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You are near, Oh Lord, and all your commandments are true.

Happy Easter, CORAC friends! Here in Texas, we’re getting ready for the eclipse next Monday. Tyler is on the Path of Totality, as are Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Interestingly, the relic of St. Jude will also be in the Tyler Cathedral that day, just after totality concludes. There has been a lot of speculation about the path of totality being a warning from God, or false flag operations being planned by bad actors for that day. There may be something to it all, but primarily, an eclipse is an occasion of wonder. Protect your eyes, gather some friends, and enjoy the astronomy lesson! The heavens are telling the glory of God.

​Opinions expressed in this newsletter, unless otherwise attributed, are my own.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
April 2, 2024

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those now weathering the Storm.


Ecce Homo

I repeat today what has become an Easter Tradition for me – my little story about Pontius Pilate and the Lord… more >


About the Eclipse

If the eclipse fascinates you (it does me), check out some of these links… more >

Eclipses in the Scriptures

The warnings of Scripture have always been there, through every eclipse since their writing… more >

10 Hidden Headlines

What the media won’t say… more >

Big Month of April

This month, we will also be able to see the “Devil Comet” with the naked eye… more >

Pilgrim Feet

We search about for answers to so many complex questions, and often the best answers are… more >

Healing Sessions

CORAC members have been conducting healing sessions by Zoom on the last Wednesday of the month… more >


Crisis Scenarios

Something most of us don’t realize until we have experienced a disaster is that after all the fear… more >

Danger Ahead: Pathfinders Wanted

As the American frontier was tamed, the job of pathfinder was lonely and dangerous – but absolutely vital to all those forging ahead into the wilderness. A pathfinder had to be sober and deliberate, while simultaneously bold and courageous. If he was timid, he could never find a path through the wilderness to begin with. If he was given to recklessness, he could lead people into some deadly situations because a path looked good to begin, but he had not explored it fully for hidden dangers. Once he chose a path, he was obliged to prepare people realistically for the challenges they would have to confront. He was very much a man set apart from the fellows he served, spending little time with them because he had to spend so much forging ahead to find the way to safety for them.

The confidence of the people he served and his dependence on God were what sustained the pathfinder. If he led those people into unexpected danger, that confidence was eroded. If he took too long to make a decision, that confidence was eroded. Sometimes, despite his best efforts, a faction would choose to go in a direction that looked easier, ignoring his warning of the dangers that lay that way. He either had to stand his ground and lead those who would follow in the safer path, or devise an effective way to deal with the hidden dangers the rebellious faction was set on in order to hold all the people together. Neither approach was optimal. If he did not have the capacity to choose between which was less dangerous, he was in trouble with God.

Beginning 11 years ago, I have told you true about the dangers that have suddenly risen all around us, dangers that threaten to capsize the American experiment entirely. Very soon I think we are going to be facing an entirely different – and largely unexpected sort of danger.

I speak occasionally of the “invasion of Poland” moment. At the cusp of the full outbreak of World War II, Winston Churchill was a back bencher in Parliament, derided by all factions and held in particular contempt by the ruling class for his constant warnings of the real danger Hitler’s Germany presented. People desperately wanted for there to be an easier way, and hated Churchill for constantly telling them there was not – and that they must gird their loins. He was a pathfinder who told them true. Opinion surveys at the time suggested that a good 70% of the British population considered Churchill an alarmist clown.

Then came Hitler’s invasion of Poland, after having solemnly declaring he would do no such thing. Over the course of the next 48 hours, the most spectacular turnabout of public opinion in history took hold in England. Across the nation, hand-painted signs declaring, “We need Churchill” and “Churchill Now!” sprung up. Suddenly, the people who just hours before had held him in contempt knew that Churchill was the indispensable man because he, unlike the ruling class, had told them true for a decade regardless of the contempt and derision it drew him.

Oh, the ruling class continued their contempt for him, but grudgingly brought him into the government because public opinion demanded it. Truth was, the smug establishment class was already a dead man walking, for the ordinary Brits would bear no more of their “peace in our time” cant. Meantime, France was quickly occupied by the Nazis because it dithered, still pathetically hoping things would work out.

I think the biggest surprise we will have in the next few months will be the utter collapse of the “woke” project in America. Like the invasion of Poland was for Britain, I suspect we will have an event that will fully expose it for the dangerous folly it is. Oh, there will still be a good faction of wokesters out there, but they will be looked at with even deeper contempt than they have showered their opponents with up to this time. They will be blown away like so much chaff in the wind this change will bring.

It will immediately become much less disorderly in this country, but it will usher in the singularly most dangerous period of this Storm, a period that, by design, is forged to ensnare even the most pious.

First, the slow-burning flame of armed conflict around the world is likely to erupt into full conflagration – at a point where we are badly hobbled by all the absurd fantasies we have indulged for so long.

Second, most of the local petty tyrants who revealed themselves during the Covid scare will not change their ambitions, only their methods. They will pretend to be pious and claim they have the answers if you just do what they say, answers they have never had and do not care about anyway.

Third, there are many people on our side who, having gotten comfortable being dissident leaders, will want to set up shop permanently for themselves, directing you on what you must do to be acceptable to Christ. If you are following any that seek to direct your conscience rather than help you form it, you are following diabolical frauds. But oh, they will sound so pious that they will even deceive the elect for a time.

I am in the home stretch of completing the CORAC Organizational Handbook and Manual on Forming Functional Communities in Difficult Times. It is the largest, most complicated task I have ever taken on. How to be comprehensive while also being concise and accessible is always the most difficult task. It relies on you to be a moral and religious people to build in your home town. It relies on CORAC being the primary support system for what you create, rather than a source of remote decrees. It relies on you becoming pathfinders, turning neither to the right out of anger nor to the left out of fear, but walking in a plain path before God and man.

We must not be delivered from the insane chaos around us just to get into a contest over who shall rule. That contest always brings with it the seeds of its own destruction. Rather, we are called to care for each other as loving brothers and sisters, offering our talents and respecting the expertise of others in the endeavor to build each other up in harmony with God, rather than trying to dominate or tear each other down.

It is a lonely job, fraught with peril. But I call on you to find a path through this wilderness, blaze a trail to God that cuts through all the undergrowth. Do it the simple, sure way. Help those around you build the skills they need. Respect their free will and dignity, given by God, even as you protect each other from efforts to coerce your conscience or undermine your community. Authentic Christianity is not for wimps. It is simple, but not easy. Let your triple lodestar be: acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. Do this, and you will be a profitable pathfinder.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.


Our greatest asset is our website. If you haven’t yet explored it, start on the home page and go perusing from there.

Be sure to catch the latest from Charlie on his blog and on the Brief Updates.


Eclipses in the Scriptures

Joel 2:31. “The sun shall be turned to darkenss, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.” (There was a blood moon on March 25.)

Amos 8:9. “And on that day,” declares the Lord God, “I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight.”

Rev 6:12. “I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood.”

Acts 2:20. “The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great day of the Lord comes.”

Sounds sobering, doesn’t it? And then there is the news that the path of totality will pass through seven towns named Ninevah. It could almost sound like a warning. The warnings of Scripture have always been there, through every eclipse since their writing; it is just that now we know that we need warning. We sense that the roller coaster is about to jump the tracks. But we will be fresh and clean from Divine Mercy Sunday, and with a plenary indulgence, we will be ready. Do not neglect the grace of the powerful plenary indulgence available on Divine Mercy Sunday!

Divine Mercy Plenary Indulgence

“Never will your soul be cleaner, other than the moment of your baptism, than it is on Divine Mercy Sunday.” – Fr. Chris Alar

“The soul that will go to confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. On that day, all the Divine floodgates through which graces flow are opened. Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, though his sins be as scarlet. (Diary, 699)

For the grace of the indulgence:

  1. Go to Confession (20 days before, on, or after Divine Mercy Sunday)
  2. Receive Holy Communion (20 days before, on, or after)
  3. Pray for the Pope
  4. Recite an Our Father, the Creed, and a prayer to the Merciful Jesus in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, or, participate in services honoring the Divine Mercy devotion.

Learn more >

Big Month of April

Devil Comet
This month, we will also be able to see the “Devil Comet” with the naked eye. It may be visible during the eclipse. This comet has a 71-year orbit around the sun, so we won’t see it again in our lifetimes (most of us). It’s also known as the “Mother of Dragons” because of the horns formed by bursts of gas and dust.

Read more here >

Cicadas brood underground for many years before emerging. This April, two giant broods will emerge simultaneously and close together, in central Illinois. And I thought 2023 was a big year for cicadas! The chickens will be very happy, but I don’t know what a Cicadapocalypse (also known as Cicada-geddon) will look like for the rest of us. Stay tuned!

More here >

Dear FBI

It’s not a conspiracy theory that the DOJ is targeting people for holding traditional values, the very values that no one would would have disputed 30 years ago. I’m afraid this is a real thing. Be forewarned and forearmed.

Pilgrim Feet

We search about for answers to so many complex questions, and often the best answers are the most mundane ones. Walking, for example. If you’re watching The Chosen, haven’t you been struck by all the walking? Some of the best conversations, the most dramatic conversions, the most problematic questions all happen while they’re walking. And that’s not an invention of the series; they were indeed pilgrims through Israel.

Read more about the ridiculously easy benefits of walking here >

You don’t need a program to start walking. That’s one thing that’s so great about it: you just leave your hous

Crisis Scenarios Team

John McConnel is the new CORAC Crisis Scenario team lead. He has 9 years experience in disaster relief, with 18 missions, many of which he led. He had some good insights:

“Something most of us don’t realize until we have experienced a disaster is that after all the fear, panic, and shock from something so devastating as a massive hurricane (like Katrina) or a category-5 tornado (like Joplin, Missouri), and after the utter devastation and all that goes with that, there is no holier ground on earth. You see and feel God’s grace and mercy everywhere. We came to realize very soon that our primary function was to be an instrument of God and provide love and attention to the victims. That helped them get back to reasonable “normal.”

“I have seen people with the blank stare, totally unaware of what’s going on. We learned to gently walk up to them and place a hand on their shoulder and reassure them that God’s mercy is there, and that all will be better now. It never ceased to amaze me, the effect that such a simple thing would have on people. Then you let them speak, and you listen as they tell their sad story. Then we (the mission team) would gather around them and lay hands upon them, and each of us would contribute our prayer. Then we would go to work clearing out the debris. It is so beautiful to watch these people come back to “normal” and actually regain their hope and determination.

“My hope is that we prepare ourselves and others to provide such aid (and other aid as well) when it becomes necessary.”

Read more here >

Healing Sessions

CORAC members have been conducting healing sessions by Zoom on the last Wednesday of the month. Mark your calendars now for April 24. Details for signup and tune-in will follow in the April 15 newsletter. These sessions are led by Mark Kollar, a veteran evangelist who has seen many miraculous healings. Hear more from Mark on the latest Reveille video here to get ready for the next healing session on April 24.


March Prayer Intentions

  • For all CORAC members in the boat to keep their eyes on Christ as he calmly walks on water toward us in the midst of the Storm [For understanding and inspiration, consider watching Bishop Barron’s sermon, “In the Storm? Look to Christ” ~ on YouTube.]

  • Continued prayers for Charlie’s inspiration, energy, and focus as he completes the CORAC Handbook ~ come, Holy Spirit!

  • That many people be healed in an online international CORAC event, praying The Brazen Serpent Prayer Rosary together live via Zoom ~ Sunday, April 21, at 3:00 p.m. PT, 4:00 p.m. MT, 5:00 p.m. CT, and 6:00 p.m. ET

  • May the Lord draw all people of good will ~ Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and others ~ closer to himself; may he make us holy; and may we live our faith with fidelity, courage, love, and joy as we pray the Prayer of Doing

  • For the peaceful repose of the souls of all whom the Lord will call home this day, in accordance with his Divine Will; and for the consolation and strength of their families and friends That existing and new CORAC members may strongly desire and find the means to participate in financial support for our vital ministries

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline, with gratitude for prayers answered in our daily lives

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Prayer Hotline

Email prayer requests to the CORAC Prayer Hotline at, and we will post your request (using first names only) on the CORAC Prayer Hotline Signal group.

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