Quick Start Guide

For Local and Regional Coordinators

Thanks for leading

We are delighted to have you onboard, and want to help you quickly become an engaged and confident leader on our team.  To help accomplish this, we have provided the following essential next steps to help you optimize your regional and local efforts.

Connect with volunteers in your region/locale

Each new volunteer will receive a confirmation email within minutes of submitting the application online. Even so, it’s important that you reach out to them and connect at your earliest opportunity. To help you accomplish this, please make sure you’ve first familiarized yourself with the corac.co website.  You will also receive 24/7 secure access to real time data in your region.

Tutorial videos

Special updates

Please view any useful links provided here starting with this update on the regional volunteer drive:

Email protocol

Email is a simple and convenient way to connect with volunteers, but please be advised that attempting to bulk email (50+ recipients) from your CORAC email account will be recognized by internet mail servers as SPAM, quickly get our email blacklisted, and potentially result in shutting down our email server.  In short, please don’t bulk email your volunteer base.

If you lack an effective and safe means to email your entire list of volunteers, please coordinate with support@corac.co to bulk email them via our main CRM hub or backup service.  We simply need to get an idea of your message and intent, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please promote our Community Forum as the best place to engage and connect.  While it’s understandable that some people prefer to be contacted exclusively by email, that also may provide an indication of their level of commitment and engagement.

Discuss • Share • Answer • Publish

Promote our community forum as the best place to connect

We created an online forum where all our members can easily come together in one central hub that is safe and secure.  Please feel free to discuss important topics, ask questions, find and share useful information/media on a variety of topics, start private conversations with any member, follow our progress, help celebrate our wins, and more!

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Additionally, we created separate Regional Forums on the main forum, and a place for Coordinators-Only to connect.

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Events, meetings & other resources

Get engaged in your local communities

Since CORAC is primarily a grassroots organization, we aim to stand for faith, family and freedom in all of our local communities.

Once you’ve connected with our national team and the member network in your region, it’s important to help spread the word.  Do you know any other folks who share our values and would like to join our effort?  Please encourage all your contacts to ask people in their circles to sign up on our site.

Think about what you can do in your locale. Helping to plan and coordinate events in your area is one of the keys to our success.  Rest assured, whatever talents and skills people bring to the table –– and however they choose to participate –– no effort is too big or too small.

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Already have an event scheduled and planned in your region that’s not on our Event Calendar?

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Attend a meeting with Charlie Johnston in your area

The Faith, Family & Freedom Tour 2021 kicked off February 6 with scheduled visits beginning in Regions 1 and 2.  Visit our Meetings page which is updated regularly with new dates, locations and details.

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Roll over and click on the map markers, or see the posts below the map for meeting details.

You must be a registered Community Forum member and logged in to access meeting specifics and watch the presentation videos.

Download CORAC media resources

We’ve provided a special section of Media Resources that contains the essential CORAC logos for print, a helpful brand guide, some handout samples and other resources.

Download CORAC Media Resources >

We will be adding many more resources as we continue to grow, so check back soon for updates. If there is something in particular you would like added that could be useful in other regions, please email us with all the details.


Get technical support

Have a technical issue with your account or any feature on this CORAC site?  You can find many answers on the previous page in the FAQ section.

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For all other technical support issues, please email us at:



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