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The Corps of Renewal and Charity is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending our traditional values of Faith, Family and Freedom across America

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Grounded in faith, we’re prudently preparing to help each other not only survive, but thrive when our communities are hit with a serious crisis

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In times of great strife, when the faith and the faithful are assaulted from within and without, if you will not get your hands dirty, either completely devoted to cardinal acts of mercy or passionately defending the faith, the faithful, and the sovereignty of Christ, you will perish.

You cannot be the timid and cowardly Gideon of Judges, Chapter 6. Rather, you must be the fully trusting, passionate Gideon of Judges, Chapter 7. If you protest that the forces of secularism and rot are too great, that is not an argument at all – just a confession that you don’t trust God at all.

The initially timid Gideon conquered an invading army of 135,000 warriors with a mere 300 men God sent him out with. Trust or don’t, but don’t whine about how hard things are.

Christianity is not for wimps. For crying out loud, gird your loins and stand your ground under the banner of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. How much nobler to give your life for the faith than to preserve it for the rot around you!

We are looking for 300 brave souls to support CORAC by March 1.

Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Charlie Johnston

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By connecting communities, heartening the faithful, collaborating  to publicly stand for our core values, and prudently preparing to help those in need in these uncertain times

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The latest from Charlie Johnston

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Joseph’s Way

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