little boy with the five loaves and the two fishes, she just had to turn it over to God and say here is what I have Lord, you multiply it.

The video concluded with some of the better known facts about this hoax, its characters, guidance and prudent steps that we can take to collectively to take an advocacy stand against medical corruption. Doctor Vliet summed it up by noting this biblical passage –

17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

James 2:17 New International Version (NIV)

A link to watch the full video and get links to resources can be found here –


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Leadership is not a position at CORAC, it’s a mindset fueled by the heart. In these challenging times of rapid change and uncertainty, we thrive by empowering our members –– from all walks and stages of life –– to humbly take an active role in our mission.  Now is the time to take responsibilty for the gifts God entrusted you with, use them for the benefit of others, and trust that God will multiply your effort to help reap an abundant harvest. In short, acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.


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