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There will come a time, I believe, when the words “covid-nineteen” will have the same chilling effect on people that the word “Auschwitz” does now. And in fact, there are many similarities between the authoritarian clampdown we have allowed in the last three years, and the situation of the Jews in the late 1930s and 40s. If that sounds hair-on-fire to you, check out the documentary, “Never Again Is Now Global.” It’s a significant investment of time to watch the entire thing, but it will open your eyes to the true nature of the situation we’re in. Never Again is Now Global >

Sheryl Collmer, editor
February 14, 2023


Chatting With Charlie

Charlie and Joe answer seven listener questions (50 minutes)… more >


A Sign of Hope

Keep up with all the latest articles from Charlie’s blog… more >


Go Eat Bugs

The World Economic Forum is pushing the consumption of bugs rather than meat as a protein source… more >

If You’re a Rad Trad and Get a Knock on Your Door

This video is an interview with Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI special agent and federal whistleblower… more >


3-6-9 Checking In

We have one small community called Pelayo in Virginia which is doing amazing things to build and sustain… more >

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those anticipating the Storm.

Making the Lame Walk

I sometimes ask the Lord why He did not allow things to come to a head for this storm while I was younger and all my moving parts worked the way they are supposed to. It sure would have been a lot easier on me. But then it occurs to me that persisting through my struggles is a sign of hope to many. I mask my frailty and my chronic pain pretty well, but people can see how I often struggle with simple physical tasks. And then it becomes both a sign of hope and a prod to them. After all, they figure, if old Charlie can persist, so can they. I was thinking last week that sometimes what cripples us is simple fear over how big and hard the challenges before us are. So if I inspire someone to action by my persistence, aren’t I participating with the Lord in helping the lame to walk?

None are so deaf as those who will not hear. Yet if we ask questions that force ideologues to confront the internal contradictions of their narrative, aren’t we participating with the Lord in helping them to hear? First they hear themselves. If they have any decency, they are embarrassed – and then they can begin to hear others in their effort to cast off the shame of their constant cant.

None are so blind as those who will not see. Yet as the ideologues in media, big tech and social media are losing their jobs in massive numbers because of the depredations they have forced on all of us, doesn’t it force them to see beyond their sloganeering to the actual effects of their ideology?

It is a funny thing about a great train locomotive. When it is stopped, it takes an enormous amount of effort and persistence to get it going. But once it is going, it takes an enormous effort and great persistence to stop it.

Leftist ideologues have been expending enormous effort for generations to put a stop to the policies, faith and shared values that made America a great nation under God. Heaven knows that we are not just stopped right now; we are being pushed backwards into a dystopian medieval nightmare. It will take a lot of sustained effort to get this locomotive back on track and moving forward. So what is our call?

With persistent fortitude we are called to get those shouting silly platitudes to hear; to get those blinded by ideology to see the world as it is and as it can be under God; to inspire those frozen by lassitude to new hope and new action, doing the little right  in front of them. We are called to go forth and participate with the Lord in giving new sight to the blind, new hearing to the deaf, and making the lame to walk – all in service to Our Lord and to each other.

We ask the Lord for a miracle. Now He whispers to us, “You be the miracle.”

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Latest Podcast

Charlie and Joe answer seven listener questions (50 minutes).

Charlie’s Quick Briefs

4 – 6 minutes each.

A Sign of Hope Blog

Charlie’s Upcoming Meetings

Charlie is now in the eastern part of the country, in Kentucky and Tennessee. Check for future locations near you.


  • Use cash. Resist the digital economy that will make you easy to control.
  • Pray the rosary in a group publicly.
  • Check in with your neighbors. Take note of who may be a shut-in or single mom, and what their needs are.
  • Recruit a team. Have others willing to mobilize to help neighbors in need. Host a barbeque or block party.
  • Spend time in Adoration. You can pray with a live cam if you can’t physically get to an Adoration chapel. Thereare several listed here: Virtual Adoration >


New topics include radiation fallout kit, and comfrey salve for pain relief.

Check out the Friday Challenges, bite-sized steps toward readiness for anything!

Continuing series on using radio, creating emergency plan using GMRS radios.

How to start homeschooling, even if you thought you couldn’t, plus homeschool mentoring.

Download emergency checklists for power outages and civil unrest if you haven’t yet.

Download the Surrender Novena and watch the Catechism series.


Climate Change

It’s being used to manipulate the public already, and is waiting in the wings to usher in digital passports, carbon allowances, 15-minute cities and all sorts of things that will relieve us of our freedoms. You notice they’re no longer calling it “global warming.” It was getting to be uncomfortably difficult to shoot down all the evidence that the globe is indeed not warming at all, so they changed terms (just like the term “vaccine” was changed to incorporate drugs that did not, in fact, prevent disease.) Now we are meant to be frightened by “climate change.” Whut?? The climate has always and forever changed. Get informed about climate change because it’s the Next Thing that will be used to restrict our liberties. More info at Beginner’s Guide to Climate Change > 

Go Eat Bugs – It’s Not a Joke

The World Economic Forum is pushing the consumption of bugs rather than meat as a protein source. To most people, this still sounds like a joke. I assure you, it’s not. Cricket flour has already been introduced into school snacks in many countries, including Australia and Canada. The European Union has just approved the use of insects in baked goods and pasta, without specific labelling required, though the same people who react to shellfish are likely to be allergic to insects. Be aware of the term, acheta domesticus on ingredient lists; it’s house crickets. Crickets are the most common insects in food currently, followed by grasshoppers and mealworms.

Like the plan for vaccine uptake, the WEF would prefer that we conform voluntarily. And people do seem to be rushing to be the first person in their circle to embrace the novelty of eating bugs. School programs are introducing cricket snacks to children in what looks suspiciously like dietary grooming.

I tried Exo cricket protein bars years ago. After the first one, I put the rest in my Apocalypse Box, for consumption if there was literally nothing else to eat. There is a greasiness to cricket flour that is not pleasant. I don’t have a knee-jerk reaction to eating bugs, per se, but why are they being sold so hard as a planet-saving device? That’s when my antennae start quivering.

It is certainly true that the land and water needed to supply one pound of cricket flour is much less than the land needed to produce one pound of beef. But as a staple food source, there are several problems with insects: chitin and parasites. And if you were to be afflicted by parasites after eating insects, what would be the go-to drug to treat that illness? Bonus points to those tin-hats who answered Ivermectin, which is now prohibited in many places.

Do your insect research now because soon the internet will soon be purged of valid scientific information about the possibly harmful effect of insects in the human diet. Mainstream news sources already argue for the safety of chitin, or at least they “debunk” those who say insects aren’t safe for human consumption. I distrust most opinions of the mainstream, so now what?

Fortunately for CORAC members, we have our own resident rocket scientist, Steve Baker, to consult. Steve is an excellent science researcher. He authored the “Anti-Covid Cookbook” that many of us used in 2020-21. I consulted him for some hard common sense and basic science around eating bugs. Here’s his response:

I’m definitely not an expert on the subject, but what I’ve read by people I think are trustworthy on the subject is that there are two problems with eating insects.

First, we humans can apparently get parasites from insects. It’s why, until recently, food regulators have limited insects and worms as content in things like ketchup, or catsup, or whatever it’s called. Years ago a friend of mine in California told me that ketchup can’t qualify as a salable food unless it has “less than 1% worm parts.” I would assume that was because more than that is not healthy and less than that is technologically prohibitive, so a compromise was struck. So if Dioxin has to be less than 1 ppb to be safe, and ketchup has to be less than 1% worm parts, and insects have parasites, why is 100% insect parts supposed to be good for you, let alone better for you and the planet than meat from herbivores that when properly managed, help wide-scale ecological areas become more fruitful?

It is true that some tribes occasionally eat insects. However, no tribe has ever been vegan, all eat some form of animal meat and only trace amounts of insects from a very narrow group of insects, and the tribes that eat more meat are healthier than the tribes that eat less meat.

But I guess eating no meat and eating insects instead will save the planet from us, so there is that, I guess. Which of course demonstrates immediately that this push to make us eat insects is anti-human on its face.

Second, chitin is a foreign protein that appears in a number of foods, like mushrooms, so it’s not like we aren’t otherwise exposed to it. Our bodies have ways of handling chitin, and like other foreign irritants (anthocyanins and so on) small amounts can even be good for the body by exercising the body’s immune system. However, chitin can also trigger a lot of allergic reactions, and a heavy diet of chitin would probably overload the subsystems of the body that either digest (with chitinase enzymes) or bind and remove chitin.

Tribes throughout history have tried every substance under the sun to see if it is good for humans to eat, because the wider the diet and the deeper the pool of potential food, the easier it is to stay alive and get needed calories so that you can do other things with your day. No tribe EVER has chosen insects to raise and eat in any quantity but small snacks. That alone should tell you what you need to know about insects as a large part of the human diet.

Besides, it’s gross. 🤣

The Evils are only doing this to enslave and kill us, so debates over whether insects in large amount are good for us seem to me to be beside the point entirely, as these murderers need to be brought to justice, not catered to by changing human dietary experience for literally a million years or more for us and not for them. Why are we supposed to eat a gross food in large amounts and stay in 15-minute cities to save the world while they fly around in private jets, consume as much electricity as they want, obtain the services of prostitutes (or worse), and consume steak and eggs every day?

It doesn’t matter whether insects are good for you or not. Forcing us to eat insects is just rubbing our faces in our own slavery. Do not comply. In fact, do not even *think* about complying. Just laugh.

Biblical Prepping

If someone in your circle is giving you grief about prepping, here are some examples from the Bible. A point will come when they’ll stop making fun of you and ask for a seat on your ark, but in the meantime, take comfort from these stories:

Noah, the epic prepper. Genesis 6
Joseph, stockpiling grain in Egypt that would supply everyone during a worldwide famine. Genesis 41
Moses, bugging out of Egypt in a day. Exodus 14Solomon, redundant processes to survive disaster. Ecclesiastes 11
James, acting on faith is necessary. James 2:26

Read more here >

February Foraging

The trails around here look a little bleak, brown and bare… but there are still things to forage! February is a good time to develop foraging skills because what’s there is visible in high relief. Some of the good things available in this part of winter are: stinging nettle, rose hips, gorse and dock. Read more here >

Twitter Files

If you haven’t been reading the Twitter Files, it’s time to catch up. Read all the Twitter Files drops here > where they have been put in PDF format for easier reading.

Tracking the Unvaxed

New CDC guidelines have assigned billing codes that identify the un- or under-vaccinated. Code Z28.310 is not a code for an illness or diagnosis, but rather for non-compliance with a medical procedure. There’s even a sub-code for failure to vaccinate because of “belief.” Once these codes are entered in medical databases, they can be accessed by the government. See Dr. Malone’s explanation of the new codes here >

If you must visit a doctor, you might try answering their vaccine queries with something that is neither a yes nor a no, such as “I decline to answer.”

Traditional Latin Mass

Dr. Janet Smith is putting out a series of defenses of the TLM in Crisis Magazine. The first appears here >

It’s well-footnoted, makes good sense and is a pleasure to read, like all Dr. Smith’s ponderings. Part Two here >

Stay tuned to Crisis Magazine; there will be more.

If You’re a Rad Trad and Get a Knock on Your Door

This video is an interview with Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI special agent and federal whistleblower, who obtained the “Radical Traditionalist Catholic” document from the bureau’s field office in Richmond, Virginia, and published it here >

According to Seraphin, this targeting of Rad Trads is meant to be an opening through which all Christians can be persecuted for opposing abortion and LGBTQIA+ agendas. This social engineering is way beyond the FBI’s mandate. The video is 1 hour, 21 minutes, but if you ever actually need this information, you’ll be glad you invested the time. Watch video >

Ohio Chemical Disaster

One more thing that affects lives but is hidden by the government and mainstream media. The derailing and subsequent burning of chemicals near East Palestine, Ohio seems to already be killing fish and amphibians. The water of the Ohio River is affected, and the Ohio flows into the Mississippi, so this is a concern for a huge number of people. Experts have been telling us for some time to purify all water, and this situation puts the exclamation point on it. More here >

Some ideas for water purification >

Many members already have the Big Berkey or the Katadyn equivalent. Compare and see what works for you. A newcomer on the market that was featured at our Region 8 Field Day was the Lifesaver Jerry Can.

All Ahead Full

If you get discouraged that evil is too big, there are too many fronts to fight, the bad guys are winning, remember that, together, we are accomplishing things! This is motivation for when you think we’re not going anywhere: We Are the Plan >


Region 3 Co-coordinator Kirby Bowling

(Region 3 is the Eastern Seaboard: Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware.)

Kirby: “I met Charlie doing a Jericho march around the US Capitol and joined CORAC shortly after then became the Region 3 coordinator about a year later during the pandemic. As a combat veteran, fighting for freedom is part of my fabric. CORAC fights for freedom through prayer and creating more self-reliant small, virtuous local communities; communities that are resistant to and defend against the problems that are plaguing our society. The pandemic and stripping of our freedoms was a call for me to actively assist in resisting the tyranny, defending our freedoms and promoting virtuous people and businesses.

“We have one small community called Pelayo in Virginia which is doing amazing things to build and sustain its members in normal and crisis situations and we are working on a second. My goal is to have at least one community in each state.

“Region 3 has been having workshops in different states centered around building sustainability/self-protection and access to secure and reliable communications in both normal and crisis circumstances. We are looking to expand that offering to include homeopathy and foraging/gardening.”


Region 6: A Cautionary Tale

This story is from one of our most savvy members, which goes to show that we all need to practice situational awareness. I don’t want to embarrass the author so I’m not going to mention the name of our Health & Wellness team leader and a regional coordinator for the Great Lakes region…

“Last week, the Sustainability Signal thread had a conversation about finding local sources of animal feed. Around the corner from us, 2.2 miles to be exact, there is an Amish family that sells organic feeds and supplements. I decided that I was going to drive over, introduce myself, and get the lay of the land. It was 4:00, and I wanted to get there before they might close. So I threw on a black skirt (they’re Amish, so I didn’t want to show up looking weird), some knee socks, my hikers, a turtleneck and sweatshirt, and a bandanna. On the way out the door, I grabbed a stocking cap and my husband’s hunting jacket. I was only going to be gone for maybe 15 minutes, so I didn’t bother taking my phone.

In two minutes, I’m at their driveway. We had recently gotten 8 inches of snow (Michigan) and my little Ford Focus only made it 100 yards up the driveway before it simply gave up. Better call my husband… whoops, I have no phone. I walk up to the store and see a handwritten sign: “We will be closed on Friday due to a funeral.” Uh oh. I look toward the house, wondering if maybe someone is home and and might let me use their telepho… oh, wait; they’re Amish and won’t have a telephone. Turns out there was nobody home anyway. Looks like I’d be walking home. I didn’t bring any mittens, so I got back in the car and rummaged around in my husband’s gym bag until I found a pair of socks. I put them on my hands, and started walking.

By the end of the first half-mile, I was pretty cold; I was wearing a skirt, for Pete’s sake. I was also walking straight into a 15 mph wind; and since it was only 27º, the wind chill was a problem. My torso and my head were warm enough, but my face was freezing. I started worrying about whether my face might get frostbitten; but I knew that if I turned around and walked backwards, I would never get home before dark. I kept trudging forward.

Then it started to snow. And as I’m walking straight into that cold, cold wind, I hear Marilyn’s voice in my head, asking a question that she has often asked those of us who serve under her leadership on the Sustainability team: “If you had to walk a mile carrying a gallon of water, could you do it?” I was really glad that I wasn’t carrying a gallon of water.

Thanks be to God, I eventually made it home. I asked my son to make me a cup of hot tea while I went upstairs to change into warm, dry clothing. But even before changing, I grabbed my homeopathic kit and took a dose of Aconitum 200 (which is prophylactic against ill effects from exposure to cold temperature and winds). The hot tea, the Aconite, and a couple of warm blankets did the trick; and I eventually thawed out and didn’t get sick.

So, what’s the point of this story? Marilyn (national Sustainability lead) trying to be kind, told me that I had done a good FAIL project. (meaning “First Attempt In Learning.) I look at it more as a FAIL(ure) project. I did so many things wrong: no phone, no pants, no mittens, no scarf, and no clue that the Yoders’ driveway would be a mess because of the snow. On the other hand I did a few things right: I had on warm, sturdy shoes, a warm coat, hat, and hood; I improvised some mittens; I was in good enough shape that I was able to walk the 2.2 miles home, notwithstanding that I don’t exercise as much as I should; and I remembered to take advantage of a homeopathic remedy for the cold-weather exposure.

This experience convinced me that it is incredibly important to exercise, so I am now making that a top priority. It also convinced me that I should never leave home without a means of communication, even if I’m only going around the corner.”

Learn from other people’s FAILs!

Region 9: Eucharistic Revival

CORAC members from Region 9 have been actively involved in organizing activities for the Eucharistic Revival that is meant to be a nationwide revival for the whole Church. Check out what they have done, including BREADTalks at local breweries, novenas, holy hours and other Eucharistic events. It only takes a handful of laypeople to make the Eucharist the focal point of this year of revival, by planning events in their local areas. This is an excellent way to change lives around you. Read more >


February Prayer Intentions

  • That CORAC members volunteering for all of our committees in all of our regions receive the gifts of creativity, good humor, resilience, camaraderie, and unexpected joy of spirit as we serve the Lord in these days

  • That powerful healing graces be poured upon all in need in response to the artistic Brazen Serpent Prayer Rosary PowerPoint currently being developed by the CORAC National Prayer Teams Committee

  • For travelling graces and good health for Charlie and for all CORAC members as we meet the challenges that arise right in front of us

  • For a strong, ongoing response to the current CORAC fundraising drive

  • In thanksgiving to the Lord and all of the angels and saints for the little and big “God wins” signs of the times that are appearing every day even in the darkness

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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