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Posted on 2021-08-12
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I am hearing now from people who are upset over the “irresponsibility” of my take on experimental gene therapy being called a “vaccine.” You have seen a little of it in the comment section. I also get a lot of emails. Some are on the verge of hysterical – fact-free diatribes – that make false assertions that are borne by forlorn hope rather than solid evidence. Some tell me that they have talked to actual doctors who say all is well. I have talked to hundreds of actual doctors about it over the last year – and it has been one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. That is because I start with actual government-generated data that contradicts the fear narrative and base my questions on those. The horrifying part is the discovery that at least 70% of the medical professionals only know the narrative, not the data. Even more horrifying is that at least half of the latter don’t care about the data but insist you should just trust what they say because they are a doctor. The blind leading the blinder.

Some have insisted to me that their doctors assure them that the “vaccinated” are almost never getting the new variant and are at almost no risk compared to the “un-vaccinated.” I have to wonder whether these folks read even the establishment media. Though the media has downplayed it, 95% of the new severe patients in Israel were “vaccinated”  and over 85% of those hospitalized there were fully “vaccinated.” What has been better covered is the Provincetown, Massachusetts outbreak in which the CDC conceded that 74% of those affected were “vaccinated.” The question, then, is not so much whether the people writing this to me read even the establishment media, but whether their doctors do. It is reaching a dead parrot sketch level of absurdity. More worrisome is that when anyone who is solidly credentialed contradicts the narrative, they are silenced. The website from which this comment by an internal medicine doctor was posted has been restricted.

Some are telling me I am using sketchy sites for my information. Oddly enough, on this one, I pretty much agree. I use CDC and NIH sites for most of my information, (but I use the actual data they produce, not the soundbites employees use for the press) unless otherwise noted – and they have become sketchy, indeed, this last year and a half. In the last couple of weeks, the data from the VAERS website run jointly by the CDC and the FDA has gotten very volatile. Two weeks ago, the number of deaths within two weeks after receiving the shot was at 6,100. Then it suddenly jumped to over 12,000. Then it jumped back down to 6,100, then up to 9,000 and as of this writing, is back up to 12,000 again. I don’t know whether the CDC was previously trying to suppress the death toll or is now just trying to discredit the VAERS system they created because the data it is producing is inconvenient. Chris Deacutis, who commented here earlier on this subject, wrote me a long, very thoughtful email suggesting that perhaps the VAERS info was badly inflated because it has never before been applied to a pandemic situation. He gave the best defense I have seen, not for the establishment position so much, but for why a reasonable person might rationally accept the establishment position. It underlines, I think, the biggest problem we face – that the gyrations of public and health officials have substantially weakened, if not destroyed, public confidence in their pronouncements.

Here is a lengthy piece from the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, one of the most prestigious peer-review sites in the field, that questions whether the mRNA vaccine might be worse than the disease. Contrary to media hype that the vaccine hesitant are largely knuckle-dragging MAGA types, a study conducted by Carnegie-Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh found the most hesitant are the most highly educated – Ph.D.’s. The second most hesitant are the politically unaffiliated.

The simple fact is that I am largely indifferent to whether any person takes the gene therapy shot or not. If they don’t, we have simple therapies that have proven more effective in treating the virus than the shot. From a larger perspective I think that, last year, we inflated a serious new virus into a pandemic. Now, I think we will see a real pandemic, borne aloft by our hubris. I think God has a significant teaching moment in store for us – and as bad and as dangerous as I believe the gene therapy shot to be, I firmly believe God has healing in store for all except those who insist to the death that they are the only titans and they will not believe otherwise even if they were to see a thousand miracles. “The dwarfs are for the dwarfs!”

For those few who tell me they will quit reading me unless I conform to the establishment narrative and quit citing “misinformation,” I can live with that. They stay generic and never cite what precisely the misinformation is except, occasionally, to say their doctor told them different. Still generic.

In a dearth of sound, solidly-sourced information, people of good will are trying to do their best. I have no quarrel with them, only with people who insist I follow THEIR narrative. I am firmly convinced that God will respond to everyone of good will. If I prove to be wrong, I will concede it as soon as I am convinced. If those who disagree with me are wrong, I pray they do the same – for our survival is dependent on us finding the most right path we can, not proving the path we chose with inadequate information was right. I know that one nation in the world is completely flat-lined on both deaths and hospitalizations – and that is Sweden, which used the historically tried-and-true approach to a novel and potentially dangerous virus: quarantine and hospitalize the sick, give candid information to everyone else and leave them to make their own good decisions, then continue on with life. I know if I am wrong about the dangers of the experimental gene therapy shot, we still have the backup of hydroxy-zinc and ivermectin therapies. If those who put all their faith in the experimental gene therapy shots are wrong, what is their backup?

For each of you, make the best decision you can with the flawed information available to you. Whatever decision you make, call on and be docile to the living God.

As for me, if you get sick or have an adverse reaction to a shot you have taken, I recommend that you start with the Prayer of Miraculous Trust. Meantime, over the weekend, I will link to a set of protocols our own Steve BC has been working up. I will confess I am now largely uninterested in debating who is right. Time will tell – and very quickly, at that. God has a plan.

Fear now stalks the globe. Here in America, there is fear that the totalitarian impulse mandating vaccine passports and more lockdowns may trigger an actual violent revolt. The lawlessness of federal officials on immigration, crime and basic human rights foments the same fear. The U.S. Senate just forbade the teaching of Critical Race Theory (the real Jim Crow 2.0). But what if Joe Biden says he will enforce it anyway? Just last week Biden told the Supreme Court to pound sand on its decision protecting the property rights of landlords. Federal officials are enforcing Biden’s illegal decree, not the Supreme Court’s legal decision. So how can we believe that if Biden unilaterally decrees against the Senate, law enforcement will not support the decree of his sovereign will rather than the law of the land? Who is the law when the lawmakers and law enforcers become lawless? When actual crime is decriminalized and questioning or investigating leftist narratives, such as with the election, lockdowns and CRT, among other things, is declared a crime of white supremacy by the “Justice” Department, how long before open revolt takes hold?

In the Far East, every nation is on tenterhooks waiting for China to invade Taiwan. Will the U.S. even care, much less respond. In Canada they are burning churches and imprisoning Christian pastors for holding worship services. In western Europe, civilizationally, they have already collapsed – but like a dead man walking, don’t know it yet. The fear is not confined to denizens of the formerly free world. In Iran, the mullahs are worried that the natives are getting restless again. In Cuba, the same thing is happening for the first time since Fidel Castro took that nation captive.

I have just scratched the surface of the rising fear stalking the globe. I told you when I first started writing almost nine years ago that the time was coming when you would have to abandon the easy courageous and pious platitudes of placid times and make hard decisions in stormy time. That time has begun. Whether it is to hold onto your job or take a shot you object to or merely to decide whether to travel away from home – or to obey the latest lawless edict from your local satraps, that time has begun.

But the Lord has neither forgotten nor abandoned you. There is a common, but silly, saying that, “The Lord will never give you more than you can handle.” Nonsense! The Lord frequently gives you more than you can handle, particularly when your hubris runs highest. It is His way of calling you back to reliance on Him again. The Lord often gives you more than you can handle, but never more than He can handle. He is calling you now. Will you answer Him?


Mary Cuff, of Crisis Magazine, wrote a piece nearly two weeks ago that has mesmerized me ever since. Hauntingly evocative of what we have lost and hopeful of what we may yet become – and the price to be paid to get from here to there, it is a definitive piece for our times. If you read no other link from this article, please read this one.


Just a reminder, if you are in the Northeast and can get to Goffstown, New Hampshire, this weekend, on Saturday from noon to three there is a big prayer meeting for our Bishops. Priests and Pastors at 176 Kennedy Hill Road. There will be prayer, music and you can meet our own Doug and Lambzie. Called the Stand Up and Kneel event, it is something CORAC enthusiastically supports. Help us out and meet some great people!


Finally, as I mentioned, Texas Right to Life (TRTL) has offered complimentary tickets to its annual Celebration of Life dinner for members of CORAC. Each ticket is a $200 value. This is the biggest annual pro-life dinner in the country – and one of the most spectacular annual events I have ever been to. You will also be invited to the brunch on the following day, where various staffers explain what they are doing and what the latest pro-life initiatives are. After that, in the afternoon, we will have a CORAC meeting where you can get some updates on what is going on and share your priorities with leadership. The main dinner will be held at the Hilton of the Americas in downtown Houston on Saturday, Sept. 18.

To register, send an email to Laura at, giving your name, address, phone number and whether you need one or two tickets. If you are not already a member of CORAC, you can register here, free of charge. After you have sent your email to Laura, you will get an email from TRTL giving you more details and the availability of discounted rates at the Hilton under the TRTL room block. You are, of course, on your own for your accommodations and travel.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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