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Top reason to be on this call: the world powers are more and more opposed to the rule of law and the Christian ethic. It cannot go on forever. CORAC was formed to help us bond together for mutual aid, and rebuild the culture. This Zoom call is to help us achieve it in the best ways possible. It’s time, friends.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
July 14, 2023

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those anticipating the Storm.


Cast Off the
Cloak of Lies

A couple of years ago, while discussing the depravities of the abortion industry with David Daleidon
more >


Sound of Freedom

The release of this movie will turn out to have been a flashpoint in history. Something has shifted in…
more >

The Perfidy
of the Press

I lost all trust for the malicious media in 2020, and thought I could not be shocked any longer…
more >

More From Tim Ballard

In the US today, there are groups agitating to reduce the age of consent or eliminate it altogether…
more >

Message From Our Lady of Akita

Here is the message from Akita, given in 1973 and approved by the Church in 1984…
more >


Region 6 Field Day

Region 6, Great Lakes (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky) had their first regional Field Day this past…
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Upcoming CORAC Field Day

Region 9’s Field Day is coming up in Wisconsin on Saturday, July 22…
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Save the Revolution

Most of history is the tiresome tale of various factions striving restlessly for territory and power, an endless quest for preeminence. It could be titled, “Chronicles of Roving Bands of Rival Warlords.”

The founding of the United States of America was a seminal event in world history. Certainly, the elite classes in Europe all scoffed at it, not because they could refute the principles of liberty it elevated, but because, simply, they thought it could never work. Have the common people govern themselves? What nonsense, the elite thought. Chain the American elite so they could do nothing without the consent of the governed? Absurd, they opined. Count on people to take care of most needs through voluntary associations and initiative rather than imperious government orders? A pious fantasy, they taunted. Even the French, who supported us in the Revolutionary War, did so primarily to tweak their traditional rival, the English. Neither thought America could ever amount to much.

But it worked – and better than any government on earth ever had before. It was such a shock to all the elite classes in Europe that a Frenchman in the early 19th century, Alexis de Tocqueville, travelled the US to do research for a book he planned on how and why it worked. That book is entitled Democracy in America, and is still the best critical examination of what the US was founded to be and why it was so fabulously successful in securing the blessings of liberty to the American people. Read it now, though, and you will understand better how very far we have drifted from the moorings the American founders laid out for us. America now has a more oppressive government than most of the European countries did at the time we rebelled.

A self-governing people, living ordered liberty under law, is, in essence, a holiday from history. If you counted the 200+ years we lived in real liberty against all the history of depraved scraping for power, it would be akin to the territory occupied by a postage stamp on a football field. We were bequeathed a phenomenal gift.

After de Tocqueville’s book hit the rounds around the world, countries began to slowly adopt the American model. It was an auspicious time for it. People around the world were weary, exhausted from the constant struggle for power and dominance – and unusually well-acquainted with what that struggle wrought, which was unending misery for all. And so, the world saw a slowly unfolding flowering of freedom around the globe. Alas, it has been far too brief.

A new generation of strivers, impatient with the vicissitudes of making their case freely while their opposition was guaranteed the same freedom to make theirs, decided, like the European elite of old, that we must have government by experts. Imperial decrees from unaccountable agencies must replace the consent of the governed. If you wanted to advance, you had to worm your way into the system and the confidence of those already there. The actual people were irrelevant, though an occasionally annoying impediment to your fevered authoritarian dreams.

Now we have come to a great crossroad. Will we submit to the hostile, occupying force that has imposed itself upon us, styling itself “our democracy,” even as it cheerily violates every principle of democracy and self-government ever extant? Or will we band together to form society anew? That is the great question of our age as the world bends toward tyranny.

The first step is to acknowledge God, just as the American founders did. John Adams said that our system of government would only work for a moral and religious people, that it was totally inadequate to the governance of any other. It was Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island, who originally proposed the idea of separation of Church and state. But his intention was to protect the churches from the state, not the state from its churches. The 1st Amendment was adopted to prevent the federal gov’t from ever having any jurisdiction at all over religion – and it was at the behest of delegates to the Constitutional Convention who wanted to guarantee that the feds could never interfere with the established churches in their states. It has been twisted 180 degrees, to mean the exact opposite of what the founders intended.

We are far from God – and far from the principles of our founding. At CORAC, we are about the business of knitting the bonds of community anew. Please check out our website at – and join us in our quiet effort to make the world anew, in God’s image.

Together, even as the corrupt dregs of the federal government collapse around us, we can pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to ensure that America will have a new birth of freedom under God. Though the government may fall, that nation forged by the people and made up of the people for the benefit of all the people, shall not perish from the earth; that instead it shall rise from the ashes of the current depravity to secure the blessings of liberty for all its people – and all our posterity.

Join us.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

CORAC World Meeting

Charlie Johnston, the founder of CORAC, will present the proposed restructuring of the organization for large growth and increased connection with each other. The meeting will begin on-time, the chat will be enabled and you will be able to contribute input through survey questions.

Sunday, July 16
3:00 pm Central Daylight Time
(1:00 Pacific, 2:00 Mountain, 4:00 Eastern)

Your Members-only Login Link:

Meeting ID: 897 7145 8724
Passcode: 982200

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Use cash for everything. It’s our best defense against a CBDC.
Decline to use any bank that’s enrolled in FedNow.
FedNow was due to roll out on July 1, but has been rolled back.
The reason for the postponement isn’t clear, but it’s a good sign.


Give Jesus one hour a day in adoration, in person or virtually.
Live Adoration >


Find local food sources now. Start here >
This site lists family farms, CSAs and farmer’s markets by zip code. As our food sources become more suspicious, it will pay to have formed relationships with local food producers.


Sound of Freedom

The release of this movie will turn out to have been a flashpoint in history. Something has shifted in the consciousness of an entire culture. If you haven’t yet seen it, go tonight. A freedom train is leaving the station and you will want to be on it. Those who hide their faces from this “thing” will be left behind. It’s time to muster and defend children.

Four years ago, President Trump hosted Tim Ballard (the protagonist in the movie) at the White House. Read more >

Ballard explained how critical the border wall was to containing human trafficking. Now we are seeing in real time what happens when there is an open border. With the US being the largest child sex consumer in the world, and Mexico being the largest provider of child sex, it’s clear that an open border, with no background checks or DNA tests, is a nightmare for children, and furthermore, that the administration who openly abets the open border is party to the crime.

The average age of a trafficked child in the US is 11 years old.
Once a child is trafficked, their future life expectancy is 7 years.

Watch the video #31 Times You Saw a Trafficked Child But Didn’t Know It, to learn how to recognize signs of trafficking. Watch video >

The Perfidy of the Press

I lost all trust for the malicious media in 2020, and thought I could not be shocked any longer. I was wrong. Some of the media came out against Sound of Freedom, and thereby demonstrated who they work for. It couldn’t be any clearer. If you are still listening to anything the mainstream media has to say, I urge you to stop. You will be misled by the Father of Lies.

I knew months ago that the press would trash Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard. Caviezel made a speech at CPAC a few years ago, and Ballard is a Mormon. That’s enough for the media to start throwing darts. I did not expect the media to attack the movie itself, however. It tells the true story of the rescue of innocents. It’s inconceivable that any but a person genuinely addicted to evil could have a problem with that.

Not only did the movie “wake up” millions of people to the massive child exploitation all around us, but the media’s reaction to it has dissolved whatever vestigial credibility it had. Now the millions of people who saw the movie see the perfidious attack on it by the press. I think the mainstream media is finally over, and they did it entirely to themselves.

O.U.R. Rescue

The child rescue depicted in Sound of Freedom was the first operation of Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad: Since that time, thousands of kids have been rescued, with years of after-care recovery provided. This is an organization doing things we can hardly imagine, like superheroes in a dark, dark world. You can participate here >

More From Tim Ballard

In the US today, there are groups agitating to reduce the age of consent or eliminate it altogether, so as to take the criminal penalty away from child sex. And that’s not the only strategy loose in America that aims to victimize children. In this interview, Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel talk about the “pedophile playbook” and how it is coming out in the trans movement as well as the underage sex movement. The voice of our country has been taken over by very sick people. Read more >

Novena For Bishop Strickland

The people of Tyler continue to pray that their esteemed bishop will not be removed on what seem to be political grounds. But the issue is bigger than just the little diocese of Tyler. If the Vatican removes Strickland for posting Catholic truth on social media, or for being unsupported by his brother bishops, then every bishop is weakened, every diocese is bereft. Our Catholic faith cannot depend on who holds power in the world; it depends only on the unchanging God of the universe.

You can join the faithful of Tyler in a novena for the Bishop and the Faith here:

Follow Bishop Strickland ever edifying tweets @Bishopoftyler on Twitter.

Message From Our Lady of Akita 1973

Here is the message from Akita, given in 1973 and approved by the Church in 1984. Bishop Strickland pointed to Akita a few weeks ago, and it is worth the space to quote the message:

In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him forming a cohort of victim souls. Prayer, penance and courageous sacrifices can soften the Father’s anger…Offer in reparation (whatever God may send) for sins. Let each one endeavor, according to capacity and position, to offer herself entirely to the Lord.

The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres; churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.

Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved.

Read more >

On October 6, 2019, a new message was given to the Akita visionary Sister Sasagawa, which said: “Cover yourself in ashes (do acts of penance and reparation for the sins of the world) and please pray the Penitential Rosary every day.”

Did Our Lady mean to pray the rosary in a spirit of penitence, or is the “Penitential Rosary” a particular prayer? In a private revelation to Rev. Mother Maria Concepcion Zuniga in 1971, Jesus is said to have given the form of the Penitential Rosary Himself. It is a very beautiful intermingling of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary with the Divine Office, and as such, takes a bit longer to complete than a single rosary.

Download The Penitential Rosary Prayer Booklet >


I think this will be the next big thing to break. We know that traffickers use human beings for sex, slave labor and organs, and that is all horrifying enough, but is adrenochrome extraction another piece of the economy of the damned? It’s been talked about for years in alternative news, and has been hinted at by a few celebrities, specifically Jim Caviezel. Big Media calls reports of adrenochrome anti-Semitic, Q-Anon, and “toxic social attitude.” It seems that rather than dealing with the rumors and accusations, the media simply starts name-calling. That doesn’t inspire confidence in their conclusions.


Beware of the brands Good Meat and Upside Foods. The USDA has authorized the sale of “chicken product” grown in a lab. A hundred other companies are in line behind them. The problem is that genetically modified foods have not been tested longterm on human beings, and the makers frankly don’t know what might happen to consumers. It’s the same scenario as the “vaccines” that were rolled out to 5 billion people without long-term testing. Genetics is a complex sphere, and can’t be treated like software engineering. Gene editing can have unexpected consequences, like production of novel toxins and allergens, and possible modification of chromosomes. Read more >

It’s already been shown that government regulators profit themselves by determining outcomes favorable to businesses, so the USDA authorization means little. The authorized companies plan to sell their product first to restaurants, then more broadly as they scale up production. I’m off chicken for the duration, except for whole birds sold by independent farmers.

If you haven’t found local producers, I highly recommend you do so immediately. Find local producers >

Befriend Your Body

Now that the mainstream media is denigrating physical fitness as a far-right, white supremacist, extremist activity, I think we all need to pay more attention to our physical fitness! Remember when the Atlantic said that the rosary had become an extremist activity? They are telegraphing exactly what we most need to be doing. (It’s actually fairly amusing.) Take note >

But seriously, folks, we do need to be strengthening our bodies. Would you rather face a blackout, food shortage, or currency crisis carrying extra poundage and huffing from physical activity, or strong from self-mastery, ready for anything?

If you already train, bravo; you know what to do. If you don’t, try a “couch to 5K” program that leads you through a reasonable program of increasing your exertion. Easy beginner training >

Region 6 Field Day

Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Psalm 133)

Region 6, Great Lakes (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky) had their first regional Field Day this past Saturday, July 9, 2023. These intrepid members passed the test of finding the venue, based solely upon latitude and longitude and no definite address. No one was lost.

A rainy, cloudy, sunny, dry day was had by all – ahh, Michigan. We were dry and cozy beneath the expertly raised tents while Charlie shared his thoughts with us. His honorarium was a bronze squirrel, much to his delight. An herbalist showed us how to recognize mullein under our feet. We were further educated on bug out bags, gardening, off-grid sanitation and laundry, water purification, first aid kits, ham radio and solar generators. The skillful presentations helped inform many including a few doubters and we made a few converts. We shared so much in such a short time it was hard to say goodbye.

Most of the people in attendance were people who have seen each other on Zoom calls, or at least on a Signal thread. But seeing these people in person for the first time, or seeing some of them again after not having seen them in a few years was, as one put it, “was a foretaste of heaven.” Given the dicey weather forecast (a strong probability of thunderstorms for much of the day), the turnout of 65 people was more than we expected or even hoped. Since many cancelled due to the storms, we wondered what the turnout would’ve been otherwise. The planning committee was so fired up that they’re thinking and praying about when and where to do the next one. The general sentiment of the attendees seemed to be, “It’s so good to get together with like-minded people; it lets me know that I’m not alone and I’m not crazy.”

The layout of the bugout bag presented by Dave and Peggy White.

There was great interest in the solar generator shown by Ben D.

Charlie and the Fighting Squirrel. You can see the threatening sky.

A tentful of interested members.

Congratulations to Region 6 on a successful event! The next CORAC Field Day will be in Region 9 on Saturday, July 22 in Wisconsin. If you are reasonably close, these field days are definitely worth the effort to attend.

Upcoming CORAC Field Day

Region 9’s Field Day is coming up in Wisconsin on Saturday, July 22. Charlie will be speaking, along with experts in HAM radio, butchering and dressing livestock, cooking offgrid, self-defense and canning.

Details here >

Friday Challenge

We’ve all talked about practicing our new-found skills, products, etc. Now let’s step it up a notch by practicing in adverse conditions. Test your first-aid kit in real-world conditions; take it into a dark room and then have someone invent an injury that urgently needs treatment. How long does it take before you have the correct materials in your hands, open and ready?

This exercise should alert you to the fact that one of the most important items to have readily available in your kit is some form of light, such as a headlamp (preferably) or a flashlight. You can’t count on only needing your kit at a picnic on a warm, sunny day where everyone is calm, cool, and collected. You may well find yourself at the scene of a car wreck in the middle of the night, with pouring rain and a screaming adrenaline rush. Prepare and pack your first-aid kit so that the worst-case scenarios are manageable and the best-case scenarios are a breeze.

Check here for next week’s challenge >

Functional Homeopathy

Classes 1-5 are on video, and available now on the website. You’ll find an intro, then treatments for common ailments, such as first aid, fevers, infection, flus and colds, gut distress and emotion management.

Watch video classes >

Info Cards

 The Sustainable Living team has been making info cards that you might want to print to have ready at hand. Topics include emergency measures like temporary roof repair, disaster prep for animals and water filtering. Highly recommend starting a binder with information you might need in a power-out situation.

Check out all the downloads here >


There’s a new education card posted on the Education tab: Penmanship >

Disaster Deck

Check out the index to the Disaster Deck, and print the cards for those regional threats you may face, along with general threats we all face. We don’t like to think about such things, but if you have the cards on hand, you will have a general plan for dealing with whatever could crop up.

Download disaster deck >

CORAC General Discussion on Signal

To chat with other CORAC members nationwide, you can join the General Discussion channel on Signal. Download the Signal app and register your account. Then search “CORAC General Discussion” and request to be added.


Check out all the new content listed here, or just go exploring “Member Resources”
on the website:  The squirrels have been busy, uploading great new stuff!


July Prayer Intentions

  • For a smooth and fruitful presentation and implementation of Charlie’s refinement of CORAC’s structure, to be unveiled at the CORAC Field Day in Michigan on Saturday, July 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (see CORAC’s “Event” page for event and RSVP details)

  • For the healing and conversion of all families, including the immediate and extended families of CORAC members

  • As always, that CORAC members volunteering for all of our committees in all of our regions receive the gifts of creativity, good humor, resilience, camaraderie, and unexpected joy of spirit as we serve the Lord in these days

  • For ongoing financial support for CORAC, that helpful and necessary new initiatives be funded with minimal stress for our hardworking teams

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline, with gratitude for prayers answered in our daily lives

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Prayer Hotline

Email prayer requests to the CORAC Prayer Hotline at, and we will post your request (using firstnames only) on the CORAC Prayer Hotline Signal group.

Prayer for Bishops

I humbly request that you pray this beautiful prayer for all bishops, for the Bishop of Rome, for the bishop where you live, and for me.

– Bishop Joseph Strickland

St. John Fisher’s Prayer for Bishops
Lord, according to Thy promise that the Gospel should be preached throughout the whole world, raise up men fit for such work. The apostles were but soft and yielding clay until they were baked hard by the fire of the Holy Ghost.

So, Good Lord, do now in like manner again with Thy Church militant, change and make the soft and slippery earth into hard stone; set in Thy Church strong and mighty pillars that may suffer and endure great labours, watching, poverty, thirst, hunger, cold and heat; which also shall not fear the threatening of princes, persecution, neither death, but always persuade and think with themselves to suffer with a good will, slanders, shame and all kinds of torments for the glory and laud of Thy Holy Name. By this manner, good Lord, the truth of Thy Gospel shall be preached throughout the world.

Therefore, merciful Lord, exercise Thy mercy indeed upon Thy Church. Amen.

A bishop is consecrated not just for a diocese. He is consecrated primarily for the world, because our Lord said to His apostles, ‘Go ye into the world.’ All peoples of the world weigh upon his heart.

Venerable Fulton Sheen

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