Issue #10 – May 22, 2022


The Immediate Radar Screen

The WHO will be considering its Global Pandemic Treaty, which is bad news … more >


Embracing Life

Watch the latest episode recorded 05/16/22… more >


Cordileone Invokes Canon 915

Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco notified Speaker of the House Nancy… more >


A Million Small Victories

Do not let one week go by without doing some action to fight the evil in our country…. more >

Two main things I want to press home: news sources and food backup. Nearly everyone now knows that a food crisis of some sort is headed our way. Read the signs of the times, and get some backup food storage. Otherwise, you’ll have to cooperate with what looks like a plan to make people completely dependent on government “help.” Second, news. You can’t plan effectively if you’re getting false information. Develop alternative news sources. Otherwise, you will be led around by the emotions that someone has deliberately conditioned you to feel. Both these items will be addressed later in this newsletter.

This week will be critical. The WEF is meeting in Davos, the WHO is meeting in Geneva, and the Supreme Court’s decision may release the demons in our own country this week. Be smart, be prayerful. The storm is right above our heads.

Sheryl Collmer, editor,

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other.

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You Can Do It

By Charlie Johnston, founder of CORAC

When I was a little boy, my Mom sometimes let me mix the baby formula for my first two brothers. It was simple. She would use a can of evaporated milk (Carnation or Pet Milk), add a can and a half of water, and a dollop of Karo Syrup or honey. Voila! We had baby formula. By the time my last three siblings came along commercial formulas such as Enfamil and Similac were available and, by all accounts, better for the baby. Certainly, they were much more convenient.

It is certainly symbolic of the grotesque incompetence of the current executive authority that this shortage was caused by its own casual malice – a faux populism to stick it to the largest formula manufacturer under false grounds months ago while taking no action to make up for the shortfall…while taking pains to make sure there are ample supplies for the illegal aliens being welcomed across our former border. It was a major, senseless and unnecessary screw-up. And yet not a cause for panic.

Up until about 65 years ago there was no such thing as baby formula. Even so, babies thrived and grew healthily and happily. Some people are acting as if there is going to be some sudden and massive die-off of babies. There is no doubt that baby formula is best for infants – a real nutritional and medical advance, but it is not vital. For thousands of years babies grew and thrived without ever tasting commercial baby formula. I was once one of those infants. We need to stop, take stock, settle down and get ourselves clear on the difference between a crisis and an inconvenience. We are going to see a lot more of both.

Remember that we are sons and daughters of the pioneers, those brave souls who set forth in a covered (and sometimes uncovered) wagon to make their way west into the plains and mountains to make a new life for themselves and their families. They did not have baby formula, water purification systems, or much of anything we now consider vital necessities. Yet they populated everything in the country west of the Allegheny Mountains, through many toils and hardships.

When I made my pilgrimage across the country beginning eleven years ago, I had less material things than I ever have had in my life. I left with $50 in my pocket and a 70-lb. pack on my back. I had some ideas, but no experience in finding effective cover each night. I figured it out after a month or so.

I was amused at how many people, in the wild, looked at the water in a creek, river or lake and thought, “Death!” when our pioneer forebears looked at the same and thought, “Life!” One night, making camp by a river in Mississippi, I had to pull water from the river for I had emptied my bottles during the day with no other source of refills. It was spring and the river was chock full of tadpoles. It tickled me to write on my Abraham’s Journey Facebook Page that it made for a “wiggly drink.”

In cooler weather, I slept on the ground. It enhanced body heat. But sleeping in the woods, I often had to try to pull away significant underbrush to make a spot. Once I would lay down, the stubs of various little plants would dig into my back and make sleeping very difficult. At one point, I found a small pair of wire cutters along the road and picked them up to see if they might be useful for anything. Those cutters never touched metal after I picked them up, but it was the single best find of my year and a half trip. I was now easily able to snip away underbrush – and the plant stubs that dug into my back I would just snip at the roots. It made for a lot more restful nights.

There are a lot of modern conveniences that are going away, not to be common again until after the renewal of the faith and face of the world. Considering it a crisis when you can’t hold onto what was part of a dying system will only keep you in panic, and frozen when there is a way forward – the way that our great grandparents lived routinely. Do not mourn what is dying away. Rather, look with eager anticipation to what is being born – and count the inconveniences and hardships a bargain price to pay to be midwife to a gloriously renewed world. You can do it.

Charlie Johnston



Be the Lighthouse

Be the Lighthouse

Some brief thoughts from Charlie Johnston about being ready, being calm and being the lighthouse as corruption and the fear of loss of power on the...

read more

In a conversation Charlie gave me permission to repeat, he said, “As things unfold, I know people are unnerved, at best. I am excited and joyful. So many of us have wondered for so long, “How long, Oh Lord?” I see the early phase of His answer here – and it is unfolding in the manner I have expected for so long. So naturally, I see what lies beyond this troubled horizon, what this crazy storm portends, and I can’t help but look forward with eager anticipation. What a joy it is to be counted among His servants at this great moment in salvation history! I hope to convey the sense of resolve and of joy that I have. We are called to be founders of His glorious new age. What an honor and a privilege to be alive in these times.”


Things on the immediate radar screen

World Health Organization Meeting This Week

The WHO will be considering its Global Pandemic Treaty, which is bad news for any country that wants self-determination. Under the agreement, the Director-General of the WHO, currently Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, will have the power to unilaterally declare a pandemic and then have control over the responses of all the signatory nations. In other words, he would be a dictator over much of the world. You would think no right-thinking American would consider such an outrage, but in fact, the deal is nearly closed.

The WHO’s Would-Be Treaty Powers:

  1. The authority to declare what constitutes a pandemic.
  2. They would decide what the quarantine requirements are.
  3. The WHO would decide how to prevent or treat the new disease.
  4. The authority to determine which medications are safe and who develops them.
  5. They would be in charge of how the new vaccines are promoted, including vaccine mandates.

Tucker Carlson: “Here’s what’s at stake: not just your health, but the way that you live and your relationship to the government. Representative government requires your consent … and this eliminates it.”


This newsletter has been sounding the alarm for months. We can only pray that our efforts have produced some results.

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting This Week

The demons convene on May 22 in Davos, Switzerland. Two White House officials, 12 Democrat and 10 Republican Congressmen will be there. I’m horrified to see a Republican Congressman from Texas on the list (Michael McCaul). He must be expecting to get rich some other way than staying in Congress next term. Check the list; maybe your Congressman will be at this meeting:

Full List of World Economic Forum Attendees >

If you haven’t read much about the WEF, here’s a place to start:

Learn more atou the WEF >

The Three D’s

There are three things that may bring direly-needed rescue from the septic pit we’ve been thrown in: Durham, devolution and decertification… all of which have heated up since the last newsletter.

1. Durham: The Sussman trial, prosecuted by John Durham, began on Monday, May 16. This may be the most explosive political scandal in a century, and you know it’s got competition! It’s delivering booms every day. The Democratic National Committee and those who comprise its leadership are in a bit of hot water, thanks to Durham’s methodically built case. Follow the Durham news from people who will give you the facts (disqualifies almost all network, cable and major print outlets). Brian Cates on Telegram is one excellent source. (Load the Telegram app on your phone, search for Brian Cates, then click Join at the bottom of the screen.)

If you’re new to Durham and need to get up to speed, here’s a primer for Spygate 101:

Primer on the Russia Collusion Hoax’s Year Long Plot to Take Down Trump >

See the Appendix for a visual resource you can order.

2. Devolution: It’s the possibility that some functions of the Federal government may have been “downloaded” to lesser authorities before January 20, 2021. In other words, some white pieces may still be on the chess board. Events seem to point more and more to its applicability in our current circumstances, and it gives reason for hope. Find Patel Patriot on Telegram, Substack and Truth Social to keep up with current news.

If it’s your first dive into devolution and you need to quickly get up to speed, read:

Intro to Devolution >

If you prefer audio, you can listen here: 

Intro to Devolution (audio) >

3. Decertification: With the release of “2000 Mules,” and the presentation of clear, unimpeachable evidence of election fraud to the American public, the heat is on to decertify the results of certain counties and states that had widespread fraud to the point of changing the election outcome. There’s ample evidence, but it seems that no one state wants to be the first to decertify. Arizona is certainly responding, launching an investigation in Yuma County, the home of one of the whistleblowers in the movie:

Huge Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Direct Response 2000 >

A reliable source of current news on decertification efforts is Seth Keshel – “Captain K” on Telegram.

If you haven’t watched “2000 Mules,” you really should. It’s big. There’s a $20 watch fee; is it worth $20 to support the people who are working so hard to get our election system fixed? When you see evidence that True the Vote has gathered, I guarantee you will consider it worth the price. In fact, it’s a bargain.

2000 Mules >


I hate to lend it legitimacy by even talking about it, but in case anyone is in danger of fear over this, here are some resources: Monkey Pox 101: An excellent basic schooling in monkey pox from one of our most trusted doctors, Robert Malone. He shows that it is low transmissibility, low fatality and asymptomatic individuals don’t spread the disease. His conclusion: knock off the fear porn! 

Monkey Pox >

Is Monkey pox a sexually-transmitted disease between men? Read it here, because the mainstream media will not report accurately about this. 

Read more >

Global war simulations in 2021 gamed around a strain of monkey pox being spread in May 2022.

Read more >

Immunize yourself against the monkey-pocalypse by not watching the mainstream media.

Baby Forumula Shortage

Here are some ideas to deal with the shortage from one of our CORAC directors:

Option 1: Re-lactating is possible, but probably not a viable option for many mothers who use formula, for various reasons, mainly the time involved all day long. However, here is information for that:

Breast Feeding Info >

Option 2: Finding formula–somehow, somewhere. Many families are searching far and wide to find what they need, often paying exorbitant prices, and running the risk of tainted product.

Option 3: Making alternative “formula”. Here is one method that people I know have used: 

Homemade Baby Formula >

Option 4: Find a local breastmilk donor or buy from a breastmilk “bank”. I saw a post on Nextdoor of someone looking for a donor, so I know this is happening already. Another resource would be local La Leche League groups >

Weston Price Foundation recipe for homemade formula > 

It’s a little on the complicated side. Fermented cod liver oil?

And then there’s this, a 3-ingredient formula from the old days!

8 oz. Pet Evaporated Milk

16 oz. water

1 Tbsp Karo syrup

It worked for Charlie and his brothers!

If your child absolutely must have manufactured formula, here are some inventory tracking apps that can alert you when someone has stock:

How Inventory Trackers Can Help You Find Baby Formula >


Every CORAC member is an active-duty soldier in the army of God. Every action counts!

A Million Small Victories

Do something. Do anything.
Do not let one week go by without doing some action to fight the evil in our country.

If one action doesn’t work, try another.
But do something.

Talk to someone about what is going on in the country
Make a phone call, or send an email or letter to an elected official.
Hand out flyers in parking lots or public places.
Have block parties to build community
Wave flags at busy intersections.
Pray the rosary publicly.




Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

EVERY SUNDAY – CORAC HF Radio Net Broadcast

The CORAC Communications Team conducts two High Frequency (HF) net broadcasts every Sunday.

1st Broadcast is at 7:30 pm (ET) on frequency 14.277 MHz with an alternative of 14.285 MHz (if 14.277 MHz is busy).

2nd Broadcast is at 8:00 pm (ET) on frequency 7.284.1 MHz.

See Other Topics in Communications >

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

See all the valuable resources that have been posted on the website, from herbals to homeopathy to conventional care:

See all Health & Wellness Resources >

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency

The Gardening series up to session 5 is now online: This has been a very popular series.

Watch all the Videos >

Check out all the other interesting topics in sustainable living at:

Sustainable Living Teams >


Forming a national network of experienced homeschoolers

This is the debut of the Education Team in this newsletter. Check out all the work they’ve been doing to promote and support homeschooling.

Visit Education >

Crisis Scenarios

Establishing basic responses to emergency scenarios

Another debut in this newsletter, the Crisis Scenario team has been hard at work for a good while. You can now find templates, checklists, planning resources and discussion here: 

Crisis Scenarios >

Power Grid Failure Checklist >

Crisis Resources Checklist >

These are things you will want to print out, for obvious reasons.


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

Cordileone Invokes Canon 915

On Thursday, May 19, Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco notified Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to refrain from presenting herself for Holy Communion until she repudiates her advocacy of abortion, repents and receives sacramental absolution. The difficult decision was made after many conversations and requests to Pelosi, giving her every chance to do the right thing. The letter was made public on Friday.

Read the full letter here >

Pelosi has said numerous times that her extreme support for abortion is part of her Catholic faith.

Read more here >

A readable explication of Canon 915 by Ed Peters, written well before this current invocation:

Canon 915 explained >

A deep dive into the theology of Canon 915 by Cardinal Raymond Burke >

Roe Ground Zero

The decision on Dobbs v Jackson will be released any day now. We are looking at a post-Roe world. But before we go forward, we need to go back, and see how Roe developed in the beginning. This is my article for Truth For Souls:

Read Full Article >

The Media Thinks We’re Stupid

Throughout the long psy-op of the last 2-1/2 years, the leftist media has been putting up archive photos and footage, as well as using paid actors, to bring us news intended to scare the socks off us. Thank God for alternative media investigators who caught things like alleged corpses blinking and getting up before the camera was turned off. In Ukraine reportage, they’ve used footage from movies, other conflicts and even video games, to try to convince people that Ukraine was nobly winning against the big, bad Bear. Now they’re pulling archive photos to mislead us about “monkeypox.” They’re not even clever about it.

Shingles, recycled as “monkeypox”

Chicken pox, recycled as “monkeypox”

And speaking of the lying mainstream media, I especially like this example, where it was assumed that no one would remember the scene from “Top Gun.” Barry McCaffrey is a retired Army general (for shame), and was director of drug control policy under Clinton.

Remember Mavrick and Goose?

A video was posted by Israeli TV that purported to show a Russian aircraft shot down by Ukrainian forces. It was actually a disabled TIE fighter flown by the Galactic Empire against the Rebel Alliance in “Star Wars.”

These are all out there as “serious journalism.” It’s hard to believe they’re that arrogant. They are.

MORAL OF THE STORY: When your emotions get inflamed by a news story, pull back and examine the facts. Emotions can be easily manipulated. Don’t be led by your emotions; lead with your intellect.

EVEN BIGGER MORAL: Believe nothing the mainstream media tells you. Test everything.

Detox From Spike Protein

The spike protein is in the vaxx, and it was also inserted into the virus itself. Whether you got it through disease or vaccination, the spike protein is damaging. The World Council for Health (this is an organization that fights against the WHO, just to be clear) has published a Detox Guide here: 

Spike Protein Detox Guide >

Kid’s Corner

Some children’s books recently published have made a splash in the news. I’ve always enjoyed children’s books, and these both look like fun with a message. They, for sure, beat some of the leftist propaganda that’s being thrown at kids.

“The Plot Against the King” by Kash Patel, former Chief of Staff to Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense. It’s a children’s tale, with fantastical characters, a children’s version of the plot to take down President Trump by any means necessary (including breaking the law, as we are now seeing.)

From the author: I believe it is important for everyone to know the true story behind the Steele Dossier, and the Russian collusion narrative. This book is one way I’m doing my part to share the truth. This story cannot be forgotten.

“I also had the honor of contributing to a documentary, “The Plot Against the President,” where I, Devin, Donald Trump Jr., and several others told our story in much more detail.”

Watch the Documentary Here >

Order the Children’s Book Here >

It’s $20 for the book; $60 for a copy autographed by the author, Kash Patel.

“Johnny the Walrus” by Matt Walsh, Catholic conservative commentator and stirrer of pots. This book made headlines when it came out and promptly sold out on Amazon within hours. It’s the story of an imaginative boy who encounters people who want to make him choose between being himself, a human boy, and being one of the creatures he imagines. It’s a light way of showing how damaging it is for children to be told to be something other than what they are.

You can order from Amazon > (they’re restocked now)

American Gulag

The unconstitutional conditions in which the J6 political prisoners are being held is something most of us can’t imagine: solitary confinement, unclean cells, beatings by guards, restriction of religious services and observance, public defenders who subscribe to an entirely different narrative than the one that brought so many people to Washington on January 6, and little hope of returning to their lives any time soon. Most are charged with misdemeanors, but are incurring punishment that even the worst felons don’t endure. Their Constitutional rights have been obliterated, but it is career-ending offense for any politician to go up against Pelosi’s “Un-select” Committee. No one on that blighted Committee has any idea of what America is really about.

The best we can do is support these prisoners, and make sure the mid-terms bring in people who will uphold the Constitution. You can write to a prisoner, contribute to legal defense funds, and pray for them and their families. At the very least, stay informed about this most heinous injustice at: 

American Gulag >

Catholic Coffee

Make your coffee Catholic! There are some wonderful Catholic coffee sources, and you can feel good about where the proceeds are going (not like Starbucks, which leaves a little aftertaste of guilt whenever I succumb). The article links to five great roasters. One vendor has varieties like St. Michael Dark Roast (get it?) and St. Joan of Arc French Blend. Mornings just got a lot more fun!

Make Your Coffee Break Catholic >

Masks Unmasked

Wait! Don’t put that mask on, just because someone is trying to create a crisis. They really are not good for your health, and we need all our natural immunity to be functioning unimpeded right now. From Dr. Simon Goddek (PhD, Biotechnology) on Gab:

“I consider them to be a health hazard because the following happens when you wear a mask, from a medical point of view:

  1. You breathe in your own exhaled air again. This leads to more carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in your blood.
  2. You absorb less oxygen than usual. Oxygen is essential for all vital functions of the body.
  3. Your lungs are no longer “ventilated” as they should be. This promotes lung disease.
  4. If the mask is worn for more than half an hour, it will become contaminated with pathogens that you will inhale.
  5. A mask cannot repel viruses.”

Is There Any Doubt Remaining About the VAXXX?

I think nearly everyone in CORAC has been pretty discerning about the vaxxx. I believe there is another push coming in the summer; officials are already telegraphing their intentions. So just in case you haven’t been fully convinced that the vaxxx is neither safe nor effective.

Please Read This >

Ten Signs of a Planned Pandemic

From Dr. Simon Goddek on Telegram

1. In times of a pandemic, it is a commonplace to reassure the public. This is because panic and despair cause adverse effects on human health and cognitive capacities as excessive stress increases cortisol and blood sugar levels ( This is old knowledge, yet the media and politicians keep the public in a state of fear.

2. Recently, a whistleblower published that the data that led to the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine admission was manipulated and did not meet scientific standards ( As a result, boosters are becoming mandatory in many countries instead of questioning the vaccine’s benefit and efficacy.

3. Children, adolescents, and healthy adults have little or no risks of becoming seriously ill from Covid. Nevertheless, there is significant political and social pressure for healthy people to take an experimental drug to “protect others” (see next point). Those who reject to protect themselves and others often risk losing their jobs. Some countries even discuss detention for noncooperating people ( ;

4. For decades, vaccines have been communicated as a means of self-protection. Now, vaccines have been enforced on everybody to “protect yourself and others”, even though the transmission potential of vaccinated and unvaccinated people is similar ( Furthermore, it appears that being vaccinated will probably increase the chance to die with or from Covid (

5. The peer-review process of the publication about the Covid PCR tests took one day max ( The corresponding author, Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, is also a member of the journal’s editorial board, where the paper was published. Skipping a peer-review process is no minor offense and can be considered scientific fraud. Furthermore, the Fauci emails revealed that Drosten has also been briefed by the Wellcome Trust (i.e. Jeremy Farrar) before and after writing this publication, which puts him in an even more negative light.

6. A study from 1919 about the efficacy of mask-wearing during the Spanish Influenza stated that “many instances were observed among hospital attendants where apparently the mask was no protection to the wearers” ( It was further considered that the mask may have “an unhygienic influence when extended to the entire working day of the individual”. This old knowledge was confirmed in a recent review paper on the potential adverse effects of wearing masks ( The authors concluded that wearing masks poses severe health risks while not reducing transmission significantly. Gagging the public with ineffective masks exclusively seems a political reason to break down resistance.

7. The general life expectancy is the same as the average age of death of people who die with or due to Covid, around 80 years. By contrast, during the Spanish Influenza pandemic, the average age of death of infected people was 28 years, whereas the life expectancy was 56 years.

8. Dissidents are publicly demonized as “terrorists” and “tyrants” ( The rights to bodily integrity and the inviolability of human dignity no longer apply to unvaccinated individuals.

9. Sunlight (Vitamin D), physical exercise, social interaction, gut health, and exposure to pathogens are essential for a functioning immune system. During the lockdowns, governments closed gyms and sports clubs, prohibited social interactions, and imposed curfews. Fast food delivery services have significantly benefited from this situation (not particularly healthy diet)

10. Many scientists and experts in immunology, epidemiology, virology, vitamin D, etc., are currently being banned from social media. Mainly Facebook and Twitter ban and restrict accounts of dissidents randomly. YouTube censors videos that oppose the official narrative. Restriction of freedom of expression would not happen in an open society.

The Misfit Theory

From TruthHammer888 on Telegram

We live in a world where the majority of people can be predicted to think a certain way. We are all bombarded by media, advertising and symbols designed to guide the perceptions, thinking, and beliefs of those who think along those predictable lines. If you’re here, you were blessed/shocked/created to see outside the walls of that Matrix/construct. Many of us have struggled to “fit in” all our lives. If it wasn’t already clear why you were made to see the world a little differently… now you know! The Great Awakening could never have gotten started without you, just the way God made you.

Don’t Use Remdesivir (Run, Death is Near)

The ghouls at the FDA have now approved the kidney-toxic drug that was such a disaster in the hospitals, for children as young as one month. Don’t fall for this. It is an outright crime. No tests ever have shown that Remdesivir was anything but dangerous.

Dr. Ryan Cole talks about it here >

Winds and Waves

From Pepe Lives Matter on Telegram

A lot of people are concerned about things that are completely out of their control. Rather than worry, be prepared and work on exactly what God has called you to do. Then you live in peace even in the midst of this turmoil. And most importantly: pray. Don’t allow the winds and waves to disturb your peace, especially when you are focused on your calling. When you are fighting back in your calling, you know you can have a tranquil disposition and calm those around you. In turn, they may latch onto their callings with greater fervor.

Your peace and faith can, and will, make a greater impact than your worry.

Alternative News Sources

Charlie has previously given some recommended news sources, and I will add some of my own. First, use a platform that doesn’t censor. That rules out Fakebook, Twitter (for now), YouTube, Instagram. Load platforms like Telegram, Truth Social, Substack, or Gab. Then find reliable reporters on those platforms. After you read for a while, you will come to know which ones need to be double-checked, and which have rigorous vetting processes of their own. I try to avoid sensationalism, since we have plenty of things to upset us without letting careless journalists inflame us even more. Brian Cates is accurate for politics. Children’s Health Defense is excellent for medical, as well as Dr. Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, BioClandestine and Robin Monotti+ Dr. Mike Yeadon. I also check Seth Keshel, Patel Patriot and Kanekoa the Great regularly. Jack Posobiec is a very good Catholic journalist with a huge following. James Woods is good for people who only want the very most impactful news, and not a continuing scroll of constant posts.

Drama at the People’s Convoy

On Friday afternoon, the TPC organizers pulled the plug with no warning to the truckers and patriots who were the backbone of the movement. The “1776 Restoration Movement” has been formed by the patriots left behind when the organizers pulled out for home. It promises to be a better organized, more Godly and more effective organization. Leadership was given to the one person trusted by all, who wears his heart on his sleeve, and has decades of experience in leadership… our friend, David Riddell, known as Santa.

The movement actually has a chance to succeed with one leader who is all-in. With the new name also comes new ideas to take the fight forward. It will no longer be all about trucks, which was a romantic idea that turned out to be ineffective in the US. It worked better in Canada because so many of those truckers were out of work due to the mandates, and couldn’t earn their living. 

This new movement just rose from the ashes late Friday afternoon. More to come in the next newsletter, as they get organized.


Staying right with God

The Catechism Series

This popular series with Desmond Birch is now up to session 7.

See all the episodes here >

Desmond is one of the foremost living eschatologists (The Last Things) in the Church, perhaps best known for his encyclopedic work, “Trial, Tribulation and Triumph: Before, During and After Antichrist.”

May Prayer Intentions

  • For all CORAC members, their families and intentions, particularly those who are going through trials at this time.

  • For a dome of protection over the people and good works of CORAC as we make our stand with God… and for the

  • Holy Spirit’s fire within each member to ignite a firm resolve to do the little each one can do, contributing to the good that overcomes evil.

  • For a hearty response to CORAC’s current fundraising campaign.

  • For a renewed outpouring of Christ’s peace as we survey the landscape of country and world, observing the breakdown in the old ways while the Dawn of a New Beginning emerges in our very prayers and deeds.

  • For people everywhere to awaken to the reality that God loves them, is calling them to Himself and that we, in CORAC and all believers beyond our ranks, respond by seeking His Grace to fully tend – both in corporal and spiritual ways – to those in our presence.

  • That fear is banished as we “… become accustomed to thinking that all is lost, while doing the best we can and trusting God to come through – in His time and in His way, seeking actively to find what we have missed.”

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!


You can order this poster here >

It is meant to help understand the complex relationships between all the bad actors who perpetrated the crime.

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