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Your gift will help to build a network that facilitates emergency communications around the country and provides for local resources nationally for teaching traditional home skills and traditional medicines for times of conflict. Most importantly, it helps to build a network all across the country that is united in their commitment to stand for faith, family and freedom – and prayer teams to support the active work.

The great Judeo-Christian principles that were the bedrock of the founding of this country are under sustained assault by an alien coalition of atheist and pagan ideas – a coalition that has brought down many countries throughout history, particularly in the last century and a half. This is a battle in which we must prevail if we are to bequeath to our children and grandchildren the freedom and prosperity that our forebears bequeathed to us.

We must live the prayer of doing but, above all, we must live prayer. The most effective plan man can devise will fail if WE fail to acknowledge God in all things, take the next right step with resolute fortitude, and be a sign of hope to those around us. Thank you for helping to give us the means to fight on all our behalf under God.

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Charlie Johnston
Founder of CORAC


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