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Sustainability during a crisis is not always the doomsday picture that many imagine – such as societal collapse, every person for themselves, cities in ruin, lone survivors hiding out in the wilderness, and the zombie apocalypse.

We who serve on the Sustainable Living Teams are intent on helping other people develop the confidence and practical skills to not only survive during a serious crisis, but thrive under any challenging circumstances… READ MORE >

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Recommended websites

Homesteading Family

Learn skills that lead to greater self-sufficiency, security, sustainability, and family health.

The Prairie Homestead

Learn old-fashioned skills for modern folks that make life healthier and happier, no matter where you live.

Fresh Eggs Daily

Learn from a 5th-generation chicken keeper, Master Gardener, and coop-to-kitchen cook.

Backwoods Solar

Learn about off-grid power systems, solar panels and how it all works together to power your home or business.

Creek Stewart

Learn practical skills from Creek’s life-long study of outdoor living and survival for all locales and conditions.

Ola Griffin on Youtube

Learn more about long term food preparation and storage from Ola Griffin and why you need to start now.

Inspiration for Contemplation

September 25, 2021

Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.

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