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The People’s Convoy

Our beautiful heroes are now in the Capitol area… more >


From This Week’s Headlines

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Russia / Ukraine

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Remember what your purpose was when you joined CORAC? You didn’t just want to receive information; you wanted to take part in community activities that make a difference. If you’re not active now, pick something you feel strongly about and get out there. We have lots of ideas for you, but you have to take the plunge into positive action. You’ll be glad you did; waiting nervously for the next big crisis is no way to live. Get out in front of it, and do something.
Sheryl Collmer, editor,

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback, ably maintained by loving friends and guardian angels, to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other.

Click the button below for the current tour schedule of  dates, locations and further details:

If a Forest Collapsed Into Their Laps, Would the Media Notice?

By Charlie Johnston, founder of CORAC

As this is written, the massive People’s Convoy (the American trucker’s convoy) is circling Washington, D.C. several times a day. At one point I saw drone footage of the length of the convoy while it was in the Midwest. The person who posted the footage said it stretched for almost 90 miles. This is one of the biggest protests in American history.

How much have you heard about it from the establishment media? When the biggest protest in history happens under their noses, it’s all crickets in the corrupt American media – because it does NOT fit in with their preferred narrative.

If you do not know by now that the establishment media is filled with liars and gaslighters; that it has, indeed, become the enemy of a free people, you may be an invincibly slow learner. If you do know that and you still get much of your news from the MSNBCNNABCBS media complex, what are you thinking?! Do you think they intentionally lie about this and not about everything else? They are not interested in informing you: they want to herd you into serfdom.

It is time to opt out and plug in. Opt out of establishment media, as defined above and that of your local daily newspaper, led by the New York Times/ Washington Post Axis of Lies. You need not be uninformed, but you should refuse to continue to be intentionally misinformed.

Some sites you can completely count on are the American Spectator, the Federalist, and American Greatness. Some of the other secular sites I peruse regularly are Townhall, RedState, the Daily Wire, American Thinker and Citizen Free Press. My top religious sites are The Catholic Thing, Catholic Culture, LifeSiteNews and First Things. Another of my favorites is Crisis Magazine, where the managing editor of the newsletter you are reading, CORAC’s own Sheryl Collmer, has a piece this week entitled, “Dispatch From the Convoy.”

More important, perhaps, than the media in this age of lies and chaos is getting out and getting involved with friends and neighbors who are determined to work together to do the little they can that is right in front of them. That is fundamentally what CORAC is about. Check in with your Regional Coordinator or go to our website at (not .com) to check out the different national teams we have set up where you can work with people close to you AND all across the country to help each other with medical needs, communications, education, gaining home and frontier skills and prayer teams.

Some think the prayer teams sound innocuous and sedate. Let me tell you about just one of the projects coming from that group right now. It is the Wild Initiative – not because it is crazy, but because I chose to name it after the person who sparked the idea. Many people have family members, whether students at school or relatives who are not near other family – and rightly worry about how to look in on them if a need arises. A Carmelite Nun had this concern and mentioned to me at lunch one day that she wondered if there might be someone in CORAC, since we are national, who might be near her parents and could look in on them if need be. What a fantastic thing! So now we are working to connect people with loved ones isolated from family to people in CORAC who are near those family members to check in on them when the need arises. Simple stuff, but it forges community and gives peace of mind to many.

Our prayer teams work together on contemplative prayer, prayer of worship, prayer of praise, prayer of petition AND prayer in action. So it is with all our teams and regions. Opt out of fake news, and plug into our community that brings people together to help each other and those around them who ask – and share in the joy of real community in action. Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. That’s the CORAC way.

Charlie Johnston

L A T E S T   P O D C A S T S

Chatting with Charlie

  • Charlie draws “From This Week’s Headlines,” sharing some reflections about Ukraine and Russia, the SOTU, and the measured approach to emotional issues.
  • In “Communications,” with Larry Wescott and Steve Johnston, they discuss radio education and practice, EMP’s, and the CORAC plan for communications in difficult situations.


Every CORAC member is an active-duty soldier in the army of God. Make something happen!

The People’s Convoy

Our beautiful heroes are now in the Capitol area, staying overnight about 60 miles away from Washington DC. They have been driving south to DC in the mornings, where they circle the Beltway without entering the city, but in a great enough force that they cannot be easily ignored. Representatives from the Convoy have had several meeting with legislators, and will stay the course until they meet their objectives of ending the so-called state of emergency, ending all the vaxx mandates and repairing the damage that’s been done over the last two year.

Buy a flag at Lowe’s, go to the nearest Interstate overpass, and let the stars and stripes wave! You will get grateful honks from the people who pass under the bridge. There are more of us than you would ever imagine.

As the price of fuel goes up, the truckers could use a helping hand. They have a very solid organization running the online donations, as safe as anything we do these days. You can also send checks to a physical address:

American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedom, 6528 E 101st St – Ste D1, #399 Tulsa, OK  74133.


America Prays

Many “America Prays” groups are meeting on Wednesday evenings all over the country, gathering in front of city halls and county courthouses. START ONE. What are you waiting for?? It’s easy to talk your Catholic friends into doing a rosary with you, especially during Lent. Just do it outside, in public, and hold a flag while you pray. That’s it.

Save the Children

Stay tuned. The FDA has not yet announced a new date to consider the vaxx for children under 5 years. If they try again, we’ll be on the letter-writing project immediately.

School Boards

Find your local school board on the internet and attend meetings. You’ll know what to do from there. If the mask mandates have been dropped in your area, there is still a good reason to oversee school boards: pornography. School libraries receive assortment boxes of books from the state, which have pornographic materials mixed in. Since the boxes come from the state, they are assumed to be perfectly fine for the kids. When I say pornography, I’m not exaggerating. Get on this travesty in your area.

J6 Project

This situation is a national disgrace: people held without formal charges for long periods of time, in solitary confinement for misdemeanors or nothing at all. Now one of the unjustly confined, Matthew Perna, has committed suicide, a completely broken young man. This must stop!

Please write your Congressmen and demand investigation into the unconstitutional mistreatment of the J6 prisoners. Do it now, before you forget these pitiable men, some of them veterans, most of them fathers, all of them American citizens who should be protected by the Constitution.

Everyone should write 3 letters, to each of your two Senators and to the Representative for your district.

Find addresses here >

To get ideas for your letter, read the folliwng article:

Finally:  GOP Reps Demand Answerson Torture of January 6 Political Prisoners >


Some of their Constitutional rights that have been violated:

  • Right to a speedy trial
  • Right to confront your accusers
  • Right to humane conditions
  • Right to appropriate medical care
  • Right to express grievances
  • Right to competent legal counsel
  • Right to access discovery in their cases

These men have virtually no one to help them. Please do what you can. You are their only hope.



Podcast #12

Topic: “Communications,” recorded 02/28/22… watch >



See the calendar for scheduled classes and events. more >



For beginning to experienced gardeners… more >


Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

CORAC HF Radio Net Broadcast

For a great conversation about radio communications, watch the podcast with CORAC’s comm specialists, Steve Johnston and Larry Wescott. Great encouragement for beginners and those with questions.

The CORAC Radio Net Broadcast occurs every Sunday 7:30 pm  9:30 pm. Tune it to practice your radio skills.


7:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Mountain, and 4:30 PM Pacific. Frequency: 7.284 MHz


8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain, and 5:00 PM Pacific. Frequency: 3.980 MHz

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

Homeopathy 1 (4 week course)

Begins Saturday, March 12, 5:00 to 6:30 pm. Sign up for the class here >


These pigmenting compounds found in red and purple foods have long been known to boost immunity, help prevent cancerous cell growth, and fight inflammation. Now they are believed to have some effect on COVID, and may well treat the viral hemorrhagic fever that is rumored to be currently circulating in China.

It’s no sacrifice to eat more berries, but check out the other beneficial qualities, and the viral protection for hemorrhagic fever.

The latest posts and resoures

Over at the CORAC website, the Health and Wellness team has some interesting new posts:

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency

The CORAC Sustainability team has put up a virtual gardening class on the website!

In this first Gardening Session designed for beginning to experienced gardeners, you’ll learn about supplies, planning and watering (1st topic), chickens and gardening (2nd topic).  Presented by Suzanne Paroski and Tim Bucher of CORAC’s Sustainable Living team. 1 hour, 30 minutes.

Watch now >

Interstate Insights

CORAC Region 15 member Patrick observes the USA from one coast to another on a weekly basis as a professional truck driver. It is a perspective few of us have, from an industry that inspires something like awe for the captains of those behemoth vehicles. We’re all learning a bit more about truckers now with the Convoy!

After some initial concern for the safety of the truckers, Patrick says he is impressed with the Convoy’s lawful approach, good manners and careful prudence to avoid traps set for them. He believes they are shedding favorable light on the trucking profession. Their leadership does them credit.

However, despite all their best efforts, they are just not getting press coverage. Even the meeting with Senators Johnson and Cruz was a negligible bit of publicity. Patrick believes that more than half the adult American population has no awareness at all of an American convoy, and that among those who were aware, most don’t know that it’s still going on. That’s a serious liability, but like the multiplication of loaves, God can take the meager efforts of a few people, and use them to benefit multitudes of people.

The Convoy has not affected his daily life as a trucker, except insofar as some people may be more kindly disposed towards truckers in general, more courteous in traffic, more conscious of the trucks around them. There may be a fondness for truckers that was not there before.

Patrick is trying to avoid taking loads to the eastern part of the country near Washington DC right now, in order not to be stuck. He drives a contract truck and neither he nor his customers can afford lengthy delays. This is the situation for the vast majority of truck drivers, and the reason why the Convoy is not bigger. The truckers in Hagerstown right now are mainly owner-operators who have control over their own schedules, and can freely make the sacrifice.

The power of a trucker’s strike is the potential non-delivery of essential goods. Right now, the number of trucks in the Convoy, not delivering loads, is not near sufficient to cause any shortages. Patrick doubts that a general strike of truckers will occur, as so many drivers are naturalized citizens from all over the world: Somalia, Ethiopia, Mexico, eastern Europe. Being recently arrived in America, they don’t have the resources to be able to strike. He doesn’t think there is enough solidarity to envision a general strike of the size that would squeeze the economy.


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

Covid By The Numbers

  • 10.93 billion doses have been administered worldwide, as of March 10, up 2.8% from the last newsletter.
  • 63.4 % of the entire world’s population has received at least one dose, a 1.4% increase, a slight slowing of the increase since last newsletter.
  • 13.7% of those in low-income countries have been injected.
  • It is alleged that 65% of Americans have been “fully vaccinated” while another 11% received only one injection, for a total of 76% of our population.

Data from: Our World in Data >

The rate of injections is indeed slowing down, though it may be that the focus is now on people in low-income nations, as the first world nations are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of the shot. Third-world nations are more easily coerced, as they depend on foreign aid, which can be made contingent on their vaccine policy.

Russia / Ukraine

There is no shortage of opinions whirling dervishly around, with explosive emotions on both sides. The vast majority of us can have no idea what is really going on in Ukraine. There is massive misinformation, deep corruption and extremely strong motivation to deceive the public because the stakes are so high. The people I trust most right now are those who are suspending judgment until more is revealed.

One exception is Archbishop Viganó. He is in a position to know more than the average bear, and he has demonstrated that he is fearless for himself when delivering a message for the faithful. His latest letter is long, and worth every ounce of mental energy you must invest to comprehend it.

Abp. Viganò: Globalists have fomented war in Ukraine to establish the tyranny of the New World Order >

This letter is being called “the global shot heard round the world.” Don’t miss it!


Color Revolution, noun.
Originally, popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes. Now it is often understood to refer to operations by foreign governments to destabilize one regime and replace it with hand-picked agents. Examples are the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2012, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, and the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan in 2005.

Black Swan event, noun.
Unforeseeable events with severe consequences, like the Black Death in the Middle Ages or the deliberate piloting of an airplane into a skyscraper. Black swan events are things that no one saw coming, but then are discovered to have been explainable in hindsight. An ancient writer once said that something was “as rare as a black swan,” that is, non-existent; but then black swans were actually discovered to exist in Western Australia centuries later. Black swan events demonstrate the randomness of daily life, and the inability to accurately project the present into the future.

Devolution, noun.
Not saying it’s real; not saying it’s not. But it’s extremely interesting! “Patel Patriot” has been studying this for a long time, the transfer of power to a lower level, especially by central government to local or regional administration. (“Patel Patriot” is a Catholic layman who got interested in this subject a while back, and is now probably the world expert on it.) It’s a lot of reading, but as I said, drop-dead interesting. It will make you think hard.

Index to the articles >

Do No Harm Sexual Identity Conference

A joint effort of the Catholic Pro-Life Dallas and the Catholic Medical Guild, for physicians, attorneys, counselors, clergy and all involved in the professions of care, including teachers and parents. There is a charge for participation, as this is a primarily professional conference, with education credits available. Visit the website for full details.

The physical event takes place on Saturday, March 26, from 8 am to 4:40 pm at St. Rita Catholic Church in north Dallas, but it can also be livestreamed from anywhere.

 Tell any of your friends in the helping professions.

Health Freedom Summit

This virtual event features dozens of excellent speakers such as Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Dr. Robert Malone, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Monica Smit (Australia), Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Christina Parks, Pam Popper, Dr. Peter McCullough, Del Bigtree… in short, the Cadre of Courage, the Brigade of Bravery, the Team of Truth.

The event began Thursday, March 10, but you can still sign up and get Friday and Saturdays talks for free, or buy the Premium Pass for unlimited access to all talks, plus some freebies.

Help For VAXXX-Injured

Dr. Zev Zelenko, another fearless health warrior, has announced that there is help coming for those who’ve taken the vaxxx. It should reduce the risk of blood clots, lethal immune system overreactions and immune deficiency.

He tells readers to “stay tuned.” It will be called Z-D-Tox, and as soon as I hear it’s available, I’ll publish details.

Status of Mandates

In the Free State of Florida, the surgeon general Joseph Ladapo has courageously recommended against giving children the vaxxx, saving many families a lifetime of grief.

Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of California, Governor Gavin Newsom is doubling down, attempting to force all schoolchildren, employees and independent contractors to submit to the vaxxx.

The documents that Pfizer was compelled to make public confirm that, by their own data, the shots are not safe and not effective. See this analysis. No one except the willfully ignorant or deeply corrupted would be recommending the shots at this point.

Alternative Currencies

Ever since Canada endangered their own banking system by destroying consumer confidence in their safety from government appropriation, ordinary people have been wondering about alternative currencies. Then the sanctions against Russia moved more investors into crypto and precious metals. And now we have inflation to plague the strength of the US dollar. I definitely think alternative currencies are worth a look. They each have their own risks and potential rewards. I prefer to do my research in this area offline, ie… books. Here are a few:

Bitcoin Basics by Eric Sammons

Investing in Precious Metals by David Ganz

 Do very diligent research before investing. If you decide to invest, research your broker thoroughly. There are good crypto exchanges, but you will want to learn about private wallets for crypto. Think about safe storage ahead of time.

Are You a Real CORAC Member?

Quick! Prove it by answering this question: What’s the threefold mission of CORAC?

I had to look it up on the website, too, but now it’s right on the top of my brain. This organization may someday be incredibly important to you. I am already aware of several lives that have been saved because of contacts through CORAC in other regions of the country. Learn the mission so you can live it, too, and be a sign of hope to others.

CORAC is a grassroots organization dedicated the traditional values of faith, family and freedom.

Our three primary goals are to:

  • Publicly stand for these values by connecting active members for mutual support
  • Prepare people to defend themselves against any effort to outlaw these fundamental principles. 
  • Prepare to publicly defend any of these traditional core values that are outlawed or suppressed.

How to Love Fasting

Prayer and almsgiving feel much more manageable to me than fasting, so I was glad to see this presentation by Crisis editor Eric Sammons, and this article on OnePeterFive. There is help for us weaklings!

Faith and Reason


Staying right with God

Prayer Warriors on the Move

The CORAC national prayer team is leading a full-on CHARGE! Look at what they’re undertaking!

March Prayer Intentions

Please make these intentions part of your daily prayer:

  • For our war-weary, conflict-burdened, chaos-riddled world… that believers hold firmly to Jesus’ garment, doing whatever He tells us to do, while immersed in prayer and living the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy
  • In these days, we pray, particularly, for Russia, Ukraine, China, and Taiwan with a calming of the unrest in every troubled land
  • For an end to the mentality that “Nobody will forgive; nobody will forget.” Let all divisions cease and in their place be Christ the Lord, the King and Prince of Peace
  • For a new outpouring of Holy Spirit’s gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord
  • That God will bring complete recovery to all CORAC members, families and friends who are suffering with covid or undergoing any sort of difficult trial
  • For Charlie as he continues with his current missionary journey, visiting people in regions throughout the country, and that he travel in safety while every meeting and gathering is blessed
  • That CORAC members continue to activate their gifts and charisms, willing to respond to the needs of those around them as we all make our stand with God via hearts of ongoing prayer and action projects that overcome evil by doing good
  • That fear be banished, in the Name of Jesus, as we choose to live what Charlie has exhorted in his writing: “…become accustomed to thinking that all is lost while doing the best we can and trusting God to come through – in His time and in His way, seeking actively to find what we have missed.”

A dome of protection and bedrock of support

Roll over the map icons for more information in your area, and please join us in prayer.


CORAC Prayer Teams

National Prayer Teams Leader
Missoula, MT


Prayer Community

Monks of Mt. Tabor
Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Redwood Valley, CA

RGN 13 Prayer Team

A. Jensen
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Cave Creek, AZ

RGN 12 Prayer Team

E. Moran
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Littleton, CO

RGN 11 Prayer Team

B. Marshall
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Polson, MT

RGN 9 Prayer Team

S. Tucker
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Mitchell, SD

RGN 9 Prayer Team

F. Audretsch
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Middleton, WI

RGN 8 Prayer Team

K. Martinez
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Keller, TX

RGN 8 Prayer Team

Y. Rossman
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Victoria, TX

RGN 7 Prayer Team

M.J. Cole
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Elkader, IA

RGN 7 Prayer Team

N. Chandler
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Washington, IL

RGN 6 Prayer Team

S. Domen
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Pinckney, MI

RGN 4 Prayer Team

E. Schott
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Roswell, GA

RGN 14 Prayer Team

Sister Bear
Regional Prayer Team Lead
Camp Sherman, OR

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