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The last eight years have seen the rise of the citizen journalist, keyboard warriors not employed by corporate media, who pursue the truth at all costs, like James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, BioClandestine, LifeSiteNews, Charlie Johnston, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Jack Posobiec. They are up against the media and pharma behemoths, not to mention a vengeful government. Thank God for brave, brilliant, bold, belligerent journalists, who are winning the culture war, one skirmish at a time. Most of the big news this week is thanks to them. Please pray for them and support them financially, if you are able; details in this newsletter.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
January 31, 2023


Chatting With Charlie

Charlie interviews Tom Brejcha, Chief Counsel for the Thomas More Society, who is handling the defense of Mark Houck and David Daleiden… more >


Charlie’s Quick Updates

Charlie has begun posting quick little topical briefs, all around 6 minutes so that you can listen on the fly… more >


A Sign of Hope

Keep up with all the latest articles from Charlie’s blog… more >


2023 Road Tour

Charlie is on the move again after the holidays. He is now in the eastern part of the country. Check for locations near you… more >



Quick links to all the specialty team initiaves and resources… more >


The Pfizer Bomb

By now, you’ve surely seen the high-level Pfizer exec out on his gay date, spilling the beans about his employer’s illegal gain-of function… more >

It’s All Coming Together

On Feb. 24, 2022, shortly after the first Russian missiles fell near Kyiv, Ukrainian president Zelensky ordered the destruction… more >

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those anticipating the Storm.

Make Your Life a Command Performance

I knew a very honorable man a few years ago who was caught in a predicament. His father had deeded over his real property to him in preparation for a time of possible diminished capacity of the older man and to facilitate the younger man handling the estate. All in the family had concurred with, or at least accepted, the decision as a wise one.

The time came when this young man called me. His dad wanted to make a move requiring the son’s acquiescence that might have possibly severe negative consequences, including leaving the old man ultimately homeless. So I told my friend he should make like Nancy Reagan and just say no. And there was the rub.

My friend had already tried to change his father’s mind without success. Now the decision was his, and he was afraid his family might think he was just greedy to keep the property whole for his own inheritance if he refused. Now I understood. I told him that this was exactly the sort of temptation the devil tries to contrive especially for honorable men. They are focused on doing the most right thing they can – but what happens when the most right thing they can think of appears to many to be a wrong or selfish thing? Will they do the wrong thing that looks right in order to appease men, or will they stand firm even if they look bad to the world for a time? (Of course, this presumes they have done a serious self-examination first – and have concluded that the decision they would make is truly the best for those in their care and is part of their own legitimate authority.)

This is where so many get tripped up. What do you do when the most right thing you can think of looks wrong – or when a great wrong looks right? That is when you find who you truly are. Will you voluntarily accept the slings that will surely come your way in order to do right, or will you take the cheap applause that comes from doing what you know to be wrong but looks okay?

It is fitting and proper that we should show due respect to the opinions of those around us. If not, there would be no need to be as “wise as serpents and as gentle as doves” as Christ commanded us. Popular approbation is necessary to mount any great public endeavor – and at times, that is needful. But sometimes we stand at the edge of a decision that, however tempting, might put those we have taken responsibility for (either formally or morally) in far too much risk. In those situations we need to make sure that we are exercising only the legitimate authority we have been given. If God refuses to impose His will on us, who are we to impose it on others?

There are times when we must decide who our primary audience is. In a moral crisis do we act to please men or to please God? If we choose God, we must act knowing that He does not approve of us squandering our credibility with self-righteous posturing. He does not approve of us setting ourselves up as gurus to direct the consciences of other men on matters where He has given them moral agency. But on matters where we have been given authority over other men’s affairs, He expects us to exercise that legitimate authority for their benefit. We must choose to make our whole lives a command performance before God – for that is what it is. This is our audition for heaven. Don’t blow it by hamming it up for the crowd, nor by treating those given into your care for a time with contempt or indifference.

I walked through the details with my friend and became convinced that what he thought was the right decision was, in fact, the most right decision he could make. So he made the decision, disappointing and angering his father. He did, indeed, suffer some withering criticism from a few others in the family. But after about a year, his father was deeply grateful to him for protecting him from what would have been a terrible error. While his critics in the family had little to say, all saw, in this realm, the wisdom of his father in originally appointing him steward over the father’s affairs and the son’s wisdom in administering that stewardship. In this case, he aced his audition for heaven by living his command performance seriously and with moral fidelity.

It is not an easy thing being a serious Christian, but it is our calling. Always remember who your primary audience is and you will find it easier to make hard decisions. God is watching with interest.

Charlie Johnston

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

The Latest Podcast

Charlie interviews Tom Brejcha, Chief Counsel for the Thomas More Society, who is handling the defense of Mark Houck and David Daleiden.

Charlie’s Quick Updates

Charlie has begun posting quick little topical briefs, all around 6 minutes so that you can listen on the fly.

A Sign of Hope Blog

Charlie’s Upcoming Meetings

Charlie is on the move again after the holidays. He is now in the eastern part of the country. Check for locations near you.


  • Use cash. Resist the digital economy that will make you easy to control.
  • Pray the rosary in a group publicly.
  • Check in with your neighbors. Take note of who may be a shut-in or single mom, and what their needs are.
  • Recruit a God Squad. Have a team willing to mobilize to help neighbors in need. Host a barbeque or block party.
  • Spend time in Adoration. You can pray with a live cam if you can’t physically get to an Adoration chapel. Thereare several listed here: Virtual Adoration >


New topics include grief support, radiation fallout kit, and comfrey salve for pain relief.

Check out the Friday Challenges, bite-sized steps toward readiness for anything!

Continuing series on using radio, creating emergency plan using GMRS radios.

How to start homeschooling, even if you thought you couldn’t, plus homeschool mentoring.

Download emergency checklists for power outages and civil unrest if you haven’t yet.

Download the Surrender Novena and watch the Catechism series.


The Pfizer Bomb

By now, you’ve surely seen the high-level Pfizer exec out on his gay date, spilling the beans about his employer’s illegal gain-of function activity. Hard to believe that the giggling, smirking young man is actually one of Pfizer’s most prominent scientists… but he is. Within hours of the Project Veritas video surfacing, the internet footprint of Dr. Jordan Walker was erased, but a cagey journalist, Brian O’Shea (husband of Naomi Wolf) grabbed screen captures of various profiles and entries before they were taken down. It was amazing how quickly Dr. Jordan Walker was “disappeared” by the friendly folks at Pfizer.

The original date video was taken down from YouTube, but here is an annotated version from Rumble: Watch video >

The embarrassing meltdown of the loose-lipped executive when confronted by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas:  Watch video >

The cache of biographical items about Jordan Walked secured by Brian O’Shea before they were taken down: View cache >

Tucker Carlson, one of the only newscasters to cover it in the media: Watch video >

Some detailed observers have noted the pictures on the wall of the restaurant. It seems that the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary were reigning above the confrontation between the mad scientist and James O’Keefe.

Support the courageous work of Project Veritas > 

Or mail a check to: Project Veritas PO Box 8933 Topeka KS 66608-9974.

James O’Keefe and his team are striking HUGE blows for freedom and truth. Check out their other undercover reporting: Project Veritas >

Never Again Is Now Global

Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor, has teamed with Children’s Health Defense to produce a 5- part documentary series. We have all wondered how the Nazi holocaust could have occurred (Why didn’t people stand up? Why did they go to the gas chambers without a fight?) and now we know. The Holocaust required lies and propaganda, exactly what our government and global elites are using to make us cooperative guinea pigs. The message of this series is: RESIST.

Part 1 “Here We Go Again, On Steroids” releases Monday, Jan. 30 at 6:00 pm Central Time
Part 2 “Anyone Who Starts A War Has To Lie” releases Tuesday
Part 3 “Breaking The Veil Of The Real Conspirators” releases Wednesday
Part 4 “This Time Around, We’re All Jews” releases Thursday
Part 5 “Never Give In / Never Give Up” releases Friday

On Friday, Feb. 3, the whole series will be available at the above website.

Thinking For Yourself

A reader poll on Telegram asked: “What was the most important lesson you learned from covid?” By far, the most common answer was: “Thinking for myself.” Doing homework, learning to evaluate resources, accepting nothing without background checking, learning to research shrewdly, declining to believe stories just because “experts” told you so.

When someone has something to gain, I downgrade their credibility factor, but if they suffer for speaking out, their credibility goes way up. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer… zero cred on drug safety; Dr. Robert Malone… stellar cred. One is selling something for billions of dollars; the other would prefer to be living a quiet, undisturbed life in the country.

The Tide Is Turning

The awakening is happening; the tide is turning. We are winning. It’s slow and, like conversion, proceeds one person at a time, but it’s happening, all right. Read here >

Help Wanted

Why is nearly every industry hurting for employees? Why are stores closing earlier, flights being cancelled, restaurants no longer serving tables? Edward Dowd explains the disability data related to the working-age demographic, those who were under the most pressure to get the shot. There are approximately 3 million more disabled people now than in 2020, before the shot was rolled out. What that means for us: we have to try to find and help these people. Bear in mind that they have been called crazy, hysterical liars with genuine physical symptoms that doctors say are a product of anxiety or disinformation. So in addition to being wounded, they are now more or less invisible. Read more >

How To Stop The Central Bank Digital Currency

The Wall Street Journal says that CBDCs are coming, whether we want them or not. That is not necessarily true, unless we allow it. Take concrete steps to protect your financial independence! Read more > 

  • Use cash (or checks)
  • Choose analog over digital (ditch WiFi, QR codes, etc)
  • Bank locally
  • Transact only with organizations of integrity
  • Finance friends, not enemies

More ideas from economist Catherine Austin Fitts here >

Twitter Files

In the last newsletter, we were up to drop #14. Here’s drop #15 > in which a manipulative program dubbed “Hamilton 68” is shown to have been used to falsely label people and events as “Russian disinformation.” Names are named.

If you haven’t read the prior Twitter Files, be aware that this effort is changing the landscape of American media and culture. It’s big. When, in our later years, we describe to the youth what happened to save the United States, the Twitter Files will be prominent. The information being disclosed is quietly taking the hood off the hidden criminals in our midst.

Read all the Twitter Files drops here > where they have been put in PDF format for easier reading.


John-Henry Westen recently featured the Marian apparition at Garabandal, which occurred between 1961 and 1965 in Spain. It’s especially intriguing now, as the visionaries said that four popes would die before the end of ‘the times,’ with one of them reigning only for a very short time. When Pope Benedict died, he was the last of four.

LifeSiteNews’ interview with Glenn Hudson about the private revelation here:  Watch interview >

Book referred to in the interview here >

It’s All Coming Together

On Feb. 24, 2022, shortly after the first Russian missiles fell near Kyiv, Ukrainian president Zelensky ordered the destruction of all state documents related to Hunter Biden’s biolab company METABIOTA. What does this have to do with CORAC and sur-thriving the Storm? It is essential to see through the deceptive media accounts of world events, and properly discern the character of those causing the turmoil.

Locations of US military biolabs in Ukraine

Locations of first strikes by Russian army

This story is being broken and followed by Bioclandestine, who’s been “on it” for months now:  Read more >

You can support Clandestine by subscribing to his Substack for $5 per month or $50 per year. Subscriptions keep our citizen journalists working. Subscribe >

Incidentally, the US Embassy removed all Ukrainian bioweapon labs data from their website, including the map above.

The flowchart below courtesy of BioClandestine.

Combatting The Spike

Whether you got the spike protein through covid illness or through the vaxx, you may be able to fight its effects on the body. One strategy involves bromelain, which may disable the spike from entering cells. When bromelain is taken with NAC, it appears the spike protein may be dissolved. About a year ago, Amazon stopped selling NAC, suspiciously close to the time when it was identified as being helpful to the vaxx-injured, but it appears to be back in their store. I prefer to order supplements through Swanson Vitamins rather than Amazon anyway.
Find supplements >

See the full research here >

Always do your own research before starting a new health strategy.

CORAC International

Did you know that CORAC has members in Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Austria, UK and France? Most of these members came to CORAC through Charlie’s blog, A Sign of Hope. They often don’t have like-minded people close by, with whom to share their concerns. This need is met by semi-monthly Zoom meetings and an international CORAC Signal chat group.

Our international members are more cautious that we are, as they live under (even) more heavy-handed governments than Americans do. The “smart cities” we’ve been reading about are already a reality in Australia, making surveillance of citizens easier. Those who remain unvaxxed have been severely limited. CBDCs have already been rolled out in some countries. The CORAC international coordinator says what these intermational members need most is hope. What we can give them is our prayers, and a share in the hope we all hold, in Divine Providence and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

Public Square

This newsletter took a look at the Public Square app last spring, and concluded that it was mostly useful for people who live in the larger cities. It’s time to take another look, because this app promises what we all want: an alternative marketplace where we do not have to spend our money with organizations supporting the immoral things we abhor. They require businesses to agree to a code that specifically supports medical freedom, religious freedom, and the protection of the family, including the unborn.

At this point, there are even a few businesses listed in my small city of Tyler (pop. 105K) and many more when I search the largest nearby city (Dallas).

Download the app, or use the online page at The more people join, the greater force we can be.

Endorsement by Seth Keshel “Captain K,” an Army intelligence veteran and election integrity activist here >

Gardening Forks

Plastic forks can be a multi-tool in your garden: stability, protection and identification. I like the idea of forks being a deterrent to animals, rather than having to fence my garden in.

More clever ideas at >

Ginger Syrup For Digestion

Ginger can be effective for calming nausea, or simply improving digestion.

Here’s a recipe >

Other benefits of ginger >

Addiction Recovery

A member of the Sustainability Team has recommended the Calix Society for families who deal with addiction. Calix is a Catholic organization, “substituting the cup that stupefies for the cup that sanctifies.” The program for addicted persons and their families is founded on prayer. There are local chapters in large cities, and online meetings for everyone else. Learn more >


Despite Jesus’s admonition about worrying, and the indisputable common sense of refusing to worry about things you can’t possibly change… if there was ever a time to worry, it’s now! But even with all the toxic situations coming in from all sides, we can’t give in to anxiety. I would buy this book for the cover alone, but the reputation of author Dr. Gregory Popcak, a popular Catholic counselor well-versed in the theology of the body, would sell it as well. Maybe now is the perfect time to become “unworried.” 

Read more >


February Prayer Intentions

  • That CORAC members volunteering for all of our committees in all of our regions receive the gifts of creativity, good humor, resilience, camaraderie, and unexpected joy of spirit as we serve the Lord in these days

  • That powerful healing graces be poured upon all in need in response to the artistic Brazen Serpent Prayer Rosary PowerPoint currently being developed by the CORAC National Prayer Teams Committee

  • For travelling graces and good health for Charlie and for all CORAC members as we meet the challenges that arise right in front of us

  • For a strong, ongoing response to the current CORAC fundraising drive

  • In thanksgiving to the Lord and all of the angels and saints for the little and big “God wins” signs of the times that are appearing every day even in the darkness

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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