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I’m truly grateful to all who are lending their support to keep me on schedule and mobile during this busy leg of the Faith, Family & Freedom Tour. Your generosity helps offset the added and unforeseen expenses of car repair, towing, and rental car.

Nothing is lost in God’s economy. It is a saying I often use – and I mean it. The situation with my car was very bad. We have that handled. It is going to be fixed right here – with some parts being overnighted from Colorado. It won’t be ready until early next week, but some folks are getting me a rental so I can make my stops in Ohio and Michigan – then I can come back here, pick up my car, and head out to Indiana. A bit of extra driving for me, but I can live with that. Meantime, Thursday evening, we are going to have a little get-together with some of the good folks in the Berkshires. (Northwest Massachusetts and Southern Vermont) to help rally the faithful. What’s not to like for an old evangelist like me? Shoot, Paul had shipwrecks and beatings. I can live with a catastrophic car breakdown – and if everything works out, no one will be shunted off because of it. One meeting has to be moved from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, but the host is fine with that.

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Charlie Johnston
Founder of CORAC


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