January Prayer Intentions

Posted on January 1, 2023
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*That CORAC members “keep steady” as “serious and sober,” “deliberate” people, “doing things that make a difference . . . faithfully, with great love” (CJ) as the storm deepens

*For all CORAC members to seek and to receive spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4-11) empowering the Prayer of Doing, because “When people are scared, they turn to where the character is strongest” (CJ)

*For traveling graces for Charlie and for all CORAC members during winter-weather months

*For a strong, ongoing response to the current CORAC fundraising drive

*For Charlie’s discernment and for any special prayer intentions that he holds close to his heart while making critical decisions in guiding CORAC through this year

*For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Prayer Warriors

B.H., MT | M.P., AZ | J.B., IL | N.S., NE | K.V.M., KS | K.U., OR | K.A., MN | C.F., NE | M.K., IA | E.T., MT | P.B., PA | P.W., MI | N.S., NE | C.C., MO | C.E., NE| W.H., IA | A.L., MN | P.B., PA | C.G., MT |K.B., VA | K.U., OR | A.M., GA | S.O., TX | M.D., NS | K.U., OR | F.A., WI | M.M., OR | A.H., WI | M.M., MT | C.M., NY | C.S., GA | C.S., TX | M.C., IL | L.A., LA | K.O., MI | M.P., OH | R.W., OH | B.M., WV | S.T., SD |K.U., OR | S.B., CT | G.F., IL | P.P, OH | M.K., NJ | K.R., MN | P.W., MI | M.C., MT | L.K., WA | R.D., WI | E.S., GA | B.W., MA | S.E., MT | S.G., MN | J.S., NY | K.M., CT | C.J., IA | D.E, CA | B.M., IA | B.N., VA | K.T., TN | M.R., MA | D.T., MA | T.P., NH | B.C., KY | K.M., FL | T.P., MN | J.H., CO | J.R., CT | M.J.B., MN | J.T., MD | C.B., TX | A.W., CA | D.L., BC | A.E.R., MA | S.E., MT | K.M., IA | C.O., DEU | M.C., MA | C.B., TX | J.S., MN | M.C., CA | S.P., WY | B.W., MA | J.L., NY | C.C., SDY | C.B., LA | C.R., LA | R.S., LA | T.S., IL | M.U., IA | M.J., CT | Sr.C., MS | S.C., MS | S.E., MT | V.G., MT | Y.M., Int’l | M.T., Int’l | G.C., MT | M.L., Int’l | T.T., MT | L.N., WI | M.F., Int’l | J.S., MN | R.P., MN | N.W., OH | Y.M., Int’l | G.D., MT | B.G., MI | J.S., MN | D.T., MA | B.P,. MO | C.B., LA | S.A., PA | E.M., NY | D.W., KY | M.D., FL | L.B., IL | M.L., MO | T.R., CA | P.S., CO | S.S., IA | S.F., MB | C.B., WI | B.P., MO | D.D., Int’l | C.C., MO

Prayer Communities

The Monks of Mount Tabor

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