Issue #14 – July 25, 2022


Don’t Open
Your Door

There is talk of the ATF (Federal agency Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) going door to door in some northeastern states,asking to see all the firearms… more >



No one disputes anymore that there are hard times coming. It seems to be Satan’s strategy to open as many fronts as possible so that we are overwhelmed,figuring out which fire to put out first,… more >

Happy Feast Day of St. James

(Santiago in Spanish)! The famous Camino in Spain is a journey across Spain to the Cathedral of Santiago, where the remains of St. James lie. This James is the brother of John, one of the Sons of Thunder. If you’ve been watching “The Chosen,” he’s the one they call “Big James.” He’s not too impressive yet, but after Pentecost, James evangelized Hispania, the Roman province which is now Spain. His patronage helped keep Spain Christian when the Muslims invaded, and hundreds of millions of people have travelled the Camino over the last 1,000 years to venerate his relics.

We could think of ourselves now as pilgrims on a camino. There are mountains to climb, dangers to avoid, wrong turns, scorching heat, and all manner of injuries. Every pilgrimage involves hardship. But there are also green hills, amiable companions, and the Blessed Sacrament in every town. It’s a long way to Santiago, but we are together on this path. Let us stay focused on the great Good, watch out for one another, and not lose heart before we reach our destination.

Sheryl Collmer, editor


In the Aftermath of Roe v. Wade

An interview with David Daleiden, a great modern prophet, speaking the truthwatch >

From the cockpit
of the Subaru

Charlie traverses the country at the wheel of his trusty 2002 Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other. Check the website for his upcoming visits >

Charlie Johnston, founder,
Corps of Renewal and Charity

Proclaim the Kingdom

The only thing powerful enough to sustain a noble purpose until the end is love. Vanity won’t do it: it withers when it is not noticed. Vengeance won’t do it: it eats away at the heart until it has mutilated the soul. Greed won’t do it: the more it gains the more it craves, until there is no room left for any purpose other than greed.

All the motivations encompassed by the seven deadly sins are focused inward: how can I satisfy myself. They eat away at the self even as they are exerted. Love looks outward: how can I care for those around me. This is the beginning of love.

St. Augustine said, “You Have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Some insightful men have paraphrased this to describe a hole in the heart that can only be filled by God. The deeper your love for God, the deeper your love for your fellows, and the more you will trust that God knows how to handle all things most efficiently.

Unlike the deadly sins then, which only make the hole in the heart bigger and more insatiable, when you fill that hole with God, you are both satiated and filled with purpose. You progressively lose that, ‘what’s in it for me’ bug that the satan is always trying to inflame in you, and become consumed with keeping faith with God and, thus, your fellows – His people.

A noble parent will die eagerly to save his child. (And yes, I know to my sorrow, that some modern parents care little for their children except as fashion accessories). Expand the love you have for your children to as many of your fellows as you can and you tap into the unending source of fuel needed to endure all pains and surmount all obstacles in your quest for what is noble and what is true.

Everywhere I go, almost everyone I know is walking on eggshells, waiting for the bottom to fall out of the leaky tub we find ourselves in. Some get lost in the firehose of dysfunction that surrounds us, decrying each evil as if we could just end that one all would be well. It is like complaining that the faucet doesn’t work when the house is ablaze: true as your outraged observation may be, it is not terribly relevant to the issue at hand.

Others get caught up in nostalgia, hoping that if we could just get back to some critical piece of the good old days, all would be well. That drives some of the enthusiasm for the Traditional Latin Mass, something I have a lot of sympathy for. The reality is that many of the most faithful Catholics adore the Latin Mass – and in growing numbers. But it is a self-selected group. People like to go to the Latin Mass because many of the most orthodox people go there – and as things get crazier, it is where a lot of orthodox people feel most safe.

But back in the day, it was not a self-selection of orthodox folks. It was everybody – and the very disorders that bedevil us now took root and sprouted in the culture where the Latin Mass was the only option. As Shakespeare said, the problem is not in our stars but in ourselves. The problem has become not that a particular element is out of whack and that, if we can fix that, all will be well. Everything is out of whack. The house is ablaze – and fixing the faucet is not going to change that.

We are at the very edge of some cataclysmic change. It may not be as dire as I think it will be, but it will be comprehensive. The ship of state is not in for a tune-up; it is about to undergo a complete overhaul.

Now is the time to truly trust God and do the little we can that is right in front of us. Obsessing over a fragment of the disorder or yearning for a better time is not a way of dealing with the problem. It is a form of escapism that creates an illusion of useful advocacy.

I operate from the assumption that things are too far gone and all is coming down for a time. So I deal with those dysfunctions I can that are right in front of me, but my focus is on the things we will need and can do together to rebuild and renew under God after all seems lost. Figure out where you will get your basics – water, food, shelter – and how you can band together to extend those necessities to those around you. That is what will put us in position to grow together whatever happens.

It is fearful because we do not know exactly how it will all happen. But that is a feature, not a bug. God wants us to rely on Him more without failing to do the little that we can with our neighbors, with love for each other. Trust me: when we give him that little fish of our trust with the tiny part we can do, He will use it to feed a multitude. Divine love grows to fill our lives. We will do what we can BECAUSE we love, trusting that whatever outcome God allows will forward the Kingdom.

If I am to live, may I live for Christ. If I am to die, may I die for Christ. However God disposes things, with this sort of love, the Kingdom is unstoppable. Let us all go forth and bear fruit that will last.

Charlie Johnston

In the Aftermath of Roe v. Wade, an interview with David Daleiden

The podcasts have been on summer holiday for a few weeks, so now is the perfect time to catch up with any you’ve missed.

If you’re not familiar with David, here’s one of many articles about his work. He courageously went undercover to show the gruesome practices of the abortion industry. Some of the biggest giants on the evil side of the world have been after him ever since.
read article >


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Things on the immediate radar screen

Don’t Open Your Door

There is talk of the ATF (Federal agency Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) going door to door in some northeastern states, asking to see all the firearms in the house. For your own protection, of course. You are not required to respond! A warrant is required to carry out this sort of investigation, and they are relying on intimidation. Best idea: never answer your door unless you recognize the person on the other side.

Don’t Answer Your Phone

Don’t answer your phone when you don’t recognize the number calling. I was taken in by scammers last week, the day after my credit card was hacked. They convinced me that it was a much bigger hack than I suspected, and that I was in danger of being arrested. It’s apparently a common scam, and they rely on fear to get you to part with your private information and money. I got out before that point, but they are extremely good at what they do. Just don’t pick up the phone.


Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the victory

  • Initiate a security freeze at the three national credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. With a freeze in place, charge accounts can’t be opened in your name even if they have your personal information.

    Credit Freeze (Equifax) >

    Credit Freeze (Experian) >

    Credit Freeze (Transunion) >

    As the nation descends further into chaos, crime becomes easier since criminals know they are unlikely to be prosecuted. So take some extra steps to protect yourself and your family.

  • Pray the rosary publicly.  Why public rosary rallies >
  • Fly the American flag. The American Flag is a symbol of freedom, liberty, and human rights around the world. When you fly it publicly, you remind others of these noble ideals, and let them know they’re not alone in those sentiments. You can get a flag for less than $20 at Lowe’s or Walmart. For a few dollars more, you can get an American flag that’s actually made in America!  Read more >



Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

National Communication Strategy

The strategy for national crisis communications is probably the longest ongoing project in CORAC. If internet or cellular service goes out, how do we communicate with each other? Will people without ham setups be included? What alternatives are available?

Hear what the Comms team has been working on >

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times


Summer Edition on July 26 at 6:00 pm Central. The initial class is filled up, but a repeat will be scheduled. Visit the webpage for updates >

Terrain v. Germ Theory

In the 19th century, there was debate over what causes disease. One theory held that every disease comes from a specific microorganism outside the body that must be guarded against. This “germ theory” is what vaccinations are based on. It has been the universally accepted theory of disease since Louis Pasteur propounded it in the mid-1800s. (It doesn’t escape my notice that there is a lot of money to be made under this theory.)

The theory that lost the debate is the “terrain theory.” Its proponents believed that disease is the result of our internal environment, rendering it more or less able to handle microbial threats. It’s a matter of maintaining overall health as protection over disease. In our day, anyone who holds this theory over the germ theory would probably be banned from Twitter.

But the covid incident has shown us that our “terrain” is indeed very determinative of disease. More than 80% of those suffering serious covid symptoms were Vitamin D-deficient, and a large proportion of covid deaths were among the obese. Terrain had very much to do with severity of disease. The other thing we learned through covid is that vaccinations are not all they’re cracked up to be. All in all, I’m inclined to look a little further into terrain theory.

Our Health & Wellness committee has posted some tips for keeping your “terrain” healthy.

Read more here >

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Home skills for self-sufficiency


The Gardening series (6 episodes) is available for replay here >

The dog days of August might be a good time to catch up on this series, before fall planting begins.


Once you’re up to speed in gardening, it’s time to learn how to preserve your harvest. Find someone in your circle who’s an experienced canner, and ask them to teach a seminar. Canning is labor-intensive, but lots of fun and very satisfying. If your garden didn’t yield much this year, go to your local farmer’s market for produce to can. Or you can get “the bible of canning,” the Ball Big Book, and teach yourself.

If you want to get serious and do mega-canning, Caroline at Homesteading Family offers a video and tutorial series that includes water bath canning and pressure canning. It even includes canning meat, which is not for the faint of heart. See The Abundant Pantry here >

Caroline is the mother of all canners!


Sprouts and microgreens are a way for people who don’t have the space or time to have a garden anyway. Sprouts require barely any space—you don’t even need a sunny window! Aside from the fact that sprouts are an easy, cheap, and tasty vegetable anyone can grow, sprouting also has some real nutritional benefits. Sprouting legumes, grains, and seeds makes them much easier to digest and sprouts are high in fiber, and vitamins C and B.

Sprouting 101 >

Sprouting basics >

I have a “sprouter,” a clever design that makes sprouting super easy, but it’s easy regardless. Remember Creed sprouted mung beans on a paper towel in his desk drawer (Office fans know what I’m talking about).

4 Tray Seed Sprouter >

Be sure to buy seeds designated as sprouting seeds; they are higher-quality than the seeds you buy to plant in the ground. Mick from Region 6 recommends this site for organic sprouting seeds >

Refuge in the Rocks

We’ve all given some thought to “safe houses,” refuges away from population centers. Now is the time to be strictly practical, but just for fun, take a look at this hearty homesteader who carved a house out of a rock. The pictures are gorgeous, and he might just inspire you to think outside the box, though this particular refuge took 40 years to build.

See the full story and video here >

There’s even an option to stay there as an AirB&B, though it’s costy.


Random stuff I just felt like sharing


No one disputes anymore that there are hard times coming. It seems to be Satan’s strategy to open as many fronts as possible so that we are overwhelmed, figuring out which fire to put out first. There are the problems in the Church, the assault on children, fraudulent elections, reduced police presence, firearm ownership threatened, not to mention the deliberate provocation of war with two nuclear powers. It’s an attack on our emotional balance.

Take care of yourself! Give yourself time-outs when needed. Do what you need to get proper sleep. Spend fun, unstructured time with people you love. Always keep something in the front of your mind to look forward to. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Laugh in spite of it all.

Everything gets easier when we are fit and ready. It’s the same advice we’ve been getting for decades, but now it’s super important to heed it!

  • Outdoor exercise
  • Good nutrition
  • Solid sleep

This is David Goggins, who wrote his own transformation story. When he was 300 pounds and living unhappily on a diet of shakes and fries, he happened to see a late-night documentary about the Navy SEALS and wanted to live that life. You can imagine the reception he got at the recruiting center. He was told he would have to lose 100 pounds to even have a serious conversation, so he went home and lost the weight, boom. He did, after much sacrifice, become a Navy SEAL, and now is an ultra endurance athlete as a civilian. His story is extreme, but shows that huge changes are possible with huge desire.

(I profited from reading his autobiography, but be forewarned about the strong language and life situations.) Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind And Defy The Odds >

Which one is better equipped to survive the storm?

We are going to need extreme fitness to play our parts in the upcoming drama. Not ultra-athlete fitness, but prayed-up, played-up, intelligently-fueled training to be as strong as we can be. There is plenty of evidence that some chronic health conditions can be ameliorated or even reversed by diet and exercise. This is the time to do it.

Physical fitness absolutely affects our emotional fitness. One strenuous outdoor workout lifts your mood for the rest of the day, and helps you sleep more soundly. There are scientific reasons for this. The day-by-day erosion of our emotional well-being by the various assaults we suffer must be remedied by healthy exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Poor nutrition and lack of exercise make sleep more elusive. In turn, poor sleep stimulates overeating. It’s a package deal. Make changes in all three areas, and see how life improves for you.

It’s never been more important to take care of ourselves.


Staying right with God

Introduction to the Devout Life

The national prayer team has brought us a new opportunity to grow in faith: a free, bi-weekly study course with Dan and Stephanie Burke on the spiritual classic by St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life. It’s a book that never grows old, so even if you’ve read it before, it probably still has jewels to offer. Dan and Stephanie will be excellent tour guides.

The sessions will be delivered on Saturday mornings beginning in September. See details and get instructions about how to sign up here >

If you’re not familiar with the Burkes, check out their website >

The Catechism Series

The Catechism series is on hold at Episode 11 while Desmond gets back on his feet. It’s a great time to catch up with these videos that have gotten great reviews from the regulars.

See all the episodes here >

July Prayer Intentions

Please keep these intentions in your daily prayers.

  • In deepest gratitude with all glory and praise to God for the end of Roe in America!! And for the protection of those Supreme Court Justices who brought forth this ruling in defense of human life. Praying, too, for the protection of any pro-life person, group or building connected to pro-life activities
  • For all CORAC members, their families and intentions, particularly those who are going through difficult at this time, that we are strengthened anew with all we need to press onward
  • Steady us, Lord, as your people experience the fallout of deteriorating health and death from the jab; steady us too in the face of the shocking revelations concerning the lies and corruption which allowed its widespread use
  • For safety in travel and blessings upon all of Charlie’s meetings, both public and private
  • Ever praying for a dome of protection over the all the people and good works of CORAC as we make our stand with God and live the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Come Holy Spirit! Descend and warm frozen hearts, awakening people everywhere to the reality that God loves each of us as we pray that each one responds to His grace

      St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
      St. Michael, defend us.
      St. Raphael, protect us.
      Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

    Brazen Serpent Prayer Cards

    Remember the Brazen Serpent Prayer, friends. Carry copies of the prayer with you, whether simply printed from a document or on the beautiful prayer cards that can be purchased here >

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