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I trust in the goodness of GOD forever and ever.

Some of us are growing weary in the runup to the collision of good and evil. We need to observe ourselves, and take rest when needed. Action is necessary, but we will never succeed on our own, no matter how noble our intentions. Do what you are called to do, with vigor and enthusiasm! Then rest in the Lord’s care. He saves, with our participation to the extent of our abilities.

​Opinions expressed in this newsletter, unless otherwise attributed, are my own.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
February 29, 2024

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those now weathering the Storm.


Crisis in the Church

As we enter more deeply into this Lenten season, many Catholics are shaken as it becomes undeniable that the call for sinful dysfunction is coming from… more >


On the Web

Our greatest asset is our website. If you haven’t yet explored it, start on the home page and see what catches your attention… more >


The Newest Hot Button: IVF

Since the Alabama Supreme Court decided that the embryos created by IVF are indeed children… more >

Letter to the American Church

If your pastor has not yet watched this movie, host him to dinner and show this movie afterwards… more >

Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendars now for Monday, April 8! The path of totality of the Great American Eclipse crosses… more >

10 Hidden Headlines

What the media won’t say… more >

Demos II

When Cardinal Pell was alive, he pseudonously penned a memo which seemed to be a compilation of… more >

Active Listening

Active listening can help us negotiate the obstacle course of all our modern conversations… more >

Bulk Download CORAC Docs

You can now bulk-download CORAC’s info sheets and emergency cards for… more >

Choosing the Chosen

When I was a boy I hated the “Jesus movies” of the 60’s, 50’s and 40’s. Each and every one of them portrayed Jesus as always speaking in a breathy monotone with all the charisma of a bank examiner who just doubled his dosage of Prozac. This was not how Jesus was when He walked the earth – and the simplest layman could confirm that for himself. Jesus started a movement that swept the world. He inspired workmen to give up their jobs and follow Him exclusively. He took a nation of people groaning under the oppression of both Roman and often Jewish authorities and filled them with new, joyful hope and determination. Whatever else He was, Jesus was powerfully charismatic.

When those depictions had Him do anything substantive other than just drone on, they portrayed Him as a somber, gloomy Gus type personality. And yet children loved Him – so much so that He had to rebuke His disciples from preventing children from coming to Him. Have you ever known children to flock to anyone who did not exude joy? Perhaps this ‘Jesus’ appealed to somber types who were ostentatious about their piety, but these depictions bore little resemblance to the historical Jesus of the Gospels.

I was disappointed when one of my favorite magazines, Crisis, recently published a similarly warped view of Christ by Leila Miller, an otherwise sound writer on the practical application of Catholic doctrine in our daily lives. Her article was a critique of the popular streaming series, The Chosen. Unfortunately, she is incorrect in many of her facts, faulty in logic, and treats her own interpretations of the Gospel as settled doctrine.

She starts by comparing the Christ of this series to the hippy, dippy, buddy “Christs” that ‘70s artists often imagined. Miller insists that this series only shows Christ as a man, with nothing of His Divine Nature. That proposition alone made me wonder how closely she watched the series. The series surely fleshes out Jesus’ human nature, but His Divine nature and power is ever present throughout. It made me think her real objection is that it shows Christ with a human nature at all. Christ is the hypostatic union of both a human and a Divine nature. To deny either one is heresy. This is not the ‘buddy Christ’ of the ‘70s. It is, though, the brother Christ of the Scriptures.

Miller posits that this series is a Protestant-Mormon presentation of a false Christ. The only Mormons involved work for Angel Studios, which played a major role in distributing the series, but neither funded it nor worked in its development. Sheesh…this is a big reach, like suggesting St. John Paul was actually Eastern Orthodox because he sometimes collaborated with them. It also does not address the reality that while Protestant Dallas Jenkins is the creative driver of the series, he consults with various Protestant denominations, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox to get it as right as possible without it degenerating into a rah-rah section for any particular Church or denomination.

Miller’s proposition here is so wildly false it is hard to believe it is the work of an otherwise solid researcher. Miller goes on to accuse the creators of admitting that it is a fictionalized Gospel with fictionalized characters. Of course it is – as every artistic, cinematic depiction of Christ has ever been. What she neglects to note is that the series creators stated upfront that they would stay true to the Gospels and that the fictional material would be only in the holes where continuity lies – and none would be contrary to the Gospels. As someone who has watched every episode of the first three seasons, the creators have lived their initial commitment well. This comment, both in what it says and what it does not say, can only be polemical.

Miller complains that Mary, the Mother of Christ, is not beautiful enough for her taste. When first viewing the series, I was struck that the actress who portrays Mary resembles a young Mother Teresa. But surely Miller knows that, contrary to our superficial understanding of beauty, our glorified bodies will mirror the beauty of our souls. The physical and spiritual will be entirely in harmony. What one’s physical appearance is on earth has little to do with what their actual beauty is.

Most astonishingly, Miller does not give a single doctrinal reason for her objections. She assumes that her interpretations are the only licit interpretations possible – and so are doctrinal. That is a straw man argument that even straw men would shrink from. She complains that Christ is depicted arguing with John the Baptist at one point – and Jesus would never have done that. For crying out loud, Jesus is often found arguing with His own apostles, so why would He not have argued with John? Yes, He is the final word but that did NOT prevent discussions/arguments from cropping up.

The only moment I had when I felt some real discomfort was when the show depicted Jesus wrestling with what He was going to say at the Sermon on the Mount. He is God. He knew what to say. And yet, it is possible that while He knew all things in His Divine nature, He chose, as a matter of discipline, to only take recourse to His human nature in composing it. That is not how I think it happened, but it is not outside the bounds of licit speculation.

It seems to me that Miller’s chief objection is that the artistic depiction of Christ in The Chosen does not mesh with her own imagining of a somber, martial Christ Pantocrator. That, surely, is an authentic aspect of Christ – an aspect that is ignored by too many moderns. But it does not capture the fullness of Christ, certainly not the Brother Christ that is equally an important aspect. I’ll take the whole Christ, not just the aspects of His personality that are amenable to me.

I have long said that each and every one of us is going to find that some things are not as we imagined they were in these difficult times. In the Book of Job, Job’s pious friends spent the whole book defending God against Job’s complaints – and condemning Job for maligning God. In the end God told those pious friends that, “you have not spoken rightly of Me as has My servant Job.” God was so angry He would not even accept their prayers for forgiveness, insisting, instead that they go to Job and ask Him to pray for them. What those pious friends were actually defending was not God, but their own interpretation of what God should be. Miller’s misconceived rant was not persuasive – and the elements in it that were downright wrong cause me to question her honesty. As I said, though, she has done a lot of good work elsewhere. I am going to presume this was just an overwrought tirade because, like Job’s pious friends, her lifelong presumptions are challenged by it.

As for me, along with The Passion of the Christ, I consider The Chosen as one of the two finest artistic depictions of Christ in my lifetime.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.


Our greatest asset is our website. If you haven’t yet explored it, start on the home page and see what catches your attention.


The Newest Hot Button: IVF

Since the Alabama Supreme Court decided that the embryos created by IVF are indeed children, it’s become a hot issue. Most people, even Catholics, have no idea that there are big moral problems with in vitro fertilization. Last week, Trump came out in favor of IVF, and Bishop Strickland admonished us to educate our politicians about this procedure.

Read more here >

A video explanation of the problems, “Why IVF Is So Evil” with Dr. Damon Cudihy, MD >

The National Catholic Bioethics Center has a wealth of resources:

It’s not just about frozen embryos >

Parental desires, children, and IVF >

Preaching points on IVF >

Get ready to have an answer for anyone who doesn’t understand why the Catholic Church opposes IVF. Study up, friends, because this is now part of the national conversation.

Letter to the American Church

If your pastor has not yet watched this movie, host him to dinner and show this movie afterwards. Even better, if your town has an interfaith counsel of ministers, priests and rabbis, reserve a hall and show it to them. Our pastors are busy; let’s make it easier for them to get this imporant information.

Read more >


Please read this letter from Jeffrey McKellop, a former Green Beret, sitting in prison:

A great way to support the J6ers is to order the American Gulag book. It’s a compilation of letters from the J6 prisoners. Profits are donated to defense funds for the J6ers, many of whom must rely on public defenders. Learn more >

A new short film is coming out, 1000 Days of Terror, which clearly shows that there was no agitation in the crowd until police began shooting. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch, but we have to know the facts, not what the guilty Congressmen and media want us to believe. Truth is our best defense. Learn more >

If you’re not already writing to one of the J6 prisoners, please consider doing so. When everything you hold dear is taken from you and justice is elusive, it’s hard to hold on. They need us. Visit this website and pick a J6er to write. You could be helping to save a life with just a few words of encouragement. Patriot mail project >

Fathers, miliary veterans, firefighters, pilots, brothers and husbands, actors, law enforcement officers, mechanics, writers and film makers. You might even call them representative of our best and brightest. Some have been sitting in stinking prisons for over 1,000 days, their families impoverished, their reputations trashed, their young lives treated with contempt. Exonerating evidence has been destroyed by members of Congress, and new victims are still being arrested. There have already been a few deaths. The horror is going on right this minute, to people just like us.

JUSTICE FOR J6. Please pray for all these men bearing the burden of the vile gulag our country is becoming.


Advance reviews have been overwhelming positive for this lovely movie. Angel Studios has hit another home run. Theatrical release begins next Friday, March 8. Watch trailer and buy tickets here >

The masterpiece quality of this movie is worthy of the first American saint.

Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendars now for Monday, April 8! The path of totality of the Great American Eclipse crosses 13 states, affecting 32 million people.

Don’t even THINK about looking skyward without eclipse viewing glasses. You can cause permanent damage to the retina. Your regular sunglasses are nowhere near strong enough. Proper eclipse glasses are rated ISO 12312-2.

Don’t use eclipse glasses from a prior year, and don’t use any that are scratched. Buy yours now before the best ones are sold out (and unscrupulous vendors start selling fakes to turn a quick buck.)

Order yours soon. Some of the best models are already unavailable and there are warnings that counterfeits will soon flood the market.

Demos II

When Cardinal Pell was alive, he pseudonously penned a memo which seemed to be a compilation of discussions with other cardinals, on the state of the Church under the current regime, and the qualities needed in the next Pope to correct things. Now a new Demos has come on the scene, expanding on the points that Pell made in 2022. It is meant to circulate to all the cardinals who would have a vote in the next conclave. Read more >

Active Listening

Active listening can help us negotiate the obstacle course of all our modern conversations. So many topics raise our hackles, and we’re often tempted to make emotional responses that don’t further the dialogue. The more polarized our Church and our society become, the more we need to be able to genuinely listen in order to evangelize and fulfill God’s desire to save all.

I used to think active listening techniques were kind of… well, baloney. But they’ve been introduced in my workplace, and I can see that they totally works to create respect and cooperation. It’s a great skill for marriages and families, especially. I want to get better at this! Learn more > 

Emergency Prep Series

CORAC has launched a new series, hosted by Region 11 member Ed McCullough, a former Army Ranger trained in chemical, nuclear and biological hazard defense. He’s a highly experienced first responder and specialist in civilian emergency prep.

Bulk Download CORAC Docs

You can now bulk-download CORAC’s info sheets and emergency cards for reference, or to print them out. On the top toolbar of the website, choose MEMBER RESOURCES. To the far left, you’ll see the national teams:

  • Health & Wellness
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When you click through to each team, you’ll see the download button, where all the articles for that subject have been consolidated for one bulk download. There’s a lot of helpful info on the website, and this makes it easier to access. You can print out and put in a binder with tabs if you want. The most volume of data is in Sustainability and Health & Wellness.


March Prayer Intentions

  • Continued prayers for Charlie’s inspiration, energy, and focus ~ come, Holy Spirit!

  • For all CORAC members on various teams who are working on downloadable content for the CORAC website, that we, too, be given inspiration, energy and focus ~ come, Holy Spirit!

  • That many people be healed in body, mind, and spirit through the online Physical Healing Prayer Session via Zoom, at the end of this month (date to be decided) and through many other healing prayer ministries in which CORAC members are engaged

  • May the Lord draw all people of good will ~ Catholics, Protestants, observant Jews, and others ~ closer to himself; may he make us holy; and may we live our faith with fidelity, courage, love, and joy as we pray the Prayer of Doing For the peaceful repose of the souls of all whom the Lord will call home this day, in accordance with his Divine Will; and for the consolation and strength of their families and friends

  • That existing and new CORAC members may strongly desire and find the means to participate in financial support for our vital ministries

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline, with gratitude for prayers answered in our daily lives

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Prayer Hotline

Email prayer requests to the CORAC Prayer Hotline at, and we will post your request (using firstnames only) on the CORAC Prayer Hotline Signal group.

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