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Eclipse of Women

Defending our values with the truth about the human body… more >


Russia & Other Headline News

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An American Horror Story

Learn about one of the J6 prisoners and how you can help… more >

People think we’re out of the woods now; we aren’t. While focus has been diverted to eastern Europe, the Vaxx has lost world attention. I don’t think that was incidental. Deaths and disabilities from the Vaxx continue to mount. The excess deaths in 2021 for young adults aged 18-44 exceeded the total US death toll of the entire war in Vietnam, causing statisticians to call it a “mass casualty event.” There is something hidden and frightening going on with vaccinated people that our attention is being pulled away from. Don’t let your energy be dissipated by all the noise that surrounds us; we will need that energy to fight in whatever way the Lord directs us. Stay strong, and be attentive.
Sheryl Collmer, editor,

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback, ably maintained by loving friends and guardian angels, to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other.

Click the button below for upcoming visits and further details:

A New Generation of Hope

By Charlie Johnston, founder of CORAC

I have been getting a lot of people in their 20’s and 30’s at my talks this year – and joining CORAC. Small wonder; it’s not like many other social avenues are offering a way to speak with genuine freedom and a means to express themselves through building something up, rather than tearing things down.

Back when I was a prominent statewide political operative in Illinois, young operatives would try to get to work with me because my reputation was that I didn’t care how old or young you were; if you worked effectively to deliver the goods, you were going to rise in any organization I ran. (I eventually found out that the young “Charlie people” from different campaigns would sometimes get together – and weed out any pretenders by saying some of my common but peculiar phrases. “Bloody hell!” was my phrase of surprise or exasperation and, “Talk to ya,” was often my way of ending a phone call.)

It occurred to me a few weeks back that the kids born on 9-11 will be 21 years old this year. (Man, it seems to me it took me a LOT longer to reach 21 than it has them!) It kind of staggered me to realize that they have never known an America that was fully free, encouraged initiative, and really worked to promote opportunity for all.

The America that people my age are nostalgic for has never existed for them, except in underground history books. Infact, ever since the early 90’s we have been constraining freedom and opportunity at an ever-accelerating pace until now, when almost nothing works in America. “Equity” instead of equality of opportunity has meant the progressive impoverishment of all – and watch what you say lest the mob comes for you. America is now governed by roving bands of rival warlords.

Chillingly, at a dinner near Washington, D.C., a man in his 20’s told me that he was glad to hear me say that; that I was the only person my age he had ever heard acknowledge it. But, he added, he and his friends talked about it a lot. It is not their time to step into predominant power, he noted, but when they do they intend to tear it all down. This was no wild-eyed revolutionary. He is devoted to his wife and kids and is deeply faithful. It shook me a bit to realize how clearly the best among the younger generation know how very badly we have failed – and even betrayed – them, both by the things we have done and the things we have failed to do, as it says in the Confiteor.

There are any number of organizations which encourage young people to express themselves by talking about what they are against and what they hate in others, degenerating into the feral, mindless rage of Antifa or BLM. We have to be the organization that defines people by what they are for and what they will work to build, while offering ways to do those things. Building a house is slow, steady work; not nearly as dazzling and quick as blowing one up. Shoot, you  could level several neighborhoods in the time it takes to build one house. But in the leveling, you cannot forge the bonds of friendship, camaraderie and accomplishment that come with patiently building one house.

I encourage you to actively start recruiting young people into your groups. Standing for faith, family and freedom will never be as transiently exciting as fire, mayhem and destruction. But young people are increasingly repulsed by the vandals who have bullied their way into influence and power in America. The young are hungry for people who can how and help them to bear fruit that will last. We failed by letting the vandals in to ravage the house that we built – but unlike the vandals, we know something about building. With a “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa,” let us forsake our decades of neglect and forge alliances with our young people to rebuild a just society that rewards initiative and works to create opportunity for all. That is fruit that will last. 

Charlie Johnston

L A T E S T   P O D C A S T S

Chatting with Charlie

New weekly podcast available now, with Charlie Johnston and Dr. Joe Brickner.

Charlie will be speaking in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday, April 10. For more details, click here >


Every CORAC member is an active-duty soldier in the army of God. Make something happen!

The People’s Convoy

Hundreds of stalwart truckers and supporters are still in Hagerstown, MD, north of Washington DC. Each day, they drive down to the city to circle the Beltway like Joshua marched around Jericho. They declare they will remain for however long it takes for these requests to be met:

  • An end to all vaccine and mask mandates
  • Accountability for the damage done

These folks are representing us, more so than almost all our Congressmen. They are standing in the breach until the mid-terms, if necessary. They are small in number, and have already been at this for a month; a month away from their families, a month of no income, a month of stressful service for which there is little reward.


Visit them: The Convoy has set up camp at the Hagerstown Motor Speedway, 15112 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD. The Convoy members really need to see new people, coming into camp to encourage them, help in the kitchen, do cleanup duty, take photos and videos to publicize their work. CORAC has hundreds of members who could get there, even if just for a day or two. This weekend would be a good time!

Helpful donations if you visit:

  • Meat: sausage, bacon, ground beef, chicken.
  • Eggs, milk and butter
  • Paper supplies like plastic forks and clamshell to-go boxes
  • Heavy-duty 55-gallon drum trash bags

Donate: A very solid legal organization is running the online donations, as safe as anything we do these days. You can also send checks to American Foundation for Civil Liberties & Freedom, 6528 E 101st St Ste D1, 399 Tulsa, OK 74133.


Some people are livestreaming as they drive with the Convoy. This is unedited raw footage, so it can get slow in spots, but if you really want to get the flavor of being with the Convoy, try one of these.

America Prays

Many “America Prays” groups are meeting on Wednesday evenings all over the country, gathering in front of city halls and county courthouses. START ONE. It’s easy to talk your Catholic friends into doing a rosary with you, Just do it outside, in public, and hold a flag while you pray. Then register your group on the America Prays website so others can find you.

Check for America Prays groups that may have already begun in your area here. Zoom in on the world map for details about already-organized groups. If you don’t see one near you, START ONE.

Save the Children

The Pfizer CEO is pushing a 4th vaxx, which no educated person would consider at this point. I think it is likely they will bring back mandates over the summer and require the boosters for children to go to school in the fall… unless we fight. Good ways to head them off before they come again for the children are to support The People’s Convoy, get active on your local school board, and stay current on the latest real science. For example, the data that Pfizer has been court-ordered to release shows that the deaths and adverse effects in the trials showed that the shot was not safe… and they shoved it onto the public anyway. We must stay abreast of these matters to protect the children.

School Boards

Find your local school board on the internet and attend meetings. If the mask mandates have been dropped in your area, start on the pornography issue. School libraries receive assortment boxes of books from the state education boards, which have pornographic materials mixed in. Check that out in your area. Be ready to have to oppose vaxx mandates if they rear their ugly heads in the summer, when people aren’t watching.

J6 Project

Write your Congressmen and demand investigation into the unconstitutional mistreatment of the J6 prisoners. Find addresses here >

CORAC members are writing each of the J6 prisoners in the DC Gulag. If you’re one of the penpals, you can generate printable Sudoku puzzles to send your guy here >

If you want to take a J6 prisoner for correspondence, please email Kristin at

Watch the video “Capitol Punishment” to understand what really happened:

Eclipse of Women

One of the goals of CORAC is to defend the traditional values of faith, family and freedom. Our understanding of the truth about the human body is the very foundation of family and faith. Defending biological women against the intrusion of men into the particular realms of women is central to our mission.

Pictured: transgender Lia (Will) Thomas after stealing a medal at the NCAA Championships March 27. The real medalists, including Olympian Emma Weyant and the “fourth-place” winner, who was really third place, pose some distance away.

Florida governor Ron Desantis officially declared that Emma Weyant was the true first-place winner. He blasted the NCAA for allowing this, and so should we! Contact the NCAA and protest the admission of biological males to women’s sports.

Desantis Signs Proclamation >

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

Phone: 317-917-6222

Their bodies tell the story

Justine Casterline / Getty Images

Use Cash

Perhaps the greatest threat in our immediate future is the CBDC, the Central Bank Digital Currency, a centralized digital identity through which your activities and purchases will be processed.

The Canadian government has already demonstrated how willing they are to steal the financial resources of people who hold “unacceptable views.” That was a warning, for those who are paying attention.

CBDC is not the same thing as cryptocurrency. They are both digital, but CBDC is centralized and trackable. CBDC is a fiat currency, “loaned” to you by the Federal Reserve, and it will be subject to every pressure that the greenback is subject to. In other words, it’s a digital version of your US dollars. Cypto is completely de-centralized (when you use a private wallet) and its blockchain encryption is not trackable. Two very different things.

CBDC paves the way for a social credit system like the one in China, which rewards and punishes people for the actions that the government wants them to take or avoid. If you lower your

score too much by “unacceptable” actions and viewpoints, your life and finances can be restricted by the government.

If we accede too easily to living our lives digitally, we will become subjects of the Central Banks. Our best defense, and it will only work for a short time, is to USE CASH. Once the CBDC is in place, it will be impossible to go back. Get cash, and pay everything you can with cash. It’s a small action, but it slows down the advance of the CBDC.

Read more here:



Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

One of the best resources on radio communications is the great conversation between CORAC’s comm specialists on the Chatting with Charlie podcast a few weeks ago. Take a listen below.

The CORAC Radio Net Broadcast occurs every Sunday 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Tune it to practice your radio skills.

Visit the Communications forum on the website for great tutorials and info on shortwave listening, programming your radio, and amateur radio certification.

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

Video Classes

The CORAC Health & Wellness team has produced some video classes in the Homeopathy education series, which you can watch at your leisure. See the offerings here >

Many members have equipped themselves with homeopathic remedy kits and educated themselves on their use. The Health & Wellness team periodically offers Zoom classes; I’ll announce in the newsletter when a new one begins.

In the meantime, you can begin to educate yourself with books such as:

If you want to order a kit of homeopathic remedies, CORAC member and certified homeopath Anne Hajek’s website still has some available here >

Help for the VAXXX-injured

Dr. Zev Zelenko, another fearless health warrior, has launched a new formulation, Z-Dtox, for people with dysregulated immune systems, whether from long COVID or from vaccine adverse effects. It should help reduce the risk of blood clots, lethal immune system over-reactions and immune deficiency.

Both formulas contain vitamins and supplements that are available individually (except that NAC can be a little tricky to find) but the value of the Zelenko products are that the right ingredients in the right proportions are all in one tablet, though pricey. Right now, I take about 12 supplements per day, and keeping up with the various dosages is getting wearisome. Anyway, Dr. Z is donating 10% of the sales proceeds to The People’s Convoy. Hard to beat that!

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency

The CORAC Sustainability team has put up a virtual gardening series on the website!

Session 1

Supplies, planting and… chickens! 1 hour, 3 minutes


There are some useful downloads at the bottom of Session 1.  Download here >

Session 2

Survival Gardening, 1 hour, 48 minutes

The Sustainability forum has posted some great survival information, as well:

These are all printable resources. If you ever need this info for real, your internet connection and printer probably won’t be working. Print out now, before you need it.

You Can Grow Food Video > (1 hour, 26 minutes) presented by The Grow Network, recommended by a member in Region 14.

Interstate Insights

CORAC Region 15 member Patrick observes the USA from one coast to another on a weekly basis as a professional truck driver. It is a perspective few of us have, from an industry that inspires something like awe for the captains of those behemoth vehicles. We’re all learning a bit more about truckers now with the Convoy!

It’s been a bit of a slowdown for Patrick the last few months. Although he prefers to drive up to the DOT maximums (Department of Transportation requires a certain amount of driver rest) the available routes have been less numerous and less profitable. He’s had much more down time this year than last, which is surprising because there used to be a trucker shortage. He used to be able to get as much work as he wanted.

Patrick speculates that the slowdown is due to the administration’s policies which are slowly choking the economy. Fewer goods are available, so shipping would slow down commensurately. He has also noticed some shortages of goods on the shelves of the truck stops he normally patronizes. Some things that he is accustomed to buying simply aren’t there anymore, dairy products, for instance.

As everyone knows, oil costs are up, particularly diesel. Shippers and brokers are not reflecting the inflation in rates, which squeezes the income of trucking companies. Companies like Amazon, whose rates seem to have actually gone down in the past year, are no longer as profitable for many drivers. There is a large population of drivers who come from less developed countries who will take the work at any price.

It’s possible that the slowdown in shipping demand is an early warning sign. Consumers should take notice.


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

Covid By The Numbers

  • 11.1 billion doses have been administered worldwide, as of March 23, up 1.5% from the last newsletter.
  • 64.1 % of the entire world’s population has received at least one dose, a 1.1% increase.
  • 14.4% of those in low-income countries have been injected, a 5% increase since the last newsletter.

That means the bulk of new vaccinations are going on in the developing world, where people are much more vulnerable to pressure.

Data from: Our World in Data >

Russia / Ukraine

Our nation is considering a distant war, and there is only one allowable viewpoint?? I wonder whether we should believe the majority view when it is so heavily promoted by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, the mainstream media, the complicit Congress, and all the same people who lied to us about COVID. There is never only one viewpoint to anything this big. The minority viewpoint, and there is plenty of evidence in its favor, can be found if you look outside the mainstream.

Whenever there is a “pile-on,” it eventually comes out that we were hustled. Consider these things: symphony orchestras are cancelling concerts that were scheduled to play Russian composers like Tchaikovsky (died 1893) and Rachmaninoff (died 1943); universities have taken Russian authors out of curriculums, like Dostoyevsky (died 1881); the Space Foundation “cancelled” Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (died 1968), the first human in outer space.

Does any of that make the slightest bit of sense? None of that posturing does the least damage to Russia; it only harms those who pompously deprive themselves of magnificent human culture and history.

In the light of such unreason parading as righteousness, some healthy skepticism and research is called for.

WHO Power Grab

The World Health Organization (thanks for the last two years, by the way) has proposed a treaty which transfers the power of signatory nations to the WHO for global pandemic response. As we have seen, any health issue can be magnified, populations terrorized, and billions of dollars appropriated when a high enough person in global governance decides it. The next time there is a “pandemic” (and there certainly will be since it is such a profitable operation for the people in charge) all nations party to this treaty will be under the legal power of the WHO.

This is “one-world government” knocking at our door. It goes against the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, which teaches that governance is best when it is done at the lowest practical level. In other words, you don’t need an international committee to tell you how to organize your kids’ soccer team. You don’t need the UN curriculum on sex ed to talk to your children about love and marriage. Nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well (and probably better) by a smaller and simpler organization.

Open letter opposing the treaty >

Children’s Health Defense weighs in >

Subsidiarity in Catholic social teaching >

Digital Detox

How to know if you are suffering from digital overload:

  • News or online interactions interrupt your ability to sleep
  • You experience anxiety or anger after being online
  • You keep a device with you at all times
  • Your relationship with friends is negatively impacted
  • You have difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks

Is this you? Try a digital detox. Read all about how and why to do it here >

I’ll be starting mine right after this newsletter goes out!

Status of Mandates

The healthcare workers mandate that the Biden administration imposed on all employees of facilities that receive Federal funding (as in Medicare) is still in force. The US Senate voted 49-44 to end the mandate, but the House has not yet acted. That means healthcare workers still have to submit to the Vaxxx.

Law enforcement vaccination is determined by state and local mandates. There are lots of lawsuits filed, but many mandates remain in force.

The mandate remains for the military, to the detriment of our armed forces. In fact, the vaxx is being pushed aggressively in the military. Read more here >

So do we still need to fight against the mandates? YES. YES. YES. The people most essential to our survival are being forced to take a shot known to be destructive and deadly.

The Indefinite Pandemic

In a statement issued this week, the odious Fauci warns that the US might need to re-institute lockdowns at any moment. The unelected bureaucrats don’t want to give up any of the precious powers they took during the supposed “emergency.”

Watch the video here >

Petro Dollars

In the early 1970s, Saudi Arabia and the US agreed to standardize oil prices in US dollars. This system elevated the US dollar to be the dominant world currency, creating demand for US products from nations holding dollars. As far back as 2018, oil-producers Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have been threatening to accept currencies besides the USD, such as the Chinese yuan and the Euro. Now with sanctions against Russia, it appears that oil-producing nations may actually follow through and accept the yuan for oil sales. As long as the US was energy-independent, this shift could have been weathered, but since Biden has made us dependent again, it could slam US currency. Wait and watch.

Read more about this rather complex subject on Investopedia here >

A good basic explanation from Tony Robbins is here >

An American Horror Story

One of the J6 political prisoners, a senior citizen and US Navy veteran, tells what happened to him, and the damage he continues to suffer.  Read the story here >

Tom Caldwell never even entered the Capitol, but that didn’t stop the Feds from imprisoning and torturing (yes, that’s the word I intended) him. He was offered an evil plea deal, and he considered taking it, just to save his family farm, but his wife has convinced him to fight.

Contributions to the Caldwells’ legal defense fund are specifically intended to help them save their farm>

Donations at this site go directly to their legal team.

Truckers Keep Truckin

Truckers vow to continue The People’s Convoy, no matter how long it takes. Read more here >

I have begun to write up daily summaries of the activities of the Convoy, gained from conversations with Santa, who was Charlie’s guest on last week’s podcast. Below are the latest few.

Monday, March 21

The main convoy continues to loop the city without entering. But small groups are breaking off from the main line and performing “special ops” in the city. One group drove to the NIH last week, and handed out free copies of Robert Kennedy’s blockbuster book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” which was well received.

One group last week visited American University and talked to students about the mission of the Convoy. Initially the students were angry and hateful, but after the Convoy members responded calmly, students were so inspired that they organized their own protest against the campus mask mandate. Yesterday those mandates were revoked.

Today, 7 trucks and 7 four-wheelers went into downtown, and again handed out copies of Kennedy’s book. Since they did not stop or park, they were perfectly within the law. Santa reports that the police have been supportive. 

Some truckers have noticed that their phones are jammed in some locations, and there was an incident last week with some bricks thrown onto the roadway that caused damage to several vehicles. 

Nevertheless, the mission continues with a great deal of support from the public.

Tuesday, March 22

The convoy went out on its daily rounds today, though Santa took a personal day to get laundry done and have some longer conversations with other Convoy members. The Convoy has been rolling for over a month now. That’s a long time to be away from home!

The biggest need of the Convoy is for replacement drivers; not just truck drivers but four-wheelers (passenger vehicles) as well as camp help. Many people need to get home to take care of responsibilities, be with family, and refresh themselves. A great idea would be for us to organize mini-convoys from our towns and states, and go up to Hagerstown for a stint.

The goal of the Convoy, as Santa tells it, was never to disrupt supply chains, as that would hurt innocent people. Rather, the purpose is to awaken people, let them know they’re not alone, and show how many of us there are who want to see mandates ended and officials held accountable for damage.

A documentary crew has been riding with the Convoy the last few days. They’re getting footage of trucks on the roll, as well as day-long interviews with drivers. More info to come as this project progresses.  It could be a while, as the crew are professionals and will spend significant time editing before release.

Want to be part of the convoy?? As ever, media attention is greatly needed. The Convoy makes an excellent story; all of us at home could call our local news and ask for coverage. We can contact our Congressmen, too. The guys and gals in Hagerstown deserve our efforts… they are representing us.

 Rain is expected for the next few days in the Washington area.

Wednesday, March 23

It’s Cherry Blossom season in Washington! That means more out-of-town visitors in the city, who have been giving our Convoy lots of enthusiastic support. It’s been very welcome as the truckers have been encountering some irritating opposition in the way of brake checks and people in the roadway forcing drivers to stop.

Today the main body of the Convoy was split by police, leaving one group on the Loop, and another directed onto K Street and Constitution Avenue, where ordinarily trucks would not be allowed. Those truckers got some nice views of the White House and Washington Monument!

 Brian Brase and Mike Landis, the original organizers, have returned from home visits and are now back with the Convoy. Dr. Paul Alexander (“Lock ‘em up”) has been speaking in the evenings; Dr Robert Malone will speak in Hagerstown on Saturday.

The Vaccine-injured Beg For Our Attention

They are being treated as if they do not exist because they are an inconvenient truth for the continuation of the billions of dollars flowing to the pharmaceutical companies. There is no financial help for adverse events and little medical help since doctors cannot admit that they did this to the public. The victims are so much to be pitied; they trusted. The vast, vast majority of the vaxxed acted in good faith. They were lied to. Hear them. See them. Believe them. They have been abandoned, and they need help.  Watch their video here >

Liability of Doctors

This is a project being carried out in the UK to assess doctors’ responsibility for the medical disaster that has been visited upon the public. Contact your doctors to request this information. Retain the data because there will be class action lawsuits. Maybe your doctor is a nice man or woman, but that does not change the fact that they failed to properly research the product and failed to get legally mandated informed consent. With these questions, not only are you gathering data, but you are putting doctors on notice that if they try to do this again in a few months when the next “pandemic” comes down the line, they will be held legally liable.

  • To how many people has your practice administered Covid-19 injections?
  • Have they given these injections to any children? If so, how many
  • Were patients routinely informed of the individual risk that Covid-19 posed to them, for their particular age group?
  • Were patients routinely informed that these vaccines are still part of an ongoing trial until 2023?
  • Were patients routinely informed that these vaccines were authorized for emergency use only?
  • Were patients routinely informed that these mRNA vaccines have never before been tried on human beings?
  • Were patients routinely informed that the vaccine manufacturers have immunity from liability for any adverse events and death?
  • Were patients routinely informed there is no medium- to long-term safety data for these vaccines?
  • Were patients routinely made aware of the VAERS data for these vaccines regarding the very high number of serious injuries and deaths compared to all other vaccines?


Staying right with God

March Prayer Intentions

The national prayer team is working on several new initiatives. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, please make the March prayer intentions part of your daily prayer:

  • For our war-weary, conflict-burdened, chaos-riddled world… that believers hold firmly to Jesus’ garment, doing whatever He tells us to do, while immersed in prayer and living the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy
  • In these days, we pray, particularly, for Russia, Ukraine, China, and Taiwan with a calming of the unrest in every troubled land
  • For an end to the mentality that “Nobody will forgive; nobody will forget.” Let all divisions cease and in their place be Christ the Lord, the King and Prince of Peace
  • For a new outpouring of Holy Spirit’s gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord
  • That God will bring complete recovery to all CORAC members, families and friends who are suffering with covid or undergoing any sort of difficult trial
  • For Charlie as he continues with his current missionary journey, visiting people in regions throughout the country, and that he travel in safety while every meeting and gathering is blessed
  • That CORAC members continue to activate their gifts and charisms, willing to respond to the needs of those around them as we all make our stand with God via hearts of ongoing prayer and action projects that overcome evil by doing good
  • That fear be banished, in the Name of Jesus, as we choose to live what Charlie has exhorted in his writing: “…become accustomed to thinking that all is lost while doing the best we can and trusting God to come through – in His time and in His way, seeking actively to find what we have missed.”

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