Issue #4 – February 25, 2022

As I write this on Thursday, the People’s Convoy has rolled from Barstow, California to Kingman, Arizona, with an enthusiastic send-off and many supporters on the route. By the time this newsletter is published on Friday, the Convoy will be two days and a thousand miles in. If you want current news about the convoy, don’t get your news from the mainstream. See the Convoy section of this newsletter for links to updates. The elites have multiple distractions playing out to keep you from noticing that the vaccines are a murderous failure; that Canadians are still standing up to tyranny even after suffering blows; and that American truckers have picked up the baton of freedom from our northern brothers. Keep your attention on what you can affect.
Sheryl Collmer, editor,

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback, ably maintained by loving friends and guardian angels, to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other

Click the button below for the current tour schedule of  dates, locations and further details:

Workers of the World, Unite!

The American truckers Freedom Convoy left Barstow, California on Wednesday this week. This issue of our newsletter will give you lots of information about that convoy and the route it will be taking across America. Check in with your Regional Coordinator on what you can do to show your support for those who are bravely putting it on the line to demand that public officials remember they are honored to be servants; not privileged to be masters.

Never underestimate how much strength we have when we work together under God. Early this week, Canadian officials quietly started to try to walk back their act of freezing and seizing protesters bank accounts. Seems five Canadian banks shut down operations altogether rather than risk the ruinous bank runs that Justin Trudeau’s ruinous emergency act was triggering. Yep, the Canadian government sought to harshly punish anyone who dared to have a different opinion from that which the government allowed and instead has risked tanking their entire banking industry. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of tyrants.

When one bee starts buzzing you, it is simple to swat it away as a nuisance. If a million bees start swarming you, you had best run and take cover. That is what has happened in Canada – and that story is not over yet, even though the Parliament despicably confirmed Canada’s descent into tyranny.

Shockingly, a poll commissioned by the Daily Wire, showed that only one group in America supports Canada’s act of war against its own people: Democrats. The left in America supports Justin Trudeau’s handling of the protesters by a whopping 65%. I suppose that shouldn’t be shocking, given that Democrats supported putting people who would not take the Covid shot into camps and seizing their children. But man, this sure isn’t the Democratic Party of John Kennedy anymore.

Astonishingly to me, a full 8% of Republicans supported the descent into tyranny. I’m guessing the pollsters accidentally called the Lincoln Project’s headquarters. What a hideous thing for that despicable group – to name itself after the president who ended slavery while that group supports renewing it, only for all the people who are not part of the ruling class. Amazing that in this “Looking Glass America” the thug groups like to call themselves their exact opposites: the fascists call themselves antifascists and the people who want serfdom for all but a few adopt the name of the president who worked to end any form of serfdom in America. I guess they have convinced themselves that the folksies they so loathe are stupid. Truth is, they remind me of toddlers who think that, if they cover their eyes, you can’t see them.

In any case, 55% of the people polled condemned Trudeau’s attack on freedom. Thank heavens, but that number is way too low – mainly because of the robust support for tyrannical methods by Democrats.

There was one segment of the polled group which condemned the Canadian overreach unanimously: people between the ages of 24-35. That should send shivers down the spines of all the authoritarians in America. The left has always counted on the support of younger people. Their antics have now earned them the unanimous contempt of younger people. So much for the “emerging” permanent Democrat majority.

I hope to see CORAC people showing up in force to support the truckers throughout their route across America. Showing up to a big protest has huge consequences. It heartens the faithful – because courage is contagious. Bring signs. If supplies are needed, work together with others in your region to help get them, so our heroes can keep on trucking. Make it clear to all the aspiring tyrants in America that we will not be ruled – and that we will toss all the petty authoritarians to the curb (and, hopefully, to prison).

Freedom lovers of the world, unite!

Charlie Johnston

L A T E S T  W E E K L Y  C H A R L I E C A S T

Make Americans
Free Again

Fabulous interview with Pam Popper, a fireball and straight talker, an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health, and a practical warrior for setting our country at rights again. Aptly named, she really does make things POP! Highly recommended.

To learn more about Pam and her organization, Click Here >


Every CORAC member is an active-duty soldier in the army of God. Make something happen!

The People’s Convoy

Many convoys sprang up in the US after Canada lit the flame, but the prominent one with the most support is The People’s Convoy. Visit their website to stay current on news. This group is partnered with The Unity Project (Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Pierre Kory), Children’s Health Defense (Robert Kennedy Jr.) Front-Line Critical Care Alliance (where we got those great protocols for treating early COVID), US Freedom Flyers, Thomas Renz (attorney for medical freedom) and the

Epoch Times.This group is working with local governments to respect the law and keep everyone safe. The convoy will stop short of actually entering Washington DC, to avoid any incidents like the January 6 debacle. I believe most of the other smaller convoys will end up folding themselves into this one. The proposed schedule:

The Canadian government did a good job scaring everyone with their vengeful overreach. Nevertheless, I opted to donate online; if I let fear of tyranny prevent me from supporting one of the more hopeful approaches to stop tyranny… then the battle is lost before it begins. Fear is what the elite have been using for two years to control us.

If you cannot bring yourself to donate online, there is the option of mailing checks or gift cards to a physical address: American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedom, 6528 E 101st St – Ste D1, #399 Tulsa, OK  74133. Do it promptly, because as of today, mercy sakes alive, looks like we got ourselves a convoy!

Most reliable news is on their website.

Most up-to-date news is on Telegram or Gab (but steel yourself for some salty language from other followers.) There are already videos up on Telegram showing the sendoff from Barstow and trucks’ arrival in Kingman. Americans have learned from our brothers and sisters in Canada: they are lining the highways and bridges with signs and flags.

Yes, you! No matter where you are, you are probably not too far from an interstate highway. It doesn’t even matter which one because they will all be full of drivers who wish they could be embedded in the big convoy, but can’t be. If you stand (safely) on any interstate overpass with an American flag, you give all those drivers a chance to honk and wave and feel like they get to take part after all. You will be exhilarated by the enthusiasm you get!

We stood with flags over I-20 last weekend to great response; the enthusiasm will be even bigger now that the Convoy has begun.

If the main convoy is coming through your region, contact your CORAC regional coordinators for specific information. Check the map and keep an eye on the website to be aware of any changes.

If you plan to be present at any of the points of the Convoy, please see Appendix for supplies and helpful hints.

To get in the mood, check this out:

“Best Country Truck Driving Songs” >

I’ve heard people saying it would be better for everyone to stay home. Really? If we don’t find a way to stand up and publicly say NO, the globalists will just keep coming. Do people think they will be nice to us if we’re nice to them? That is a profound misunderstanding of the nature of evil. Passivity on the part of the controlled just encourages greater degrees of control. See Neville Chamberlain and his policy of appeasing the Nazis. Epic fail.

Furthermore, look at the people who’ve put their livelihoods and reputations on the line just to get the truth and decent medical treatment to us. Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough, among others, have lost everything they’ve worked their whole professional lives to achieve but self-respect and fidelity to the healing tradition. Consider the truckers who are foregoing two week’s earnings to join the convoy. Lawyers working for free. Honest media who are embedded in the convoy, away from home and family. We owe them a huge debt. How can we repay them?

Answer: Donate, Follow, Participate.

America Prays

Many “America Prays” groups are meeting on Wednesday evenings all over the country, gathering in front of city halls and county courthouses. Grab a friend and a flag and just get on down to your local public space to pray the Rosary for our country, and especially for the children. Speaking of which…

Save the Children

The FDA postponed the hearing at which they were to authorize the Vaxxx for children aged 6 months to four years. They say it was to have more time to look at giving young children 3 doses instead of just 2, but I’d wager it was the effect of our hundreds of thousands of emails saying, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Thank you to everyone who wrote emails to the committee members. A new meeting date has not yet been announced, so stay tuned and be ready to do the email campaign again.

School Boards

Find your local school board on the internet and attend meetings. You’ll know what to do from there. Here in Tyler, the interested parties have been able to speak civilly and effectively with well-intentioned school board members and remove offending material from school libraries, with no fireworks whatsoever. But if your school board is more recalcitrant, consider the use of surety bonds as a tool to bring school boards back to their true mission.

See the strategy here >

Read a success story here >

J6 Project

We The People Convention held a “Justice for J6” Rally on February 23. Watch the replay of the Justice for J6 Rally >

Meet the patriots here >: There are still 14,000 hours of video evidence that could prove exculpatory, but which is not being released. There’s a good chance that all that video shows that our J6 buddies are innocent, some of them even heroic.


Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

CORAC HF Radio Net Broadcast

Every Sunday 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Each broadcast will start out with an introduction, the reading of a chosen scripture, sharing CORAC news of interest, then opening the net for anyone who desires to check-in. To check-in, you have to have an HF radio with transmission capabilities, and a general amateur radio license. All unlicensed members are invited to listen to the CORAC net using a shortwave radio. If you can hear the transmission, please post your comments in the CORAC Communications Forum. There is no set time limit, and people checking in are free to discuss any issues concerning CORAC, faith, family, and freedom.


7:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Mountain, and 4:30 PM Pacific. Frequency: 7.284.1 MHz


8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain, and 5:00 PM Pacific. Frequency: 3.980 MHz

Communications Team Comment page here >


Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

Due to enormous interest, the CORAC Health & Wellness team is again offering classes! See the online calendar for more details.

Basic Tinctures (7 week course)

Begins Sunday, February 27 3:00 to 5:00 pm. You must be a registered CORAC member to sign up. Complete the form for the class here >

If you’re not a CORAC member, what are you waiting for?? Register here >

Homeopathy – Gateway 1 Study Group (4 week course)

Begins Saturday, March 12, 5:00 to 6:30 pm. Sign up for the class here >

Don’t postpone because you need to order the study guide and it can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.

In 2020, Trump was reported to have told people to drink bleach. What he actually said was, “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute, and is there a way you can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning. Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it’d be interesting to check that.” Trump is entertaining, but no one would ever claim he was a scientist.

Shortly before that fateful press conference on April 23rd 2020, Trump had seen the claims of a chlorine dioxide formulation for medical use. He said he was impressed with the use of small-dose water-soluble CLO2 in attacking the COVID virus. He was then viciously attacked for allegedly telling people to “drink bleach.” (Incidentally, bleach is sodium hypochlorite, not chlorine dioxide.)

Then in 2021, the Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine published this:

Statistics from Bolivia where the use of water-solubilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 was approved by law in early August 2020, demonstrate a marked reduction in cases and deaths in that country. From a peak of 2,031 daily cases on August 20, 2020, cases dropped to 147 daily cases on October 21, 2020 – a 93% decrease.

Which brings us to 2022, and several CORAC members reporting good results with chlorine dioxide. It is beyond the scope of this newsletter to evaluate chlorine dioxide, but the Health and Wellness Committee has taken it under study and will report back. In the meantime, if you decide to try it, please research possible side effects, proper solution mixing procedure and recommended dosing to avoid oxidative damage. This remedy requires some caution.

Good place to start is Stephanie Seneff: The Chlorine Dioxide Controversy >

Meanwhile, over at the CORAC website, the Health and Wellness team has some very interesting posts.

Be sure to download the PDF. There are pictures and descriptions of many healthful and medicinal herbs that may be found in the wild where you live, or which can be grown from seed. If buying seed, be sure to get open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds so that you can reproduce your plants from year to year.

Check out these links:

Vaccine Adverse Events

The montage on the following pages consists of items from the Telegram channel “They Say It’s Rare.” These are only a small fraction of what was posted in a two-day period. When you start multiply these damage stories, it begins to appear that insurance companies and hospitals will be vastly overstretched, with collateral damage to employers who lose staff, families who lose productive members and individuals who would do anything to turn back time and make a different decision.

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency has myriads of great ideas. It is written from a worst-case-scenario viewpoint, however, so I can only take it in small doses. But you can find just about any survival topic on the website.

The following article about preserving yourself in a crowd could be valuable across many situations. At the Boston Marathon in 2006, as runners were crowded into corrals, a stampede started when the starting gun went off. A woman went down, and would have likely been seriously injured or killed, but for a fast-thinking man who jerked her upright. No one behind her would have meant to hurt her, but in a dense crowd, you cannot resist the movement of the mob.

Best strategy is to stay out of crowds, but it cannot always be avoided. This is good basic survival information:

How Not to Die in a Human Stampede >

Another article from This is one that will only be useful under the worst conditions. As long as my tuna fish and beef jerky hold out, I won’t be hunting wabbit. Still, it could be helpful at some point, if you have the fortitude to consider that possibility of reaching that point.

Winter Survival Making Snares For Rabbits <

Interstate Insights

CORAC Region 15 member Patrick observes the USA from one coast to another on a weekly basis as a professional truck driver. He was down with COVID at the time of the last newsletter, but it now back to 95%.

With all eyes on truckers this week, I was especially interested to hear Patrick’s viewpoint. He will not be in the convoy, as he is a contractor driving a company truck, but he has a front-row seat. He believes that the truckers who are joining the convoy, and forfeiting thousands of dollars in lost income for several weeks, are motivated by a desire to “do their part” to get people’s attention and wake them up to the dangers we’re facing.

Patrick estimates about half the country still doesn’t understand what’s going on (threat of tyrannical takeover) and won’t get involved, or indeed, won’t understand why anyone else would. Truckers are in a unique position, as their work is seen on a daily basis. No one may ever see the cool spreadsheet I created as an accountant, but the whole world sees truckers as they go about their business. Big rigs are visceral; they shake my little Mazda when they lumber by. They are behemoth.

More to the point, they make our lives possible. They deliver food and fuel, to speak to the most essential things. Every business is dependent on truckers for raw materials and finished goods, as well as FedEx, UPS and mail. If trucking stopped, people would have to start paying attention; the rumble in their tummies would force them to.

Truckers, in general, enjoy a life of independence. They can choose their routes and schedules and thus they have an enviable autonomy, in return for doing what most of us couldn’t… spending all day alone in a cab, eating convenience food, dealing with distracted drivers and weather conditions on the road, for long hours, and then sleeping in a space approximately the size of a prison cell, most of which don’t even have bathroom facilities.

As Patrick related, every trucker, at some point, decided to leave a more conventional job and take matters in their own hands to govern their own lives. They are likely to not take kindly to attempts to control their personal lives now, especially with mandates that don’t even make sense.

Patrick has mixed feelings about the convoy, expressing concern for the safety of the truckers after seeing the dictator come prancing out in Canada. Those who committed illegal acts against citizens in Canada seem to be escaping justice, and Patrick is concerned about what Biden & Co might be capable of, when pressed.

Truckers are doing something sacrificial and generous for the next ten days. God bless them!


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

VAX By The Numbers

  • 63 billion doses have been administered worldwide, as of Feb. 23, up 3.5% from the last newsletter
  • 5 % of the entire world’s population has received at least one dose, a 1.5% increase, which means it’s mainly boosters, rather than “fresh victims”

As the mandates are dropped and reports of adverse events leak out, we should see all of this slowing down considerably.

Data from:

Our World in Data >


This is an extremely complex issue, with a long historical background, complicated by corrupt US activity in Ukraine. To reach an informed conclusion about American involvement in Ukraine would take a good deal of study. Here are a few basic sources. I’m not recommending their perspectives, just passing on information for you to do your own research and pondering. Knee-jerk reactions to this situation will completely miss the point.

One of the last articles to be published on the subject before the action began:

Russia / Ukraine Crisis Explained > (published February 23)

Dennis Prager’s take on US intervention. Recorded last month, but Prager is always worth a listen.

When Should America Intervene >

Putin’s explication of the historical Ukrainian context, from the horse’s mouth

Article by Vladimir Putin >

Explains the historical tension between NATO and Russia

Ukraine: The History Behind Russia’s Claim That NATO Promised Not to Expand in the East >

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton explains the role played by corrupt American influence in the region, specifically the Bidens

Biden Corruption Exposed in Ukraine and Russia >

Not to be outdone, the Pelosi family has similar involvement

Pelosi’s Son Busted, Ukraine Scandal Explodes >


Normie, noun.                                                                                                   (adopted from the Urban Dictionary)
A person gravitating to social standards and accepted practices of the times. Normies are uninterested in ideas not easily accessible or those outside society’s current range of acceptance. They tend to adopt “popularity” as the only measure of good or bad. They tend to have a sense of superiority over the minority independent thinkers, and claim that indies are mentally ill or unfit to participate in society. See also “mass formation.”

  • Normies in Canada are waking up to the fact that their government has turned on them like a rabid dog.”
  • “American normies believe everything they hear from Dr. Fauci, despite clear evidence that his pants are on fire.”

Red pill, noun.
A free-thinking attitude, formed after waking up from a “normal” life of intellectual sloth and ignorance. Red pilled people prefer truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be. The term originates in the movie, “The Matrix,” when the character Neo is offered one of two pills. The red pill represents a difficult awakening, one that will require a response. The blue pill signifies luxurious security and blissful ignorance, requiring nothing more than sinking into inertia. Taking the red pill requires courage, and a radical trust in God because what you thought made you safe in the world… doesn’t. See also “The Great Awakening.”

  • When someone close to you has a heart attack or stroke within days of being vaxxed, you get suddenly red-pilled.
  • If you believe what you see with your own eyes, rather than what a corporation tells you, you have taken the red pill.

Emergency, noun.
Something dangerous or serious, such as an accident, that happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs fast action in order to avoid harmful results. Well, look around. Do you see anything sudden or unexpected? It’s all the same ‘ol, same ol’ as far as I can tell. By definition, you can’t logically call anything that lasts for two years an emergency. If there ever was an emergency, apart from government and hospitals creating conditions that hastened hundreds of thousands of deaths, it’s over now.

But Biden wants to extend the “emergency” beyond the two-year point. The National Emergencies Act can be invoked by the President but it can also be revoked by Congress. Although Biden cites deaths from COVID as the reason for prolonging the “emergency,” it is clearly aimed at the convoys that are rolling his way.

  •  A true leader deals with impending issues before they become an emergency.
  • “There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency as the simple truth.”                                         (Charles Dickens)

False flag, noun or adjective
An intentional misrepresentation, especially a hostile act that is made to appear to have been perpetrated by someone other than the party actually responsible. The term originates from ships flying a flag other than their own to evade identification. Pirates would fly a legitimate flag in order to get close enough to a target ship to launch an attack. Now the term means an operation carried out to be pinned on an enemy organization, to destroy that organization’s reputation or to hide illegal activities by misplacing responsibility.

  • Some people believe that the January 6 debacle was a false flag to rush though the certification of the 2020 electoral votes.
  • Truckers are expecting a false flag attack to make the Convoy appear to be dangerous.

More Worthwhile Reading

A perfectly brilliant essay about Trudeau and the truckers, by a Protestant pastor with a gift for words.

Tin Solders and Trudeau’s Coming

New series with John-Henry Westin, “Faith and Reason”, Episode 1: The New World Order. Features Fr. James Altman.

Faith and Reason >

Steve Kirsch interview with Canadian researcher Dr. Byram Bridle. Kirsch is a brilliant researcher; Bridle is the Canadian physician who first obtained the biodistribution studies that showed accumulation of vaxx spike protein.

Interview with Dr. Byram Bridle

Will hemorrhagic fever be the next pandemic? Chinese whistleblower drops a bombshell and says Chinese Communist Party is already buying up the drug that appears to be most effective against HF.

Interview With Dr. Li-Meng Yan >

800,000 US children aged 5-11 missed school days due to serious adverse vaccine events

The Expose >

The vax-pushers pathetic last stand, a dispatch from an excellent writer, Mark Oshinkie.

The VAX Pushers’ Pathetic Last Stand <


Staying right with God hosts an online book published originally in the 18th century, entitled “The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell” by Fr. Martin Von Cochem. Region 8 member Sue said that reading this book made her never want to even come close to sin for the rest of her life!

This would make a good read for your holy hours during Lent this year. You can read it on any device.

The Four Last Things >

Meet a Member

What are members thinking about CORAC these days?

Danielle Schott

Region 4 (Heart of Dixie)

Danielle was a “founding member,” joining CORAC immediately when Charlie announced its formation in 2020. She’s participated in regional Zooms, personal visits with other CORAC members, including Charlie, and one of the homeopathy classes offered by Health and Wellness.

She’s most interested in skill-building opportunities: growing food, medical care if doctors are unavailable, radio communications, sewing. She sees that we need more participative members, who could share a skill with others. She’d also like to see us plug into the growing “parallel economies” as people find ways to work around corrupt industries.

Danielle believes that God wants the world to get small again, living closer to the basics. She senses that there is an awakening going on, but that the door may be closing. Everyone will have to choose sides, soon. The remnant will be small, but faithful, like David facing Goliath. She thinks that’s where CORAC has a chance to shine. We have spent the past year building and figuring out what we’re going to do, who we’re going to be. We are on a trajectory, and our big moments are still ahead of us.


  • Members with “small living” skills might volunteer to teach a class: sewing, carpentry, gardening.
  • Members who are just observing might consider taking a more active role. Everyone has something to offer.
  • If you have ideas, contact your regional director. Or just act on them!

Here’s an initiative out of my hometown, Tyler, Texas. The creator of this site (she’s not a CORAC member, but a great example for us) just up and did this herself. She saw a need, and took action. She gathered the names of farms, ranches, growers, apiaries, artists and craftspeople who serve the East Texas community, published them on a website with links to individual suppliers, and even mapped them out so a user could easily see who is nearby. It’s a complete win-win! Producers find a readier market, consumers have healthier products, and any governments manipulations of the supply chain or food safety will have less effect on our community.

Hometown Initiative

Here’s an initiative out of my hometown, Tyler, Texas. The creator of this site (she’s not a CORAC member, but a great example for us) just up and did this herself. She saw a need, and took action. She gathered the names of farms, ranches, growers, apiaries, artists and craftspeople who serve the East Texas community, published them on a website with links to individual suppliers, and even mapped them out so a user could easily see who is nearby. It’s a complete win-win! Producers find a readier market, consumers have healthier products, and any governments manipulations of the supply chain or food safety will have less effect on our community.

We envision a closed-loop supply chain of production, processing, distribution and consumption that will provide stability in food availability, job opportunities for our friends and neighbors and economic growth for the region.

Anyone could do this in any part of the country



Going to the Convoy

FUEL: Top off your tank before you get to convoy route to avoid any shortages or long lines to get gas. 

SUPPLIES: Load your car as though you’re taking a long trip, just to have anything that may be needed.

  • Warm clothes
  • American flags
  • Noisemakers (air horns, cowbells)
  • Signs, good for parking lots and roadsides. Make them big to be visible. Ideas below.
  • Phone charger and extra battery if you’ve got one
  • Extra water and food
  • Cash
  • First aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Tool kit with hammer, duct tape, string, scissors… might come in handy

DRESS: High-visibility colors like red, orange, neon yellow. If you have a safety vest or headlamp, bring them.

LADIES: Don’t carry a big purse. Use a passport pouch or backpack instead. Take precautions, as there may be crowds. If you’re standing for a long time with flags and signs, a big purse or pack is going to wear you out anyway.

WEATHER: Check before you go and remember, your body gets a lot colder standing still than moving.

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY: Be watchful, prudent, situationally aware. We can’t support the truckers if we’re creating emergencies of our own. 

HISTORY: This convoy may fizzle. Maybe people are too scared and controlled. Maybe America is not ready to wake up. OR… maybe this convoy will grow like crazy. Maybe it’s the very thing that WILL wake people up. Maybe it’s part of God’s plan to bring His people back to Him. One thing I do know is that this convoy is history in the making. It is ordinary people, coming together, to defeat tyranny and hand over a safe, sane homeland to their children. 

Some ideas for signs:







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