Be not afraid, for the Lord your God goes with you

Issue #18 – September 19, 2022

Read this newsletter in PDF format for greatest clarity. Print out any sections you might want in a power-out situation.


Use Cash,
All the Time

We’ve gotten so used to the convenience of credit cards…. more >



This will be the last listing of J6’ers by hometown more >


Fraternal Correction

One of the strongest corrections to date… more >

There is a lot of news in this edition, and the speed

is accelerating. The more frightening the world gets, the more people will hide inside tv shows and video games to escape it. (That’s the whole idea of the Meta-verse.) Please don’t hide! You are needed for good.

We are not going back; we can only go forward into the fight. If we focus solely on evil, we will be ineffective hand-wringers. We can acknowledge the enormity of evil, and be grateful that we’ve been allowed to live in this time to fight for good. In other words, let’s move from, “It keeps getting worse and worse,” to “Put me in, Coach!” Let’s face it, evil is getting worse; it is the nature of evil to expand. Our nature, as confirmed Christians, is to meet it head-on. Now we pray for courage.

Sheryl Collmer, editor


Once We Were Heroes

Two-hundred-fifty years ago discontent with European forms of government was simmeringmore >

From the cockpit
of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston traverses the country in his trusty Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other. Check the website for his upcoming visits >

Charlie Johnston, founder,
Corps of Renewal and Charity

Fruit That Will Last

At the end of every article I write for my website, A Sign of Hope, I put a note that if communication were to go out for any length of time, people should meet on Saturday mornings at 9 am local time at their local Church.

Some have asked me what they are to do then. Obviously, if such an eventuality were to occur it would be because we were in some sort of crisis. I can’t predict the details of that crisis. The depth of it will vary from place to place. Will utilities be out, as well? Will you be in the dead of winter in the north? Or perhaps the height of summer in the south? Do you live in a desert with little natural water available? Or perhaps a city that has a lot of mouths and little food after the stores are cleaned out? It would be easy to panic when you are suddenly confronted with the unknown and unexpected – especially when you are not getting any information on what, exactly, is going on. To go from a culture where we deal each day with information overload to information deprival would be tremendously disorienting.

The purpose behind emphasizing this now is mainly that if communication went out, it would be difficult to initiate it then. At the heart of it is that, in a time of crisis, few things soothe people like seeing some friendly faces gathered to weather the storm together. This is propped up by the reality that, when people gather to work together, they discover they are more adaptable than they thought and good things can begin to take root. This has led to some questions about what people should do when they get there. I will touch on that, but more importantly, I want you to know how to think of these things in a clear, deliberate manner.

First, why churches? In times of crisis, people naturally tend to gather at their church. The people you are most like to find gathering at a church are the people most likely to set their fears aside enough so they can help each other and come up with approaches to weather the storm. Some have figured that I only mean Catholic churches. Hardly. My understanding is that, through whatever crisis we must surmount, all believing Christians and Jews, of whatever stripe, are to treat each other as full and equal partners in the work before us. If we do that well, God, Himself, will see to the unity after the storm is over. Further, we are to treat all people of good will, regardless of their faith or lack thereof, as true neighbors.

Over the years, at least a dozen fine Protestant assemblies have served as the venue for my talks. I am always grateful to them. There is no room for triumphalism here. The newly pagan world we are surrounded by in the West is deeply hostile to our Judeo-Christian heritage. It would utterly destroy us if it could. This a case when we must surely live Benjamin Franklin’s  words after the signing of the Declaration of Independence: “Now we must all hang together or we will surely all hang separately.”

Do not turn away supplicants simply seeking help. For a good 80 years before Constantine made Christianity a favored religion in the formerly hostile Roman Empire, the way had been paved because Christians had become noted for caring for all, regardless of religious affiliation, and offering real help. Christians had reduced pressure on the empire’s limited social resources by their care for all people in need – and Roman officials had already started turning a blind eye to the presence of formally forbidden Christians because of the good they were doing. In an important way, caring for all is a return to our earliest roots. We are not engaged in a puerile battle over doctrine, but a great work to help each other survive, grow and thrive even in the midst of great troubles. The way of the world leads to death and misery. The way of following God, even when we have some disagreements on how to interpret His word, leads to life and hope. We are His hands and feet on this earth.

Gather people in. If someone wants to make it a battle over exclusivity, rebuke them and, if they persist, expel them and advise them to form their own assembly. If someone wants to eat without contributing, do the same. But gather those who are willing to work together so that they may share in their gifts.

Because of the size of the country, some areas may have few people gathered together to start with. If so, keep combing the Churches until you have a working group. Other areas already have a large group of people already set on where to gather in case of emergency. Whether you have to glean first to gather people in, or already have a group willing to work together, here are some things you must get people to focus on and form working groups to deal with:

Communication: Once you have gathered people together, how are you to maintain communications with each other? Some may have ham radios, but that will be useful for larger issues and maybe getting news from other groups. You have to figure out how to keep people informed and how to reach each other in an emergency. Perhaps you agree to one area being a common square with a public message board. Perhaps you set up some sort of signal, like bells, for an emergency or to call an impromptu gathering. However you fit it for your particular needs and situation, you need to set up a system where people can be confident they know what is happening and can share ideas.

Assessment: You will need a working group to figure out what the priorities are in your area. A subtropical area will have dramatically different needs than a northern rural area. Modern homes are tightly sealed and made for air conditioning. Without power, they could easily become hot boxes that are death traps without modifications. Apartments in cities certainly will become such if there is no power or utilities. If you are spread out and there are marauders taking advantage of the situation, you may want to set up temporary housing in a field or patch of woods, where you can group and protect each other.

Food and Water: If you have ample groundwater or are blessed with nearby bodies of water, you will still need to figure outways to purify it and make it available to people in your group. Unfortunately, modern immune systems are largely crippled and not equipped to deal with the bacteria found in open water sources. Simply boiling it can solve much of that, but you have to have places and utensils to boil it with when there are no utilities – and then a place to store safe water. You will have to have people who are skilled in foraging or hunting and gathering – and then other people who are skilled in preparing it.

Tradesmen: You will need people who can fix things. People who can retrofit homes so they are not death traps in the heat or can be safely heated in the cold with no utilities.

Leadership: First, get groups meeting the specific needs from your assessment. After you have met a few times you will have a sense of who has the greatest organizational skills and who has the capacity to fill others with confidence that you can all thrive together. Choose a board of elders to help coordinate your burgeoning efforts and guide the community.

Above all, adjust as you go, based on your changing needs and the difference between what your initial perception of the problems were and what the reality shows them to be. Cast off the bureaucratic mindset that adopts rules and holds fast to them mindlessly even when it becomes clear they do not fit the community’s needs. You need to build strong, but supple, muscles – both in your body and in your mind.

I have been working diligently to develop a system for scrip – how to develop local emergency currencies to keep your community working smoothly and ever expand your outreach. I will write about that in a few weeks.

When I went on my pilgrimage, I did very little to prepare, trusting that I would figure it out as I went along. I was about 800 or 900 miles into it when I realized that if everything collapsed tomorrow, I would be able to weather the storm. I knew how to find shelter and how to find food. My early fears had been replaced by confidence that I could do this. I tell you, so can you.

Charlie Johnston

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

National Zoom Call

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Upcoming Meetings

October 1 – Colorado Springs, CO
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Do these things immediately

Use Cash, All The Time

We’ve gotten so used to the convenience of credit cards and pay apps, but what if we are helping to enslave ourselves by using them? Would it be worth it to go to a little extra trouble to use cash? There are many signs that the globalists want us on a Digital Currency. It makes control of the population much more efficient. Those pesky 30% who refused to get the experimental injection? If we’d been on CBDC, Biden would have gotten his way and had a needle in every arm, because CBDC would have allowed a central authority to control access to our funds. We would have had to submit in order to eat. Read more >

Six common-sense reasons to use cash, regardless of the political climate:

  1. Helps small businesses (because they don’t get soaked by the 3-4% credit card fees)
  2. Lower prices for consumers
  3. Your keep control
  4. Privacy
  5. You’re prepared if tech goes out
  6. Helps you avoid debt

I Used Cash Today For a Reason

To save this business money on credit card transaction fees
To give this business more control over their profits
To support my local community economy
To keep my purchases and location private

Already the major credit card companies are adopting merchant codes that flag purchases from gun stores.

See Appendix for cards you can print out to give the businesses you patronize.


The price good men pay for indifference toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

  • Pray the rosary in a group publicly.  When you pray in public, you may reach fallen-away Catholics, honor God publicly, be numbered in the ranks of the Immaculata. Gather your friends in a public place, like a town square or busy intersection. Here is a description of a regular public rosary group and how we do things: Truth For Souls >

  • Fly the American flag.  It’s a no-cost act of peaceful resistance, and an encouragement to passers-by.


This will be the last listing of J6’ers by hometown. Regions 2, 4, 8 and 9 have been covered in prior newsletters. Be aware that these are only the prisoners whose biographical information was available. There are many more who need encouragement. Email CORAC member Kristen Martinez at to be assigned a prisoner pen pal.

You can get information about your particular prisoner at these sites.

If you write to a prisoner, be careful of your tone and subject matter. They need encouragement, assurance no one is giving up on them, that WE WILL NOT FORGET. One of the best thing you can send, besides prayers, are puzzles, like crosswords, Sudoku and various wordplay. Include the solution key for hard puzzles!

Try these sites for printable games:


Health & Wellness

See the webpage for foraging, homeopathy and general health instruction.

Of particular interest is the page on This is a good resource as we head into cold and flu season. Read more >

Herbs For Emergencies

Here’s a few herbs to have on hand that could help in an emergency situation, like bleeding or airway constriction. This website is helpful on many topics, so explore away after you finish the emergency herbs article >

I-Recover Post-Vaxx Protocol

I’m beginning to hear about more and more long-term health issues in people who took the shot. Trusted docs Pierre Kory and Paul Marek at the Front-Line Critical Care Alliance have fine-tuned a protocol for the vaxx-injured.  Please pass it along to whoever might need it.  Read more >

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills

Watch the new video on sprouting seeds here > 

More resources for sprouting are in the July 25 newsletter are here >

Everyone has a line beyond which they’re not willing to prepare, and that’s an individual decision. Some stop at having a few extra food staples on hand; some are ready to go totally off-grid for long periods. In this section, I try to provide a sampling, and leave it to you where you draw your line.

The Poor Man’s Faraday

A Faraday cage protects electronics from an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) or coronal mass ejections (CME) which are solar events. The idea is that the cage itself is electrically conductive, so that it “absorbs” the strike, and the electronics inside it are cushioned from the conductive material. An EMP is not an unimaginable sci-fi event; Ted Koppell, already in 2015, wrote a book, Lights Out, detailing how vulnerable the US is to such an attack. In a nutshell, an EMP would make all electronics moot.

Here’s a homemade Faraday cage you can make from household supplies, including a testing procedure to make sure it works. Read more >


Worm castings, often called “black gold” by gardeners, are a premium fertilizer for plants, as well as an enrichment material for soil. If you buy worm castings at the garden store, they can be rather expensive. A fun option is to start a worm farm! Your kids will love it, and it makes a great science project for them!

Worms aerate the soil, repel insects, speed up composting and encourage deeper plant roots. You do have to protect your worms from temperature extremes, and that is one reason a worm farm built in movable bins is a great idea. You can move the bins into the garage on freezing nights, and move under shade on hot days. Total cost around $35, including starter worms. (The picture here appears to be clear bins, for demonstration purposes, but use opaque bins; worms do not like light.)

How to build the farm >

Where to get the worms >

Uncle Jim also has his own educational material on bedding, feeding and sustaining your worm population.

Predicting Blackouts

This article was written in 2016, and is dated. I present it here for interested techies because things written more currently on the subject have political bias. Read more >

Backyard Rocket Stove

Boiling water is a fairly primary survival skill. It’s a sterilization method; it reconstitutes freeze-dried foods; and you need hot water for coffee! Here is an easy rocket stove to make, using 16 bricks, no mortar. It’s a simple matter of stacking properly and allowing for oxygen intake. I used bricks leftover from a garden wall, and it took about 10 minutes to build. I cooked a nice little jambalaya to test it. Because the bricks heat up so well, it’s very efficient for prolonged heat. You use small sticks from around your yard for fuel. Couldn’t be easier. Building instructions here >


A new installment has been added to the Communications series; this one concerns Winlink, software for using email over radio waves rather than the internet.

See the first three videos in this series here >

One of my favorite “preps” useful year-round, this radio tunes AM, FM and NOAA weather stations, includes a flashlight, and can be powered by AAA batteries, USB port, built-in solar panel or mechanical crank (human power!) I have used this device in storm situations when I needed up-to-date weather and the electrical power was out. There are many versions of this crank radio; here’s one>


If you’re a homeschooler or considering it, you’ll enjoy the Homeschooling Stories being posted on this page. Also of interest is the Catholic Homeschool Mentoring Outline.

Crisis Scenarios

The team has provided PDF checklists for Power Outages and Civil Unrest. Go now and print them out!


We’ve Never Lived Through Anything Like This Before

Humanity is under threat. We need you to understand this and join the side of those who are working to educate others.”

This is a great “big picture” article that weaves in the many threads of the situation humanity is in. We’ve got to come to grips with the fact that we are in a hell of a mess, literally. It’s big, it’s evil and we have a part to play in God’s plan. Read and absorb >

Fraternal Correction

One of the strongest corrections to date has been issued to admonish Francis on his apostolic letter Desiderio desideravi, which contains errors that descend to outright anathema. The first two signatories are beloved bishops here in Texas, Strickland and Gracida (retired). Bishop Athanasius Schneider, also well beloved, but located around the globe in Kazakhstan, and Bishop Mutsaerts of the Netherlands joined them in the letter. It’s well worth reading the whole text >

Viganó on the Liturgy

On September 14, the 15th anniversary of Pope Benedict’s motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, which made the Traditional Latin Mass more widely available and which restored its dignity and history in the life of the Church, our friend Archbishop Viganó issued a letter about the liturgy. He addresses the recent restrictions on the traditional liturgy. It’s worth the read >

Here’s a 2007 article from Crisis Magazine, right after the Traditional Latin Mass had been brought back into mainstream Catholic life by Pope Benedict’s motu proprio. Read more >

Who Is Klaus Schwab

Behind the scenes, this founder of the WEF has been working to strip individual liberties from the masses of those he does not esteem, the “useless eaters.” If you don’t yet know who Schwab is, it’s time to find out. He is having an extraordinary influence over the course of world events. The video is 1-1/2 hours >

People’s Gardens

The USDA is compiling a geographically-specific database of gardens and agriculture projects. If you register, you get a “People’s Garden” sign, useful for virtue-signaling on social media. Don’t register your garden.

Biden’s Trans-Humanist Executive Order

It’s amazing that when you just report actual events and objective data these days, you sound like a wild-eyed paranoid; events are that bizarre. On September 12, Biden signed an EO that clears the way for gene-editing and the pet project of the WEF, which is the integration of human beings with computers. What was once science fiction is now bearing down on us, the obliteration of the image of God in human beings. Read more here >

Strategic Petroleum Reserves Depleted

The SPR are actual inventories of crude oil stored in underground caverns (in Texas and Louisiana) for security in emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina and Operation Desert Storm. More than double the amount released during those emergencies has been released so that Biden can claim lower prices at the pump ahead of the mid-terms. (More oil on the market drives the price down.) Meanwhile… what if there is an actual emergency? More here >

Durham and Danchenko

In an October already packed full of interesting events, here comes the next Durham trial on October 11. What is Durham up to? Accountability for Clinton and her privately-paid operatives illegally accessing classified Federal information to invent and promote the Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes, even after Trump was sworn in as President. This is extremely serious business, as treason is a capital offense. Durham recently revealed that the FBI hired Igor Danchenko after Clinton lost the election, which means the FBI would have been complicit in the hoaxes. Durham is confronting some of the most powerful and entrenched evil in our country. Pray for him and his team. More here >

And by the way, John Durham is Catholic.  Read more > (This is a lengthy talk, but he’s a very interesting man.)

Mother Miriam

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God and the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, recently relocated from Beloit, Kansas to Tyler, Texas. Mother Miriam was previously Rosalind Moss, a young woman raised in a traditional Jewish home in Brooklyn. Influenced by Messianic Jews, Rosalind Moss became Christian in the 1970s. After several decades as a Protestant, Rosalind entered the Catholic Church in 1995. Her dramatic journey continued when she took Benedictine vows and received permission to found the association of her sisters. Read details in the book, Home At Last.

Mother Miriam Live can be heard Monday – Friday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and She speaks her mind without fear, and addresses the issues that seem to be uppermost on our minds, like another feisty nun who was once on the airwaves.

CORAC Field Day

Region 8 will be staging a Field Day on November 5 in Tyler, Texas. Talks by Charlie Johnston and Mother Miriam will be featured, along with various practical demonstrations like tuning shortwave radios and using GMRS, cleaning fish and game, preserving food, foraging for herbs and edibles, etc. Your basic CORAC day in the field. Save the date. Details for registration will appear in the next newsletter.

Be Aware

Traffickers count on all of us minding our own business, and paying no attention to things that seem odd. This video, #31 Times you saw a trafficked child but didn’t know it will help you recognize signs of trafficking that could save a child from living hell. It’s terribly creepy, but worth the investment of half an hour to recognize warning signs.  Watch video >

Flu Shot

I keep saying this, but it bears repeating: the flu shot this year is on the mRNA platform. Do your research…and I don’t mean on Google! I’d rather suffer from the flu than suffer from multiple, miserable, mysterious symptoms that were inflicted intentionally on me by the powerful people driving the vaccination train. Read more >

See the webpage for the Catechism series and other prayer topics.  Prayer Teams >

Sonya Corbitt, the Bible Evangelista, has just begun a new series on healing, “Somata.” There are two episodes up so far. Beckita, the national prayer team leader, has previously recommended Sonya’s series, “Just Rest.” These Bible study podcasts are free, entertaining, and full of wisdom from Scripture. Sonya is a treat to listen to, and is thoroughly Catholic.

September Prayer Intentions

Please keep these intentions in your daily prayers.

  • *For all CORAC members who are tending to their dear ones who are going through trials or are in the process of dying, for the repose of the souls of any of our dear ones who have passed and for those who are on a journey of mourning.

  • Continued prayer for Desmond Birch as he as he is scheduled for a diagnostic procedure very soon.

  • That Charlie is refreshed while resting from his travels and for everything he needs as he continues his work at home, a plate that ever runneth over with duties and tasks.

  • For a great response to our fundraising needs for CORAC.

  • For a new infusion of courage, strength, fortitude, trust and hope as we continue into the toughest and roughest period of this Storm in 2022.

  • That each person enters into silence and contemplation with the Lord every day, giving Him opportunities to calm us, steady us and focus us for each next right step.

  • For the constant intercession of Our Lady, Stella Maris, and in gratitude that God created her and gave her maternal presence and support to us.

  • That Holy Spirit descends upon us anew as it says in Ezekiel: “From the four winds come, O Breath, and breathe into these slain that they may come to life!

  • That Charlie continues to travel safely and for abundant blessings upon every meeting he has and everything he does

  • For a great response to our CORAC summer fundraising drive

    St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
    St. Michael, defend us.
    St. Raphael, protect us.
    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!


    I Used Cash Today For a Reason

    Print out a sheet of these cards and give one to every business that you transact with in cash.

    Download cards >

    The Stay-in Bin

    Most of us will stay at home in a crisis, so we don’t need a Bug-out Bag; we need a Stay-in Bin. This is just the basics.

    ___ Protein sources: tuna, Spam, salmon, other canned/pouch meats
    ___ Fat sources: olive oil (healthiest of the oils), mixed nuts
    ___ Carb sources: canned or dried fruits and vegetables
    ___ Coffee: you get 15 times as many cups per ounce from instant as from grounds
    ___ Garlic: strong anti-inflammatory, keeps colds at bay, adds interest to food
    ___ Dark chocolate: anti-oxidant, feel-good treat
    ___ Vitamins: at minimum, C, D3, zinc and quercetin
    ___ First Aid kit, supplemented by Neosporin, Advil and Advil PM
    ___ Lifestraw: water purification (also Katadyn or Sawyer)
    ___ Heavy duty Hefty bags: sanitation
    ___ Pocket knife or multi-tool
    ___ Duct tape: 101 uses
    ___ Tactical flashlight
    ___ Portable radio, AM/FM at least (crank style is good option)
    ___ Batteries
    ___ Sewing kit
    ___ Toilet paper, and torn-apart t-shirts for re-useable “sanitation cloths”
    ___ Plastic drop cloths: for catching rain, sealing gaps in doors and windows
    ___ Binder clips: modern man’s answer to clothespins
    ___ Bleach: disinfectant, water purification
    ___ Lighter: for your portable stove, sterilizing needles
    ___ Cash: it may still have some value
    ___ Large storage bin: can be used with plastic sheet for rainwater collection

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