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Q & A session with Charlie Johnston

A pre-recorded webcast series hosted by MP

Part I

An in-depth look at the Corps of Renewal and Chartity (CORAC), what it’s all about, why it’s being launched now, how you can help, participate and more.

Part II

A step back to look at where we’ve been with some important topics such as what it means to “Take the Next Right Step (TNRS)” and be “A Sign of Hope (ASOH).” 

Part III

Enjoy at least one light hearted topic before getting some of his thoughts on the vital importance of acknowledging God and the role of Mary in the work of renewal and charity.

The essential welcome series

A CORAC Media production

Our Mission

An introduction to the Corps of Renewal and Charity with Our Mission Statement.

We Are Not Alone

Learn more about CORAC. What we are. What we are not. And why we’re not alone.

Our Mascot

Learn about our mascot, how it evolved over time, and the dizzying heights we’re willing to take it.

Most recent articles & updates

Wait On The Lord

Wait On The Lord

I had a piece I was going to put up last Saturday. I decided against it because everyone was so busy chasing after every passing rabbit I thought it...

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