How Long O Lord?

Posted on 2020-09-16

Church Militant’s interview with Federal Elections Commission (FEC) Chairman, Trey Trainor, is not just good; it’s consequential. Those Bishops and other religious leaders who have relied on purported fears of losing their tax exempt status to justify turning a blind eye to depredations on the left and attacking the right with impunity just had one of their biggest excuses swept out from under them.

It has long troubled me that we had a Pope like St. John Paul II who literally risked summary execution to be a seminarian in Nazi-occupied Poland while much of the modern hierarchy would not risk their tax exempt status to defend children against mass massacre, much less defend the other teachings of Christ. Now that excuse is emphatically gone. If the reprobates in robes are going to continue to turn a blind eye to attacks on the faith, while punishing any in their ranks who defend the faith, it will become increasingly clear it is because they are faithless, not because of any “prudence.” I was particularly galled to see a Catholic healthcare worker was fired from a Catholic clinic in Oregon for refusing to perform procedures that are contrary to Catholic doctrine – including referring patients for abortion.

I have been wondering lately if I would have become Catholic if the time of decision was now rather than 30 years ago. My intense examination convinced me that the Catholic Church is the safe repository in which the fullness of Christ’s revelation is entrusted. The historian in me had already known that the Catholic Church is the only Church founded by Christ, Himself. Helping me along the way were the rich spiritual treasures of the Church Fathers, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and even the documents of Vatican II (which are NOT to be confused with the pernicious lies called the “spirit” of Vatican II. The truth of Vatican II is inspiring; what is usually termed the “spirit” of it is unclean.) None of that is changed. Yet, if I were starting from zero knowledge, the outward appearance is so feckless, corrupt, and contrary to the Gospels, that I have doubts I would ever have begun the examination of what the Church actually formally teaches that revealed these treasures. The truth is that the modern hierarchy, at the very least, matches the corruption of the pre-Reformation Church that cried out to heaven for reform, but probably actually exceeds its depredations. It sure makes the Reformation a lot more understandable as a cry of anguish against self-righteous and hypocritical corruption. And it shows those who stayed and ultimately achieved that reform to be all the more courageous, heroic and saintly. May they pray for us now.

How long, O Lord?


A few months ago, a friend of mine who I have been involved in a long-term research project with, told me in astonishment, “Charlie, I’m beginning to think that when the history of this era is written, we will find we have been primarily governed for decades by satanic pedophiles.” My friend is not an alarmist, but a cool sober analyst and researcher. But on this project, every time we think we have hit bottom, we find an opening to a whole new chamber of horrors.

I have come to think that, if the left does not actually hate children (and that is no sure thing), it regards them only as objects to be exploited for their amusement, pleasure and political advantage. There is the holocaust of abortion, of course. But the exploitation doesn’t stop with the mass serial executions of unborn children. More and more producers and people from Hollywood are weighing in with horrific tales of how children are sexually exploited in the entertainment industry – and as quick as they get out, the social media titans and arbiters of modern “morality” shut them down. The left is now shamelessly physically and violently attacking even young children who have the temerity to be at a Republican rally or have a MAGA hat. Now, only the thinnest fig leaf of pretense of concern for the welfare of children is left with the Netflix release of the French film, “Cuties,” which features 11-year-old girls performing in horrifically sexually aggressive ways.

When I first read about it, I got a two-minute clip. The truth is that we do have a little bit of a puritan streak on our side. Sometimes things that have been described as horrific, when I turn them on, are edgy, but nowhere near horrific. Some were describing this as blatant child porn. Thirty seconds into the clip, I shut it off, genuinely horrified. I went back and watched the whole two minutes – and was more horrified. Four 11-year-old girls are part of a dance troupe in skimpy outfits that does routines best kept to the strip clubs. At about the thirty second mark, a couple of the girls lay back, spread their legs wide and start stroking their crotches. I am not making this up. The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes and most of the rest of the establishment media has defended this vigorously, calling criticism of it as only coming from right-wing rubes and conspiracy theorists. The film is designed to reveal the horrors of child sexual abuse, they say. Right. And “snuff” films are just made to show how terrible murder is.

This is what, in the 70’s, was properly called soft pornography. But this features 11-year-olds. And the establishment elites consider it visionary and enlightened. That tells you all you need to know about the establishment elites and the rest of what they tell you rubes.

I have not linked to a clip of the film. If you must see it to make sure I am not exaggerating, you can find it yourself. But don’t save it to your computer. You could be arrested for having that sort of garbage. The slugs who constitute our elite classes no longer feel confined to the space beneath the rocks in the garden. This is an effort to normalize pedophilia, period.

How long, O Lord?


Many of those defending Netflix latest entry of commercial child porn are attacking defenders of children as being “QAnon conspiracists,” as that group has posited that there is substantial organized pedophilia and pederasty among our elite classes. Regular readers know that I am not a big fan of QAnon, but I find nothing at all disreputable of being a follower of the group. I am a little angered at many conservatives denouncing it to show they are not conspiracy-minded. Frankly, if you took a person who followed only QAnon and another who only followed CNN and MSNBC, the former would be better and more accurately informed. The latter outlets denounced any who thought that Obama’s White House spied on Donald Trump or that the FBI and other alphabet agencies conspired to depose him as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet these, and other such things inconvenient to the leftist narrative have been shown to be proven facts. When conspiracy theories keep turning out to be true – and even worse than originally thought, being called a conspiracy theorist is not an effective insult. The “arbiters of truth” in our elite classes are engaged in a conspiracy to shut down all Christian and conservative expression – and hiss like vampires in sunlight whenever they are exposed.

How long, O Lord?


Youtube has censored a video of Dr. Scott Atlas at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University. His crime? He did not support the media’s preferred narrative on Covid and how best to deal with it. So now the grand, high, exalted mystic poohbahs of social media are censoring actual scientists discussing actual science at one of the most prestigious universities in the world…and doing it in the name of science?!?!

The scientific and philosophical illiterates at social media are deciding which prestigious scientists to censor – in the name of protecting public health! No, they are protecting their preferred narrative, science be damned.

How long, O Lord?


I laughed out loud at this piece about how climate change stalks the globe but only makes landfall in places with disastrously incompetent forestry management policies. It is a subject near and dear to me because, in the early 90’s, when California went all in on these reckless policies, I frequently and loudly proclaimed that the result of them would be catastrophically large and destructive forest fires. We are here.

In my early 20’s, I was a committed environmentalist. I still am. I started drifting away from the formal movement as my studies increasingly showed they did not know what they were talking about. Further research revealed that most policies the professional environmentalists advocate for are objectively bad for the environment. They are ignorant, willful people who do not take the time to learn how the environment works, but just want a soothing pad from which to launch their noxious political enthusiasms.

How long, O Lord?


Here is the final installment in the series of interviews on CORAC. In it we discuss squirrels, the vital importance of acknowledging God and the critical role of Mary.

Meantime, we now have a CORAC store up, chock full of shirts, flight jackets, hats and coffee mugs. WE should have it up publicly in about a week.

Coming soon, O Lord!


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