Concerning Homeopathy

Posted on 2021-06-11
The Health and Wellness team has been contacted by a few people who have expressed concern about our inclusion of homeopathy in the paradigms which we recommend. They have stated their belief that homeopathy is based in the occult, or that it is rooted in Freemasonry. We therefore think it  necessary to address these concerns.
It may be true that Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, joined the Freemasons when he was a young man. This is by no means certain, given that assertions that he was a Freemason seem to have surfaced only in the past twenty or so years, even though he died in 1843. However, let us assume for the sake of this discussion that Hahnemann did in fact join the Freemasons. So did George Washington. But like Washington, Hahnemann was a devout Christian whose faith influenced all that he did. It seems paradoxical to us that a man could be both a Freemason and a faithful Christian; but that was very common in previous centuries: back then, even as today, many Freemasons treated Freemasonry as a sort of “good old boys’ club” rather than as the truly evil organization that it is. In fact, most of the low-degree Freemasons don’t even know what Freemasonry is truly about, given that the truth is revealed “in degrees” as one advances through the degree ranks. I know this because my grandfather was a 33rd-degree Freemason. My grandfather broke with the Masons immediately after his 33rd-degree ceremony, which, as he described it, was essentially a “black Mass.” But the low-degree members don’t know this because the members are sworn to secrecy about the goings-on in the lodges and in the degree-ceremonies. My point in all this is that, in spite of his Freemasonry, Washington was a faithful Christian, a talented military leader, an excellent President, and a founding father of the greatest nation on earth; and likewise, in spite of his (possible) Freemasonry, Hahnemann was a faithful Christian, a talented scientist, an excellent physician, and the founding father of one of the greatest medical paradigms on earth.
Homeopathy is not rooted in the occult any more than herbalism or allopathic medicine or physical therapy is rooted in the occult. The fact that there are New Agers who use homeopathy does not mean that homeopathy itself is evil. Should allopathic (conventional) medicine be thrown out as a system because some MDs are New Agers? Should no one use the medicinal herbs that God put on this earth because some herbalists are New Agers? Should people who have suffered physical injuries eschew physical therapy because some physical therapists are New Agers?
Rather than being rooted in the occult, homeopathy is in fact rooted in solid science. It has been tested and employed for more than two centuries in Europe, and for nearly as long in Asia and the Americas. In the early 1900s, there were over 100 homeopathic hospitals in the US, along with 22 homeopathic medical schools. For example, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor established its homeopathic medical school in 1875, and also had a homeopathic hospital; and to this day, one can find homeopathic references on the hospital’s official website (please see homeop/ ).
Although conventional medicine has long failed to see the scientific underpinnings of homeopathy, that lack of understanding is beginning to change (although conventional practitioners may not understand or admit this point). If one is at all familiar with nanopharmacology, he will understand that homeopathy is nanopharmacological even if no one knew that word in the early 19th century. Here is an informative article, for those who wish to read it:

For those who are so inclined, here are two short articles that might be helpful. The first is from the archives of Michael Brown’s Spirit Daily website. It discusses a document issued by the Vatican bureaucracy in 2003, a document which without any explanation states that things as varied as “chiropractic… homeopathy… various types of herbal medicine… and twelve-step programs” are New Age:

The second article is an excellent article with commentary from a man who is a theologian, scientist, doctor, and Dominican priest. Among many other interesting things, he notes Pope St. John Paul II’s view of homeopathy, which view was expressed the year after the Vatican bureaucracy classified homeopathy as New Age:
If homeopathy were evil, as some people in good faith believe, then it would make it hard to explain Pope St. John Paul II’s take on it; and it would also make it impossible to fathom why St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her Missionaries of Charity employed it (and in the case of the Sisters, continue to employ it) in their apostolate to the poor of India. Those of us on the Health and Wellness team hope that this article will help to dispel this belief, because so many people who could be helped by homeopathy (or herbal medicine, or chiropractic) avoid such treatments because they mistakenly believe that those paradigms are somehow evil.

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  1. Signe Rogers

    Excellent resources! I know this was written over a year ago, but it remain apropos and well defended.

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