Grounded In Stockbridge

Posted on February 22, 2021

Time for some prayers, my friends. Today while driving out of Boston to head on into Ohio, the timing belt on my car broke. Fortunately, I was near an exit and was able to coast to safety. The closest garage was a family owned affair. The two sons came out to help me. It is snowing like crazy here. While I was waiting for the tow, a friendly plow driver stopped to check and see that I was okay. He told me he was making circles to keep the roads in that area clear – and if I ran into any problem, just wave at him and he would stop to help. Once I got the tow done, I sat in the shop and chatted with the Dad who owns it. Wonderful fellow – 72 years old, salt of the earth American. They called a friend who owns a tiny roadside motel, who gave me a great rate for two nights and one of the sons drove me over to it. The only thing I worried about was internet – which is usually spotty or near non-existent at such hotels. This may be the best signal I’ve had since I have been on the road. Go figure.

It is likely a disaster, at least for a time. It could put a crimp in my appointments for a month or better. If I am extremely lucky, I could be back on the road Wednesday. I called Linda G. at my next stop, apprised her of the situation, and we’ll take it as it comes.

Meanwhile, when it happened, I thought, “Hmmm…what a great place for a disaster to happen. Right near the Divine Mercy Shrine. God must have something here for me in this trial.” Certainly the folks who have helped me have been universally cheery and wonderful. We’ll see what happens.

Meantime, I ask all of you to pray – not that everything be easy, but that whatever God intends I get the full benefit of and give thanks for. Also, this morning I went to Confession with a wonderful Priest that my director, Fr. Babyface, put me in touch with. Yeah, this day has not gone as planned and there is a lot of uncertainty in the next two days. But how can you not see God in it? As I do when I am at my best, I did not pray, “Why me, Lord?” but prayed, “What do you intend for me in this. Lord?” Welcome to the storm!


I was delighted to see that the Vatican has backed off its assertion that any employee who did not get the gene therapy vaccine will be fired. They will be reassigned to a job that does not involve interaction with the public. Hopefully it will not be make-work jobs, but responsible ones. Hope for the best! But you see how your reaction does have an effect! Be charitable, stand your ground, and live fidelity.

I can feel an undercurrent rising, and find myself optimistic. Not that things are going to be peachy keen real soon, but that God is moving more actively in the world. I am so pleased that at all my stops, so far, the faithful are serious and filled with a great resolve to do what must be done, weather what must be weathered, and reach out to both their neighbors and those who finally want to come in from the cold of paganism. I have heard from several Bishops that they will not lock down again. We’ll see. At least in America, I sense that we are at the beginning of the end for the witches who have taken our culture hostage – which is why they are so frantic and angry. Aslan is on the move!

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