Jan 13, 2021

From the cockpit of the Subaru

Welcome to the new national CORAC newsletter! We want to ring in the New Year by bringing you news you can use to help organize your region; collaborate with your neighbors; connect with others – near and far – who are committed to faith, family and freedom; and tout the things that are working all across the country to bring people together.

Sheryl Collmer of Texas is the managing editor for this project – and we hope it will become a useful tool for all of you who are activists, a source of information for all, and a way to build the organization and keep everyone connected with what is happening across the country.

Last year, the Health and Wellness Team trained hundreds of volunteers in homeopathy. In the last few months, we have been getting info out to thousands on effective regimens for Covid, along with direct emergency assistance with effective therapies. We want to have as much success in all our areas of focus; helping people develop genuine home skills that will help them sustain their families in hard times, building communications networks that will keep people in touch whatever happens, and grounding it all in a solid base of prayer and devotion to God.

2021 was a dark year when all of our public institutions squandered their credibility. 2022 could well prove to be even darker. But here at CORAC, while noting and resisting assaults on our liberty, we spend our time lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness. While some run around asking frantically, “Can you believe what just happened?” our focus is on how to help people live their faith effectively; cooperating with their neighbors from the bosom of their families; and assuming the freedom that God bequeathed us and that our Constitution guarantees us. In short, we are old-fashioned Americans who are determined that the light of liberty shall not perish from the earth.

Our primary focus in this newsletter will be on things you can do to visibly and actively support faith, family and freedom in cooperation with each other. As things develop throughout the year, we want to hear from you about the sort of things you want to see in this newsletter.

The world has gone crazy, but we have not gone along with it. Our fondest hope is to take America back to a time when faith, family and freedom were predominant in our culture. Our most fervent wish is to make this the future for ourselves and our children. Come and join us as we work to bring America back to the future!

Charlie Johnston

Mayberry Now

Like that “Mayberry Now” logo? Wear it around town and be s sign of hope for others who don’t think it’s possible to ever have a safe and congenial society again. To see the full line of CORAC swag, just click the button below.

Weekly Podcast

Most CORAC members could listen to Charlie for hours. Now here’s your chance to do just that, because Charlie has a podcast, “A Chat With Charlie.” Region 10 member Joe Brickner winds him up once a week and lets him run for about half an hour. We’re up to Podcast #5, so click below to watch the latest.

Editor’s Note

This is the first of our national newsletters, appropriately timed because CORAC is moving from a preparatory stance to an action crouch.

Charlie never envisioned CORAC as a top-down structure. He sets the direction, but members equip the ship and pull at the oars. If you have not yet had your turn rowing, take the initiative to knit yourself together with others in your geographical area. There are lots of ideas in this newsletter for small group action. The CORAC vision becomes effective when we know one another and work together.

My goal is to produce a newsletter broad enough to give every single member, regardless of location, health, age or family situation, an ACTION. Are you homebound? You can send letters to Congressmen. Do you travel for your job? You could arrange to be in DC for the March. Are you a busy parent? You can pick up a few extra staples at the grocery store to see your family through any supply shortages. Are you ill? Join Our Lady’s Power Hour for the Rosary. Make something happen in your region, and send me the details so I can write about it!


If you went to the effort to join CORAC, that means you are, at some level, ready to DO something! The time is now. The storm is here. The Lord of Hosts is mustering His army. Let’s roll!

Sheryl Collmer


Here are some easily implemented action items. Don’t wait for “someone in charge” to organize something. If you’re a member, you’re an operative. Make it happen.

America Prays

This is an easy project; all you need is a sign, one other person and a rosary.

This is modeled after “Austria Prays,” a public rosary movement responding to the proposed universal vaccine mandate coming for Austrians on February 1. Every Wednesday evening since November, Austrians all over that country are meeting to pray in public.

In little Tyler, we will meet next Wednesday, in the city square, at 5:30 pm, for maximum visibility. There will only be 3-4 of us to start. Many people are hungry to do something to fight the Enemy, and I believe the weekly gathering will grow if it’s God’s will. Once we have it established, we will try to get it into newspaper or other media.

Some suggested signs:






The best signs are often hand-lettered, but if you want a professional sign, I recommend https://www.buildasign.com.  They have a custom design tool to make your sign exactly what you want, and the corrugated plastic signs have a quick turnaround. An 18” x 24” Coreplast sign runs about $18.

Grab a friend and a rosary and go to your local town center. That’s all it takes.

J6 Project

It’s now been a year since dozens of our fellow citizens have been detained in unconstitutional conditions without anything resembling a trial. Most of them have lost their jobs, businesses, and some have even lost their families. None of them dreamed they wouldn’t come home from the January 6 rally in Washington last year. The prisoners are veterans, small-business owners, fathers, sons and brothers.

Thanks to member Kristen Martinez, we have CORAC members in correspondence with all the J6 prisoners in the DC jail. If you’d like to participate in the “penpal” effort, contact her at: Kannmartinez@sbcglobal.net.

The biggest need in this area is contacting Congressmen to urge (demand) that these people get fair trials with decent legal representation. Most of them are working people, without savings to pay for good lawyers. They’re dependent on public defenders who are proving to be politically-biased against them, or uncaring. In the APPENDIX is a sample letter you could send to your Congressmen. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican; demand that true justice be served for these people.

The last need is for worldly help, and anyone can easily do that. Only a couple of these prisoners have the resources to pay for good legal representation. Meanwhile back home, an income is absent, and their families are hurting. Most of the prisoners have allowed

GiveSendGo accounts to be set up for donations. Check this website to review the prisoners and their needs: https://www.patriotfreedomproject.com/the-16ers

Consider adopting a particular prisoner for daily prayer. When you read their backstories, your heart will break and you will want to carry them with you to the foot of the Cross, and beg our Lord for their safety and that of their families.

The ambush and political punishment that these guys are suffering could happen to any of us. Some of them had returned home from Washington, and were living their lives until an FBI squad showed up at their door at night, months later, and handcuffed them in front of their families. Was that justified? How would we know? Most of them haven’t had a hearing, don’t have legal access to discovery, and are being railroaded into plea deals just to get home.

If you think that the J6’ers deserved what they got, please take the time to watch this movie:

Save the Kids

Perhaps the best thing we can do to save the kids in our lives is to wake up their parents.

How, exactly? There is ample evidence of a psychological phenomenon called “mass formation” going on in many of our acquaintances. How do we help people break out of that oblivion? Familiarize yourself with the concept by listening to Dr. Matthias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist who has broken into the public eye lately with his theory of mass formation. It explains why so many people are impervious to common sense, logic and evidence.

Highly recommend the investment of time it will take to listen to the one-hour interview in which Dr. Desmet is joined by our medical heroes, Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone:

If you prefer a print version, here’s a good article, with links to some excellent supplementary videos:

To summarize in one short phrase: SPEAK OUT. It is absolutely essential to speak out against the lockstep narrative that is being forced on the population. It takes one discordant note to make people question the symphony. The price of not speaking out is more severe than I even want to contemplate. We are headed toward a regime of total control, and we must be the generation who will derail it

By speaking out. You don’t have to have a bunch of statistics to spout, you don’t have to be a practiced orator. All you have to do is say, “No, I don’t believe that.”

It’s that simple. All it took was one little boy to say, “The Emperor doesn’t have any clothes on!” Be that little boy. That’s how we save the children.


School Boards

This is another quite easy action that anyone can take. Simply do an internet search for your local school board. (I searched “Tyler ISD school board” and found all the info about the board, their meetings and their election process.)

Grab a friend and show up at their next meeting. These boards are accustomed to functioning with no public oversight. In my conservative town, I think there are only six leftists, and they’re all the on school board. They run unopposed! So show up. You don’t have to say a word; just be there. Having a witness can correct the most egregious of wrongs.

Listen carefully to see what items you might be able to influence. Ask innocent questions. Communicate what you learn to others. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper if something needs to be aired out. Any school board who has been operating in the dark will sit up straighter when they know someone is paying attention.

This is not just for parents. The indoctrination of children, especially in public schools, is directing this country down a particular road.

Election Integrity

Another project anyone can do. Almost every county in the US has Open Records Laws. November 2020 election records are **public documents**.

There is no reason groups of concerned citizens cannot file open records requests in their own counties to see the election records there.

Does YOUR county still have the November 2020 election records that they are required by federal law to preserve until September 2022? It would be a fantastic idea for you to file an open records request and ask to see those election records.

Search your county and state with the words “public records request.” You can often make the request online; otherwise you make the request in writing. Be very polite. You do not have to give a reason, but you can say, “research on voting patterns in the 2020 election.”

More information here:

Take Action Border Tour

We Stand America is sponsoring a peaceful event in McAllen, Texas on Saturday, January 29- Sunday, January 30. The subject is border security and its relationship to election integrity and domestic security. The main event on Saturday will feature great speakers (General Mike Flynn is one) and live music, with dancing in the evening because, hey! It’s in Texas! On Sunday, there will be a guided (and guarded) tour of the border.

Registration is as low as $15 for the basics. See https://westandamerica.com for details.


Keeping in touch when channels are unreliable

Shortwave broadcast update: tune in this Sunday evening at 6:30 Central time on 7.284.10 (40 meter band) or 6:45 Central on 3.976 (80 meter band).

Health & Wellness

Staying robust in trying times

Many of us joined other CORAC members in 2021 to learn about homeopathy, led primarily by Region 6 member Mick Blunt. Mick has been practicing homeopathy for many years, and herself was mentored by Joette Calabrese, a certified classical homeopath.

We can all see that the medical profession is less and less relevant in these times. If we have to provide home medical care, we should have some idea what we’re doing.

There may be more homeopathy classes offered to CORAC members in 2022, but you don’t have to wait. Joette’s website shows you how to set up your own study group and get through an eight-week course of study. Recruit a few friends, buy the workbook, and start learning about this fascinating healing field.

‘Tis the season for colds and flu, aka viruses. For those already conversant with homeopathy, here is what Joette has to say about viruses:

Many times when a virus first hits, we don’t know exactly what it is! We just know that it feels as though we’ve caught something. An excellent place to start during the first stage of this kind of feeling of a cough or cold is the Banerji protocol of Aconitum 200 mixed with Bryonia 30. Both medicines go into the mouth simultaneously, creating a combination remedy. Generally, this protocol is taken in direct correlation to the severity of the onset. On occasion, one dose will suffice. However, if I’m hit especially hard, I’ll repeat the medicine every 15 minutes or perhaps every hour, gradually lengthening the time between doses as the symptoms subside. Finally, when I feel very much better, I discontinue (as is the case with all homeopathic medicines).

Source: https://joettecalabrese.com/blog/a-pox-upon-your-house/

Sustainable Living & Survival Sills

Home skills for self-suffiency

Whatever your decision about prepping your household, it is recommended that you “top off” in the next week or so, and fill in any gaps of essentials. The supply chain crisis has been percolating for over a year now, and some events are in place to bring it to a crucial stage soon. Do you think Biden is smart and trustworthy? Well then, act accordingly.

On January 15, truckers will have to show proof of vaxxx in order to cross the US/Canada border. Truckers have been exempted until now, and if the Jan. 15 mandate is enforced, tens of thousands of truckers will lose their jobs and approximately $500 billion in trade could be hung up for lack of transport.

Take a look at what you use everyday, and what you would want on-hand if trucking were to slow or shut down. Be aware that 70% of our consumer goods move by truck.

We’ve all been aware that there is some smelly stuff coming down the pipes; now there’s a date: January 15. We hope and pray that prudent heads prevail… but I haven’t seen any prudent heads hanging around Washington in the last year. Be wise. No one should be spending their life savings on emergency food buckets and no one should believe that everything will just go on as normal. Find your sweet spot. My personal estimate is about three month’s worth of household supplies. If I’ve overestimated, what the heck? I’ll use it up anyway.



Interstate Insights

CORAC Region 15 member Patrick observes the USA from one coast to another on a weekly basis as a professional truck driver. He can see national trends that we, in our individual regions, may be oblivious to. He has graciously agreed to share what he sees from the road.

“In the last several months, I’ve seen a dramatic change in the way people conduct themselves in public. In travel stops, where I see families in addition to truckers, virtually no one is wearing masks anymore. It seems no one is concerning themselves with social distancing either. It looks pretty normal out there.

“Most places dropped the mask signs on their doors, from late summer to December, whereas they were omnipresent before that, at every truck stop and warehouse and convenience store. They were rare in the later half of the year. In December, mask signs started intermittently appearing again on doors, but most employees are not bothering to enforce them.

“I think that most people are realizing how stupid all these lies and mandates are. Two weeks to flatten the curve? People are beginning to ask why they have to wear a mask or get tested when they’ve already had the virus or been vaccinated. They’re asking why the PCR tests show positive for any virus, not just SARS-CoV-2.

“In my experience, it’s only one person in fifty that’s not beginning to ask questions.”

Other Items of Interest

Random stuff I just felt like sharing

Have you noticed how pro-life concerns seem to have been kicked to the curb over the course of the Plandemic? From the scandalous way that abortion clinics were kept open when all decent commerce was closed down, to the total disregard of aborted fetal tissue used in the rushed quaccines… what has happened to the Christian concern with innocent lives sacrificed in abortion?

January is Life Month; time to re-focus on the unborn. There will be events in every parish; please participate in them because the best action is local action. Dedicate a holy hour. Pray a sidewalk rosary if you have an abortion mill in your area. In Tyler, our local Planned Parenthood doesn’t do surgical abortions, but that is no comfort since about 60% of all abortions now are chemical. The ratio is about to dramatically increase because the corrupt FDA just loosened regulations so that a woman may commit abortion at home without an in-person visit to a doctor. This cannot end well.

If you use your imagination, it is horrifying. Aborting is not pain-free or bloodless. The infant is expelled into the toilet, and flushed. Our water treatment facilities are unequipped to filter the effects of this practice on the public water supply.

It’s time to re-focus on life.

March For Life DC

It’s ON this year, on January 21 in Washington DC. If you’re in Regions 2, 3 or 4, please consider forming a group to attend. There are many educational and devotional opportunities available, along with the walk itself. This is the premiere pro-life event in our country. We can’t expect that the President will attend this year, but that makes it all the more important that we do.

Click below to visit their site for more details. There are many local events in addition to these big national ones. Find them.

West Coast Walk For Life

The West Coast Walk For Life is January 22. If you’re in Region 12, 13, 14 or 15, consider getting a group to go. They put on a great event, with plenty of security, and hey! It’s San Francisco! You can go to North Beach or Sausalito afterwards.

Click below to visit their site for more details.

Trustworthy Medics

We all have our portfolios of doctors who have proven themselves honest in the last two years: Drs. McCullough, Malone, Zelenko, Cole, Tenpenny, Gold, Vliet… and the list is growing every day.

Defeat the Mandates

And now, here comes “Defeat The Mandates: An American Homecoming.” This event will take place in Washington DC at 11:30 Eastern on January 23 at the Washington Monument. We will walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to show that we are against coerced vaccinations, lost jobs and lost medical freedom. There will be talks by respected medics, led by Dr. Robert Malone. Come to Washington for the March for Life on Friday; stay for An American Homecoming on Sunday. 

Click below to visit their site for more details.

Defeat the Mandates Credo:

This is a pivotal moment in our global history.
The time to act is now!

People around the world are rising up,
To protect freedoms that originated here in America.
It is high time we joined them.

We are brothers and sisters

Of every color, creed, and political stripe.

We are not against the vaccinated.

Many of us are the vaccinated.

We are against forcing vaccinations on Americans.

Enough is enough.

We’re coming home.

In peace we March!

VAXX Passports

They are being enforced in countries abroad, and in a few unfortunate cities here in the US. They are an abomination, impeding the free movement and lives of citizens. And they are extremely dangerous in the way they can be used to control not only our movements and our social events, but also our commerce, bank accounts, and religious activities.

In Austria, an unvaxxed person will not be able to leave their home without incurring a fine. The fine can be imposed over and over without limit until the person is bankrupt. Then the person can be imprisoned for nonpayment of the fines. Do you see how dangerous the Vax Pass can be?

The following article advances 22 ideas on how we can fight the passports before they become widespread in America. And I would say we need to hurry to put these in effect:

Prayer Teams

Staying right with God

There is an indulgence attached to the recitation of the Rosary (assuming the other three conditions for an indulgence are fulfilled: sacramental confession, Holy Communion and prayers for the Pope’s intentions.) Anyone seeking the indulgence must also be free from any attachment to sin, even venial sin.

A group in Ohio conducts a large, telephone Rosary on Wednesday nights at 8:00 Central time. To join, visit Our Lady’s Power Hour at www.gospa.org. You can sign up to receive the link to join the rosary by telephone or internet. After the Rosary, Bishop Joseph Strickland gives a short reflection.


The following Congressmen have signed letters calling for Constitutional treatment of the J6 prisoners. If you live in their states or districts, keep calling for more action, but also THANK THEM for upholding the law and pressing for fair treatment.

  • Paul Gosar AZ
  • Andy Biggs AZ
  • Lauren Boebert CO
  • Matt Gaetz FL
  • Byron Donalds FL
  • Marjorie Taylor-Greene GA
  • Andrew Clyde GA
  • Jody Hice GA
  • Mary Miller IL
  • Thomas Massie KY
  • Clay Higgins LA
  • Andy Harris MD
  • Scott Perry PA
  • Jeff Duncan SC
  • Ralph Norman SC
  • Louis Gohmert TX
  • Chip Roy TX
  • Randy Weber TX

Please adopt this sample letter to be appropriate to your Congressmen

You can find your two Senators and one Representative by entering your zip code here: www.270towin.com.

Most Congressmen have websites with an email feature and you can copy and paste your letter to their email form. I am also following up with snailmail letters. To get any action on this issue, which up till now, few have wanted to touch, we need to bombard Congress with requests.

Dear Senator/Congressman:

Your oath of office obliges you to uphold the Constitution, and youf failure to do so would make it unlikely for you to be re-elected, at least in most states. I call upon you to uphold the Constitution in the affair of the January 6 detainees.

They have not received anything like a speedy, public trial. Their attorneys have not been given access to discovery, especially the thousands of hours of video footage that very likely contains exculpatory evidence for many of them. They are being held in conditions incommensurate with their charges. In no way is solitary confinement appropriate in their circumstances. Refusal of necessary medical treatment, violence of guards, inadequate nutrition, violation of the right to religious observation, toxic living conditions with malfunctioning plumbing and raw sewage in cells.

When this all comes to light – and it will – the Congresspeople who sat by and did nothing will be going back home in shame. No Congressman who sat silent through this travesty will be able to hold his head up. Republicans who sat by, doing nothing, will be seen as worthless. Democrats who participated, by party complicity, in this horror, will lose their office. Do you think that decent people even in the Democrat party would support this sort of treatment?

There will be a reckoning. Do the right thing now. Uphold the Constitution. For this, you were elected. By ignoring it, or worse, ridiculing it and defying it, you will lose what power you have. This affair has been a farce from start to finish, not worthy of the most corrupt banana republic in history. America is not so defunct that people won’t rise up, throw scoundrels out of office, and exact a penalty for blatant violations of the Constitution.

Do you want a legacy your family would be proud of? Demand justice, true justice, not partisan persecution, for the January 6 detainees. Demand they have access to all discovery; demand their right to a speedy public trial; demand that humane treatment be guaranteed the detainees. Demand that the jailers observe basic tenets of humanity and hygiene, and concede that, in the United States of America, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

You are completely underestimating the people of the United States if you think we do not care about the Constitution.

(If your Congressman is one who has spoken up for the J6 prisoners, include a paragraph of thanks)


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