Issue #16 – August 22, 2022


Save the
Election Data

In less than two weeks, on September 3, the 2020 General Election voting records can be legally destroyed…. more >



The J6 project will be specially featured for the next few newsletters… more >


Why Join CORAC?

CORAC is the Corps of Renewal and Charity, created in 2020 to help people be ready… more >

I urge you to download and read this newsletter

in the PDF version. It’s a bit easier to go from one section to another without backtracking, and the links still work from the PDF. Print out any sections you might want if you were in a communications blackout period. I encourage you to explore the website, as well, and print whatever resources you find valuable.

This issue contains a large special section on the J6ers. We’ve been following that story all along, and members have been writing to them. Now we want to mobilize the whole, united power of CORAC nationwide in prayer and awareness of the plight of these prisoners. They are suffering the leading edge of the fate the corrupt powerful want for all of us. In that sense, we owe the J6ers for the early warning signal that we had best heed.

Sheryl Collmer, editor



The newest podcast, with guest Beckita Hesse, CORAC’s National Prayer Teams leadwatch >

From the cockpit
of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston traverses the country in his trusty Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other. Check the website for his upcoming visits >

Charlie Johnston, founder,
Corps of Renewal and Charity

Love Among the Ruins

The relationship between the apostle Peter and Jesus is instructive for how we should behave in these times. When Jesus came walking on the sea, He beckoned Peter to walk out to Him. So long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he was able to walk on the water. As soon as he let the fearsome wind and waves become his focus, he began to sink. The Lord does not promise us that we will not face daunting obstacles – even obstacles that we have no capacity to surmount. He does promise that so long as we keep our focus on Him, He will uphold us.

When many followers abandoned Jesus after He would not soften His insistence that they must eat His body and drink His blood, the Lord asked His disciples if they would leave Him, too. Peter replied, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” Peter did not pretend he could understand the depth of what Jesus spoke of. It was enough for Him to now that Jesus was Lord and would tell them true even when they did not understand.

After the Resurrection, Jesus sat with Peter and asked him three times if he loved Him. Peter said yes all three times, becoming quite dismayed that the Lord did not immediately take his word for it. At each of Peter’s three affirmations, Jesus ordered him, “Then feed my lambs.” The Lord was telling Peter that if he loved Him, he would show it by his actions and not just his words.

I have been thinking of when I was driven off the road on the interstate coming out of Amarillo a few months back. Though my car spun out of control doing a complete 360 degree turn and crossing four lanes of traffic at 75 miles an hour, I was completely unharmed, and my car only suffered the automotive equivalent of a nosebleed. I think in that moment, I was walking on water towards the Lord.

Though many do not yet fully grasp it, our Republic is lost. It is already a police state. The only reason we are not all already under arrest is because there are so many of us who are faithful and conservative, and there are not enough federal police to take all of us at once. It is stormy and getting stormier. So what are we to do?

First, keep our eyes on Christ. Despite the wind and waves, He will uphold us on our way if we keep our eyes on Him. Do not judge by human appearances.

Second, we cannot understand the depth of what He intends. Trying to grasp His mind is like trying to capture the ocean in a juice glass. But it is not necessary. We are only called to believe in and to trust Him at each step we take. Now we find how far our trust extends.

Third, we are called to live the prayer of doing, to feed His lambs. If we are unwilling to do that, we are lying to ourselves when we say we love Him.

The anti-God left is determined to reduce Western civilization to rubble. They do not know what they do, but they are succeeding. It may well be that the disorder has metastasized and is terminal. But nothing is terminal with Christ. It is from the midst of the ruins that our love for Him, demonstrated by our love for our neighbor, will rebuild a healthy culture of love and civilization. Keep our eyes on Him; trust Him even when we do not know the way; and feed His lambs. Do all these things through the course of this storm and our society, itself, will become a foreshadowing of the promise Our Lord gave us: it will be resurrected in His good time.

All we have to do is resolve to live love among the ruins.

Charlie Johnston

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.



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October 1 – Colorado Springs, CO
October 7 – Fort Collins, CO
October 11 – Omaha, NE
October 22 – Morristown, NJ


Do these things immediately

Save the Election Data – Immediately!

In less than two weeks, on September 3, the 2020 General Election voting records can be legally destroyed. The Cast Vote records are the clearest indicator of whether or not there was machine-based election fraud; we can’t allow them to be erased. Find the address of your county clerk, then use the following form language to secure those records before it’s too late.

Pursuant to our state’s freedom of information law, please remit to me the Cast Vote Records for [insert jurisdiction] from the 2020 General Election. These records should include the following fields as a minimum:

CVR Record #
Record ID
Ballot Type ID
Mark Density

Counting Group 
Paper Index

Tabulator ID
Batch ID
Session Type

Once the records are secured, there will be a next step. Hold on to the records. DO IT NOW; less than two weeks remain before destruction of records. More information here : Save Your Country >. I generally trust my county officials, but the votes could have been manipulated remotely. We must have the data to know.

Be a Poll Worker

After the 2020 shenanigans, it’s intimidating to think of being a poll worker… but that is precisely why you’re needed. Sign up through your county’s party office. Although we have learned that many Republicans are not any more to be trusted than Democrats, this is still the channel we work through to get decent people elected.

Having a substantial presence in the mid-terms will help suppress potential cheating. Be brave! We won’t get our country back by hiding at home, and if the elections are swayed again this time, we won’t be safe at home anyway. Let’s make a stand!

Do it now, because there is training time involved.


_________ County Republican Office

_________ County GOP


The price good men pay for indifference toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

  • Pray the rosary in a group publicly. This is the moment of the Rosary. Our Lady has been so clear that it is needed to convert the world and save her Son’s beloved children. Now, with the Atlantic, a previously serious magazine, publishing that nonsense about the rosary being a tool of actual aggression, it’s more important than ever. When the fire gets particularly intense, you know you’re over the target. Rejoice that our Mother has given us a way to defeat the plans of Satan, and pray the Rosary more. When you pray in public, there are even more benefits: you can reach fallen-away Catholics, honor God publicly, be numbered in the ranks of the Immaculata. Public rosaries have a long history of saving the faithful. Read more here >

Pray the rosary for our country.

  • Fly the American flag. It’s a symbolic act, an act of peaceful resistance. The flag signifies liberty, rule of law, courage, respect for our past, commitment to our future, and solidarity with freedom lovers all over the world. The American flag is probably the most recognized flag in the world. I found a flag last week at Walmart for $10, with a pole, a mounting bracket and alittle plastic eagle for the top, and it was actually made in America! You can spend a bit more and get super nice flags at >

  • Recruit locally. The stormier it gets, the more essential it is to have a local network of like-minded folks. The article “Why Join CORAC?” is a tool you can give friends to help them see the value of CORAC membership. See the full article in the Appendix in this newsletter. Feel free to copy and paste and use it however you see fit. CORAC gets absolutely nothing for new members, but the more people you have on the same page with you, the better you will all be able to weather the storm.

  • Pray for the children. Whenever I have the stomach to do a deep dive into the motives and strategies of the global elites, it inevitably comes down to children. None of us yet know the extent of the evil. Why are the elite so obsessed with children? I think it goes beyond pedophilia, though that is bad enough. There is an evil unleashed right now that is beyond our capacity to even understand. Pray for the children, especially those who are abandoned, sold, abused, kidnapped, trafficked, neglected and left on their own at too early an age.

Pray the rosary for children.


The J6 project will be specially featured for the next few newsletters. With the (un)Select Committee performing their clown show on live TV, more people are becoming aware of just how egregious a farce the whole affair is. Many independent videos have been made now, showing the reality of what occurred on January 6, 2021, and it will make you ill. It was never an insurrection; it was an ambush of innocent people. Watch some of the documentaries to see what I mean.

The J6ers are political prisoners. That is a significant designation, because there should never be political prisoners in America. We do not jail people for holding political views we don’t agree with. Totalitarian governments do that.

Someday, the nation will issue a public apology to the victims of this political charade. Meanwhile, we have to keep them buoyed. They are suffering badly. Some have been hidden away in the most disgusting conditions for over a year and a half. Many have not had a chance to defend themselves legally. One has given up in the most final way.

At the request of a member, I have tried to get hometown information on the detainees. Because of the persecution of their families, detailed information is not easily available. Here is a broad view of what I found:

The greatest number of detainees on whom I could find information came from Region 4, Heart of Dixie. Florida has the most, followed by Georgia. The southern states have long produced a good many patriots, as seen in the disproportionately high number of military members from these states.

The second greatest number came from Region 2: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New York is typically “blue” but probably a lot less than we’ve been led to believe.

The third greatest came from Region 8, primarily Texas (the “Come And Take It” state)

For the next few newsletters, I’ll publish names of detainees by region, along with their prison mailing address. I’ll be as through as possible, but it’s a moving target. The prisoners are frequently moved, some go out on house arrest, some take plea deals, and there are even new names entering the system at this late date (Dr. Simone Gold, for example.)

Regarding the addresses: some people are receiving mail at the Patriot Mail Project (PMP) address in North Carolina. Letters will be forwarded to the appropriate inmate by PMP volunteers. These letters don’t require an inmate number, but all letters sent directly to one of the prisons do. The prisoners have been shuffled around quite a bit, but there are still a good many in the “Correctional Treatment Facility” otherwise known as the DC Gulag. These guys have mostly been incarcerated the longest time and subject to the worst conditions.

If you write to a prisoner, be careful of your tone and subject matter. Letters with political topics fail to be delivered, although the letters coming back from the prisoners often contain a great deal of political venting. We have been told that anything too incendiary (honest) can heap additional punishment on the prisoner. Be prudent in your letters. They need encouragement, assurance that they are honored and loved, that no one is giving up on them, that we WILL NOT FORGET.

Try sending funny stories, jokes, inspirational quotes. The most important thing is that we counter the psy-op that the government is executing against them: that they are bad, dangerous, worthy of contempt. When that lie is thrown at you 24/7, you can begin to believe it. Assure them of the opposite!

Perhaps the best thing you can send, besides prayers, are puzzles, like crosswords, Sudoku and various wordplay. Include the solution key for hard puzzles!

Try these sites for printable games:

Here are the names by hometown for the first two regions. Regions 2 and 8 in the next newsletter.

REGION 9 (first, because it was one of their members who requested this information):

REGION 4 (because it has the most prisoners)

Region 4, you have a mission!

Bear in mind, these are by no means complete lists. These are only the ones I could get hometown information on. There are many more prisoners who need encouragement. Email CORAC member Kristen Martinez at to be assigned a prisoner pen pal, either from the above list or any other prisoner in need. Kristen is helping to coordinate penpals so that we cover as many prisoners as possible.

You can get information about your particular prisoner at these sites. I especially recommend American Gulag for news.

Here is one of hundreds of patriot stories:

Did you know thousands of Americans who never even walked inside the Capitol have been arrested? Did you know hundreds of people who were just standing outside the Capitol are facing over 60 years in prison? Did you know it costs $120,000 for a federal lawyer to just listen to your case? Did you know that if you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you that is paid by the same department that is trying to put you in prison?

Our family is finding all this out after our son, David, who has zero criminal record, was ripped from our home and tossed from prison to prison. At 6:00 a.m. on Friday, March 26, 2021, our home was “visited” by several SWAT team and FBI agents with riot shields and assault rifles drawn on our family. They even yelled about tazing our three month-old puppy. No warrants were served, and David was not read his rights. That didn’t stop them from taking my son as well as our cell phones and laptops, and videotaping every inch of our home and private belongings.

For months, David was placed in solitary confinement and grossly mistreated like hundreds of other America-loving patriots who are still in prison to this day. After many phone calls begging and pleading, we finally found our son after being moved between 9 states, 3 prisons, 2 local jails, and 5 facilities, during which he was “lost” in the system.

He was not able to have a Bible after many requests, wasn’t given basic clothing items like underwear, wasn’t able to make phone calls, and faced discriminatory treatment. He was not able to meet with his appointed attorney until 2 days before arraignment. David never entered the Capitol building on that day and was only on Capitol grounds in the tunnel. The number of charges against him has gone from 2 to 16, and he is facing a maximum sentence of 70 to 80 years.

David Dempsey

This is just one story, and it’s not even the worst one; there’s the man with cancer who was denied medical treatment. There are the ones who were severely beaten. There are men who’ve lost one-quarter of their body weight from starvation and had excrement thrown at them by jeering guards. Is this any version of America you would ever recognize?

It is not a matter of a broken judiciary, a lying media, a corrupt government. This is evil at the systemic level. It’s too entrenched to be cleaned out by the mid-terms, unless we are able to elect people with a lot more fortitude than the ones currently occupying seats of power.

Pray the rosary for the J6 political prisoners.



HAM Radio Demo

The next of Larry Wescott’s great ham radio series is now up on the website! Very nuts-n-bolts and accessible to non-techies. In Part 3, Larry demonstrates how to tune into the CORAC Sunday night radio conversation.

Health & Wellness

New Items on the Website

Foraging Education Series


This new shot is being touted as an alternative to the mRNA shots, but it is still not safe, not tested and not effective. It delivers spike protein (that’s the one that causes all the damage) directly into your bloodstream. Read trusted doctor Pierre Kory’s analysis here:

My thoughts on the decision to take >

Post-Vaxx Injury

Dr. Kory is now offering telehealth consultations for vaxx injury, acute and long-haul covid and preventative protocols. He was one of the very first doctors to stand up to the medical disinformation in 2020. Keep this link where you can find it if you or anyone you know needs help.

Dr. Pierre Kory >

Telemed can be an excellent option. I’ve heard so many stories of people who were refused treatment, or offered the wrong treatment at an in-person facility, then got lifesaving treatment through a telephone consultation.

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills


The team has put up a list of helpful books to have on hand, like The Self-Sufficient Backyard and No-Grid Survival Projects, among others. Scroll down to RECOMMENDED BOOKS on this page >

Scroll down a bit further to find RECOMMENDED WEBSITES, like The Homesteading Family and Backwoods Solar. There are hundreds of useful and fun do-it-yourself projects on these websites. Now is the time to explore, and print out any resources you think you might need later.


X-22 Report

Dave on the X-22 podcast has long been considered a tin-hatter, but as times passes, it’s clear he’s gotten almost everything right. I’ve listened to him for several years. He covers the things that give us anxious dreams at night, but in a way that gives you hope. Over the years, more and more highly placed people appear on his almost-daily show. On Saturday’s episode, General Mike Flynn guests on the episode entitled “Information War; the People Are Overwhelming the Deep State; We Are Taking Back Our Country.” Give it a listen, and cherish the hope.

Read more >

Power Grid Weakness

Stew Peters is another tin-hatter, with perhaps a slightly less accurate hit rate than Dave at X- 22, but in this video, he interviews Texas State Senator Bob Hall. Hall is a Constitutional Conservative from just down the road in Texas, true-blue and utterly trustworthy. The Bob Hall interview begins around 7:00.

Read more >

If a widespread power failure occurs, the key is to be self-sufficient. The government will offer a “solution” for those who are not ready to do for themselves… and that solution is almost guaranteed to have a kick you won’t like. Think of it as a type of vaccine: it will claim to solve a problem that you would never have had if the government hadn’t loosed it on you, and the solution will be worse than the problem. But if you’ve been thinking ahead and practicing your strategies, you are more likely to stay off the government reservation.

To the Unvaccinated

The following was an anonymous message on Telegram:

“I admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, from partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks. They did what others could not; they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it even when they thought they were alone, and believed they were the only ones. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races or religions: the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed. That’s you. You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived, heroes among ordinary men.”

Top Channels for Covid News

For accurate, untainted medical news about covid and vaccines, try these Telegram channels:

Top Channels for Political News

These citizen journalists are undaunted by the censoring, and strive to bring the truth on Telegram:

CDC Quietly Changes Course

After friendships and family relationships have been torn apart, healthcare workers and first responders thrown away, the economy devasted, the military decimated, and early lifesaving treatment denied, the CDC is publicly announcing what we have long known to be true: natural immunity works, vaccine-induced immunity wanes, and there should never have been segregation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. You can read the full CDC announcement here >

The guidelines are still laced candy for the unwary. “Testing positive” for covid tells you virtually nothing. The PCR test does not test for covid; it never did. If you have symptoms, stay home, get extra rest. If you don’t have symptoms, go about your life. All the widespread testing is a phenomenon never before practiced in medicine.

The CDC still recommends masking in some cases, though it has been proven to be ineffective. They still recommend being “up to date” with your vaccinations too; you know, the ones that are killing and disabling millions of people around the world.

The CDC is likely trying to get out in front of the indisputable discovery that everything they pushed in the last two years was wrong and destructive. It’s tempting to feel a bit of relief that they are at least making life easier for workers who are forced to follow the guidelines, but there is a deeper message here. The CDC has perpetrated a huge crime against the people. Stockholm Syndrome is the tendency of people who’ve been held hostage to actually become grateful to their captors. Don’t be grateful to an agency that has participated in the ruination of the American people. Work for their censure.

Children Have Been Damaged

Study after study is showing that the lockdowns and masks had a terrible effect on children, resulting in clinical depression, speech disorders, cognitive impairment, dramatic lowering of IQ, and weakened immune systems. We must never allow it to happen again!

Read more >

Why is Alexsander Dugin Important?

This Russian philosopher was attending a gala with his daughter over the weekend. She left early in his car, and was killed by the explosion of a car bomb. This is a very great wound for the Russian people, who feel that the culprit is probably tied to the unholy alliance of Western global elites and the Zelensky government in Ukraine. The Russian people have quite a valid grievance.

Here is an analysis by CORAC Region 10 member Kathy Scharplaz: “In all likelihood the bomb was meant for Dugin, not his daughter. Putin distanced himself from Dugin years ago, not that you’d ever know that from our media, one of whose members years ago coined the epithet “Putin’s brain,” and all their fellow clapping seals in the media have been barking that lie ever since.

“I wholeheartedly agree with Dugin’s critique of Western liberalism and Western cultural hegemony, though, what with the West’s attempts to shove ever more perverse garbage down the throats of everyone in the world. Soon after the CIA’s coup in Kiev/Kyiv in 2014, for example, the U.S. State Dept and Western NGOs (especially Soros-backed ones) started carpeting Ukraine with LGBT propaganda; after the perverted Zelensky got installed, it ramped up even more.

“It is very understandable why Ukrainian nationalists hate Dugin. Dugin, along with many other “hard-liners” in Russia, has criticized Putin for years for not going to war in Ukraine soon after the CIA coup. According to them, Putin’s delay gave the Ukraine time to build their military, and, as Russian soldiers have indeed been dearly paying the price for, to fortify and entrench all around the Donbass. There’s solid evidence that Ukraine was preparing for a March 2022 invasion and massslaughter in the Donbass; Putin barely managed to beat them to the punch.”


Now that it is becoming obvious that the Western-backed Nazis in Ukraine have lost the war, that Russia has evidence of crimes against humanity in bioweapons labs funded by US crime families, that the Ukrainian government has been bombing its own people… desperate measures are needed to take the focus off the great deception that the Ukrainian government and its allies have perpetrated. The assassination of Dugin would have done that; the murder of his daughter has created an even bigger firestorm. Eyes on.

Real Reason Cheney Lost

Liz Cheney more than “lost” her primary; she was obliterated. The media and the sore loser tried to make it sound like it was all about Trump. The real reason Cheney got the boot is her sell-out of her own party, even going so far as to advise Democrats how to switch parties in order to vote in the Republican primary. Could her infidelity be any more obvious? In any case, she failed spectacularly, giving decent people a reason to smile. Thank you, Wyoming! I think her role as Grand Inquisitor of the J6 committee is the real reason she lost so bigly.

The IRS Army

By now, everyone’s heard of the provision in the Inflation Aggravation Act that will provide for hiring 87,000 new IRS employees willing to use a weapon with deadly force against pesky citizens. Imagine the sort of person who would answer this ad.

The IRS used to hire accountants, not goon squads. We have to see this clearly: they are arming for a war against citizens. If they were only planning to go after dangerous criminals, why not use actual law enforcement? And if an IRS enforcement arm is warranted, why would it need to be so heavily populated?

All this at a time when the real duties of the IRS are so far behind that some of their functions are delayed by years. You virtually cannot get an agent on the phone, and they are employing facial recognition software to do any business on their website.

And oh, by the way… you do not reduce inflation by massive Federal spending, increasing taxes, and loading the national debt. Economics 101. Or plain common sense.

Beware Flu Shots

The mRNA technology in the problematic covid shots is now going to be rolled out in flu shots this winter. The things they told us about mRNA safety have been proven to be false. With all the evidence coming out about the dangers and deadly side effects of the covid shots, please consider very carefully whether you should ever allow mRNA to be injected into your body. For one thing… aborted fetal tissue used in the pipelines of these shots. If that’s not enough, read the latest VAERS report about deaths and disabilities resulting from the mRNA shots.

There is some pathological reason why the government needs us all to have gotten a needle in our arm. See if you can come up with any explanation of it that doesn’t frighten you. Listen to Dr. Meryl Nass on this subject >

Crisis Scenarios

The resources on this page should be downloaded, printed out and kept handy.

Power Failure Emergency Card >

Civil Unrest Emergency Card >


See the latest post, “Essentials for Off-Grid Learning.” Read post >

See also, “Mick’s Homeschooling Story. ” She tells how homeschooling became a possibility in her family, and how they progressed over many years and multiple children. This article could be sub-titled, You Can Do It! Read post >


Staying right with God

The Catechism Series

The Catechism series is on hold at Episode 11. It’s a great time to catch up with these videos that have gotten great reviews from the regulars.

See all the episodes here >

August Prayer Intentions

Please keep these intentions in your daily prayers.

  • For all CORAC members who are tending to their dear ones who are going through trials or are in the process of dying… and for the repose of the souls of any of our dear ones who have died.

  • That we all press on in this Storm, choosing to trust in God’s plan, no matter the chaos, darkness and troubles that intensify

  • That each person takes time to unplug and enter into contemplation with the Lord every day, giving Him opportunities to calm us, steady us and strengthen us for each next right step

  • That each day finds us ready to awaken with fervor to do all the ordinary tasks and deeds to which we are called that we may partner with God to bring His Kingdom more fully to earth

  • As we give thanks to God for the life of our CORAC friend and leader, Bill Hammer, we pray for the repose of his soul. Praying, too, for his wife, Teri, their children and all the family as they mourn.

  • For Desmond Birch as he and his medical team discern best steps for his heart health to improve… and for Jean, Desmond’s wife, as she takes care of him

  • That Charlie continues to travel safely and for abundant blessings upon every meeting he has and everything he does

  • For a great response to our CORAC summer fundraising drive

    St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
    St. Michael, defend us.
    St. Raphael, protect us.
    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

    Brazen Serpent Prayer Cards

    Remember the Brazen Serpent Prayer. Carry copies of the prayer with you, whether printed on your own printer or on the beautiful prayer cards that can be purchased here >


    Why Join CORAC?

    CORAC is the Corps of Renewal and Charity, created in 2020 to help people be ready for the storm we could see on the horizon. Members across the United States are organized into geographical regions, so that everyone has a local group, as well as access to national expertise and support in communications, health and wellness, sustainable living, crisis scenarios, education and prayer.

    The ethic of CORAC is simple: acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to others. This credo has already gotten me through some hard times. It distills all the noise and fuss down to something anyone can do. For people who may be isolated in leftist parts of the country, CORAC provides a forum of like-minded people of faith, so that no one need feel alone in their convictions.

    CORAC team leaders have spent nearly two years building an infrastructure so that, in a crisis situation, we would have resources already at our fingertips, ready to deploy, as well as plans thought out in advance.

    The Crisis Scenario team has protocols and checklists for a variety of possible emergencies posted on the website, and ready for each family to print out and have on-hand. That team also has a communication plan to deploy in case of emergency.

    The Communications team features a national network of HAM radio operators to get communications out if convention communication channels are closed. The hub is a mega station in the north Texas area, and radio operator representatives in each region are connected nationally through that hub.

    There are resources on the website for anyone who is not yet certified as a radio operator but wants to get equipped, as well as practice sessions for those who are just listeners on shortwave radio.

    The Health and Wellness team consists of conventional physicians, homeopaths and herbalists. They review protocols fo safety and accuracy, and publish those that deal with current health issues; for example, strategies to deal with vaccine injuries, ways to stay healthy through the cold & flu season, medicinal herbs that you can find almost anywhere. Much of what is on the website under this tab consists of solutions to problems we might encounter if conventional medicine was not available.

    My sister in Kansas had a very bad case of covid last year, and could not get proper treatment in her little town, being unvaxxed. She finally called an MD in the nearest city, who was able to help her enormously. By sheer coincidence, that physician was a CORAC member. Now that doctor is my sister’s regular physician.

    The national reach of CORAC has allowed members to find trustworthy doctors in other parts of the country for our family members who live far away. For example, one family here in Tyler had a relative in Illinois with serious covid. The hospital in that area would not treat him. I was able to call the CORAC coordinator for Illinois, and get a recommendation for a real doctor (one who cares more for the patient than the government) who prescribed the proper medications and got him on the road to recovery.

    The Sustainable Living team deals with such things as farming and gardening, sanitation during emergencies, foraging, canning and preserving food, water purification, homesteading and survival skills. They do periodic Zoom classes that are recorded and then posted on the website, along with the notes in PDF form.

    The Prayer team has a national network of people who are actively praying for the monthly intentions of CORAC, as well as an ongoing Catechism class with Desmond Birch, one of the foremost eschatologists in the Church today.

    The prayer team is also in charge of the network which will swing into action in a crisis, and match members who want to check on their out-of-state family members, to CORAC members in that area. When this network was not yet fully built, I was still able to access it earlier this year when I had a friend who was terribly sick and stranded in Montana. He’d gone to two ERs for help, and neither one treated him. I called a CORAC member in Montana, who got prescriptions and food to him, as well as a priest who anointed him. (He’s fine now, thanks to that CORAC member.)

    That’s the power of having a national infrastructure.

    At the local level, it’s up to us to draw people in and build the supportive kind of community that will be like gold if there is a breakdown of any kind. This could look like foraging walks with a group, everyone identifying different plants and taking cuttings or samples. It could be a canning tutorial where all the participants bring fruit and learn how to preserve it safely. It could be a meeting of people bringing their shortwave radios to a central spot to practice tuning. It could be a workshop of emergency medicine, like bleeding control and triage techniques.

    In a technology blackout or genuine emergency, we will all be hyper-focused at the local level by necessity, so it’s important to build relationships and skills within the local groups. Access to national expertise may also be helpful for any knowledge gaps in the local groups.

    There is a plan in every town where there is a CORAC member, to meet at the local parish church at 9:00 on the Saturday morning following any multi-day communications blackout. This is our strategy to share information, as well as to seek out those who may need special help.

    There is no cost to join CORAC, so it’s all upside. Some materials on the website are only available to members, but they are free of charge. In addition, members receive a biweekly newsletter with news items, inspiration, tips for action, and links to helpful resources all around the internet. CORAC is a volunteer organization, run on donations; members do not pay for any of the resources offered.

    So join me and help build a local network that will be charitable, helpful and resourceful in the event of a crisis. If a crisis never materializes (we wish), we will have built a strong community with valuable skills anyway!

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    (Insert your own contact information so people in your area have a person to call for more info. Send them to the website to register, and that will put the regional coordinator in touch with them. You can also order a stock of the Brazen Serpent cards to use as a recruitment tool.)

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