Issue #13 – July 11, 2022


Be Prepared for Covid Replay

Signs point to the rollout of another covid fraud, probably this fall, fueled by the media… more >


Doomed to
Repeat It

An excellent film from Doug Barry’s Battle-Ready Coalition has just been released on YouTubemore >

The theme for this letter is prophecy,

not the predict-the-future kind, but speaking God’s truth with authority. Those of us who, for some reason, have been given the grace to see the reality beyond the news headlines must try to wake more people up. If we’re going to turn this enormous ship away from disaster, we will need all hands. The information in this newsletter is packaged with the specific intent that it be easy to pass on to others.

Some modern-day prophets who are helping turn the ship are Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, Dr. Zev Zelenko, and David Daleiden. A tribute to Dr. Z, who died last week, is included in this issue, as well as excerpts from Archbishop Viganó’s latest interview. The current CORAC podcast is David’s conversation with Charlie, linked below. These three men have gone up against the overmasters of the empire of lies and shown us how it’s done.

Sheryl Collmer, editor


In the Aftermath of Roe v. Wade

An interview with David Daleiden, a great modern prophet, speaking the truthwatch >

From the cockpit
of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other. Check the website for his upcoming visits >

Charlie Johnston, founder,
Corps of Renewal and Charity

The Times, They are a-Changin’

All pro-lifers have been celebrating the overturning of Roe v Wade. It is well that we should. Already, thousands of babies’ lives have been saved. As some have noted, though, this is the beginning, not the end of the battle.

The strongest pro-life organizations have generally been centered in red states. In many of those states, people will react by saying, “Mission accomplished!” as their legislatures ban or heavily restrict elective abortions. Yet the desperate need to enshrine the right to life in Constitutional law remains.

Up until 1861, some states acknowledged the fullness of the humanity of black folks and some did not. We now enter a similar situation to antebellum times: some states acknowledge the humanity of a vulnerable class of people; some do not. It can lead to a clearer geographic division than the era when the courts forced all states to allow (and even provide) abortions. Now the strongest advocates for the right to life are concentrated in states where it is already largely recognized. We must remain strong, but must also become more lithe and agile. I don’t know exactly how to best address this, but I am working on it. As Abraham Lincoln said, “As our case is new, we must think and act anew.”

The cultural landscape is changing all around us in ways we don’t yet perceive. As always, my advice in volatile times is the same as it always has been: be deliberate. Don’t be quick to jump to solutions just because they are new and sound good. Take the time to think through the likely consequences of any proposed solution – and some of the unlikely ones, as well. The world is in a mess because all too often we first act – and then think about the action as an afterthought. Think first, then act. We have a whole society of people running their carts before their horses and wondering why things are so messed up.

I think we will shortly see another change in how things work. I think it now pleases God to change the rules, subtly at first, but then more and more overtly. I think that very soon the most dangerous thing you can do will be to try to play it safe. The time is coming when your “yes” must mean yes and your “no” mean no, or God will confound and impoverish your calculations. That means the diplomacy you use must be calculated towards achieving the good without compromise with evil. That does NOT mean you must suddenly make everything into a morality play – pretending that any opinion differing with yours is evil.

If I am right, you will notice that more and more, people who rely on complicated schemes and double talk to maintain their “viability” are going to see those tactics routinely blow up in their faces. There will be great bafflement as people who have spent their whole lives manipulating events and language to their personal advantage find these tactics no longer work at all. When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching Him in the first chapter of John, the Lord exclaimed, “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile.” It was a joyful and divine rebuke of a cynical age. I think the Lord is, once more, gearing up to rebuke a cynical age.

How best to prepare for it? The same way I have told you from the start: Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You. Contemplate this well and it will prepare you for the new era which is already begun.

Charlie Johnston

An Interview with David Daleiden, a great modern prophet, speaking the truth in words and actions.

If you’re not familiar with David, here’s one of many articles about his work. He courageously went undercover to show the gruesome practices of the abortion industry. Some of the biggest giants on the evil side of the world have been after him ever since.
read article >


Be the Lighthouse

Be the Lighthouse

Some brief thoughts from Charlie Johnston about being ready, being calm and being the lighthouse as corruption and the fear of loss of power on the...

read more


Things on the immediate radar screen

Be Prepared for a Covid Replay

Signs point to the rollout of another covid fraud, probably this fall, fueled by the media and corrupt politicians. Masks are reappearing, emergency use authorization was given last month to shoot up babies and toddlers, drug manufacturers are desperate to get the vials of already-produced “vaccine” into arms before any more bad news leaks out concerning the dangers of the vaxx.

Ever since May 2 (the leak from the Supreme Court about the Dobbs decision), attention has been turned away from the vaxx. But every day, more people die or become disabled, more studies show the effect of the vaxx on fertility, auto-immune disease and cancer, more data from Pfizer is forced out by court order, though the mainstream media will never report it.

This shot is dangerous; there is no other way to put it. And the more boosters a person gets, the worse the cumulative effect. The gene-modifying shot instructs your cells to produce unknown quantities of the toxic spike protein, which is delivered by toxic lipid nanoparticle packaging.

Honest scientists warned about all of this more than a year ago. Now doctors pretend to be stupefied at the death, disability and infertility rates suddenly shooting up stratospherically since 2021. What could have happened in 2021 to cause such enormous changes in the population?? What a criminally negligent question to ask.

Do not fall for the scam. Do everything you can to convince your loved ones to reject the scam, too. If you need resources, here are some links from past newsletters:

If you still haven’t been fully convinced that the vaxxx is neither safe nor effective, read this >

Premeditated criminal act of a global mafia, interview with Reiner Füllmich, attorney Nuremburg 2.0 movement prosecuting crimes against humanity. read interview >

The “baby die-off” >

Back in June, 2021, over a year ago, we published a special vaxx newsletter. It’s amazing to see what we already knew about the dangers of the shot back then… and yet they are now injecting babies and toddlers with the toxic sludge. This old newsletter is still a good source of information >

Be Prepared for Self-Reliance

Too many Americans have blinders on, and are not paying attention to the predations of the Federal government and the mega-corporations. One day, it may be too late, so we need to “wake up” as many people as we can. And the biggest hurdle to waking people up is their belief that government and business have our best interests at heart.

People want to believe that, some maybe have to believe it, to stay sane. But we are Christians; we can face even hard truths because God is with us. There is overwhelming evidence that our “handlers” are driving us closer and closer to an existence which can only be described as slavery. When government and corporations control our money, health, reproduction, food supply, travel, news and social contacts, then we will not be free human beings anymore. Neither will our children.

The evidence is overwhelming that the self-appointed “elites” in our country (the government tyrants who no longer represent us, the uber-wealthy who write their own rules, and the media whose job it is to keep everyone comfortably deceived) have pushed medical falsehoods and a destructive shot that was never approved, yet mandated to millions. They are most definitely not looking out for our best interests.

And it’s not particular to America. The same thing is going on around the world. It is the work of global organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. There is most definitely a plan, and they are not even hiding it. They are convinced that people are too stupid to figure it out, and too comfortable to do anything about it.

In a society in which most of us don’t grow our own food, don’t provide our own power, and don’t know how to defend our homes, we had better by golly believe that the government is looking out for us. It’s like a child seeing their parents as infallible and all-powerful; it’s the profound dependence on the parent that makes the child trust them no matter what harm the parent might inflict.

Therefore every step you take to become more self-reliant puts you in a position to see the situation more clearly. And once you have seen it, help your brother see it, too.


Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the victory

  • As the Second Amendment comes under fire (so to speak), more people are interested in firearms training. Search for “gun range” and find a local range that has instruction. You can usually rent various firearms and try them out before you invest in a particular one. It is essential to get safety training, knowledge of local law and plenty of practice if you’re going to own a gun. In our local CORAC circle, we’re going to make it a community event. Think about doing that in your circle.
  • Wave an American flag at a busy intersection or on an overpass. Flags are highly symbolic and evocative. Every car that passes you has an internal reaction that reminds them that we are still a freedom-loving people, though the media tries to convince people otherwise. Want to fight the media brainwashing?? Go wave a flag on an overpass or a busy intersection.



Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

HAM Radio

There is a misunderstanding among novices that a “ham radio” is a particular sort of electronic device. “HAM” is short for “amateur radio.” It refers more to the person or the activity than the equipment used. In fact, operators use a variety of equipment, which ranges vastly in complexity and price. The first step to being a ham operator is to pass the FCC licensing exam. Websites such as Ham Test Online have made this process easy for anyone willing to put in some study time >

The next step is acquiring equipment. The National Association for Amateur Radio website is very informative in this regard:
visit AARL website >

For this step, your best bet is to find someone who is already knowledgeable about the equipment, and that is best done by contacting your local ham club. Just search “amateur radio club” for your city or town. or check here >

You’ll find a group near you, and they will have get-togethers. Most hams love to share their equipment and experience with others.

Some of us are a little overwhelmed by all that’s needed to be a ham operator. For people like me, a shortwave listening station, where I can listen to radio traffic without transmitting, will suffice. No license is needed, and the equipment is a lot simpler and cheaper. The one thing that needs some finessing is your antenna. Check this illustrated guide by CORAC member Bill Hammer for help with your antenna >

For help selecting a shortwave radio, read more here >

A weekly newsletter is put out by Subscribe here >

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times


Summer Edition to be held on July 26 at 6:00 pm Central. Sign up here >

Home Remedies

Here are a few “home” remedies that have been proven effective in scientific studies:

  • Ginger root seems to be the “Queen of Home Remedies” as it can be effective against vertigo, nausea and colds. You want to gnaw at the actual root, not Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookies (tried it; gained a few pounds.) Ginger is also an immunity booster, and we love those! You can get ginger root in any grocery produce section, and it also comes pre-minced in small jars.
    Or you can try growing it yourself >
  • If ginger is the Queen of home remedies, then garlic is the King. It’s a strong anti-inflammatory and an immune booster, too. It may lower cholesterol, speed up recovery from injury, slow bone loss from aging, and regulate blood sugar. How much to take? If you like garlic, add it to everything. Livestrong recommends 2-4 grams of fresh minced garlic daily. That’s about 1 clove, or 1 teaspoon of minced garlic.
  • Dark chocolate soothes a cough. Seriously; it’s been proven to be more effective than codeine.
  • Cherries contain melatonin and can help with insomnia.
  • Raw potato soothes an itchy bug bite. (Apply it, don’t eat it.)
  • Honey helps wound scars heal.
  • Salt water, gargled, really does help a sore throat.

Include honey, dark chocolate, salt, garlic, and ginger root in your emergency prep supplies. Check out more home remedies here >

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency


High summer is not the time to be planting seeds, but it is a good time to order ahead for your fall crop and next year’s spring planting. With certain wealthy control maniacs buying up heirloom seeds as fast as possible in order to create a market for a genetically-modified and unreproducible food supply, you need to be informed and particular about the seeds you stock.

Not all seeds are created equal. If you plan to save seeds from year to year (and that is the only thing that makes sense if you are planting a garden you plan to live off) you need seeds that are not genetically engineered. Most commercially-available seeds you see in the box stores, are. Here is a glossary to help you discern the differences:

Open-pollinated: These seeds can be saved and re-planted every year to “yield true”; that is, they will produce the same plant from year to year, although there may be some variation depending on what is planted nearby, as cross-pollination by wind or insects can change the traits from season to season.

Heirloom: Open-pollinated varieties that result from natural selection rather than specific hybridization (below, F-1). They are naturally occurring varieties from before the 1960s, when breeders began hybridizing. These seeds will “yield true” from year to year.

Hybrid, or F-1: First-generation seeds produced by crossing two pure lines. For example, a breeder may cross an unusually high-yield tomato line with an unusually frost-resistant line, and create an especially productive, hearty tomato. Seeds from F-1 hybrids can be saved and replanted, but they will not “yield true” thereafter; that is, they may lose the frost-resistance or the high-yield traits.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism): The term “genetic modification” covers both natural hybridization (above) and genetic engineering (below). When “GMO” is applied with a negative connotation, it is actually referring to “GE.”

GE (Genetically Engineered): These are seeds produced by high-tech methods to incorporate foreign genes directly into an organism by recombinant DNA techniques. These plants don’t occur naturally; they are “engineered” in a lab by human manipulation, and are used by large commercial enterprises.

Learn more at “Real Gardeners Start From Seed” >

Recommended resources for non-GMO seeds that can be harvested from season to season:

This article was reprinted from the CORAC Region 8 newsletter from April 9, 2021, archived on the website at here >

This article was reprinted from the CORAC Region 8 newsletter from April 9, 2021, archived on the website at here >

Harvesting Seeds

Once you’ve gone to the trouble to invest in reproducible seeds, learn how to harvest them at the end of the growing season: read more >

Situational Awareness

When I used to fly with my pilot dad, he taught me a certain pattern of eye movement required to scan the sky thoroughly, using peripheral vision. In the air, you can never just relax and fly by routine; mid-air collisions are not often survivable.

That scanning is a good life strategy. We tend to over-focus just ahead, instead of scanning all-round. If you’re looking at a cell phone, you’re not even seeing the step just ahead!

Situational awareness is the process of becoming aware of what is around you, noticing patterns and disturbances in patterns, assessing risk, and taking evasive or defensive action before a crisis develops. We’ve all done this when approaching ATM machines, right? If you see someone just hanging around an ATM doing nothing in particular, you drive on. That’s situational awareness.

This skill can be learned and practiced. We’ve been given senses and reflexes meant specifically to help us survive (flight-orfight adrenaline rush, flinch reflex.) It’s clear that the human body designed by God is meant to survive threats. Developing situational awareness hones that instinct.

Here’s a good starting point >

Situational awareness is most critical at the individual level, but it has wider applicability, as well. “Tunnel lock” and “normalcy bias” can prevent us from seeing risks in the world situation. For example, without some mental peripheral vision, we could miss the clue that fertilizer shortages now could mean a food crisis in the future.

It takes courage to develop situational awareness because we don’t like to think of anything being dangerous. But that’s how we stay out of danger: being aware and prepared for potential threats. In the present world, blocking out awareness is itself a danger.

Website for Self-Defense

Todd Heaton has been a great resource on personal defense within CORAC.
Check out his blog here >

Scott Goley is another Catholic man who’s been a great resource for CORAC members >

“Six Steps To Buying Your First Handgun” by Rick Barrett, a Catholic man in Texas.


Random stuff I just felt like sharing

Tribute to Dr. Zev Zelenko

If you have missed the light of Dr. Zelenko, who succumbed to cancer last week, you have a lot of catching up to do. The three most important things I can say about him are:

  • He saved literally millions of lives, through both proper and unafraid treatment of the symptoms of covid, and his impassioned denouncement of the use of an unapproved, experimental, clearly risky, gene-altering shot, especially in children.
  • He brought God into the discussion. He was a devoutly religious man, and called out the demonic forces for what they are.
  • He was never afraid; not of persecution, loss of livelihood, loss of reputation or even his impending death. He spoke the truth at all times, and relied on God for all outcomes.

Some may remember him as the doctor who wrote to President Trump about hydroxychloroquine, which was working very well for his patients in New York. Dr. Zelenko developed the now-famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved lives all around the world, an inexpensive and effective cocktail of zinc sulfate, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

One of Dr. Z’s greatest moments was his testimony before the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court in August, 2021. Here is the 30- minute video and the transcript if you prefer to read. If you wanted to sum up all the arguments against the vaxx, this would be a prime resource >

Other videos of Dr. Zelenko:

Archbishop Viganò

The former Papal Nuncio to the United States has been in hiding ever since 2018, after he issued a letter detailing certain inconvenient facts about the Vatican’s handling of the McCarrick debacle. Since that letter, he’s written again and again, telling us what few in the media or the Church will ever disclose: that covid and the vaxx are part of a strategy not intended for our good, that there is a Deep Church that mirrors the Deep State, that we don’t have unlimited time to fight back against a global cabal that cares nothing for God’s children.

The former Papal Nuncio to the United States has been in hiding ever since 2018, after he issued a letter detailing certain inconvenient facts about the Vatican’s handling of the McCarrick debacle. Since that letter, he’s written again and again, telling us what few in the media or the Church will ever disclose: that covid and the vaxx are part of a strategy not intended for our good, that there is a Deep Church that mirrors the Deep State, that we don’t have unlimited time to fight back against a global cabal that cares nothing for God’s children.

Most recently, he agreed to be remotely interviewed by Steve Bannon. He has been progressing to larger and larger audiences, and Bannon’s may the biggest yet. The interview is lengthy, but entirely worth your time. Some excerpts:

On covid: “The prohibition of treatment, the discrediting of the effectiveness of drugs that have been in use for decades, the decision to hospitalize the elderly who became sick in nursing homes and the imposition of an experimental gene treatment that has been demonstrated not only to be ineffective but also harmful and often fatal – all this confirms for us that the pandemic has been planned and managed with the purpose of creating the greatest damage possible.”

On Western leaders: “Most of these leaders are members of a lobby – the World Economic Forum – that trained them and placed them at the highest levels of national and international institutions in order to be certain that those who govern would be obedient. Klaus Schwab has publicly boasted, on many occasions, of being able to interfere even with religious leaders. These too are documented facts in all the nations that followed the directives of the WHO and the pharmaceutical companies. There is clearly a single script under a single direction: this demonstrates the existence of a criminal design and the malice of its creators.”

On the Great Reset: “The Great Reset is ontologically destined for failure, because it is inspired by inhuman and diabolical principles. But its end, however inevitable, may still take some time, depending on our capacity to oppose it and also what is contained in the plans of Divine Providence. If the Lord wants to grant us a truce, a period of peace after we have understood how horrible is the hell on earth that the enemies of God and man desire, then we must commit ourselves to rebuild – not “build back better” but just the opposite – yes, rebuild what has been destroyed: the family, the bond of marriage, the moral education of children, love for our country, dedication to hard work, and fraternal charity, especially towards those who are the most defenseless and needy.”

On nations returning to God: “The world can and must return to God: this is a necessity dictated by the divine order that the Creator has imprinted on creation. It must return to God, because only where Christ reigns can there by true justice and true peace.”

Please read the entire interview! >

Doomed to Repeat It

An excellent film from Doug Barry’s Battle-Ready Coalition has just been released on YouTube. The film explores the ways that tyrants of the past have used fear and deception to seduce free people into giving up their liberty, with especial note of the parallels with our situation today. There is some excellent archival footage of real actions against the people in Cuba, Germany and Cambodia. It’s a wake-up call >

Find out how to sponsor a showing in your parish. 
First, purchase the public viewing ticket here >

Then gather all your time/place details and send to the Battle Ready team, who will help with promotional materials.

Just Say No to Boosters

Nearly a year and a half ago, we knew the jab was bad news. Now the media is wringing their hands about SADS, the mysterious Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, the catastrophically decreased birth rate, the “baby die-off” from vaxxed mothers, and the massive uptick in cancer deaths. There is not one bit of tragic medical news that was not anticipated more than a year ago. The medical establishment has thrown away their credibility and integrity by dispensing the shot without proper safety testing and without informed consent in most cases.

The pharmaceutical companies and the government are coming back at us now with the vaxx, despite the clear evidence that it doesn’t prevent transmission, illness or death. Millions of new batches of the vaccines have been ordered, and Big Pharma is campaigning for a waiver on clinical trials for “vaccines.” In other words, they want the power to roll out completely untested drugs. And why not? They just injected 4 billion people with a virtually untested “vaccine,” and no one stopped them.

In the first round of shots, many people were blackmailed by their families: “You can’t see your grandchildren if you don’t get the shot,” “You’re not invited to family holidays without the shot,” etc. Blackmail was never going to produce good results, and we should never have gone along with it. It just enabled the wave of coercive vaccination.

This time around, stand up to the threats. Even if you lose some contact, it puts the onus back on those doing the blackmailing. It is reasonable to hope that they will think twice about robbing their children of family. You also give your grandchildren the rare example of sacrificing your own desires for the truth. It’s a profound witness.

 If you were duped the first time, please don’t let anyone convince you to compound the damage.

Banks vs. Credit Unions

With the dollar struggling to hold value, and an administration apparently bent on the destruction of the financial system, I have been wondering whether credit unions are any safer than banks. The biggest banks, particularly JPMorgan/Chase, Citibank and Bank of America, are strong public backers of the LGBTQ+ movement and the abortion culture. Some of the national credit unions are specifically vying for the business of the LGBTQ+ community, as well.


Both banks and insured credit unions are backed by the “full faith and credit of the US government” (for what that’s worth) through the FDIC or NCUSIF. However, those insurance funds are intended to cover individual institution failures, not a system-wide failure. In a true storm, they would be equally irrelevant.

I could not find any great differences in the safety of credit unions compared to banks, but I do think that regional or local banks and community credit unions are probably better than giving business to the big banks that are working for the harmful, destructive agendas that threaten our culture. When I moved my banking from one of the big international rainbow institutions to a local bank, the new accounts clerk said she’d seen a wave of people doing the same.

A comparison >

Here are some additional points to consider about credit unions:

  • They have never been responsible for international financial crashes, or been given billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.
  • They have a democratic structure; decisions are made by an elected member board. Decisions are made on for the benefit of the members. Banks have shareholders rather than members, and a paid board of directors; they make decisions based on maximizing profits for shareholders and paying the board handsomely.


It’s what been whispered ever since the covid hysteria was rolled out. The whispers grew louder when a gene modification device was launched as a “vaccine,” with the definition of the word changed by the FDA quietly, so no one would notice. Doctors around the world sounded the alarm way back in early 2021, noting all the dangers that such a device could have on the human body, and praying to God that they were wrong. Now we have massive amounts of data, post-shot, and we know the warnings were sound. We have to ask: why would the governments of the world agree, in a spookily coordinated way, to dispense deliberate harm to their citizens?

It has been openly declared by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, the creepy Yuval Noah Harari, that the world must have vastly fewer people clogging up the works. The WEF has brazenly bragged about all their trained disciples now occupying the seats of power around the world, and those functionaries seem to be carrying out their orders. In heavily vaccinated nations, the birth rate is plummeting and fertility markers in both men and women are radically down. The death and disability rates are not being reported truthfully by governments, but funeral directors and insurance company executives are reporting unheard-of conditions since early 2021. The plan appears to be working.

Now the mysterious Georgia Guidestones have fallen. The “ten commandments” etched into each of the stones reflected some of the guiding principles of the demonic World Economic Forum, with the first commandment being, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” That’s a nice way of saying that something has to be done with 7 billion human beings. I have no idea how the evildoers arrived at 500 million as the ideal human population, but there will have to be death on a cataclysmic scale to get down to that goal.

The website Our World In Data maintains tallies of vaccinations. I have been watching it for months and it shows alarming trends. Over 2/3 of the world has now received at least one dose of the gene-altering shot. 12 billion doses have been administered, and 5 million new doses are given each day. The number of new vaccines per day has gone down from 23 million per day last November, as more data leaks out about the dangerous side effects. It shows the effect of people like us, spreading information, sounding the alarm, refusing the injections.

 “Democide” is the word we are being forced to learn. It means death by the government.

Georgia Guidestones

By some means, which I can only consider Providential, the monoliths in remote Georgia came down last week. Was it an act of God, or a freedom fighter? We may never know, but people living close to this monstrosity have called it “demonic.” Its construction and financing are shrouded in mystery; no one knows who was really behind the monument, which was not cheap. It contained “ten commandments” which could be attributed to the World Economic Forum, in spirit if not in fact. The most alarming, and the one that should wake people up was the “first commandment,” to maintain world population at 500 million, which would require the deaths of almost 7 billion. There is no way to explain that away. It’s evil.

Explosion partically destroys eerie population control Georgia guidestones monument >

Agenda 2030

You’ve probably heard the name coming up in recent news. It is a United Nations plan which was approved by all the member nations in 2015. Like many other documents coming out of the UN, it sounds super-nicey, but hides an evil intent. For example, look at Goal 5 below: achieve gender equality. Equality sounds good, right? But for women to be “equal” to men in UN terms, there must be universal access to abortion. Men can’t be saddled with a pregnancy, so in Equality Land, women can’t be burdened either.

Take a look at Goal 2: end hunger. What could be better than that? The Gates Foundation already set out to do that in Africa by buying up the seeds for traditional African crops and replacing them with genetically-modified seeds. The result was an increase in the volume of crops produced, but a whopping 42% increase in malnutrition. Now African farmers are wholly dependent on the Gates Foundation for seeds which don’t produce the same nutrition as traditional crops. A coalition of African ministers has formed to fight the Gates machine, but you can imagine the inequality. Pray for Africa.

All these high-sounding goals have consequences. Like Goal 13: combat climate change. We are already seeing that that means natural gas and petroleum products will be cut off at the source, forcing prices up so that people are less able to travel. We’re urged to buy electric cars that draw power from an already deliberately obsolete grid, so that rolling blackouts will become normal. People unable to drive become dependent on government handouts, insuring that the welfare brokers will be voted into power forever and ever… or at least until the Constitution is overturned (see Goal 10.)

Below is a listing of the Agenda 2030 goals, and the possible hidden consequences of each (credit: childvaccineinjuriesuk on Telegram) If I’d read this before 2020, I would have thought it was the product of a fevered imagination, but two years later, we are already seeing these subtexts becoming reality, and the remainder are waiting ominously in the wings.

Agenda 2030 Decrypted
Goal 1: end poverty everywhere
Subtext: centralized banks, cashless society, control of economy

Goal 2: end hunger
Subtext: dependency on GMO, lab-produced pseudo-food

Goal 3: ensure healthy lives
Subtext: mass vaccinations

Goal 4: inclusive, equitable education
Subtext: LGBTQ+ propaganda and brainwashing in schools

Goal 5: gender equality for all women and girls
Subtext: abortion access, population control, forced sterilization

Goal 6: sustainable water
Subtext: privatize water, add chemicals

Goal 7: affordable, sustainable energy
Subtext: smart grid, which can control each consumer’s usage

Goal 8: economic growth and productive employment
Subtext: free trade zones that favor globalist elites

Goal 9: resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialization
Subtext: stop free travel, protect nature from human beings

Goal 10: reduce inequality between countries
Subtext: one-world unelected bureaucracies

Goal 11: make human settlements safe
Subtext: data surveillance state

Goal 12: create sustainable production and consumption patterns
Subtext: forced austerity

Goal 13: combat climate change
Subtext: carbon credits, electronic control of resources

Goal 14: conserve ocean resources
Subtext: environmental restrictions, control of seas

None of this is not science fiction. It’s already here. With God’s help, we will fight and overcome this evil.


Staying right with God

The Catechism Series

This popular series with Desmond Birch is now up to session 11.

See all the episodes here >

Meanwhile, Desmond is having some health issues; please pray for him.

July Prayer Intentions

Please keep these intentions in your daily prayers.

  • In deepest gratitude with all glory and praise to God for the end of Roe in America!! And for the protection of those Supreme Court Justices who brought forth this ruling in defense of human life. Praying, too, for the protection of any pro-life person, group or building connected to pro-life activities
  • For all CORAC members, their families and intentions, particularly those who are going through difficult at this time, that we are strengthened anew with all we need to press onward
  • Steady us, Lord, as your people experience the fallout of deteriorating health and death from the jab; steady us too in the face of the shocking revelations concerning the lies and corruption which allowed its widespread use
  • For safety in travel and blessings upon all of Charlie’s meetings, both public and private
  • Ever praying for a dome of protection over the all the people and good works of CORAC as we make our stand with God and live the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Come Holy Spirit! Descend and warm frozen hearts, awakening people everywhere to the reality that God loves each of us as we pray that each one responds to His grace

      St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
      St. Michael, defend us.
      St. Raphael, protect us.
      Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

    Brazen Serpent Prayer Cards

    Remember the Brazen Serpent Prayer, friends. Carry copies of the prayer with you, whether simply printed from a document or on the beautiful prayer cards that can be purchased here >

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