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December 13, 2022″

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With Christmas coming, it’s harder to focus on the vicious fight before us. I don’t really want to think about controlled food shortages, artificial wombs, child trafficking on social media sites or the treason of our “leaders.” On the other hand, I’m wary that those evil ones will take advantage of our holiday inattention. Nevertheless it’s a matter of priorities: my Jesus trumps your central bank digital currency, so to speak. Therefore, this newsletter will be “lite,” and another won’t come out until the New Year. May we all find a holy balance this Christmas. God bless us, every one!

Sheryl Collmer, editor


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The perfect action for Christmas is to USE CASH. Everyone can do it… more >


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Christmas Reading

The holidays are the perfect time to catch up with great books, and they make welcome presents, too. more >


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Check out these gift sites for apparel, jigsaw puzzles, heavenly coffee blends and more… more >


The Twitter Files

It’s better than a James Bond movie. Elon Musk is systematically exposing what’s been going on at Twitter for the last few years... more >

They’re Doing
It Again

Two months ago, the same bad players who staged a simulation game in October 2019 for a coronavirus outbreak… more >


Mild enteroviruses cause flu-like symptoms: runny nose, cough, sneezing, body aches… more >

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston traverses the country in his trusty Outback to speak personally to crowds from one coast to the other.

All In The Family

I have always loved Christmas. My Dad said I was the most frustrating of his kids in that respect. He liked to find what a kid wanted most for Christmas, then give everything out except that one gift (which he had conveniently hidden in another room). After the kid’s face fell, thinking he just wasn’t going to get it, Dad would “remember” one more gift. He just LOVED the delight on the child’s face when what they thought was lost was there all along.

One year I wanted a bicycle. So Dad carefully hid it. With both irritation and pride, he would tell people how my face never fell because I was too busy gleefully organizing the rest of the kids into playing board games after presents were opened. He finally gave up on getting my face to fall and went to get my bike. Bringing it out, he said I looked back, said, “Thanks, Dad,” and went right back to the game with my brothers. Of course, Dad illustrated the story with a lot of wild hand gyrations and facial mugs. He concluded by telling people that what I seemed most to love was Christmas, itself.

That was true. I loved the music, the food, the lights, the enthusiasm – and all the trappings more than anything else. Most of all, that God, Himself, came as a little baby to make common cause with us mesmerized me. I mean, how cool is that?!

Even as a little boy I would get mad at people who made it out as if Jesus were just God in a Halloween mask – and never really suffered or felt the pains and pangs, sufferings and longings that all of us did. For a time, I thought that the eternal son became man so He could see what it was like. Then I realized that He already knew, as He knows all things. Rather, He became one with us – and the lowliest of us – to make common cause with us. He did not come to rule us (that was already beyond dispute as the Eternal Son), but to be with us, to live in solidarity with us.

I have come to understand in a very deep way that, from the moment of His Divine Conception, the Eternal Son emptied Himself for a time and became fully part of the family of man. That is incredible – and brings incredible consequences. From the moment of creation, the satan had waged unrelenting war on man. With the Divine Conception, for the satan to continue this war was to make war on God, Himself, for God had made Himself one with the family of man.

It came full circle on the first Easter Sunday when Our Lord was resurrected. In overcoming death itself as a man, Jesus gave us the means – and an invitation – to become part of the family of God. The Angels are part of the Household of God – and highly favored members of that Household. But we are invited to be members of the family in that Household, full heirs of the Kingdom.

Most of us have family members who suffer from some disorder or dysfunction, often self-imposed. We do not pray for the destruction of that family member, but for their reclamation into the circle around the hearthstone. Neither do we willingly allow them to hurt other members of the family, but protect those innocently vulnerable members. We know the little foibles of our kin and make allowances for such. In fact, some of those little foibles are what bind them even deeper in our affections.

I hate pious-sounding but trite – and often errant – sentimentality. One of the phrases which irritates me to no end is when someone says we are all “children of God.” That is not what the Bible says. Oh, we are all created by God…and we can all become children of God. But we have a choice. We can follow God (or the good implanted in us if we lack sufficient knowledge of Him – for no one is bereft of the knowledge of the good implanted in him) or we can become slave of our own appetites. As it is written in John 1:12, “…to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God.” Before Christ, all could be followers of God. With Christ, all can become children of God. (Nothing is lost

in God’s economy. All are alive to God – and all those who walked this earth before Christ came gained power to become children of God when He came.)

But you can become a child of the satan by rejecting God, either overtly or through your actions. Contrary to popular belief, the only kingdom the satan will ever have is this world – which is part of why he wars so relentlessly against those who embrace God. Choose to lie, cheat, steal and oppress others for advancement in this transient kingdom, and you have chosen a dark father, indeed. I sometimes think the major difference between the satan and those who make themselves his acolytes in this world (either consciously or implicitly) is that he knows that all this is ultimately doomed – and those who choose it above all else are doomed with it. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be. How sorrowful to choose doom because it gives transient advantage!

Christmas is, first and foremost, a family celebration. It is a time of epiphany when the family of God and the family of man become one. But we are only given power to choose our place at the family table, not forced to sit there. Let us reflect this Christmas on the magnitude of the dignity and joy our Lord has won for us – and resolve to bring more people joyfully to the family table, without ever enabling the evil that assaults them. Let us pray that the Lord will make of each of us a divine spark, carrying the light of Christ far and wide throughout the world, giving new hope, new joy, new resolve, new love to all who encounter us. Let us resolve to bring more out of the cold into the warmth of the family of God. For He has given us power to become heirs in His Household.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Charlie Johnston

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

CORAC Briefs

Take a “short course” with Charlie on specific subjects:

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A Sign of Hope Blog


The price good men pay for indifference toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

The perfect action for Christmas is to USE CASH. Everyone can do it, and in the “season of spending,” it’s a powerful step. The CBDC is slated for 2023; once it’s upon us, your spending, and thus your life choices, will be surveilled and controllable

––– USE CASH –––

Here’s what’s happening in Nigeria right now: the Central Bank has applied limits to bank withdrawals and the government is limiting cash transactions to $45/day. This is to force citizens to accept the CBDC. If you adopt the e-Naira, their CBDC, you’ll be able to spend more. One thing COVID should have taught us is that there are worldwide powers at work, so if this happens in Nigeria, you can bet it’s in the works for the rest of the world too.

Read more >

The more of the country’s economy is already cash-based, the harder it will be to shut down. Resist the digital economy that will make you easy to control. 

Global Walkout >


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For yourself or someone you love

The holidays are the perfect time to catch up with great books, and they make welcome presents, too. Check these out:

The Catechism of the Spiritual Life, the newest book by Cardinal Robert Sarah, shows us how to enter into and progress through the spiritual life. He notes that the goal of this book is “to accompany all those who have set their hearts on responding to God’s love with a full, happy, fruitful life that will culminate in the eternal happiness of contemplating Him.” Cardinal Sarah has also given us God or Nothing, The Power of Silence, and The Day Is Now Far Spent, all classics of spiritual reading available from Ignatius.

Catechism of the Spiritual Life >

The Catholic Mass, published this year by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, is a testament to the centrality of the Mass in the Catholic life. He writes, “The Mass is the greatest and most important work of the Church.” We’ve lost that sense in the last fifty years, and no one is better than Bishop Schneider at presenting the simple profound truths of the Faith in a way we all recognize when we read them, like waking up from a troubling dream.

The Catholic Mass >

The World of Marian Apparitions is a stunningly illustrated and detailed account of some of the apparitions of the last century: Fatima, Akita, Banneux, Tre Fontane, and a bunch you probably hadn’t heard of before. Maps, photos, eyewitness accounts, and the finest classical art. This is a treasure, and something you’ll enjoy paging through at Christmas time.

The World of Marian Apparitions >

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary, by Brant Pitre, one of the best theologians on Old Testament sources of Catholic faith. This book was commended by Cardinal George Pell of Australia when he was suffering through his unjust imprisonment. Dr. Pitre uses the Old Testament and ancient Judaism to unlock how the Bible itself teaches that Mary is in fact the new Eve, the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, and the new Ark of the Covenant. Autographed by author.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary >

For Love Of My People I Will Not Keep Silent: on the situation of the Church in China. With his recent trial and conviction in China, Cardinal Joseph Zen is in the news. He is a credible witness to what is happening in China, especially in the relationship between the underground Church and the government-controlled “Patriotic Church.” This book is very timely.

For Love Of My People I Will Not Keep Silent >

A Voice in the Wilderness, the collected essays of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó since his bombshell McCarrick exposé in 2018. Viganó has been one of the few voices in the hierarchy over the past few years who can always be trusted to speak his mind openly. He told the truth about covid, the vaxxes, the global network of criminals who are intent on the demise of free people and the Church. He is “that rarest of mortal men: one who speaks the truth whatever the cost to his career or his standing with his fellow bishops.”

A Voice In The Wilderness >

Other Catholic Christmas gifts…

Catholic socks come in Adult, Adult XL and kid sizes. Holy Spirit, Miraculous Medal, St. Thérése, Sacred Heart and more. Adult $16; kids $12.

Catholic.store >

Viva Christo Rey! scarf. Acrylic knit,

60” long. One size, $25

Shop.SaintBenedict >

1000-piece Mysteries of the Rosary jigsaw puzzles. $19 each or $90 for all five Joyful mysteries. Great family activity!

Catholic Company >

Catholic coffee that is a joy to wake up to! Many saints available, like St. Thérèse French Roast, St. Michael Dark Roast, St. Patrick irish Cream and Sleeping St. Joseph Decaf. $15 each, or variety packs of 4 for $63.

Catholic Company >


The Twitter Files

It’s better than a James Bond movie. Elon Musk is systematically exposing what’s been going on at Twitter for the last few years. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on Twitter before, or what you think of Musk; this is big and it concerns everyone. The evidence has so far proven collusion between Democrat elites and Twitter to manipulate elections, block information and users that don’t fit the masquerade, ban a sitting President with millions of followers, lie about January 6, and provide a forum for child sex predators. And there is more coming. Musk has promised to show the conspiracy between government and Twitter to deceive the public about covid, its origins, Fauci the Detestable, and early treatment.

Drop 1 – Suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story
Drop 2 – Twitter’s Secret Blacklists
Drop 3 – The Removal of Donald Trump, part 1
Drop 4 – Removal of Trump, part 2
Drop 5 – Removal of Trump, part 3

Read them all here >
(Link to Drop 5 includes links to the prior 4 drops.)

Stay tuned to sites like those below for latest news:

It’s going to get even wilder when the covid drops occur.

Vaccine Roundtable

You may remember that Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) was the only member of Congress who would talk to vaxxinjured people in 2021, and give them a forum. He recently held another roundtable on vaccines, and many of the doctors we have come to trust were in attendance: Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Lt. Col. Theresa Long. 

The Vaxx Is a Military Project

Read more >

They’re Doing It Again

Two months ago, the same bad players who staged a simulation game in October 2019 for a coronavirus outbreak, staged another simulation, this one for an enterovirus. They gamed the virus as one targeting children particularly, with a higher fatality rate than covid, and originating in Brazil. The players, who seem to think the world is their private playset, are the WHO, the Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

So… that’s interesting. Brazil was recently delivered into the hands of a convicted criminal through a stolen election; Brazil was one of the countries calling for investigation into the US biolabs in Ukraine; and Brazil happens to host one of six US military biolabs conducting infectious disease research.


Mild enteroviruses cause flu-like symptoms: runny nose, cough, sneezing, body aches. Ten to fifteen million Americans per year get infected, with the majority having no symptoms. Children and immunocompromised people are at risk for more severe symptoms. Unlike the virus believed to cause covid, enteroviruses can survive on surfaces, and the virus has a long incubation period: symptoms may occur 3 days to 3 weeks after initial exposure. If an enterovirus has been enhanced by gainof-function, it could be a something-burger.

As with covid, your best defense is probably to have a robust immune system: good sleep, nutritious diet, daily exercise. And do something about anxiety. For us, the rosary is perfect for tuning out fears and resting in Divine Providence. Spiritual reading, Lectio Divina, adoration… the Church has given us a portfolio of means to rest calmly with God.

  • That CORAC members throughout the world demonstrate the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” (Galatians 5:22–23), that we might be a sign of hope to those around us in frightening and confusing times

  • For all CORAC members to be guided by the Holy Spirit in discerning “the next right step” in our daily lives as we live the Prayer of Doing

  • For traveling graces for Charlie and for all CORAC members as we enter winter-weather months

  • For a strong, ongoing response to the current CORAC fundraising drive

  • That each of us, daily, “rest awhile” with the Lord and receive spiritual encouragement and strength

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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