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Posted on 2020-06-06

(As we embark on the path of discerning the role to which each one is called in this new season of activism on the streets, the wisdom of a triad of pieces which Charlie posted at TNRS deserves review.  They provide an insightful panorama of the current trajectory of the Storm and they are replete with common sense wisdom concerning the choices we must continue to make. The purpose of this revisit is not one of rehashing or reinterpreting prophecy, so I’ve edited out some of the text which you’ll notice with the (teo) marking… “teo” meaning text edited out. Onward we go with habits of the mind fostering steady, imaginative, productive thinking while TNRS-ASOH is expanding splendidly! ~BH)

(This is a post I did explaining as much of what I am doing as I am allowed. ~CJ)

(teo) I write today to explain what I can about what my purpose is.

I have not found anything quite like what I am told to do anywhere in history. I see elements of it in many types, but none that match up well. That is not so terribly surprising, for we have entered into a period, the Storm, that is unique in salvation history. Though there are prophetic elements necessary to my work, prophecy is not central to it. (teo) Though it is critical that I be grounded in good – and precise – theology, I am not a theologian. As things unfold, much of it will ultimately be miraculous on its face – and I am directed to just let it develop as it does. Even with my priests, we only speak obliquely of these things. They have gathered what they have through contemplation of the central prophetic message and my three prime duties.

(teo) I was received into the Catholic Church when I was 35. For almost a year after that, I was practically struck blind spiritually. (teo) That was a brutally difficult year with the intuition gone. But I figured if that was the trade – my special abilities for my reception into a spiritual home I could finally give my whole heart to, it was an excellent bargain.

At 36, (teo) it was time to get down to serious work, for things were about to go into the final approach to the Storm. (teo) This opened up the period where I could no longer reasonably attribute anything to intuition, for much of it was too specific – and the world was already starting to look like the dystopia I had been shown. It was the period where I began Spiritual Direction and first told another person about these things. It was when I desperately tried to find a way out and, if that were not possible, where I could advise in secret. Even after I fully accepted the work in ’97, I spent another five years trying to find a way to stay hidden on the matters. I went through a sort of miniature five-year Storm during this period, too, to bolster my fortitude, trust and resolve so I would be less likely to falter when it came upon the whole world. This lasted from 1998 to 2003.

From 2003 until the end of my pilgrimage in 2012 was the period of radical abandonment. I quit trying to escape… (teo) , And now, since late 2012, I have begun the active phase, finding my way and trying to live the early days of my work effectively.

I am sent to be a sort of sherpa, a guide through treacherous times, to help encourage and rally people to endure – to trust that rescue will come. I was not given mystical wisdom in some easy, quiet, gentle way. Rather, I quietly lived vanity and a hidden storm while everyone else lived their lives. (teo). As part of that, vanity and certainty in my own competence were burned and beaten out of me – and a fortitude that relied on God entirely developed. We have many surprises and terrors ahead.

At the heart of what I am called to is a central prophetic message and three prime duties. Attached to the three duties are job titles I am given. I will elaborate on the message and the duties here, though I do not care to speak of the job titles.

The central prophetic message is:

Be not afraid: God calls all men to salvation.

This seems simple, but embeds some serious subtleties. How can you be not afraid when the greatest period of violence and terror in history is engulfing you? You will be swept away if you trust to yourself and your mighty strength. The ONLY way is to hold fast to God. It is a call to a radical reliance on God. The second portion is routinely violated by most of the most pious people. They think God calls all people “like them” to salvation – or that they are to teach people to be “like them” in order to attain salvation. Before this Storm is over, almost everyone is going to be broken down and rebuked – taught that we all have been tried and found seriously wanting. Many of your greatest certainties are going to be crushed and you are going to feel completely lost and alone. Then you will understand the fullness of this message: it is not that God calls you to go out and convince more people to be like you; it is an assurance when your vanity and petulance, your shortfalls are fully revealed to you that God has not abandoned you, but intends your reclamation and salvation.

The first duty is to:

Defend the Faith

This seems straightforward enough, but it entails more than defending the faith from the assaults from without. The unconscious assaults from within, borne by disordered vanity are, in many ways, more dangerous in these times. There are theologians and intellectuals who have reduced the Scriptures to a mere intellectual Rubik’s Cube. They think they have learned the essence of Christ and are its exclusive arbiters. While it is good to seek wisdom, the best of our wisdom is as flimsy as straw. There are those who impose mystical significance on everything, constantly gilding the lily of God’s work. They mean well, but they have gilded so much that outsiders see all gilding and no lily – and reasonably conclude this is of man’s making, not God’s. Too much mystical overlays have obscured the lily for those who do not already believe. Trust me, God is not pleased about this.

I am usually very hard on those who seek, with great erudition, to undermine the legitimacy of the hierarchy. A Catholic man I know asked why I am so hard on that when I so freely greet Protestant brethren as full partners in the work before us. I am on the ship of Catholicism. It does not trouble me (in fact, it soothes me) that there are many other boats in our vicinity, all headed in the same direction we are. That is a whole different thing from assaulting the ship from without or fomenting mutiny from within. I will be equally vigorous in defending the faith from either. Now if the mutineers would cease to dishonestly call themselves Catholic and get their own boat, I would be glad to have them nearby for the journey provided they also ceased their assaults.

Hearten the Faithful

This website is one of the first public steps in that particular duty. I do not write it to give you prophecy, theology, or reports of visitations, though all are incorporated into the purpose. It is to give people heart – to see that God is there, that He is close at hand to YOU, and that He asks only the simple things from you that you can do – and will reveal Himself to you as you live that with fidelity. As times go on, though, things will get trickier. God’s anger is not just kindled against those who overtly oppose Him. His anger has been kindled against almost all, for like Job’s friends, most of us have absorbed ourselves in our expectations of what God should be rather than engaging with the Living God. The biggest of those expectations are going to fall like old timber under the onslaught of a flood. As they do, many will have their faith shaken – and I will work to give them new heart – to see with clear certainty that it is merely their expectations that have failed, not God. I know many expect an undeniable, visible worldwide miracle before the rescue. I am almost certain it will not happen that way. First, it almost never does – God always leaves room for plausible doubt. Second, I am informed that while God will reveal Himself in small groups that are cooperating simply with each other under His guidance, He will seem to have forsaken the larger world for most of the Storm. That is because He intends that EACH of us fully see how pitiful our competence is, that our confidence in ourselves be crushed so that we may turn our hearts decisively to Him. After all have lost hope, then He will manifest that most rarity of rarities, a visible undeniable miracle visible to all – the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and our rescue. It is because we will not be suited to populate the world as He intends it until all vestiges of vanity and self-will are crushed. I will help give people heart by telling them credibly what is actually being crushed – and what is being built.

Defend the Faithful

This is fairly obvious, too. But it does NOT just refer to “spiritual warfare.” We in the west have lived in a cocoon of safety for several hundred years now. It has reduced our thinking on temporal battle and strife to mere formulaic platitudes. But the violence you read about with horror is coming to your door soon enough – and formulaic platitudes are not a defense. The Scripture that “…he who lives by the sword will die by the sword…” is often quoted to urge unrelenting pacifism. But it is tyrants and oppressors, those who rely on force to compel their will, who live by the sword. To defend, even with violent force, those who are violently assaulted, is not living by the sword. And now both you and nations have a great and terrible responsibility. If you attack with violence when diplomacy would have resolved the strife, you will be held to account. If you allow people to be violated when you could have stopped it with vigorous force, you will be held to account. Sounds impossible. It is. So you better trust God, do your duty, and abandon pious-sounding formulas.

Even in the little things, God prepares things so that all may see the evidence of His grace. (eto)

With Job, throughout my life it has pleased God to take me into the whirlwind with Him. Like Job, what I have seen does not convince me how wise and clever I am – but exactly the opposite. With Job, I put my hand over my mouth for I have seen marvelous things too great for me. That, in the end, is what God wanted me to see above all. Theology, while useful, will not lead us certainly to God. Prophecy, while useful, can endanger us if we are filled with pride over our ‘understanding’ of it. Mystical experiences can come from the devil as well as from God – and will come from satan if that is what we glory in. The only safe, sure path I know to God is, in submission to the authority He established over us, to acknowledge Him, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. Trust. Do. Love. That is the sure path. To keep that reality vivid before a world in turmoil, a world falling in on itself, is what I am sent for. (eto)


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