The soul that trusts in God has nothing to fear.

Issue #19 – October 4, 2022

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Fourteen years ago Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. Anyone paying attention to his actual policy preferencesmore >



On September 30, 34 political prisoners still being held illegally… more >


Putin’s Speech

None of us have a lot of spare reading time right now, but I think Putin’s Sept 30 speech… more >

The dress rehearsal is over;

we are now in the main event. In my little town of Tyler, things proceed more or less normally. There are few empty shelves in the stores, there are new movies coming to the theatres, the State Fair is on. Meanwhile, our government is doing what it can to provoke world war, the mRNA shots we withstood for two years are now sneaking back in flu shots and boosters, and food and energy pipelines have been perforated. Sudden “unexplained” deaths mount.

It’s like riding out Hurricane Ian on Sanibel Island. We have no control over the water or the winds; we hold on tight and pray. We hope we’ve done enough to prepare, but human effort is no match for a surging sea. As we have seen, heroes in boats, helicopters and jet skis will rush to the aid of the helpless, but there is nevertheless loss and hardship.

Events ahead will be like a storm, as Charlie has long said. We hope we have done enough to be able to wade out into the waters, and bring hope to the stranded.

Sheryl Collmer, editor



It is amazing how much one can learn by steady application… more >

From the cockpit
of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston traverses the country in his trusty Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other. Check the website for his upcoming visits >

Charlie Johnston, founder,
Corps of Renewal and Charity

Be Not Afraid

Throughout the Bible God tells us to be not afraid. Almost every time an angel appears to help someone, those are his first words. The very first words St. John Paul spoke to the world as Pope were, “Be not afraid!” The first words the archangel Gabriel spoke to Our Lady at the Annunciation were, “Be not afraid!” It is a central message throughout Scripture.

Now the world and the institutions people have relied on are rapidly and visibly crumbling. How do you confront that and manage to cast fear aside, embracing trust in God?

First, you must banish childish interpretations of “Be not afraid” that would make it to mean that nothing bad or scary will ever happen to you or that you do not have to do any work in response to God’s call – and replace it with a childlike trust in God as you go forth to do the work He lays before you. “Be not afraid” almost always precedes a command to get to work and provides the assurance that when you do, God will be with you.

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, the Lord did not promise him that there would be no challenges – even up to the Egyptian Army in hot pursuit of them up to the banks of the Red Sea. God promised that if Moses and the people would live fidelity to Him, He would be with them every step of the way. He was – and more than that. The Israelites’ fidelity to God was a fragile thing, often breached by their fear. God’s love for and fidelity to His people was steadfast and merciful. In fact, often the only thing standing between the Israelites and destruction was Moses’ determined fidelity, no matter how things appeared.

A little fidelity goes a long way with God. But it never exempts anyone from having to grapple with fearful – even mortal – dangers. Rather, “Be not afraid” directs us to the only approach that will sustain us as storms rage over us with howling fury. There is little reason to have to reassure people when nothing scary or fearful is on the horizon. Assurance is most needed in the most frightful times and circumstances.

“Be not afraid,” then, is not a trite assurance of blue skies and smooth sailing, but a command to go forth into the storm with the assurance that God is with us if we keep focused on Him. It guides us on what our approach to the storm must be. Both panic and courage are contagious. If, by your trust in God, you confront terrifying challenges with the confidence borne of that trust, you will inspire many to do the same. Alas, if you panic and flee the battle, you will frighten many into doing the same – while betraying your own lack of faith. Your steady courage under extreme duress is a profound sign of hope to everyone around you.

Do not think I mean to say that no harm will ever come to you. When you trust God fully, that means you trust that whatever happens to you in His service will help advance His plan and gain more souls to heaven. I get very annoyed with people who tell me piously that they want to be a martyr. I do NOT want to be a martyr. I hear it hurts. But I trust God. If that is the end to this world He has for me, I will go forth to it, griping and complaining about it the whole way. (I often complain to the Lord about the situations He prods me into – but I do it. I like to think all my grumbling about it amuses Him). Be not afraid is a divine call to action, with the assurance that you act in his service with your soul under His divine protection.

Be not afraid! God calls all men to salvation. Answer His call. Sound His call to all you encounter. Go forth. Be not afraid!

Charlie Johnston

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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Do these things immediately

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Probably the most important thing to do right now. Tom, the regional coordinator for Florida during Ian, has told us that local community is all you have in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. So be sure that community is strong. Make cookies and take them door-to-door. Even better, take some of your garden produce. Have a block party. Find more suggestions here >

Get Ready to Vote

True the Vote and others involved in election integrity advise us to vote in person, on Election Day. Early voting and mail-in ballots may be more convenient, but they also open the door to voter fraud. Prepare yourself to do the inconvenient thing: vote in person on November 8. It’s our best hope to Defeat the Cheat.


The price good men pay for indifference toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

  • Use cash. Resist the digital economy that will make you manipulable. Keep Cash Alive >

  • Fly the American flag. It’s a no-cost act of peaceful resistance, and an encouragement to passers-by.


On September 30, 34 political prisoners still being held illegally, unconstitutionally, cruelly, and without trial in the DC dungeons were able to publish a letter that will absolutely break your heart: for them, their families and for our country which has fallen so low. That any American citizen should be held in such filthy and meager conditions that scurvy and blindness result is not worthy of the poorest, most dictatorial regime. Please read it entirely, so you know how desperate the situation is.

When one considers a society that distinguishes itself upon the standards of a “First World Country” allocation among the other numerous Nations around the globe, while informing its citizens that they belong to a country that ensures “Liberty and Justice for All”, it’s difficult to imagine then, that The United States of America, supposedly the wealthiest Nation on the planet, would subjugate its own citizens to that of incarceration and injustice instead, all while administering medieval standards of living to the agonizing occupants of its “Correctional Facilities”.

A more accurate terminology to describe the facility and the staff that this letter has escaped the clutches of that you now read, would be to call this location an “Evisceration Facility”, of the body, mind and soul, operating as an abomination to The Law and to its Nation’s Government, which ironically lies only a handful of blocks away.

For nothing is being corrected within the forsaken concrete walls of The District of Columbia Jail. Its woeful captives are all but slowly murdered in every way except for their very soul being ripped from their famished chests on behalf of this mercilessly sinister institution.

As prisoners of this Jail, we have witnessed the horrendous treatment and have been personally afflicted by the hellacious conditions this Jail insists on tormenting its traumatized guests with. Though words will always fall short of an accurate depiction of the magnitude of pandemonium that every prisoner within these walls has had no choice but to endure, what follows is a collection of repeated offenses this Correctional Facility habitually submits upon its captives.

For if this pale dungeon of Human Rights Violations dared to summon any honesty of hard choice pertaining to the abhorrent atrocities that take place behind these unforgiving doors, they should erect a sign above the front gate that says, “Abandon All Hope, Yee Who Enter Here”. The destitute and desperate prisoners of 1901 D St. SE, Washington D.C. 20003 have and will continue to endure a combination of any and all of the following:

  • Begging for Help / Water / Medical Aid / Mercy through a 4 inch by 10 inch window of cold metal doors
  • No Visitations
  • No Religious Services
  • No Attorney Access
  • Mail delayed 3-4 months prior to delivery
  • Laundry returning with brown stains, pubic hair, and/or reeking of ripe urine
  • Worms found in salad of “Meals”
  • Inadequate calorie count of “Meals”
  • Complete lack of nourishment in “Meals”
  • Loss of Head Hair due to malnourishment of “Meals”
  • Loss of Eye Sight due to malnourishment of “Meals”
  • Suffering from Scurvy due to malnourishment of “Meals”
  • Blatant extortion via commissary in order to maintain health and or body weight
  • Rust in the Water
  • Rust in jagged metal desks in Cells
  • Rust on metal cages near face on small windows of Cells
  • Black Mold on walls of Cells
  • Black Mold on floors of Cells
  • Black Mold in vents of Cells
  • Broken Sinks in Cells
  • Broken toilets that either wont flush or repeatedly explode in Cells
  • Cockroaches in Cell / Cell Block
  • Mice in Cell / Cell Block
  • Black Mold on floors and walls of showers in Cell Block
  • Black Sewer Flies in the Shower
  • Denial of basic cleaning equipment to sanitize Living Space
  • Denial of personal grooming allowed, forced to use Nair on head and face that leaves chemical burns on skin
  • Stuck in Cells for 9 days without shower
  • Improper Medical Care
  • Medical Care arriving months later, or none at all
  • Lead Paint inside Cell / Cell Block
  • No Access to Discovery
  • No Legal Support such as laptops, printers, copiers
  • Denial of Legal Mentors
  • Vaccine Requirements for Visitations
  • Vaccine Requirements for Visitors
  • Vaccine Requirements for Haircuts
  • Vaccine Requirements for Religious Services
  • Vaccine Requirements for speaking with Lawyers in person
  • C.R.T. Propaganda on Tablets
  • Re-Education Propaganda on Tablets
  • Lack of Legal Documentation on Tablets
  • Racially Biased information on Tablets
  • Removal of Internet Access / Booster for Educational Tablets
  • Solitary Confinement for 25 ó hours or more at a time
  • Outdoor Rec denied arbitrarily
  • Entry to Congressmen & Women who came to check on us Denied
  • Repeatedly Mocked and or Insulted for our skin color or “Religious” documentation
  • Compared to “Beasts”, “Dogs” and “Hogs” by “The Final Call” Magazine
  • Politically mocked by staff with Democrat, Black Lives Matter, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden related attire
  • Sent to “The Hole” if we express any political views whatsoever
  • Racially Profiled by Guards
  • Sleeping on the job by Guards
  • Denial of hot water by Guards
  • Prevented from attending court dates by Guards
  • Homosexual and/or Verbal Assaults by Guards
  • Maced by Guards
  • Physically Harassed by Guards
  • Assaulted by Guards
  • Cell Invasions in the middle of the night by Guards
  • Grievous Beatings by Guards
  • Threatened with and or Nearly Stabbed with “12 Inch Knives”
  • Trials Postponed for at least 6 Months or almost a Year
  • Bond / Bail continually Denied
  • Removal of Internet Access of Clear Tablets
  • Removal of Access to Attorney
  • Removal of Access to Law Library
  • Removal of Access to Worship Services
  • Removal of Access to Grievance Forms on Tablets

It is because of this extensive report of complaints and afflictions upon those held prisoners here in the District of Columbia Jail, that not only compel us to alert the world of the diabolical conditions this “correctional facility” continues to crush all of its detainees with, but also as political prisoners on American soil, who have been unjustly and unfairly incarcerated,  relentlessly burdened by selective prosecution, slandered and vilified by mainstream and social media, deliberately accosted with death threats from within the jail and received threats upon our homes and families through the mail, ALL extending from a political nature or affiliation, We hereby request to spend our precious and limited days, should the government continue to insist on holding us captive unconstitutionally as pre-trial detainees, to be transferred and reside at Guantanamo Bay, a detention facility that actually provides nutritional meals, routine sunlight exposure, top notch medical care, is respectful of religious requirements, has centers for exercise/entertainment for its detainees despite the fact that those residents are malicious terrorists, real members of the Taliban, and few are United States Citizens, instead of remaining trapped within the wretched confines of cruel and unusual punishment of the DC Jail.

(Signed) Brian Mann, Pete Schwartz, Brandon Fellows, Jeffrey McKellop, Andrew Taake, Scott Fairlamb, Daniel Caldwell, Ryan Nichols, Sr., Joseph Padilla, Guy Reffitt, Troy Smocks, Chris Quaglin, Sean McHugh, Shane J. Jenkins, Dominic Pezzola, Edward Lang, Peter F. Stager, James McGrew, William Chrestman, Ronnie Sandlin, Nathaniel Degrave, Jorden Mink, Cleveland Grover Meredith, Jr., Alan Byerly, Thomas Ballard, Julian Elie Khater, Marshall Neefe, Jonathan Mellis, Robert Gieswein, Kelly Meggs, Jessica Watkins, Kenneth Harrelson, Garrett Miller, David Dempsey

Write your Congressmen, and DEMAND, BEG, APPEAL to them to, for God’s sake, do something. I’m glad to say that these men have been assigned out to CORAC correspondents. If you’ve taken a J6 penpal, write regularly. They are likely suffering reprisals for this letter, so it would not be prudent to mention it. Just keep assuring them that we have not forgotten them. The prisoners are pinning their hopes on a changed situation after November 8, and I pray they get it.

You can get information about a particular prisoner at these sites:

One of the best thing you can send, besides prayers, are puzzles. Try these sites for printable games you can send:


Homesteading skills are pure gold, but these skills are no longer being passed from parent to child. Join CORAC Region 8 on November 5 to recover some of these skills. Charlie Johnston and Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God will speak, and a dozen or so presenters will help us learn the basics of radio, foraging, home defense, cleaning fish and game, preserving foods, gardening, water sourcing and purification, and more!

First Saturday Mass will be celebrated onsite, and lunch and dinner are included in the $20 registration fee. We are going to have a great time in Lindale, Texas, about 15 miles north of Tyler! There is a cap on registration, so register soon. See more details here >


Health & Wellness

See the webpage for foraging, homeopathy and general health instruction.

Flu Shot

Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Vernon Coleman and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty have all warned that this year’s flu shot may contain mRNA to code for covid antigens in addition to the usual poorly-predicted influenza antigens. I have not been able to find anything “official” that confirms this, but then I didn’t really expect to. The drug manufacturers lied for two years about the covid shot, the package circulars were blank, and only now are they being forced to quietly admit to some of the more egregious harms. Beware. If you’ve remained pureblood until now, don’t blow it for a shot that is only about 20% effective in a good year.

This year’s flu shot is something completely different from all past years if it contains mRNA. That’s a whole new level of danger, but even the old shots were not beneficial to us. See the stats here >

COVID Boosters

It should go without saying to avoid covid boosters. The new booster was approved with zero human testing. (It was, however, tested on 8 mice, all of whom got sick. Are there any further questions about the FDA’s concern with safety?)

Read more >

Recovering From the Vaxx

If you know anyone suffering from adverse vaxx events (and we all do,) steer them to the I-Recover protocol on the FLCC website. These are the doctors we trusted for the real, effective treatments, when it cost them their careers to treat us. I would trust the Front-Line COVID Critical Care Alliance on all things covid.

Read more >

The good docs at FLCCC also have a protocol for those suffering from prolonged covid symptoms (“long covid”):

Read more >

Antibiotics in a Pinch

Antibiotics are one medical advance it would be hard to do without. Some people would like to have them on-hand, just in case medical care is not available. There is a way to do that, and let me be perfectly clear… I am not recommending it; I am just putting out the information for those who want to try it.

Jase Medical is based in Utah, founded by Dr. Shawn Rowland, a board-certified family physician in that state. You fill out a medical questionnaire online, and allow it to be reviewed by the doctors at Jase, to pinpoint any obvious contra-indications. After approval, you receive 5 commonly-used antibiotics (amoxicillin, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, doxycycline, and metronidazole.) They are meant for situations in which a doctor is not available, not to replace standard medical care.

** They will also fill prescriptions for emergency backup supplies of prescriptions you are already taking. This will not be paid by insurance or Medicare, obviously, but might be worth checking if you are on anything life-critical. Remember that the vast majority of our prescriptions come from China (you know, the same China that Pelosi taunted by visiting Taiwan.)

Due diligence advised, but this website seems to be doing a booming business. At first, I was leery to order drugs over the internet, this is really not any different from the lifesaving meds that telehealth doctors prescribed for people with the China virus.

Review of Jase Medical >

The VAERS Red Box Report

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System issues a report each week with current stats on vaccine damage. Harvard researchers have stated that VAERS only accounts for 1-10% of true adverse events, which means the true damage could be 10 to 100 times the numbers shown here. This is America only; the worldwide numbers are even more horrifying. Numbers being reported now include the new bivalent booster.

Our World in Data

68% of the world’s population has now taken at least one dose of a covid shot (that’s nearly 5 billion people)

12.75 billion doses have been given worldwide, with 3.5 million new doses given every day

COVID Vaccinations >

Sustainable Living & Survival Skills


Homesteading Skills

It is amazing how much one can learn by steady application. Subscribe to the 52-Skills-In-A-Year emails, and learn one new thing each week. If you think you can learn faster, check out the book where all 52 are detailed in one place. 

The Bounty of Nature

What God has given us in Nature can solve many of the problems that we unthinkingly buy commercial products for. I present this, not as an advertisement for bananas (which might not be available if supply chains break) but as one example of the way God has built human well-being into the universe. Banana peels are usually thrown away, but look at the many things they are good for. Challenge your thinking about commercial pharmaceuticals.

  • Treat itches, burns, insect bites and poison ivy/oak. Press the interior of the peel on the affected area.
  • Remove splinters. Enzymes in the peel soften the skin, and gradually force the splinter to rise to the surface. For shallow splinters, 15 minutes will do. Leave the peel on overnight for deeper splinters.
  • Skin health. Applying peel directly to skin can enhance collagen production. It also treats acne.
  • Migraine headaches. Lay a frozen banana peel on your head and neck. Potassium is absorbed into your skin, and will alleviate the headache.
  • Plant fertilizer. Soak the peel in water and blend, then bury near the base of the plant.

See more here >

On the Other Hand…

Be sober and informed when you are foraging or trying a natural remedy for the first time. There are plenty of natural substances that are toxic to human beings. On a foraging trip this week, I found a beautiful new berry growing on the side of the trail. I put some in my bag, getting lovely burgundy juice all over my hands. Before I licked my fingers, I did a quick search on my phone, and found them to be pokeberries, which are toxic to humans.

If you’re a new forager depending solely on your phone for plant identification, think about getting printed materials specific to your location. Here are a few regional ones:

Make Gardening Easy

A member from Region 2 brought the YouTube channel of Robbie and Gary to my attention. Everything I’ve learned from them has been easy, cheap, effective and pure gold. Especially if you’re a new gardener, here’s a way to “shortcut” the long trial-and-error initiation to the art of Growing Stuff. 

Read more >

Rechargeable Batteries

More and more devices and appliances use rechargeable batteries, and special care is needed. For example, never leave a battery recharging while you are away; defective batteries can cause fires. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a long list of reported battery-related incidents that occurred while an electronic device was in use, being stored and during battery charging.

Consumer Safety Tips >

Non-Lethal Self Defense

Byrna Launchers look like firearms, but are non-lethal self-defense devices that launch a pellet with the ability to disable a bad guy at 60 feet, from both percussive impact and a chemical irritant. They don’t have to be registered, and cost in the range of an inexpensive pistol. Would they be effective against a drug-crazed intruder? I don’t know, but they do provide an alternative for those who don’t want to handle firearms. Besides the pistol, they also make a non-lethal tactical rifle and several other clever self-defense gadgets.

Check them out here >


The 4-part Communications series is up on the website, and well worth a look for anyone interested in radio at any level.

Check it out here >


For those new to radio communications, studying for a technician’s license is a good way to learn about radio, even if you do not plan to sit the licensing exam.

A good place to start is shortwave listening. The equipment is not expensive and you don’t need a license. Check out “How To Get Started in Shortwave Listening” here >

The quality of your antenna setup can make the difference between fun and frustration. Read more about antennae here >

International SW frequency list >


If you’re a homeschooler or considering it, you’ll enjoy the Homeschooling Stories being posted on this page. Also of interest is the Catholic Homeschool Mentoring Outline.

Crisis Scenarios

The team has provided PDF checklists for Power Outages and Civil Unrest. Go now and print them out!

Lt. Col. Kirby Bowling, of Region 3, recently gave a presentation at a Health Freedom event in Annapolis, MD, entitled “Taking Care of Yourself in Turbulent Times.” This is great information, as none of us operate optimally when we’re under great stress, unless we take pro-active steps. Now is the time to truly take care of ourselves, so that we’re functional for others.


Putin’s Speech

None of us have a lot of spare reading time right now, but I think Putin’s Sept 30 speech, on the occasion of welcoming the four territories back to Russian citizenship, is worthy of about 10 minutes. The same people who forced a dangerous experimental injection on the American public and military now tell us to hate Putin with all our might and color him a lunatic. That’s rich, considering who we have in leadership. The Guardian says Putin is more like an angry taxi driver than a head of state. Read the text, and decide for yourself. These words may play a big part in our future.

Read more >

Some highlights:

“Our compatriots, our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are part of our united people have seen with their own eyes what the ruling class of the so-called West have prepared for humanity as a whole. They have dropped their masks and shown what they are really made of.”

“The dictatorship of the Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. This is a complete denial of humanity, the overthrow of faith and traditional values. Indeed, the suppression of freedom itself has taken on the features of a religion: outright Satanism.”

“Do we really want, here, in our country, in Russia, instead of ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, to have ‘parent number one’, ‘parent number two’, ‘number three’? Have they gone completely insane? Do we really want it drilled into children in our schools that there are supposedly genders besides women and men, and be offered the chance to undergo sex change operations?”

“There is every reason to believe that the Western elites are not going to look for constructive ways out of the global food and energy crisis that they, and they alone, are to blame for. People cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros, and the virtual, inflated capitalization of Western social media companies can’t heat their homes.”

“We have many like-minded people in Europe and the United States, and we feel and see their support.”

“The ongoing collapse of Western hegemony is irreversible. And I repeat: things will never be the same.”

Meloni’s Speech

Here’s another international politician we are instructed to revile and distrust, the new prime minister of Italy. Listen to her words, not to the screeching media who are so afraid of her. Twitter took this speech down for “violating community guidelines” and the Washington Post, a former news outlet, said the speech didn’t make sense. She is despised by all the right people. Here’s a partial transcription of her speech at the World Council of Families :

“Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer: because it is our identity. Because everything that identifies us is now an enemy to those who would like us to no longer have an identity, and to simply be perfect consumer slaves. And so they attack national identity, religious identity, gender identity, and family identity. I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No, I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number, because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators, the perfect consumer. That’s why we inspire so much fear, because we do not want to be numbers. We will defend the value of the human being. Every single human being. Because each of us have a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable, and like it or not, that is sacred. We will defend it. We will defend God, country and family, those things that disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom; that is our mission. Chesterton wrote, more than a century ago, ‘Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.” That time has arrived. We are ready.”

Full video is here >

It remains to be seen whether Giorgia Meloni will remain true to her words, but she has begun well.


Scare event: an event so fearsome that it wakes up masses of people to the true nature of the evil we are confronting. Examples would be a complete financial collapse or a nuclear strike. The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was a scare event because it motivated a previously comfortable and indifferent nation to realize the danger posed by the Imperial Navy and other Axis powers. A scare event is frightening, all-consuming and unifying.

Precipice: the point at which we either take action, or perish. A scare event drives people to the precipice, at which people are willing to forgo their comfort, and fight. Many think we are approaching the precipice right now.

This Is Our Government

The Biden administration has taken care to appoint people to executive posts that we would not ever want our children to encounter. These individuals actually do have qualifications, but why is immorality the common theme in this administration?

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, White House Monkeypox Coordinator, gay activist and reputed satanist.

Transgender individual, Dr. Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, with Sam Brinton.

Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary in the Department of Energy, LGBTQ activist and drag queen.

Bioweapons Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

Dr. Lee Vliet has been one of the most compassionate and active of the trustworthy doctors. She helped me get a special needs patient into contact with Dr. McCullough. She founded the Truth for Health Foundation, which has helped countless patients. On this video, she discusses what the FDA has teed up for us in the future.

Read more >

True Health vs. Government Advice

Pretty much nothing the government has told us in the last two years about health has been true. Here, Dr. Simon Goddek gives healthier alternatives to the nonsense the government is peddling: ten tips to avoid getting sick.

Read more >

Safe and Effective… Not

Here is a 55-minute movie that looks at the C19 vaccine injuries, as well as an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them, analysis of pharmaceutical trials, and the role of Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject. Some viewers have said it is a good tool for talking to loved ones who still believe that it’s “safe and effective.”

Read more >

The Great Reset Explained

It is so essential that we inform ourselves about the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. They have already placed enough disciples in world government to have pulled off the whole worldwide covid crisis, and much more is in the works.

Watch the whole video (17 minutes) >

They are clearly telling us what they have planned. This is not a sci-fi movie or a conspiracy theory. We see the Great Reset gearing up in every major country in the world, right this moment. Be aware.

Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum:

It’s now 600 highly-educated people around the world who set the rules. This is very disturbing progress for many people; they feel overwhelmed. This creates a tendency to nationalism, fundamentalism, you want to go back to the old world. That may be one of the reasons for the success of candidate Trump. With all the current issues on our agenda, we tend to forget that we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, which accelerates global change in much more comprehensive and faster ways than the previous three revolutions. The fourth revolution doesn’t change what you’re doing; it changes you.

Noah Yuval Harrari, chief advisor to the World Economic Forum:

Maybe in a couple of decades, when people look back, what they will remember from the covid crisis, is that it was the moment that everything went digital, that everything became monitored, that we agreed to be surveilled, not just in authoritarian regimes, but also in democracies. And most important of all, this was the moment when surveillance started going under the skin. It’s possible for the first time in history to follow everybody all the time.

In a time of crisis, you can do reforms that otherwise people would never agree to.

We need to realize that humans are now hackable animals, through a two-way communication between brains and computers. This is a watershed moment. The whole idea that humans have this soul, this spirit, free will, nobody knows what’s happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the election or in the supermarket, this is my free will… that’s over.

With the rise of brain-computer interfaces and biometrics it is very likely that within 50 years people will literally be part of a network, and you won’t be able to survive if you are disconnected from the network because your own body parts, your own nervous system will depend on being constantly connected to the colony.

Data processing is the new source of authority. Don’t listen to the Bible, don’t listen to your feelings. Listen to Amazon, listen to Google. They know you better than you know yourself, and they can make better decisions on your behalf than you can. You don’t have any answer in the Bible for what to do when humans are no longer useful for the economy. The biggest question in economics and politics in the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people.

Elon Musk, founder of Neuralink, Open AI and CEO of Tesla:

You can basically do anything with synthetic RNA, DNA. It’s like a computer program. With enough effort, it’s probably not too crazy, you could stop aging, reverse it if you want. You can turn someone into a butterfly with the right DNA sequence.

See the webpage for the Catechism series and other prayer topics.  Prayer Teams >

Sonya Corbitt, the Bible Evangelista, has several helpful Bible study series that speak to exactly where we are right now:

October Prayer Intentions

Please keep these intentions in your daily prayers.

  • For CORAC members, that those who are already active be sustained and infused with renewed vigor and that ALL of us support the leadership and our purpose by continuing to be or becoming members who do things and tell the stories of how God is at work in our good works

  • That while we engage in the good deeds which are bringing God’s Kingdom more fully, we never lose sight of our First Love

  • For a strong, ongoing response to CORAC fundraising efforts

  • For those affected by Hurricane Ian as the clean up and rebuilding continue

  • That we embrace Charlie’s call to “… stand together effectively rather than just curse the darkness. Let us be the light to a world in darkness that many may find their way back to health and hope.”

  • That each of us carves out time for silence and contemplation with the Lord, every day, giving Him opportunities to calm us, steady us and focus us for each next right step

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members

    St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
    St. Michael, defend us.
    St. Raphael, protect us.
    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!


    I Used Cash Today For a Reason

    Print out a sheet of these cards and give one to every business that you transact with in cash.

    Download cards >

    The Stay-in Bin

    Most of us will stay at home in a crisis, so we don’t need a Bug-out Bag; we need a Stay-in Bin. This is just the basics.

    ___ Protein sources: tuna, Spam, salmon, other canned/pouch meats
    ___ Fat sources: olive oil (healthiest of the oils), mixed nuts
    ___ Carb sources: canned or dried fruits and vegetables
    ___ Coffee: you get 15 times as many cups per ounce from instant as from grounds
    ___ Garlic: strong anti-inflammatory, keeps colds at bay, adds interest to food
    ___ Dark chocolate: anti-oxidant, feel-good treat
    ___ Vitamins: at minimum, C, D3, zinc and quercetin
    ___ First Aid kit, supplemented by Neosporin, Advil and Advil PM
    ___ Lifestraw: water purification (also Katadyn or Sawyer)
    ___ Heavy duty Hefty bags: sanitation
    ___ Pocket knife or multi-tool
    ___ Duct tape: 101 uses
    ___ Tactical flashlight
    ___ Portable radio, AM/FM at least (crank style is good option)
    ___ Batteries
    ___ Sewing kit
    ___ Toilet paper, and torn-apart t-shirts for re-useable “sanitation cloths”
    ___ Plastic drop cloths: for catching rain, sealing gaps in doors and windows
    ___ Binder clips: modern man’s answer to clothespins
    ___ Bleach: disinfectant, water purification
    ___ Lighter: for your portable stove, sterilizing needles
    ___ Cash: it may still have some value
    ___ Large storage bin: can be used with plastic sheet for rainwater collection

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