Jan 27, 2021

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty Outback, held together by duck tape and guardian angels, to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other. Click below for his upcoming visits.
– Sheryl Collmer, editor

Nine Things to Help You Prepare for the Worst

Of late I have talked often of the need to learn to go analog in a digital world – that is, to recover some old-school skills that many of us once had, and some others that our forebears had. I encourage everyone to be prudent and not obsessive, to spend no more than you can afford. The ideal is to do things that will be good even if everything, miraculously, calmed down, and could be vital if things continue down the current path.

Here are nine things that can get you started on recovering the skills that will protect you and your family in case of serious crisis:

1) Find a reliable source of water nearby. This could come from streams, rivers or lakes. You probably ought to get filtering equipment or boil any water you take from “the wild.” Next to the air we breathe, water is the most vital and constant form of sustenance we need.

2) Put aside a small store of non-perishable food supplies. This can include dried beans, rice, dried fruits and powdered milk.

3) Get a good quality camping knife. Knives can be used for a variety of purposes – to prepare food, to cut away small brush, to open packages and much more. Also, stock up on small utilitarian items you might need but would be in short supply in a crisis – such as BIC-style lighters, cook pots and utensils.

4) Get wood-burning capacity if you can. This can come in the form of a fireplace, a wood-burning stove, or a chiminea. It is important to be thinking of how it might be used to cook food or heat your shelter, if needed. You can also lay in a supply of propane or natural gas canisters and perhaps, even, a small generator.

5) Get a bicycle for each member of the family. In the case of serious shortages or deep crisis, bicycles can give you a handy means of transportation using only human power. Consider any family members who have disabilities and think of ways you can provide for their mobility in difficult times.

6) Learn to read and write cursive – and get some carbon paper. For quick, reliable communication when no keyboards are available, cursive writing has been effective for hundreds of years.

7) Get paper maps and learn to read them. If GPS satellites became inoperative – or even spotty – a lot of people would be lost. I got very good with paper maps, both road maps and wilderness maps, when I was still in my teens. It is an invaluable skill. But the skill means nothing if you have no paper maps. I got a good, 50-state Atlas again after going without for a long time.

8) Get a rolodex. I realized last year that if the internet or utilities were shut down, I would lose almost all my contacts. Start putting your contacts on rolodex cards and you won’t lose them. Make sure to include physical addresses – and directions.

9) Get a light-weight tent and a sleeping bag rated for cold weather. If things really got tough you would need both quality materials and ease of portability. When hiking, weight is your sworn enemy. If things calm down, you have great camping equipment.

This is, by no means, a comprehensive list – but it is a good start. As much as I say it is good to be prudent, I say more emphatically that it is vital not to go full survivalist. I am convinced the times we are in are God’s way of forcing us back to primary reliance on Him. If you get obsessive, God has the means to make your plans meaningless. For me, my only preparation is to keep a loaded backpack and quality hiking shoes always near me – and it does include a lightweight tent and good sleeping bag. But I have the experience of living and hiking outside for over a year to help. Make sure you have enough so you can learn safely on the fly if you have to.

Charlie Johnston

Regular Weekly Podcasts

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And there you were, wondering what you were going to do this weekend…


Every CORAC member is an active-duty soldier in the army of God

Every member should have at least one action project. YOU are the Lord’s army. YOU are the Church Militant. Don’t wait for someone in charge to organize something. If you’re a CORAC member, you’re an operative. Make something happen.

America Prays

Absolutely anyone can do this. Get a friend, make a sign and go down to your city hall or town square. Pray the rosary. Be a part of force that is going to change the world for the better. Even a small gathering will grow, if it is God’s will.

This project is modelled after “Austria Prays.” Every Wednesday evening since November, Austrians have been gathering to pray in public places. The movement is spreading around the world.

The best signs are often hand-lettered, but if you want a professional sign, try www.buildasign.com. An 18” x 24” Coreplast sign runs $18 and turns around in about 3 days.

Wednesday evening prayer warriors in Tyler, Texas. Every week, rain or shine.

J6 Project

We are in solidarity with the citizens who have been held unconstitutionally for attending the rally last January 6. They are political prisoners and subject to appalling conditions. Watch the movie, “Capitol Punishment” for more details about this travesty of justice. https://capitolpunishmentthemovie.com

We have CORAC members in correspondence with all the J6 prisoners in the DC jail. If you’d like to send encouragement to a prisoner, contact Kristen Martinez at: Kannmartinez@sbcglobal.net

The biggest need in this area is contacting Congressmen to urge (demand) that these people get fair trials with decent legal representation. In the APPENDICES is a sample letter you can send to your Congressmen. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican; demand that true justice be served for these people. This is a quick task that anyone can do, less that 30 minutes to complete.

Only a couple of these prisoners have the resources to pay for good legal representation. Meanwhile back home, an income is absent, and their families are hurting. Most of the prisoners have allowed GiveSendGo accounts to be set up for donations. This is an easy and practical way to help.  Learn more at Patriot Freedom Project >

Consider adopting a particular prisoner for daily prayer. When you read their backstories, your heart will break and you will want to carry them with you to the foot of the Cross, and beg our Lord for them and their families.

Awaken the Parents

Perhaps the best thing we can do to save the kids is help their parents come to grips with the truth, so that they won’t offer up their kids for the Vaxxx.

Just since the last newsletter came out two weeks ago, uncounted people have “awakened.” Most of us have known for a long time that we’re being lied to, but those newly aware are extremely distressed and disoriented. Imagine that you took the Vaxxx, and now you find out that it doesn’t work, it may have destroyed your natural immune system and you’ve participated in a massive lie that has harmed millions of people. It could break your mind.

We came to the truth over time, but they are being hit with it all at once, as the media’s control of the news is leaking. Charlie has spoken about this previously. When the house of lies comes crashing down, people are going to be in shock, fear, and disbelief. We have to be kind, truthful, and willing to help.

You think you know someone who will never come to the truth? Don’t be so sure. It’s happening all over. Be ready with solace, and bite back those horrible words, ITYS.

The mass formation psychosis we read about is breaking up because so many people have been willing to stand up and say, “I don’t believe the narrative.” Huge respect to everyone who has been so bold!

You can read more about the dangerous phenomenon of mass formation here: The Journal Pulp >

All you have to do, to punch another hole in the narrative is say, “No, I don’t believe that.” It’s that simple. That’s how we save the children.

School Boards

Simply do an internet search for your local school board. Grab a friend and show up at their next meeting. These boards are accustomed to functioning with no public oversight. You don’t have to say a word; just be there. Having a witness can correct the most egregious of wrongs.

Listen carefully to see what items you might be able to influence. Ask innocent questions. Communicate what you learn to others. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper if something needs to be aired out. Any school board who has been operating in the dark will sit up straighter when they know someone is paying attention.

Election Integrity

Another project anyone can do. Almost every county in the US has Open Records Laws. November 2020 election records are public documents.

Search your county and state with the words “public records request.” You can often make the request online; otherwise you make the request in writing. Be very polite. You do not have to give a reason, but you can say, “research on voting patterns in the 2020 election.”

More information here: https://briancates.substack.com/p/is-delaware-county-pa-where-the-election


Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

The national comm team is aware that many members are having trouble tuning their shortwave radios. More instruction will be forthcoming. Be aware that tuning a shortwave is very different than AM/FM radio, where signals are clear, precise and originate locally. Shortwave listening is a bit of an artform.

Try the suggestions at the following links:

Shortwave Radio Listening >

Guide to Shortwave Radio Listening >

Is your antenna optimal? Read about dipole antennae here: Basic Dipole Antenna >

Shortwave broadcast update: tune in this Sunday evening at 6:30 Central time on 7.284.10 (40 meter band) or 6:45 Central on 3.976 (80 meter band).

Register for your regional Signal group, if you haven’t already. Contact your Regional Coordinator for instructions. You can find your RC here: Regions Map & Email Addresses >

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

It has recently been revealed that quercetin, which is recommended to be taken with zinc for maximum efficacy, should not be taken at the same time as Ivermectin. Take these two substances several hours apart. The quercetin can negate the effectiveness of Ivermectin when taken simultaneously (as I have been doing, but seem to still have gotten some benefit.) More info >

Consider starting your own course of study with friends. Joette Calabrese, a certified homeopath, can help you set up your own study group and get through an eight-week class. Recruit a few friends, buy the workbook, and start learning about this fascinating healing field. On completion of the class, you receive ordering privileges at OHM Pharma and a discount.  For more info click on the link/image below.


Check out the latest posts from the Health and Wellness team on the website, such as Steve BC’s Anti-COVID Cookbook >! Steve is our resident rocket scientist, whose advice and research helped guide Charlie’s recovery. We have been relying on Steve’s expertise for some time now, and he speaks to the latest questions about COVID and vaxx recovery.

Our friends in Region 12, who previously gave us the COVID refrigerator protocol, have now publicized a phenomenon that has not been much talked about… the day 8 “relapse.” Do you know anyone who’s been recovering from COVID, who then suddenly takes a downturn around days 8-10?

According to Dr. Shankara Chetty, it’s an allergic response.

This video is an hour long, so Region 8 member Sue Cyr has given us the Cliff notes:

Some people are having allergic reactions to spike protein, either from illness or injection (if injection, usually takes 7-10 days to show up.) The spike protein is an allergen. (The Omicron variant, which is milder, is characterized by fatigue, headaches, and gastro-intestinal distress, with fewer respiratory effects.)

The treatment:

  1. Steroids (video not specific as to which ones)
  2. Antihistamine (Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec)
  3. Montelukast, or Singulair, which is an asthma medication
  4. Anti-coagulant (regular 325 mg aspirin, also Vitamin K)

Whether you’ve had the infection or the injection, you got spike protein in your body. It’s a dangerous protein and we all want to mitigate the damage it can cause. Review the protocol here:

World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox >

If you or someone you love has taken the vaxxx (that’s all of us) there are some things you can do to mitigate the damage. SteveBC, our rocket scientist, has some suggestions here:

About Covid Vaxxxines >

On this page, he links to his Vaxxxine article. Click on the link to download and read it. These things are worth trying!

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-suffiency

Be sure to check the latest offerings in the Sustainability subsection of the CORAC website here:

Sustainability Team Page >

Interstate Insights

CORAC Region 15 member Patrick observes the USA from one coast to another on a weekly basis as a professional truck driver. He can see national trends that we, in our individual regions, may be oblivious to. He has graciously agreed to share what he sees from the road.

Unfortunately our interstate correspondent is down with the coof. He is a living, breathing example of what has gone terribly wrong with our medical system. On a route to Washington state, he became ill and tried to tough it out. He stopped at two different hospitals in two different states, and neither one diagnosed or prescribed properly. One suggested Remdesivir (“Run, death is near!) and he declined. He was finally helped by a trustworthy doctor in Texas who was willing to treat by phone. This doctor diagnosed more accurately long-distance than the two ERs who had personal observation.

A note about Telehealth: these folks are overwhelmed. If you get sick at night or on the weekend, you may wait a good long time before they can get back to you. Dr. Peter McCullough, one of our trusted docs, estimates that only 500 physicians in the US are treating COVID properly. You can imagine how busy they are. It’s another reason to think ahead. Contact your Regional Coordinator for trustworthy doctors and telemed resources in your region.

BE PREPARED for illness and don’t rely overmuch on the medical system right now. It’ll get fixed eventually, but right now, be ready to treat yourself and your family for colds, flu, COVID and general household emergencies. You should have a COVID TOOLKIT (see Appendix) and a good household medical kit. DON’T GET CAUGHT UNPREPARED.

You can take courses in homeopathy at HOMEOPATHY STUDY GROUPS >

There are many healing plants that you can forage or grow yourself.  For a start, visit Medicinal Herbs in Your Backyard >

Every household should have some sort of medical manual, like Home Doctor >

On a personal note, Patrick finally pulled into a hotel in Missoula, Montana to get his meds and take a rest… and it was the same hotel Charlie stayed in for three weeks when he had COVID. And the same CORAC angels that attended Charlie ministered to Patrick. Patrick is back on the road now, and we’ll hope to get an Interstate Insight from him next newsletter.


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

How about those Canadians?? Apparently their Leftist government hasn’t crushed all our Northern friends. A goodly amount of them are standing at roadsides and on overpasses, cheering the 50,000 truckers of the Freedom Convoy 2022 passing by on their way to Ottawa to demand an end to forced vaxxing, vaxx passports, contact tracing and censorship of news.

Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t appear to get it. He calls the longest convoy in history “a fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.” It’s as though if he pretends they’re small and weak, then they will be. Now it seems he has gone into hiding, just before the Convoy nears the capitol.

GoFundMe has frozen over $4,700,000 in donations raised for the Convoy. Say goodbye to that platform.

The “fringe,” which is growing by the hour, should arrive in Ottawa on Friday, and a peaceful protest is planned for Saturday. Keep an eye on it; the success of the Canadians could influence what goes on in other countries around the world. We stand to owe them a great deal. Honk your support to US truckers; they know what’s going on in Canada.

Read more here:

Freedom Convoy 2022 >

Canadian Truckers “Freedom Convoy” Demands to Trudeau: end COVID Mandates Now >

Freedom Convoy 2022 a Glorious Sight >

Roadside Crowds Cheer Canadian Truckers’ “Freedom Convoy” >

Is Washington State Still American?

Washington state needs its own convoy, as it has become a surveillance state. Regulations passed this month allow “public health officers” to place individuals in quarantine against their will.

The “official” news said this:

WAFalse claims about the Washington Board of Health’s scheduled January 12 meeting began circulating on social media saying the board will use law enforcement to force people into quarantine or isolation if they are not vaccinated against covid-19. Other similar claims about creating covid-19 concentration camps were also made. None are true.

However I found these items on the State Department of Healt website:

Court Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine – WAC 246-100-040(4)

Likely to be used when: Not confident that individual will comply with either Request or Local Health Office Order; Local Health Officer believes that it may be necessary to move to a contempt of court proceeding with the threat of incarceration and/or greater fine to secure the individual; as a supplement to the Local Health Officer Order for involuntary isolation or Quarantine (both can be obtained, i.e. not mutually exclusive)

When voluntary compliance was sough, bu the individual refused or otherwise indicated that he or she would not comply, use the following forms:

  • Summons (Word)
  • Detention ex parte petition when voluntary detention refused (Word)
  • Confidential schedule (Word)
  • Declaration supporting ex parte detention petition when voluntary detention refused (Word)
  • Order ex parte when voluntary detention refused (Word)

When no attempt is made to seek voluntary compliance due to the serious and imminent risk to the public, use the following forms:

  • Summons (Word)
  • Detention ex parte petition (Word)
  • Confidential schedule (Word)
  • Declaration supporting ex parte detention petition (Word)
  • Order ex parte for involuntary detention (Word)

In places like Washington, a system is being set up that bypasses ordinary freedoms and encourages people to spy on and report each other. So dangerous. If you live somewhere like Washington, stand up and make your voice heard! If you don’t, give thanks to God for your freedom, and vow to do everything to preserve it.


  • • Ten billion (10,000,000,000) doses have been administered worldwide, as of today.
  • • 61% of the entire world’s population has received at least one dose.

This is extremely concerning, as evidence is beginning to show of antibody-dependent enhancement and vaccine-induced immunodeficiency. We can hope that the mad scientists behind this horror show administered a good number of saline placebo doses. The evidence seems to suggest it, given that 95% of all the deaths and adverse events, so far, have taken place due to 5% of the batches. It is a massive experiment, and they’ve planned for a control group.

Two days after the March for Life in DC, “Defeat The Mandates: An American Homecoming” came to the Capitol. Some of our most trusted physicians and scientists spoke to around 50,000 people. Region 7 member Paula Voigt was in the crowd, and sent this report, along with photos:

Over 50,000 freedom-loving souls from all walks of life gathered on Sunday in Washington to rally for freedom in unity against the unlawful, unethical mandates.

We gathered at the base of the Washington Monument until it was time to march, taking in the live music and inspired signs. Under the shining sun and crisp air, we began the pilgrimage across the pond, culminating in our arrival at the steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I had the privilege of walking alongside The Bravest for Choice, a coalition of firemen from across the country. As we arrived at the Memorial it truly felt like a sort of homecoming, and I felt goosebumps as Jimmy Levy’s voice belted out “Welcome to the Revolution” and our National Anthem!

J.P. Sears did an amazing job as emcee and we heard from many courageous doctors and scientists who have been censored and shut down by their institutions as well as the media, including Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Robert Malone.

RFK Jr. was amazing as always, and delivered a powerful and sobering message about the dangers of vaccine passports and drive home how we must resist at all costs. Del Bigtree gave an impassioned, spiritually-inspired speech, and called out the media, pointing out the lies, manipulation and incompetence.

We heard truly remarkable and heartbreaking testimony from a panel of the vaccine injured, and I am so grateful they were given the opportunity to be heard. They deserve so much more.

I urge you to watch the livestream, as there were so many impactful speeches with crucial messages that need to be heard by all. DC: Defeat The Mandates Livestream – CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio

It was the event of a lifetime, to be amongst so many warriors of truth and freedom. Our collective energy was vibrant, powerful and undoubtedly held and guided by the palpable presence of God.”

Modern hero Robert Kennedy, Jr of Childrens Health Defense

Crowd at the reflecting pool

With Del Bigtree

In front of the Lincoln Monument


On Monday, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) held a conference “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” with a group of world renowned doctors and medical experts providing a review of the current knowledge about early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, and what should be done now.

The full event, starting at the 40:00 mark >

Highlights (38 mins) >


What hurts vaxx-injured families most is that they have been made invisible. The FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and social media have all decreed that such people do not exist. They have been erased. Meanwhile, they have disabilities that may be permanent, that doctors will not address, and that there is no compensation for.

One family that has been able to partially break through the wall of silence is the De Garays. Watch Maddie’s video here, along with Angelia Desselle’s >

Senator Ron Johnson gave the vaxx-injured one of their only forums to be seen and heard at this event last summer. The numbers of injured have grown terribly since then. https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/2021/7/helping%20people%20be%20seen,%20heard%20and%20believed%20after%20adverse%20vaccine%20reactions

Don’t let them suffer abandonment! Watch the videos. Acknowledge them. Pray for them. God is listening, though the responsible parties are not.

Prayer Teams

Staying right with God

Every month, our national prayer team, under the leadership of Beckita Hesse, sets prayer intentions for CORAC. Please join together to pray for the following January prayer intentions:

  • For the complete recovery of all our CORAC members and families who may be suffering with covid
  • For a new infusion of courage, strength, fortitude, trust and hope as we continue into the roughest, toughest segment of this Storm in 2022
  • For our police officers to break free from participating in tyranny and fully live their oath of honor
  • For a resoundingly successful response to the new CORAC fundraising drive
  • That each member grow in complete reliance on God, and that we refrain from abrogating our personal responsibility to someone else
  • That all will embrace the wisdom of letting prophecies rest, and be all-in with what must be our focus: acknowledging God, taking the next right step and becoming a sign of hope to those around us.
  • That fear be banished, in the Name of Jesus, as we choose to do what Charlie has exhorted: “…become accustomed to thinking that all is lost while doing the best we can and trusting God to come through – in His time and in His way, seeking actively to find what we have missed”

Come Holy Spirit, descend anew upon us, granting us breakthrough in the ability to hear God’s whispers, the better to live the following expressed wisdom:

“Infirmity and affliction are God’s classroom. I fervently pray that the troubles that afflict us may soon pass away, but not a moment before we have absorbed every lesson God intends for each of us. Let us all apply ourselves without nodding off while living the privilege of being in God’s classroom.”


See what else the prayer team has posted at: January Prayer Intentions >


Credit to:
  • Sue Cyr
  • Steve Baker

COVID Toolchest

This list appeared originally in the Region 8 newsletter dated October 1, 2021.

SUMMARY OF SUPPLIES TO ORDER – Most of the notes in yellow on this first Summary of Vitamins are per Steve Baker from his website Steve’s Front Porch >

  • Nebulizer for lung treatments with food grade hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, colloidal silver, Iodine, baking soda, prescribed meds, etc.
  • Pulse Oximeter to monitor oxygen saturation (92 or 93 is concerning and need to get oxygen level up by nebulizing food grade hydrogen peroxide/saline solution or other treatments below.)
  • DMSO
  • Colloidal Silver
  • 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • normal Saline solution (buy small bottle to mix with Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • distilled water
  • Iodine 5% or 2% Detoxified Iodine Dr. Edward Casey AMAZON 2 bottles $22 each
  • C powder and/or liposomal Vitamin C
  • Vitamins D3-K2 Take K2 with MAGNESIUM per Steve Baker
  • Ivermectin binds to neutralize and clear spike protein. AB will sell you some Ivermectin shipped here from India, shipped from New Jersey. Text: 973-342-5165 Order: 200 count, 12 mg, $190 including shipping, no fee for Telemed. Payment by Zelle or check. Receive in 3 or so days. Or get prescription from Dr. Hoover or others – see details below.
  • Zinc 100 mg/day elemental zinc picolinate (1×30 mg cap evening
  • Quercetin 250 mg twice a day (1 500 mg cap evening)
  • Melatonin 5 mg
  • NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine (Covid and long-haul) 2×600 mg/day 2-3 caps per day www.swansonvitamin.com
  • Acute Immune Benefits Divinci Labs or Amazon
  • Nattokinase Plus Divinci Labs or Amazon
  • Lumbrokinase (10x more powerful as anti-inflammatory than Nattokinase – for long-haul or vaxx repair)
  • 1-2x20mg per day for one month after sickness
  • Aspirin 325 mg if sick, for anti-coagulant
  • Baby aspirin St. Joseph 81 mg preventative anti-coagulant
  • Ibuprophen if don’t have any natural anti-inflammatory, to prevent virus spreading and causing much damage from inflammation
  • Chaga Mushroom powder
  • L-Lysine 2500 mg 3x/day to suppress virus at onset of symptoms. If exposed, 2 500 mg 2x/day.
  • Mouth wash with cetylpyridinium chloride to prevent / clean virus out of your mouth and throat
  • Nasal rinse 3x day to clean virus out of nose (or can make home rinses with food grade hydrogen peroxide / distilled or purified water / drop of iodine / colloidal silver etc.

Other Anti-inflammation options

  • Astaxanthin (3x4mg per day) break up eliminate graphene oxide
  • White Willow Bark if sick more than 5 days (2 800 mg per day or 6 drops of extract 3-6 times per day) antiinflammation
  • Echinacea formula against virus
  • Selenium 200 micrograms day works with NAC to build glutathione stores, anti-inflammatory influence
  • Bromelain or Proteolytic Enzymes that contain Bromelain 1-3 caps per day WITHOUT FOOD works with NAC to prevent spikes from binding to ACE2 receptors and might dissolve spike proteins
  • Niacin B3 B Complex with 100 mg Thiamine inflammatory 250-500 mg every other day build NAD+ levels Baker, regulate and reduce unneeded inflammatory activity
  • Boswellia inflammatory 1-3 caps a day until well Body repair damage to central nervous system. supports a healthy inflammatory response all over body, including lungs, GI tract and brain.
  • Milk Thistle Silymarin 1000 mg Anti inflammatory protects liver
  • DLPA 500 anti inflammatory
  • Lung Tonic heal lungs https://www.amazon.com/Lung-Tonic-Herbs-Etc-Softgel/dp/B001ED1EPC

You will likely not order all of these things, but do a bit of research and see which ones make the most sense for you.

The following Congressmen have signed letters calling for Constitutional treatment of the J6 prisoners. If you live in their states or districts, keep calling for more action, but also THANK THEM for upholding the law and pressing for fair treatment.
  • Paul Gosar AZ
  • Andy Biggs AZ
  • Lauren Boebert CO
  • Matt Gaetz FL
  • Byron Donalds FL
  • Marjorie Taylor-Greene GA
  • Andrew Clyde GA
  • Jody Hice GA
  • Mary Miller IL
  • Thomas Massie KY
  • Clay Higgins LA
  • Andy Harris MD
  • Scott Perry PA
  • Jeff Duncan SC
  • Ralph Norman SC
  • Louis Gohmert TX
  • Chip Roy TX
  • Randy Weber TX

Sample letter to Congressmen in support of January 6 prisoners

You can find your two Senators and one Representative by entering your zip code here: www.270towin.com.

Most Congressmen have websites with an email feature and you can copy and paste your letter to their email form. I am also following up with snailmail letters.

Dear Senator/Congressman:

Your oath of office obliges you to uphold the Constitution, and youf failure to do so would make it unlikely for you to be re-elected, at least in most states. I call upon you to uphold the Constitution in the affair of the January 6 detainees.

They have not received anything like a speedy, public trial. Their attorneys have not been given access to discovery, especially the thousands of hours of video footage that very likely contains exculpatory evidence for many of them. They are being held in conditions incommensurate with their charges. In no way is solitary confinement appropriate in their circumstances. Refusal of necessary medical treatment, violence of guards, inadequate nutrition, violation of the right to religious observation, toxic living conditions with malfunctioning plumbing and raw sewage in cells.

When this all comes to light – and it will – the Congresspeople who sat by and did nothing will be going back home in shame. No Congressman who sat silent through this travesty will be able to hold his head up. Republicans who sat by, doing nothing, will be seen as worthless. Democrats who participated, by party complicity, in this horror, will lose their office. Do you think that decent people even in the Democrat party would support this sort of treatment?

There will be a reckoning. Do the right thing now. Uphold the Constitution. For this, you were elected. By ignoring it, or worse, ridiculing it and defying it, you will lose what power you have. This affair has been a farce from start to finish, not worthy of the most corrupt banana republic in history. America is not so defunct that people won’t rise up, throw scoundrels out of office, and exact a penalty for blatant violations of the Constitution.

Do you want a legacy your family would be proud of? Demand justice, true justice, not partisan persecution, for the January 6 detainees. Demand they have access to all discovery; demand their right to a speedy public trial; demand that humane treatment be guaranteed the detainees. Demand that the jailers observe basic tenets of humanity and hygiene, and concede that, in the United States of America, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

You are completely underestimating the people of the United States if you think we do not care about the Constitution.

(If your Congressman is one who has spoken up for the J6 prisoners, include a paragraph of thanks)


Your Name

Your Congressional District or State

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