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We’ve been talking about the danger of the shot, the malfeasance of our government and the necessity of alternative news sources, for a long, long time. The time for warnings has passed; anyone who hasn’t recognized these things by now is not going to be convinced. It’s time to spend our resources on solutions and workarounds, alliances and triumphs.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
March 15, 2023


There is an absolute wealth of information right here on our website, and it is growing all the time… more >


Use Cash

The easiest and most powerful thing you can do to forestall digital control over your life: Use CASH…
more >


Hope is Fuel

Hope can immediately and positively transform lives. With it, we can overcome unhealthy habits… more >

30-day Sugar
Detox Challenge

One of the simplest (didn’t say easiest), most potent ways to improve health is to limit sugar…
more >

Plant Journal

If you’re a newbie to foraging, it can be overwhelming to become proficient in a short time…
more >


The recent bank failures are forcing us to look at the origins and mechanisms of the American banking system…
more >


Freedom from Anxiety

This is a series from Catholic Bible Study Evangelista, Sonya Corbett, who gets great reviews… more >


Sourdough Starter

Sharing a sign of hope…
more >

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those anticipating the Storm.

Fulfilling All Righteousness

The Gospel of Matthew records that when Jesus came to the Jordan to be baptized by John, the startled Baptist told Him, “I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?” Jesus responded, “Let it be so now; for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.”

God, when He took on our humanity in the person of the Son, did not exempt Himself from the most humble requirements. From these poured great graces. In the case of the Baptism at the Jordan, after it was accomplished, the heavens opened up and the voice of the Father said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

So it was with Christ from the start. As an infant, He was taken to be purified according to the law of Moses. Imagine that! The Eternal Son, through whom all things are purified was, Himself, taken to be purified according to temporal (though divinely appointed) ritual. When He taught at the Temple as a 12-year-old, Scripture records that he went down to Nazareth afterwards with Mary and Joseph, and was obedient to them. It does not say that the Man/God pretended to be obedient to them, but that He WAS obedient to them.

It is easy to fall into the devil’s trap of believing, when you have accomplished a few things, that you are too important to worry about the little things. But doing the little things well is where grace most abundantly manifests itself. It is a common, but errant, assumption that obedience is the submission of the lesser to the greater. In Christianity, obedience to properly appointed authority in its proper exercise is a means of channeling grace, of clearing out the obstacles that clog it.

God, Himself, was obedient to the created humans He, Himself, had appointed to exercise authority over Him in His Incarnation. At the wedding at Cana, when Mary told Jesus they had run out of wine, He knew that to solve it, He would have to reveal Himself. He told her His hour had not yet come. Knowing Her Divine Son so well, Mary did not even argue with Him, but told the servants to do whatever He told them – assuming His obedience to her maternal authority and His charity for their friends. It has been a constant marvel to me that when Jesus said His hour had not yet come, and Mary said help them anyway, He deferred to her. His great heart opened up as a fountain of charity to their friends. There is a universe of startling wisdom in this episode, alone.

The Lord’s tender attention to the little things is mirrored in the behavior of those to whom He entrusted Himself. When Mary heard of her cousin Elizabeth’s dangerous, late-in-life pregnancy, she could have easily just assumed the Lord would take care of it directly. What concern was it to her? After all, she was to be mother of the Messiah. Instead, she went off on an arduous journey through the hill country to offer what help she could. Because of this, besides the first meeting between Jesus and John, both still in their mothers’ wombs, we have what I consider the most beautiful prayer ever composed by a created being: the Magnificat.

Again, what a universe of startling wisdom in this one episode! In this age where Herod reigns supreme, slaughtering innocents with unprecedented abandon, God makes clear that we are fully human and fully His from the very beginning.

When the angel who had confided to Joseph the truth about Mary’s unorthodox pregnancy – and God’s call to him in raising this Divine Child – now warned him of the danger Herod presented to the child, Joseph did not wring his hands in worry over whether he should take it seriously or not. He uprooted their lives and fled to Egypt with them until the danger was passed.

I have had the good fortune to accomplish a few good things. It can sometimes overwhelm me with busyness and distraction. I do not worry that I am going to fail at the bigger things before me. I do the little I can and entrust God with the rest. What fills me with fear is that, distracted by all the details of my work, I will miss giving the encouraging word to one God has sent to me or has crossed my path unobtrusively when they most need it. For I know that in the little things, God’s most abundant cornucopia of grace is to be found.

When I am given a legitimate directive that contradicts my will by one legitimately set in authority over me, I chafe a little because of the low concupiscence that is endemic to our state here. But the better part of me finds my security in living well within the order that God, Himself, has set up for us all and which He, Himself, lived well while physically walking this earth. If we would live well, our souls must not magnify ourselves, but the Lord. It is in attention to the little things and docility to the order He established that we participate in fulfilling all righteousness.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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The easiest and most powerful thing you can do to forestall digital control over your life: USE CASH. More resources here >



Who are your trusted allies? They need to be physically nearby. Build community with things like a block party. See: How to Host a Block Party >



A partial indulgence is granted every time we say the rosary. When we pray in a group in public, graces multiply. Get one or two friends and start now. Wednesday evenings are a common time for public rosaries on city squares, pedestrian bridges, etc. More info >



The CORAC Sustainability team has challenged us to give Jesus one hour a day in adoration. If you can’t get to an Eucharistic chapel, you can go to this live adoration online in Niepokalanow, Poland at the chapel originally built by St. Maximilian Kolbe.  Live adoration >



Identify critical information you’d want to have in a crisis, and PRINT IT OUT. We go straight to our phones to get information right now, but suppose our phones weren’t functional? I would want to know things like water purification techniques, radio frequencies for specific things, poison control instructions, the Brazen Serpent Rosary, etc.

Start a binder with topic tabs and start printing!

  • Communications
  • Health & Wellness
  • Survival & Sustainability
  • Crisis Scenarios
  • Education
  • Prayer


There is an absolute wealth of information on our website, and it is growing all the time. Explore here:

New stuff: Simple Preventative Healthcare.

New stuff: Book review of “One Second After” (an EMP scenario), plus “Survival in the Home” parts 1 and 2.

New stuff: Video about multiple strategies for keeping members in communication when normal channels fail. You can access the CORAC Comms hotline for help by asking your Regional Coordinator for the link.

New stuff: download and print the Math card for teaching mathematics.

Download and print emergency checklists for power outages and civil unrest if you haven’t yet.

New stuff: Desmond Birch is back, with a talk, “Are We In The End Times?”

Sponsored by the Education team, the book club is open to all members. First book on deck: Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson. Email to be added to the Signal group discussion.


Hope Is Fuel Summit – Hurry!

Hope can immediately and positively transform lives. With it, we can overcome unhealthy habits, correct bad thinking, and reject harmful pleasures that keep us enslaved. The HOPE IS FUEL Summit takes place this Saturday, March 18 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, so hurry up! Speakers include professionals in mental, physical and spiritual health, including Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Mark McDonald and Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas.

It’s free if you can listen to the presentations live, but with a premium pass, you have unlimited access to the talks for a year plus the chance to participate in the Q&A. Use code HIFSUMMIT10 at checkout to save $10 when you sign up for the premium pass. Register here >

  • Depression, burnout, and fatigue.
  • Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.
  • Addictions to cell phones, substances, pornography, food
  • Troubled marriages, unhealthy families, and loss of friends
  • Financial debt and disorder, and a lack of purpose
  • Existential loneliness and the desire to grow in faith.

The Wellness Company

TWC is an all-round health team, led by Dr. Peter McCullough. You can set up a virtual house call, get prescriptions from vetted pharmacies, read medical articles from honest doctors not on the Big Pharma gravy train, purchase supplements, or get a membership treatment package for those who need ongoing care or as a substitute for health insurance. Also on board with Dr. McCullough are Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Paul Alexander; they are white hats as well as white coats! They’ve proved themselves in the trenches of the last three years.

From the website: The fabric of this company has been woven together by its medical team, whose courage and bravery in their fight for medical freedom and truth as well as their devotion to the public, will help to ensure improved health outcomes, convenient access to physicians, and lower costs of healthcare for our patients.

More info here >

30-day Sugar Detox Challenge

One of the simplest (didn’t say easiest), most potent ways to improve health is to limit sugar. Follow along with MP, our CORAC Executive Director, as he describes the benefits of restricting sugar, and sustainable strategies to make it a lifestyle change.

This video is the first in the new “Preventative Healthcare Series” >

Download the PDF here >

Let’s do it together!

How Are the J6’ers Faring

Prayers are desperately needed for the prisoners and their families. As Capitol surveillance footage is being aired by Tucker Carlson, the innocence of many J6ers is finally starting to be shown. But they are enduring retribution inside the DC prison, with their belongings confiscated, legal documents stolen, and meds flushed down the toilet. Pray for justice. When these prisoners are finally freed, they are likely to have lifelong health effects from the maltreatment endured in prison. They go long periods without fresh air, sunshine, exercise or socializing. One man lost an eye in a beating by guards.

The DC gulag is worse than anyone is saying, and the prisoners’ situation becomes more dangerous every day, as the guards who have perpetrated these atrocities will be heavily invested in not allowing the story to get out.

Newspunch >

Offensively Patriotic >

St. Maximilian Kolbe is the patron saint of political prisoners. Let’s pray this novena beginning on Friday, March 17 and concluding on March 25, the Annunciation of St. Maximilian’s beloved Immaculata, and ours.

Join the Novena here > 

On the website, you can sign up to be reminded of your daily novena prayer. Just input the start date and your email address.

Better Sleep

There’s no denying we’re all under a lot more stress than is healthy, and that affects our quality of sleep. Prayer, exercise and screen detox can be powerful remedies for insomnia or restlessness, but if you still need help, here are some suggestions of herbal sleep aids: chamomile, valerian root, lemon balm and passionflower, made into a tincture. “Better Sleep” Herbal Tincture >

Foraging in March

There are always things to forage, and now we’re entering prime time for gathering! Dandelion, wild garlic, stinging nettle and rose hips are big in March, depending on your location. More details here >

Plant Journal

If you’re a newbie to foraging, it can be overwhelming to become proficient in a short time. I’ve solved this problem by becoming extremely familiar with only the plants that grow most abundantly in my little corner of the world (east Texas.) If you take regular walks, you know what grows wild near you. In your notebook, address one at a time, and write down all the benefits and ways to preserve and use that particular plant, along with a picture or identification aid. Each plant gets one page, with a list of everything it could possibly be used for. Now you have a journal of maybe 10-15 wild local plants that you have researched thoroughly and can deploy easily.

For identification, you can use a printed field guide to your area, or a plant ID app on your phone. I use PlantNet, and I also hear good things about PlantSnap and PictureThis. Choose one here >

See the CORAC video series on Foraging for tips here >

Since you are focusing your efforts on a few plants only, you have time to double-confirm your identification. I’m partial to the Peterson Field Guides, as they have been in this business for a very long time (at least since my childhood, and that’s a long time): Peterson Field Guides >


If there are some plants with essential properties that don’t grow wild in your area, try these trustworthy seed companies:

St. Clare Seeds – heirloom and open-pollinated. >

Territorial Seeds – organic certified and full guarantee. >

Strictly Medicinal Seeds – order individually or in collections, such as First-Time Medicinal Herbs, Survival Medicine Essentials, My Mother’s Garden, and Tasty Tea Collection. >

Brazen Serpent Prayer Rosary

This beautiful initiative began with Charlie composing the Brazen Serpent Prayer for those harmed by malignant medical interventions. Then the CORAC national prayer team expanded the prayer into an entire rosary. After the East Palestine toxic train derailment and the downstream effects on municipal water supplies, the prayer could be effective for many more people.

Bug-out Vehicle

There is definitely a fun factor in “prepping,” and here’s one: trick out your SUV or crossover vehicle as a camper! It makes your car permanently ready for anything. It does require an empty back seat, so this would not work as a camper for families with kids, but you could still mount the platform in the back cargo area and make your vehicle twice as functional for carrying stuff.

How to turn your SUV into a camper >

Sourdough Starter of Hope

If someone gives you a sourdough starter, you can bake great breads without commercial yeast, and it is said that the taste is much better. There is a man in my parish who bakes sourdough bread every day from starter, and it is probably the best bread I’ve ever had! Say you’re not lucky enough to know someone who can give you a starter… here’s a recipe for starting a starter >

Fermentation is a bit of a science experiment, and one that children are likely to enjoy. They can watch the bubbles form, help with the “feedings” and help bake the bread that results in the end.

Once you’ve got a starter that works well for you, then you can share it with others. It’s a tangible sign of hope. See the Appendix at the end of this newsletter for instructions on how to dehydrate and share your starter, as well as a few recipes!

Practical Uses for Wood Ash

If you’re burning wood for heat, you’ll have a lot of ash! It’s enriched by the same minerals as the original tree it came from, such as calcium and potassium. Ash can repel snails, mice and ticks, improve your hens’ laying rate, encourage ants to relocate, and make hominy! There are many more uses here >


The recent bank failures are forcing us to look at the origins and mechanisms of the American banking system. We assume that the Federal Reserve is looking out for our best interests, but is that true? This book is often recommended for those who want to know more: The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At the Federal Reserve by Edward Griffin. It averages a 5-star (out of 5) rating from 3,800 readers on Amazon, which is quite unusual. Learn more >

Dear Conservatives: I Apologize

Letters of apology from those who’ve condemned us for the last few years are beginning to trickle out. I distrust most of them as attempts to get out ahead of a runaway train, but I do trust Dr. Naomi Wolf. Though a highly-placed liberal in several Democratic administrations, she took and passed the Suffering Test in 2021 when she began speaking out about the dangers of the covid shot to women and children. She lost friends, business, and her richly-deserved intellectual reputation. So now, when she apologizes, I believe her because she has already been stripped of what the Johnny-Come-Latelies are trying to protect.

Read her whole letter here >

Saving the Next Generation

We are in uncharted waters as we contemplate what may have been done to the next generation by the mRNA injections. Everyone reading this newsletter has already read about the dangers of the shot, but we need to understand what’s happened in order to make sure it can’t happen again. This is a deep dive >


Prayer Hotline

If you’re on Signal, you can request to join the CORAC Prayer Hotline by emailing If you’re not on Signal, you can email your prayer request to, and we will post your request (using first names only) on the CORAC Prayer Hotline Signal group.

Freedom From Anxiety

This is a series from Catholic Bible Study Evangelista, Sonya Corbett, who gets great reviews from the National Prayer Team. What could be more timely than this, when anxiety is in the air we breathe? There are 9 episodes in this series. Start here with episode 1 “Anxiety Is Not From God” >


March Prayer Intentions

  • For our merciful Lord’s healing graces to be poured upon all in physical and spiritual need as people pray The Brazen Serpent Prayer Rosary, currently being developed into a full-length online film by the CORAC National Prayer Teams Committee
  • Once again, that CORAC members volunteering for all of our committees in all of our regions receive the gifts of creativity, good humor, resilience, camaraderie, and unexpected joy of spirit as we serve the Lord in these days
  • For travelling graces and good health for Charlie and for all CORAC members on our missionary journeys near and far
  • For a strong, ongoing response to the current CORAC fundraising drive
  • For the intercession of Saint John Paul II who, since the beginning of his papacy in October 1978, continually encouraged and exhorted the faithful: “Be not afraid!”
  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline


St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.
St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!


Sourdough Starter: Sharing a Sign of Hope

Take it. Make it. Share it.

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