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Holy Week is coming, and we are surrounded by the most un-holy things. We’ve been fighting on a dozen different fronts, and when we win one, another three ignite. Almost every good person I know is overwhelmed. There is a time for fighting the fight, and a time to be still and let God fight for us. Perhaps Holy Week is that time for stillness. Wishing you the peace that surpasses all understanding in this upcoming week of the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
March 31, 2023


A New Ally

Learn how our Comms Team will be collaborating with a famous Texan, “Mattress Mack”
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The Misery Farm

Some conspicuous and suppressed headlines of the moment, and hope for the little people
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Central Bank Digital Currency Launch

The Federal Reserve has announced the launch of their CBDC in July…
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Crossing the Rubicon

Now that the Manhattan district attorney has indicted President Trump on no reasonable evidence…
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Normalcy Bias

A tendency to believe that everything will continue to be “normal” even though there are warning signs…
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The Jase Case

We have already experienced shortages in some antibiotics due to supply chain issues…
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Biden and those in his administration are supporting child sex-trafficking…
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Brazen Serpent Rosary

Follow along with the Rosary and download the gorgeous prayer booklet here…
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From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those anticipating the Storm.

Thy Neighbor as Thyself

People often interpret the Lord’s dictum to “love your neighbor as yourself” to mean love them uncritically as they are. Really?! Do you love yourself uncritically? Do most people? If so, why are New Year’s resolutions and self-help books so popular? Truth is, most healthy-minded people are painfully aware of their flaws and shortcomings – and want to overcome and transcend them. What most people want is the good – and they know very well they don’t fully measure up to it. Their love for themselves helps prod them to try to attain it more fully. So to love someone as yourself is not to inanely celebrate whatever they do, but to will their good – and be willing to put yourself out to help them attain it.

A woman I worked with for many years on various political projects was brilliantly gifted at recruiting, organizing and motivating big, diverse crews of people to action for a common goal. She was also one of the best gatherers of political intelligence I have ever known. A big part of her skill on the latter is that she often came off rather flighty – something of a ditz – so both opponents and neutrals easily deceived themselves she was no threat. It amazed me how well she played the role.

One day we were running some errands together and I asked her to stop by an ATM at the bank for me. Holy cow, was that a memorable day! First, she drove up to the exit of the ATM line instead of at the entrance. She was very flustered and fluttery as I explained to her how she had to enter the line, as we had to back up and go back around. Then, because she was driving, I had to give her my card. She had no clue how to operate the machine – and was on the edge of panic as she kept hitting the wrong buttons. When we finally got through with the transaction, I looked at her in astonishment and said, “Ginny, now I know why you play a ditz so well. In many ways you ARE a ditz – both a ditz and brilliant at the same time.” She looked at me and grinned enthusiastically. “I just love it when someone really gets me,” she said warmly.

There is a great power in seeing someone as they are and loving that friend for all their qualities. People are often fearful that if others knew their quirks and shortcomings they would be put off by them – and not like them so well. To know that a friend sees them and is endeared by them is a great comfort – and cements, rather than diminishes, bonding.

When I first started heavily doing statewide politics, I noticed that state officials and candidates, when appearing spoke at local events, tried to ingratiate themselves to the crowd by offering generic compliments to specific local luminaries. “That Mary Jo, she is one of the finest committeewomen I have ever known” and such. The crowd would applaud politely (mainly for Mary Jo) but no connection was made because it came off as so phony and contrived. I always loved to get to know the top people in a county or region and spend some time with them. When I spoke to a local crowd as emissary of a state official (which I did a lot) I would always begin with a little anecdote that highlighted a lovable quirk about one of the local luminaries. That made a real connection with the whole crowd quickly.

Once, in a fairly large southern county I had never spoken in front of before, I did know the chairman well – and his quirks. The man was named Robert, but everyone who knew him called him “Dog.” So, I told a couple of “Dog” stories. Both Dog and his wife were laughing with the crowd as I spoke. After the dinner, several people came up and slapped me on the back, laughingly telling me, “Man, you have Dog down to a tee, old buddy.” I had never met anyone in the room but Dog and his wife before, but now I was their old buddy because I really did know and appreciate a man they all knew and loved.

Far more than generic, flowery words, people love to be known for who they are and cared about for themselves. It is the stuff from which real friendships are forged and the social fabric is knit.

Want to know how to love your neighbor as yourself? Don’t shower him with flowery praise or mindlessly second his every whim. In tough times, that suggests you neither know nor care about him. You’re just trying to flatter him to your advantage – and he feels that. Know him. Care about him. Work with him towards a common goal. Help him when he stumbles – and ask for his help when you stumble. Actively will his good. This is how you love your neighbor as yourself. It is also how you build real community – and it is the CORAC way.

Every man’s life is an epic tale. Don’t just be an enthusiastic observer. Be a fellow traveler, sharing the load and the laughs, the sorrows and the quiet, leaning on his strengths as he leans on yours. That is how you love your neighbor as yourself. And oh, what a joy it is to have friends who know your flaws and are devoted to you in spite (and sometimes even because) of them.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

A Sign of Hope Blog

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Charlie’s Upcoming Meetings

Charlie has completed his tour of the southeastern part of the country, and is headed home now, for a well-deserved rest and some in-depth writing and planning. Prayers for his refreshment and creativity are appreciated while he’s at home.



The easiest and most powerful thing you can do to forestall digital control over your life: USE CASH. The Central Bank Digital Currency is coming in July. At first, it will be voluntary, but then Biden may “lose patience” with us the way he did with the shots. It will become mandated, unless we take firm action against it right now.

  • Use cash for everything
  • Ask your bank if they are enrolling in FEDNOW
  • If they are, remove your funds, and make sure they know why

Find more resources here > 


The national Sustainability team has issued the challenge for us to “map our neighborhood.” There is a whole program sponsored by Emergency Management in Washington to help you do everything to make your neighborhood ready for anything.

They have video and printed resources to help which can be found here:

Map your neighborhood >


A partial indulgence is granted every time we say the rosary. When we pray in a group in public, graces multiply. Get one or two friends and start now. Wednesday evenings are a common time for public rosaries on city squares, pedestrian bridges, etc.

More info >


The CORAC Sustainability team has challenged us to give Jesus one hour a day in adoration. If you can’t get to an Eucharistic chapel, you can go to this live adoration online in Niepokalanow, Poland at the chapel originally built by St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Live Adoration >


Identify critical information you’d want to have in a crisis, and PRINT IT OUT. Gather a library of print books on such subjects as gardening, sanitation, foraging, hunting and fishing, and home remedies.

Here’s a site with free downloads on every survival subject from alternative energy to hygiene and shelters. You can wear your home printer out with all the PDFs!

Free downloads >

The documents are stored on a Google drive, so you must request access for each download, or you can buy the whole bundle for $17.95.


There is an absolute wealth of information on our website, and it is growing all the time. Explore here:

Simple Preventative Healthcare (2 parts) and Curing Type 2 Diabetes.

New challenge: Map Your Neighborhood; click link for the hows & whys.

See the details of the regular Sunday evening radio net broadcast.

Homeschooling resources and the CORAC Book Club.

Print emergency checklists.

“Are We In The End Times?” a talk by Desmond Birch.

CORAC Book Club

Email to be added to the Signal group discussion.


Central Bank Digital Currency Launch

The Federal Reserve has announced the launch of their CBDC in July, with the cute name FEDNOW. They just “couldn’t be more excited about it!” says the Fed spokesman Ken Montgomery. We have known this was coming, ever since Biden signed Executive Order 14067, authorizing the study of a CBDC, which turned into a pilot program, which will now go live in three months. It is bearing down on us like a Sherman tank.

The March 15 press release from the Fed notes that participants are being certified starting in April, which means that it will not yet be universal; it will be contained, for a time, to those banks who are approved. Now would be the time to find out if your bank is one of those “early adopters.” If enough people move their funds out of those banks, it could possibly slow the runaway train.

The Biden administration says that the CBDC will “protect” us. Sort of like that shot protected us? This government has no moral center, and even if it did, the concentration of all power in one place is a very bad idea, given fallen human nature.

One of the ways to force us into that system is to convince vendors to no longer accept cash. Some already have. But if 50% of their sales are in cash, they won’t want to stop accepting it! Use cash or checks for everything: groceries, donations, restaurants. Another step that has been tried is for banks to stop allowing customers to withdraw funds in cash. It has already begun in Australia.

Once the central governing authorities control our funds, those of us who disagree with policies are at risk of being locked out. Do you really trust the people now in power, who have already mowed down most of our liberties? There is a very good reason that they are pushing so hard to leave cash behind. It is what gives us our freedom. That’s not an overstatement.

From Dr. Mike Yeadon, a leading critic of world government’s covid response:

Cash is the ultimate, legal stealth tool. After you pull it from a cash point / ATM, the authorities have not a clue who used it where, for what, or whether it was spent at all. Think of it as a handful of sand thrown into the face of the illegitimate perpetrators. The more cash transactions, the greater the uncertainty exists about what would happen upon a financial Great Reset. The thing the elites dislike the most is UNCERTAINTY. The widespread use of cash is an uncertainty. Please make their decision-making as uncertain as possible. I can’t think of an innocent activity of greater undermining potential than massed use of cash. Please forgo the conveniences of electronic payment as often as you can.

My personal take-aways:

Use cash. Go to your bank in person for withdrawals to help keep teller service alive. Spread funds between smaller banks or credit unions and larger banks. Don’t put all your funds in one place. Ask your banks if they are enrolling in the FedNow system, and express your displeasure. Move funds out of any bank moving toward the FedNow system. (The enrollment is between April 1 and June 30) Don’t depend on the FDIC. It only has the assets to cover the deposits of a few banks at a time, not the whole system. Put small amounts in alternative investments. I may lose my whole stake in Bitcoin, but it’s small enough to not hurt. Best investments are hard assets, rather than financial instruments. Land, machines, supplies, remedies.

You can check the banks that were already participating in the FedNow pilot program here >

Interestingly, both failed Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic were in the pilot program.

Crossing the Rubicon

The Rubicon is a small river, more like a stream, in northeastern Italy. In ancient times, it marked the boundary between Italy and Gaul, which was under Julius Caesar’s control. When Caesar’s army crossed the Rubicon in 49 BC into Italy, it was a declaration of war against the Roman republic. A three-year civil war ensued, the fate of the whole Roman world at stake.

Now that the Manhattan district attorney has indicted President Trump on no reasonable evidence, Trump says the Democrats have crossed the Rubicon. “We’ve got to go after the Soros prosecutors who’ve been put into office all across the country, and expose the dark money network that has gotten them into power. The Democrats have crossed the Rubicon here, and they’ve burned the bridge behind them. Now we’ve got to defend democracy.”

Fight For Courage

From Telegram:

“We are heading into uncharted territory as a people. Like every great pioneer in the history of the world, we have to put one foot in front of the other, and trust that whatever may be beyond the horizon will be worth the journey. It is so much easier to accept defeat, and assume the worst, than it is to step forward with “The Best Is Yet To Come” battle cry. Hope isn’t our default. We’ve been conditioned by the Babylon System to default to despair. Courage is something we have to fight for.”

Normalcy Bias

A tendency to believe that everything will continue to be “normal” even though there are warning signs that point to the contrary. As a result, we underestimate both the likelihood of calamity and the possible consequences, and put ourselves and those we love at risk. It’s easy to fall into normalcy bias when the whole weight of the global news media is invested in keeping us unaware and unprepared for the real danger we face.

A popular name for people in the grip of normalcy bias is “normies.” We’ve been trying to shake them up, beginning with the untested, genetic manipulation shot.

For some reason, we have been given ears to hear. We discern the tinny tone of those giving both false fear and false hope: “Vaccinated people don’t get sick,” “We’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated” and “Our banking system remains sound.” Why do we hear the lies, when other people swallow them whole?

Those of us with ears to hear ought to hear. A certain responsibility is implied.

Sunshine & D

The days are getting longer this side of the Spring Equinox (March 21) and that’s more hours in the day to get outside. Sunshine synthesizes Vitamin D in our bodies, and Vitamin D is one of the major determinants of severity of disease. You can supplement D, especially in the winter months, but now that the sun is out longer, get outside! 20 minutes in the sun each day, without sunscreen, should give you adequate exposure for Vitamin D. See more about the importance of Vitamin D from Dr. Ryan Cole here >

“O” is for Obviously

A Canadian doctor, who pioneered “gender-affirming care” is now saying, “We were wrong.” As Christians, we already knew that the push to have young people mutilate themselves sexually is diabolic. We are created in the likeness of God precisely as male and female, so it is not surprising that gender mutilation (by chemicals or by surgery) ruptures the foundational connection between the person and God.

We are roughly 10 years into this large-scale experiment and already we have reports on issues with cognitive development, bone mineral density, and fertility. All the up-to-date evidence shows that puberty blockers are neither safe nor reversible.

Read more >


Jake Chansley, ridiculously called “The QAnon Shaman” has been released from prison, after Tucker Carlson aired surveillance video of Capitol police calmly escorting him through the Senate building without the barest trace of violence or disrespect. That video shot to pieces the narrative about Chansley being a dangerous criminal.

There are still tens of thousands of hours of video that needs to be reviewed and made public, so that other innocent people framed as “insurrectionists” can be reunited with their families, and try to piece their lives together again.

There is video in that pile somewhere that shows that what appeared to be violent when cleverly edited was actually citizens responding to police actions, trying to rescue Roseann Boylan and others caught in the crush, or trying to protect those who were hit in the face at close range with police explosives.

Contact your Congressmen and demand the release of all the videotape >

If the government has behaved uprightly, they have nothing to fear from releasing the video.

To find the latest news on the J6ers, try the news links at American Gulag >


Not just for baking, cinnamon has amazing gardening properties too. It kills fungus on seedlings, works as a rooting hormone, deters ants and critters from your plants, and may even protect from mosquitos. And it smells so good! Check out all these uses for cinnamon >


Most people didn’t know that the covid shots were a project of the Department of Defense. How many would have backed off the shot if they’d known it was essentially a military operation? It’s all been smoke and mirrors. Read more here >

Dr. Mike Yeadon describes the above article as “the clearest picture yet of the faked covid pandemic that has been run. Its objectives include economic impoverishment and mass injection with materials explicitly designed to injure and kill.”


One of the most common adverse effects of the covid shot is the micro-clots formed when masses of spike protein clump and accumulate in the bloodstream. Dr. Ryan Cole reports that clots dissolve in days with nattokinase. You can buy nattokinase alone or in a formulation with other helpful supplements, such as Spike Support available from The Wellness Company (the Dr. Peter McCullough group). Nattokinase is extracted from a Japanese fermented soybean product.

More on vaxx detoxing here >

The Jase Case

We have already experienced shortages in some antibiotics due to supply chain issues. For a backpocket supply in case of crisis, Jase Medical is worth a look. The Jase Case is a kit of 5 common antibiotics with dispensing instructions. You must fill out an application, which is reviewed by a physician licensed in your state. If there are no contra-indications, they will ship the case for $260 (current price.) You also get unlimited physician follow-up. Get a Jase Case hereThis is not a recommendation, but a path for you to research. I have the Jase Case myself, so I can testify that they do fulfill orders in a timely way and the kit is as advertised.

Guns & Control

Mikki Willis @Official Plandemic writes this:

  • Turkey established gun control in 1911, then 1.5 million Armenians were rounded up and exterminated.
  • The Soviet Union established gun control in 1929, then 20 million dissidents were rounded up and exterminated.
  • China established gun control in 1935, then 20 million political dissidents were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Germany established gun control in 1938, then13 million Jews and others were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Cambodia established gun control in 1956, then one million people unable were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Guatemala established gun control in 1964, then 100,000 Mayan Indians were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Uganda established gun control in 1970, then 300,000 Christians were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Venezuela began to disarm citizens in 2010, and now is free falling into unrest and extreme poverty.
  • Australia established gun control in 1996 and now citizens are being brutalized and terrorized by their tyrannical government.
  • Canada expanded gun control in 2020 and now citizens are being brutalized and terrorized by their tyrannical government.


Biden and those in his administration are supporting child sex-trafficking. Outright. A Federal whistleblower testified that unaccompanied minor children coming over the Southern border, of which there were 130,000 last year, were being placed with known traffickers. You can bet money changed hands. Senator Ted Cruz scorched Secretary Mayorkas over his ignorance (real or feigned) of the situation at the border, and called for Mayorkas’ resignation.

Read more >

Stop the Plan

What is happening in our world is so horrifying, it’s easy to turn a blind eye, just for emotional survival. But we can’t; we are on the verge of losing everything, leaving our children to face slavery or worse. As Dr. Mike Yeadon says, “I’ll do anything I can to give the generations which follow me a shot at remaining free.” This website has a guide for ten things you can do to stop the onrushing tyranny >


Prayer Hotline

If you’re on Signal, you can request to join the CORAC Prayer Hotline by emailing If you’re not on Signal, you can email your prayer request to, and we will post your request (using first names only) on the CORAC Prayer Hotline Signal group.

Brazen Serpent Rosary

April Prayer Intentions

  • For deepening of our faith and trust in the Lord as we pray with love through the remaining days of Lent, the Sacred Paschal Triduum, and Easter Time

  • For Charlie’s inspiration and fruitful time apart as he works to produce a manual on how local people can develop an effective and efficient means of exchange ~ a form of emergency currency ~ if the financial system completely melts down

  • As always, that CORAC members volunteering for all of our committees in all of our regions receive the gifts of creativity, good humor, resilience, camaraderie, and unexpected joy of spirit as we serve the Lord in these days

  • For travelling graces and good health for Charlie and for all CORAC members on our missionary journeys near and far

  • For ongoing financial support for CORAC, with gratitude for the strong response to the latest fundraising drive

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

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