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As for me, I will cry to God and He will save me.

The last few weeks have been good ones, and busy. The work on our local GMRS radio network has progressed, it’s time for spring gardening and foraging, and I’ve been reading some good books. It proves to me once again that I’m most at peace when I’m engaged in action.

​Opinions expressed in this newsletter, unless otherwise attributed, are my own.

Sheryl Collmer, editor
April 15, 2024

From the cockpit of the Subaru

CORAC founder Charlie Johnston travels from coast to coast in his trusty Outback to speak in person to those now weathering the Storm.


What Is Truth?

I have some thoughts that occurred to me during my contemplations at Mt. Meeker Monday. But I will let them gestate for a time… more >


Darkest Before
the Dawn

Some brief thoughts from Charlie Johnston on the coming dawn in the abortion battlemore >


Physical Healing Prayer Session

The CORAC National Prayer team has been conducting physical healing sessions on the 4th Wednesday of each month… more >

10 Hidden Headlines

What the media won’t say… more >

How to Reverse the Infanticide Narrative

In this article, former Army intelligence officer and election integrity analyst Captain Seth Keshel looks at… more >

Tucker Is Doing the Most Interesting Things

Tucker interviews former prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller… more >

GMRS Radio Network

We have a skeleton GMRS network up and running in Tyler! Here are the steps we followed… more >

Hidden Treasure

Several years back I was invited to spend a couple of days at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara, California – right in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The invitation came from Fr. Joseph LoJacono of the Fathers of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, then the director of the Shrine. They have four Masses each day. I went to the eight a.m. Mass. Fr. Joseph told me afterwards that I needed to stop by the Noon Mass. I did – and was astounded. There were 750 people there, in the middle of the day, right there in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Fr. Joseph told me that they have that almost every day…that a crowd of 500 worshippers is a very off day.

While I was at Mass that morning, when the Priest was returning the Hosts to the Sanctuary, I was startled at a beautiful full-color image of Our Lady of Tepeyac (commonly called Guadalupe) painted at the inner back of the Sanctuary. After Mass, I asked the Priest if I could get a closer look at it. He asked me what I meant, then opened the sanctuary. There was nothing painted at the back. Yeah, even with my experiences, I am struck by some of the unexpected little graces.

While I was there, Fr. Michael Pintacura was introduced to me. He took me on a tour of a huge warehouse full of artifacts of the faith he has collected over the decades. Fr. Pintacura is a delightful, charming Priest bubbling over with enthusiasm and wonder. He wears the biretta almost all the time – which I think is glorious – and he explained the striking theology the biretta represents. He has opened the warehouse to the public and hopes to get all these things into a larger, more formal showroom. Well, he should, for the items are more striking than those in many museums. Fr. Pintacura is the USA Vice-Postulant for the Cause of Canonization of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi.

The invitation came in the midst of a west coast tour I was doing, so I found a hole of a couple of days and accepted it. Boy, was I glad I did. To see so many taking time to worship regularly in the middle of the day in the heart of the Silicon Valley was a revelation: we have far more allies behind the secular lines than we know. When I was invited to see Fr. Pintacura’s collection I expected to see a roomful of stuff, some interesting, some mundane. I did NOT expect to see a warehouse full of bona fide, fascinating treasures, but that is what I got.

I love and admire all the great, faithful people I meet in the most anti-Christian, deepest blue states who are determined to make their stand where they are, resolved that they will not allow the insane class that has taken transient rule to drive them from their homes. They are great treasures, dramatically sharpened and hardened by the constant challenge they face.

Traveling across the country and visiting with the faithful so much, in so many nooks, I realize we have a vast trove of God’s hidden treasure in this country, just beneath the surface. The anti-God mob cannot see it at all, but it will soon be dispositive.

Over the last year I have wrestled with the hardest project I have ever taken on. What started as a CORAC handbook has evolved (if you will pardon the word) into a manual on how to effectively and peacefully take back society from the millions of petty little tyrants who think it is their job to tell us all what to do rather than to act as our faithful agents and ministers before God.

I have approached it much like I did the first statewide political campaign I ever ran. I evaluated the unique problem we faced, and developed an original, unconventional approach specifically to address those challenges. It was, to use another much-abused word, holistic. Each of its parts was designed to magnify each of its other parts. At the time, most of the experts, including many from our own side, thought it all a pipe dream because it involved so many things that had never been successfully accomplished. In Illinois, no solid conservative had ever gotten more than 30% of the vote in a statewide Republican primary in my lifetime. All my critics were criticizing me because I did NOT adopt the conventional strategy that had never gotten more than 30%. We won – and after that, most state politicians tried to adopt and imitate the strategy they had previously scorned. None understood more than a few pieces of it. (Ironically, the guy who did the best job of imitation was a Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, who used it to win his nomination for governor.)

The great challenge is not some cleverly designed marketing tool or slogan (though one should not discount the power of using those things well). The great challenge is to unlock, deploy, and unleash the creative power of all the ordinary folks who make up a great movement. Leftist activists have long had a chant that I rather like: “The people, united, shall never be defeated.” I think it very true – but am baffled at why the people who say this always seem to think the way to unite “the people” is to dictate exactly what they must do and how they must do it. Treating people like cogs in a machine has never seemed a particularly unifying principle to me. How to truly unite and ignite their imaginations and then fill them with a determined resolve is the key to everything. Start from the premise that this IS the hour of the ordinary man.

I am in the final stage now, mainly tweaking, refining, and focusing the manual. I expect to hear from many how impossible or contrary to standard practice this is. Standard practice has got us into this situation. I don’t care, any more than I did nearly 30 years ago when I set out to WIN, not to place or show well, according to conventional rules. When you face unprecedented challenges, you had better come up with an unprecedented response – or be defeated by your devotion to the conventional. I don’t need everybody, or even 50% – or even 20%. A fully determined, committed, and engaged, tiny cohort can move the world and quickly become self-replicating when they are owners of a grand, unifying cause, rather than cogs in a machine of someone else’s dictate. What they need are some details on how to do what will bring and breed success.

CORAC will not be the master of this drive. Rather, it will be the vital arsenal of the ordinary man as he rises from hearthstones throughout the country to take his home territory back from the bureaucrats who treat him as an afterthought. Much is already there to provide that ammunition in the over 500 videos and PDF’s on the CORAC website. We will do this and sweep all before us – because we have access to treasure carefully hidden for us by God. The hidden treasure is you – and I know how to unleash it.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now, in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Charlie’s Latest

Blowback Cometh

Blowback Cometh

Some brief thoughts from Charlie Johnston on the campus protests,...


Our greatest asset is our website. If you haven’t yet explored it, start on the home page and go perusing from there.

Be sure to catch the latest from Charlie on his blog and on the Brief Updates.


Physical Healing Prayer Session

The CORAC National Prayer team has been conducting physical healing sessions on the 4th Wednesday of each month, and are seeing physical healings every month. The next session will occur on April 24th at 7:00 pm CDT. Capacity is 100, so sign up soon if you have need of physical healing.

Send an email to Mary Jane She’ll register you and send you the link to get into the ZOOM Room, (which you’ll receive a day or so before April 24th.) You MUST be on time for the Healing Session which begins promptly at 7pm with the door closing at 7:05pm. Each participant must be on camera as being able to see the one for whom prayer is offered is an essential part of the prayer process.



If you’d like to know more before joining the session, watch this video interview with Mark Kollar, who leads these healing sessions: Mark Kollar: Catholic Healing Evangelist >

Tucker Interviews Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf was one of the most famous liberal intellectuals in America, until she questioned lockdowns in 2020 and the vaxx in 2021. She lost all social and professional status in order to tell the truth. When you don’t know who to believe anymore, look to the people who suffer loss for what they’re saying; they are the prophets.

I wouldn’t have touched Naomi Wolf with a ten-foot pole when she was a liberal consultant to Bill Clinton, but now she has put her substantial gifts in the service of truth. Former fans and colleagues call her a conspiracist and her Wikipedia page doesn’t even list any of her books after 2020, when she started talking about the lockdowns.

Abbreviated interview here >

To hear the full interview, join the Tucker Carlson network here >

Read Naomi Wolf’s comments on the interview here >

Recent books by Naomi Wolf (the ones Wikipedia won’t mention):

  • Facing the Beast: Courage Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age (2023)
  • The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19, and the War Against the Human (2022)

The Vibe Shift

“The Vibe Shift is a return to — a championing of — reality, a rejection of the bureaucratic, the cowardly, the guiltdriven; a return to greatness, courage, and joyous ambition.”

Read this good-news perspective here>

Tucker interviewed the author of this hopeful commentary here >

How to Reverse the Infanticide Narrative

In this article, former Army intelligence officer and election integrity analyst Captain Seth Keshel looks at how Republicans need to play smarter around the national abortion fracas and take incremental victories instead of losing everything in expectations of purity. We can take down legal abortion in pieces, he says, instead of rejecting everything but all-out victory. He’s a pro-life purist with a practical political strategy.

The full article is subscription-only at present. Keshel is one of the few Substacks that I financially support. How Republicans can immediately and ethically reverse the infanticide (abortion) narrative: Read more >

They Really Are Going For the Food Supply

You’ve seen the videos of farmers in Germany, France and the Netherlands protesting in their capitols. The coercive green policies of the EU will put farmers out of business, while huge corporations produce pseudo-food and bug bars. When thousands of farmers drive their John Deeres into a city, it’s not a conspiracy theory. They really are going for the food supply. Epoch Times reporter and host of Rise of the New Media Brian Cates enjoys irritating all the right people. He comments here >

Three Years in Jail and No Trial

Decorated Special Forces soldier and 22-year veteran of the US military, Jeffrey McKellop has now passed his third year in prison without a trial. After he identified government informants in the J6 crowd, his legal research was stolen by the government, and he lost phone and mail privileges. Of all the outrages this country is bearing right now, the J6ers are suffering the some of the worst. This man served two decades in our Armed Forces, for Pete’s sake, and now the most basic Constitutional guarantees have been denied him.

Please take the time to listen to his story here >

General Flynn Movie

One of our era’s great American patriots. People are raving about the movie. Learn more >

Tucker Is Doing the Most Interesting Things

Tucker interviews former prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller >

Tucker with “Christian Nationalist” pastor, Doug Wilson, who says, “If you’re a Christian pastor and you’re afraid to die, then maybe you’re not telling the truth about what you believe.” Watch now >

Bird Flu

Avian flu is apparently the newest scare tactic to drive the population to be afraid of everything. We’ve seen it before; we knew it would re-appear in 2024 as the election cannot be allowed to roll out smoothly. But is the newest disease something we should address? Dr. Peter McCullough weighs in >

I do think it’s worthwhile to have a virus-fighting arsenal on hand. Check out the Wellness Company Contagion kit for $300 >

In addition to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, the kit also contains a nebulizer, Budesonide and Azithromycin. That’s a stout defense.

GMRS Radio Network

We have a skeleton GMRS network up and running in Tyler! Here are the steps we followed:

  1. Get your own GMRS units, get them charged, read the instruction manual.
  2. Get your FCC license and call sign.
  3. Recruit another person to be in your network and test your equipment.
  4. Start testing the range, which is affected by trees, buildings and hills.
  5. Get a detailed city map and pinpoint your radio contacts to see who will be able to contact who.

Because I live in the center of our city and my house is at the top of a small hill, I’m the hub. I bought a Midland 40-watt base station, and the necessary connections for AC and DC power, as well as an antenna atop a 10-foot flagpole. We have tested out 5 miles from the 40-watt base station with clarity.

Now we are recruiting a ham operator to be our contact with CORAC emergency comms. That ham will be in GMRS contact with me, and I can send out messages he receives from the CORAC ham network out on our GMRS network, thus linking local members with each other and with the national structure.

CORAC plan for GMRS emergency network >

How to get your GMRS license >

Reviews of GMRS radios >

The GMRS handhelds we are using in Tyler >

May be slightly cheaper on Amazon >

Books I’m Reading

There’s no reason my picks should carry any particular weight, but I’m especially enjoying these:

  • Life of Christ, by Fulton Sheen. Deservedly a classic, and I read it every Easter season.
  • Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, by Brant Pitre. It will change the way you understand the Eucharist.
  • SSPX: the Defense, by Kennedy Hall. Pierce through the common misperceptions about Archbishop Lefebvre.
  • A Truthful Man, by Hilary Walker. A novel that will touch everyone who cares about cancelled priests.
  • The Oceans and the Stars, by Mark Helprin. A seafaring novel of the Navy.
  • Urban Survival Guide, by David Morris. When you can’t leave the city in a crisis.

The last two, I’ve just begun, so the jury is still out.


April Prayer Intentions

  • For all CORAC members in the boat to keep their eyes on Christ as he calmly walks on water toward us in the midst of the Storm [For understanding and inspiration, consider watching Bishop Barron’s sermon, “In the Storm? Look to Christ” ~ on YouTube.]

  • Continued prayers for Charlie’s inspiration, energy, and focus as he completes the CORAC Handbook ~ come, Holy Spirit!

  • That many people be healed in an online international CORAC event, praying The Brazen Serpent Prayer Rosary together live via Zoom ~ Sunday, April 21, at 3:00 p.m. PT, 4:00 p.m. MT, 5:00 p.m. CT, and 6:00 p.m. ET

  • May the Lord draw all people of good will ~ Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and others ~ closer to himself; may he make us holy; and may we live our faith with fidelity, courage, love, and joy as we pray the Prayer of Doing

  • For the peaceful repose of the souls of all whom the Lord will call home this day, in accordance with his Divine Will; and for the consolation and strength of their families and friends

  • That existing and new CORAC members may strongly desire and find the means to participate in financial support for our vital ministries

  • For all intentions carried in the hearts of CORAC members and those posted on the CORAC Prayer Hotline, with gratitude for prayers answered in our daily lives

St. Gabriel, enlighten us.
St. Michael, defend us.

St. Raphael, protect us.
Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Prayer Hotline

Email prayer requests to the CORAC Prayer Hotline at, and we will post your request (using first names only) on the CORAC Prayer Hotline Signal group.

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