Issue #11 – June 5, 2022


The Immediate Radar Screen

The demonic World Economic Forum met two weeks ago … more >


Christians Working Together

Watch the latest episode recorded 05/30/22… more >


The Only Relevant Question About Abortion

Charlie Johnston has written a great piece that outlines how we can structure arguments… more >


A Million Small Victories

When your grandchildren ask you what you did to save liberty, what will you say?… more >

The decision we are all waiting for will be handed down by the Supreme Court this month, perhaps this week. Unless you’re 99 years old, more than half your life has been lived in the shadow of legalized abortion. It’s institutionalized; we tend to think that it’s venerably established and impregnable (so to speak,) but the truth is, Roe came out of some strange chance elements.

Unlike serious decisions such as Brown v. Board of Education, which corrected the practice of school segregation by race, Roe has never enjoyed acceptance. 49 years after Brown, we didn’t see half the country trying to re-institute racial segregation. Brown was a just and upright decision, which became embedded in the national consciousness. It partakes of universal truth. Not so Roe. Before we celebrate the end of Roe, understand the origins of the decision and how strangely concocted it was:

Roe Ground Zero >

Sheryl Collmer, editor,

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other.

Click the button below for upcoming visits and further details:

The Most Important Thing

By Charlie Johnston, founder of CORAC

As things grow darker people often ask me what is the single most important thing they can do to prepare. I tell them to make as many real friends as they can. Alas, people often think I am speaking metaphorically when I am speaking literally – and vice versa. It is a constant challenge for me. Usually, I just let it go, expecting that they will figure it out soon enough. Folks think I am engaging in hyperbole, but I am dead serious.

Over my entire career organizing political campaigns and other movements, I have tried to pattern myself on the way Jesus did things. It is a poor imitation, but I like it a lot. Jesus put his emphasis on one-on-one contact and table fellowship. Even when I was running statewide campaigns, I spent a good half of my time getting to know people and…making friends. In one US Senate Primary where we were given no chance, I was in Tazewell County (just east of the river across from Peoria County) for a Lincoln Day Dinner. Normally, I had some locals take me from table to table to visit with everyone there. On this night, though, Don Totten, the campaign manager for our opponent, was there. So I told my team to stay seated: I would make the rounds myself. I went just ahead of Totten and his advance team. At every table I knew a good five or six people, at least, and greeted them by name, making a little small talk about their family or work.

We won that primary. A few months afterwards, I ran into Totten (who ran Illinois for Reagan in 1980) and we chatted. He told me that it was that dinner where he felt the first stab of fear that they might be in trouble. “If you could do that all over the state, I knew we were toast,” he said. I grinned and told him I could – and I wanted him to see that.

People constantly ask what the currency will be if everything collapses. They usually imagine crypto-currency or precious metals and stones. I think crypto-currency will be as worthless as a confederate dollar in a serious collapse. Currency stored in the cloud won’t do you much good when the only clouds that are working are cumulus, stratus and nimbus. Gold and silver will have some worth, but not near as much as people think. The currency that will stand in those earliest days of collapse will be the genuine friends that you know and care about – and who care about you. It is the network of souls around you that will sustain you as you do what you can to help sustain them, because you all love one another in the truest sense of the word.

There are all sorts of gimmicks you can use to create the illusion of power and influence, but these are all flimsies that will collapse with the first serious blast of wind. It is to build on sand. The friendships you make are bedrock that will withstand the toughest of storms.

Even now, I spend half my time on the road, meeting and getting to know folks around the country. It is labor intensive, for sure – but nothing tells people you care about them like traveling for hundreds, even thousands, of miles to visit with them. I have had groups of as large as 1,500 and as small as seven…and it is all a joy. The larger crowds are certainly flattering, but you can really have a great conversation with the smaller crowds. And with each visit, the network of souls we are knitting together grows stronger. Last year, at our national conference, I was deeply excited to see so many friends together in one place, but what I was most excited about was that so many of these wonderful people were going to meet each other for the first time. They saw what a joyful, determined group of people we had already become. To me, it was a foretaste of what things will be like after the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

So I motor around making friends across the country and building that network one at a time. It is a foundation that will last. And if the new currency will be the genuine friends you have, I will suddenly go from living poverty to being the richest man in the country.

Make friends and spend time with them. That will be the coin of the realm when things are at their worst – and, frankly, should be now. I mean it quite literally.

Charlie Johnston


Special guest Angela Steveonson, CORAC Region 4.

Special guest Mick Blunt, CORAC National team leader for Health & Wellness.


Be the Lighthouse

Be the Lighthouse

Some brief thoughts from Charlie Johnston about being ready, being calm and being the lighthouse as corruption and the fear of loss of power on the...

read more


Things on the immediate radar screen

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

The demonic World Economic Forum met two weeks ago, to carry out further depredations against human beings. Here is a rather pointed summary of the group’s proceedings. (Pardon the salty language.)

Careening Towards Grace >

World Health Organization Developments

The WHO, in its meetings two weeks ago, seems to have been defeated, as 12 of the 13 Amendments proposed by the odious Biden, which would have surrendered national sovereignty to the Director General of the WHO, were withdrawn. Credit for the victory goes to the nations of Africa, who spoke a united, definitive NO. Pray for the African nations; they saved the rest of the world, and that’s no exaggeration.

African Sovereignty Coalition

The countries of Africa have now united to launch a sovereignty movement in response to the close call at the WHO. Their rallying cry is “Mayibuye Africa!” which translates as “Come back, Africa!” It has the same resonance as “Make America Great Again.” We know that our countries were once noble, strong and based on virtue. They were stolen from us by evil men, and we want them back. Here is the statement of the African Sovereignty Coalition:

The African Sovereignty Coalition is aware of WHO’s moves towards a regional pandemic treaty. This does not surprise us because we are aware of proposed International Health Regulations amendments’ focus on public health emergencies of regional concern.

While we as Africans always celebrate our wins, we will of course keep moving forward on our objectives regarding the WHO and the WEF. The call to defund and exit, as we build real health collaborations, grows stronger every day. The formal launch of the African Sovereignty Coalition is on Saturday 18 June 2022. Support is welcome, and more details will be shared soon.

We are thankful to authentic Africa-loving leaders who stepped up to lead the campaign for health rights and sovereignty at this time and into the foreseeable future. Mayibuye iAfrica!


Latest From Archbishop Viganò

The formal papal nuncio to the US is one of the handful of people we can still trust to give objective information, untainted by personal gain (because he’s already lost what little he had):

Interview with Reiner Füllmich, attorney Nuremburg 2.0 movement prosecuting crimes against humanity:

Premeditated Criminal Act of a Global Mafia >

Watch this video:

The New World Order Requires That Italy Perish >

What To Do In A Summer Blackout

Multiple sources have been warning that this summer will bring, at the very least, rolling blackouts.

Read more >

Everyone needs to have strategies in place, so that it’s an easily handled inconvenience that could even be made fun with proper planning. After all, if you camp in the summertime, you already know that heat is part of the adventure. Here are the things you need to pay attention to:

How to Prep For a Summer Outage >

The Food Supply At Risk

Globalists are taking over the food system; it’s part of their plan to control the population. Take the warning seriously.

Globalists Take Over Food System Control >

Additions To Your Shopping List

In addition to basic supply lists given previously in this newsletter, consider adding:

  • Canned goods: Magnesium (used to make aluminum)shortage may make canned goods short on the shelves.
  • All types of meat: There is speculation that the shortages are being driven by huge investors in artificial protein sources.
  • Consider storage issues. Canned meat might trump fresh meat. Dried eggs and milk are also good protein options.
  • Vitamins/supplements: a huge proportion of our supply comes from China and can be turned off like a faucet. If you buy a
  • long-term stash, be sure to store them properly (cool, dark, dry) so that they last as long as possible.
  • Cheap solar landscape lights: you can bring them inside at night to spare your flashlight batteries. $1 at Walmart.
  • Cooler, kiddie pool, mister to keep cool and hydrated if there is a summer blackout.


When your grandchildren ask you what you did to save liberty, what will you say?

A Million Small Victories

Talk to someone about what is going on in the country. Every conversation helps to break up the mass formation psychosis.

Make a phone call, or send an email or letter to an elected official. Every personal contact has a multiplier effect.

Have a block party to build community. As Charlie says, friendships will be the coin of the realm.

Wave an American flag at a busy intersection or on an overpass.

Of all the people who pass, most will be on your side. It sends the message that We the People are awake, and helps break up the mass formation psychosis.

Pray the rosary publicly. Get a group together, and publicize the days and times. Be consistent so that people always know where to find you. We pray on the city square every Wednesday evenings at 5:30, rain or shine. Here are some reasons why:

Why Public Square Rosary Rallies >




Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

EVERY SUNDAY – CORAC HF Radio Net Broadcast

The CORAC Communications Team conducts two High Frequency (HF) net broadcasts every Sunday.

1st Broadcast is at 7:30 pm (ET) on frequency 14.277 MHz with an alternative of 14.285 MHz (if 14.277 MHz is busy).

2nd Broadcast is at 8:00 pm (ET) on frequency 7.284.1 MHz.

See Other Topics in Communications >

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency

There’ve been some great new posts in this section, too.

Construction of old-fashioned ice houses >

Pest control in the garden with neem oil >

Sample “weed walk” to prepare for the Foraging series >

The first episode in the Foraging series (June 7) filled up quickly, but there will a repeat session.

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See other topics in sustainable living here >


Forming a national network of experienced homeschoolers

Crisis Scenarios

Establishing basic responses to emergency scenarios


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

The Only Relevant Question About Abortion

Charlie Johnston has written a great piece that outlines how we can structure arguments about abortion. There is really only one fundamental question, and as Charlie shows, we have to hold tightly to it.

Read the Article >

Second Amendment

Private gun ownership is not just another issue you can be “for” or “against.” It’s a Constitutional right, and for a very good reason. If you’ve followed the last two years in places like Australia, you can see what happens in a country without citizen ownership of firearms: they have been ravaged by their own government and police.

What is keeping us marginally safe? There are millions of firearms in the hands of private citizens in our country. And the ammo shortage that existed during the plandemic seems to be resolving. At a flea market yesterday, I saw a dozen ammo booths, where there were only two last year.

In the US, leftists are attempting to parse the language of the Second Amendment to make gun control somehow Constitutional, but you can see that the wording is very simple and very clear. The right for a citizen to bear arms cannot be infringed.

Now our task is to defend the Constitution against the government that is supposed to be based on it.

Charlie wrote a piece about the folly of disarming victims in American Thinker:

Disarming Victims Is a Dumb Way to Fight >

Naomi Wolf has a great piece on this subject, too, that addresses the classical arguments in favor of gun control:

Rethinking the Second Amendment >

Devolution Meets 2000 Mules

Fabulous interview with Patel Patriot and Gregg Phillips, the lead data analyst for True The Vote.

Gregg Phillips Interview >

Start at the 8:00 point for the goods.

Breaking Out Of Mass Formation

The psychological phenomenon of mass formation psychosis became widely known when we are all asking why in the heck anyone would take an unproven, gene-altering shot against a non-lethal disease. Dr. Robert Malone’s interview with Belgian Professor Matthias Desmet helped us understand how so many people were duped:

See more on Rumble >

And here’s the solution: “Breaking Free From Mass Formation:” Every time you speak out, you become a little stronger and one more person wakes up.

Watch here >

More about Professor Desmet, with links to interviews:

Professor Mattias Desmet >

Children At Risk

When there is almost no risk at all of getting covid, why would the government be pushing triple-dose, gene-altering vaxxes on babies and toddlers? The obvious answer is almost too hideous to contemplate, but we had better look at it. The youngest children are in their sights.

Read more >

It is deliberate genocide. Naomi Wolf writes about the “baby die-off”:

Read article >

Masks As Child Abuse

In a preprint study for The Lancet, it has been shown that masking children never worked, and indeed, actually increased infection rates. Masks cause harm to children and were used to bully children into obedience.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

CSAs are a cooperative system that allows consumers to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm. Consumers get fresh, healthy, local produce, and farmers get a guaranteed customer for the season; it’s a win-win. With more subscribers, farmers can increase their planting. Normally, you subscribe for one season at a time, and you pick up your weekly share at a central pickup point. The relationships you form now with growers may prove to be important and sustaining if the food supply situation deteriorates. The more subscribers, the more farmers plant, the greater the food supply that is not controlled by hostile interests. Check for your area; it lists farmers markets as well as CSAs.

This article helps you choose the right CSA for you, if you are blessed enough to have multiple options in your area:

How to Find CSA >

Obedience Is Not An Absolute

We would do well to remember that we are not obliged to obey an unjust order. As the Catechism states in article 1902: “A human law has the character of law to the extent that it accords with right reason, and thus derives from the eternal law. Insofar as it falls short of right reason it is said to be an unjust law, and thus has not so much the nature of law as of a kind of violence.”

Everyone now knows the story of the Texas mother who disobeyed police at Uvalde, jumped over a fence, and entered the school to bring her children out alive. The shooter was still active at that point. Obedience to the police order might have meant the loss of her two kids.

Read article >

June Is The Month Of  The Sacred Heart

It’s only June 5, and I’m already weary of the spectacle of “Pride Month.” June, in fact, is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (It also features John the Baptist’s nativity, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the anniversary of the apparitions at Medjugorge.) When we focus on the Sacred Heart, the foolishness of the world takes its proper place on the back burner.

Read more >

Crisis Fatigue

We’ve been living in a frightfully stressful environment for the last two years. Constant stress can destroy your body if not moderated. Believe it or not, the way you breathe has much to do with your body’s stress response. This is actual physiology, not New Age mumbo jumbo.

Learn how to harness the power of the breath >

Truth Social

You can now go to on your computer, or download the app on your smartphone, both iphones and androids. It’s fully available to all users now, after an extended rollout.

Did you know that millions of users were banned on Fakebook and Titter in the last two years? Not just the sitting President of the United States and all the people associated with him, but all the scientists and medics who gave us medical science apart from the “approved narrative” about the plandemic and the shot, plus all the ordinary people who spoke about the vaccine adverse events they were suffering. It’s not just like George Orwell’s “1984”; it is Orwell’s dystopia. Free speech died during theplandemic.

Early users of TruthSocial called it a “family reunion on the right side of the world.” Give it a try and see what you think.

Visit TruthSocial >

Mass Of The Ages

The traditional Mass was heard by Catherine of Siena, Thomas Aquinas, Joan of Arc, Maximilian Kolbe, the Fatima visionaries, the Holy League at Lepanto, Thérèse of Lisieux… nearly all our forebears in the Faith. The traditional Latin Mass is virtually unchanged since the third century.

If you haven’t yet been captivated by the traditional Mass, suspend your doubts for 45 minutes, and try Episode 1 of the documentary “Mass of the Ages:”

Watch Episode 1 >

The second episode, “The Perfect Storm,” tells the story of how the New Mass was created. It will surprise you.

Watch Episode 2 >

Episode 3 is not yet released.

No Flow Of Information In Europe

In nations where citizens don’t own firearms to protect themselves against government tyranny, free speech is becoming a distant memory. Despite the clear danger of the shot, the false diagnostic test, and the misrepresentation of vaxx adverse effects as “long COVID,” the WHO in Europe doesn’t want anyone the wiser. They’ve created a noxiously sweet-sounding system for Europeans to tattle on their neighbors for “wrongspeech.”


Staying right with God

The Catechism Series

This popular series with Desmond Birch is now up to session 7.

See all the episodes here >

May Prayer Intentions

  • For all CORAC members, their families and intentions, particularly those who are going through difficult trials at this time, and that we are bolstered with new measures of fortitude, courage, hope, faith, trust and love

  • For safety in travels and blessings upon all of Charlie’s meetings, both public and private

  • For a dome of protection over the people and good works of CORAC as we make our stand with God and engage in the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy

  • That people everywhere will awaken to the reality that God loves us, is calling us to Himself and that each one will respond to His grace, repent and make a return to Him or deepen their conversion or, perhaps, truly discover Him for the first time

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!


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