What is CORAC?

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Our Mission

CORAC is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending the traditional values of faith, family and freedom. Our three primary goals are to:

Publicly stand for these values

This is accomplished by connecting activists into mutual communication and collaboration with each other. Regional and local groups will independently mount events to highlight the importance and efficacy of these values in their areas, in consultation and with the support of the national organization.

Prepare people to defend themselves

against any effort to outlaw or suppress these fundamental principles. Activists will organize people in their regions putting an emphasis on public defense and advocacy of these three core values. To better organize all for every contingency, specific skill sets will be identified, on a volunteer basis, including communications, medical expertise, legal expertise, farmers and hunters, logistics, food gathering and preparation, tradesmen, police and military vets, teachers and catechists, artists, writers, designers, and religious ministers.

Prepare to publicly defend

any of these traditional core values that are outlawed or suppressed.

Get involved.

Who can join

Membership is open to all people of good will, without regard to ethnicity, sex, religious or political affiliation. Yet all members must support the traditional definitions of religious liberty, family life, and human rights as defined by natural law in the American Bill of Rights.

To facilitate this, national leadership will divide the country into regions and appoint coordinators for each. Each Regional Coordinator will appoint local coordinators to carry out the aims of the organization. Though the heart of the activism involved is local, it is with the consultation, support and coordination with all levels.

Thus, the national organization will supply regional coordinators with contact information for those who have volunteered, regional coordinators will add people recruited through local events to the overall membership lists, and all levels will consult with each other on the specific projects that are mounted. Both national and regional leadership will initiate the printing of pamphlets and other means of communicating the core message. 


Ave Maria, Stella Maris!