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Thanks for taking the first step by getting involved. Your Regional Coodinator will contact you shortly. In the meantime, please check your email inbox for an important confirmation email from CORAC.

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To access our Community Forum and other members-only content (such as Charlie’s meeting details and presentation videos), please be sure to establish login credentials by clicking the link below if you haven’t already done so.

We created the online Community Forum so all our members can easily come together and engage in one central hub that is safe and secure. Once registered, you’ll be connected to members in your region and across the country.  Please feel free to discuss important topics, ask questions, find and share useful information/media on a variety of topics, start private conversations with any member, follow our progress, help celebrate our wins, and more!

We are delighted to have you onboard

To help quickly become an engaged and confident member of our team, here are some other essential next steps to get you on your way.

Connect with your regional coordinator

If you have already signed-up to get involved, you should have received a confirmation email right away and/or heard from your Regional Coordinator within a few days.  If you have not yet heard from your coordinator, you can locate your region below and get in touch with them via email.

Connect with other volunteers in your region and nationwide

Again, the best place to connect is on our Community Forum. Not registered?

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Get engaged in your local communities

Since CORAC is primarily a grassroots organization, we aim to stand for faith, family and freedom in all of our local communities.

Once you’ve connected with your region via the coordinator(s) and member network, it’s important to help spread the word.  Do you know any other folks who share our values and would like to join our effort?  Please ask them to sign up on our site.

Know of any events in your area, or have some great ideas?  Great!  Please share with your coordinator so others can join in and participate.  Your participation at scheduled events in your area is one of the keys to our success.  Rest assured, whatever talents and skills you bring to the table –– and however you choose to participate –– no effort is too big or too small.

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Already have an event scheduled and planned that’s not on our Event Calendar?

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Bring your expertise to one of our teams

Among the many things that makes CORAC unique and special is our commitment to the ongoing education of our members to support our communities in times of need.  To succesfully accomplish that, we’ve formed a variety of specialty teams in critical discliplines, with grassroots teams at the regional level under a national lead.





To get involved, or for further information, simply contact your Regional Coordinator or explore these topics for yourself by clicking ona ny of the above links that may interest you.

Attend a meeting with Charlie Johnston in your area

The Faith, Family & Freedom Tour 2021 kicked off February 6 with scheduled visits beginning in Regions 1 and 2.  Visit our Meetings page which is updated regularly with new dates, locations and details.

View Tour Schedule & Meeting Details >

View Presentation Videos >

Roll over and click on the map markers, or see the posts below the map for meeting details.

You must be a registered Community Forum member and logged in to access meeting specifics and watch the presentation videos.

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Some other common issues are covered in our FAQ section.

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