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Posted on 2021-09-06
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With all of the dust and smoke being stirred up by Texas Right to Life’s (TRTL) involvement in getting the state’s heartbeat bill passed and then helping enforce it, I have never been prouder of my affiliation with this magnificent group; the biggest, best and most effective pro-life group in the world! This is not a go-along, get-along type of prolife group. I said in my last column that this is a group which gets things done and makes things happen. Can I pick ‘em or what?

First, the whistleblower site they set up to report violations of the law was de-platformed by GoDaddy. Then a Travis County District Court (Austin, of course – the San Francisco of Texas) granted a temporary restraining order preventing TRTL or anyone affiliated with it from helping to enforce the law – though any other Texan may do so.  This just after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant a general restraining order against the law. Now, a worldwide coalition of activists is targeting TRTL. The left is SHOCKED that a pro-life organization actually took the initiative and is working with fortitude to end the execution of infants rather than just wringing their hands impotently as babies die.

I have spoken with many of my friends at TRTL and they all confirm that this assault is a sort of blitzkrieg effort. The left, including globalists, are terrified. If TRTL can effectively attack the very foundations of Roe v Wade, as it has, it could spark real resistance to global control of the countries of the world and bring down the entire leftist project. Give the left this much credit: they know what a dire threat this is to their whole deluded and deceitful program. But they are going to find that TRTL is not some run-of-the-mill conservative organization that talks tough,  then turns tail as soon as the going gets rough.

TRTL will weather the storm and end up stronger than ever. It is an intense storm, though. TRTL is an independent pro-life activist group. It is an overtly Christian group – it is in its mission statement. It trains students to act as pro-life coordinators on college campuses across the state. It has the legislative team at the Capitol the entire time the legislature is in session, helping to initiate and lobby on behalf of bills such as the heartbeat law that was successfully passed this session – and for which it is now grappling with attacks from the entire leftist, globalist movement. When Texas hospitals seek to unilaterally withdraw care from patients and insist they must die, TRTL is on the spot advocating for those patients – and has saved more than a few. In fact, this cost them the support of the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops (TCCB), a decadent group of Bishops who are in bed with the hospital association. TRTL didn’t hesitate or pause. In supporting life, TRTL does the job that Texas Bishops refuse to do, apparently because of the willingness of the TCCB to toss Catholic doctrine aside to enhance their earthly influence-peddling and prestige with the anti-God left.  TRTL actively works to endorse and support candidates who are genuinely faithful conservatives – and doesn’t hesitate to go after incumbent Republicans who are too eager to trim their sails to mollify the left. When the dust has settled it will be the undisputed leader for the cause of life – no apologies, no deals, no backtracking. It will also be a premier leader in the battle for faith, family and freedom against the rising fascist movement in government, academia, media, entertainment, and the corporate world. No apologies, no retreat – and a clear-eyed response to the irony of our modern fascists calling themselves “anti-fascists.”


One of the sideshows in the attacks against TRTL was when Wiccans and pagans started “cursing” TRTL. It brought back fond memories for me. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, I was writing for a couple of Illinois state journals. In one column, illustrating a point, I had written that the only modern functionally pagan state was Nazi Germany (a non-controversial fact among professional historians – and I did not note it to start a controversy). Well, it did, indeed, start a controversy. Wiccans started attacking me and promised that they had set aside a particular night when the Wiccans of three states – Illinois, Missouri and Iowa – were going to gather to simultaneously curse me, so I had best beware. I laughed and told them to, “Curse away! My Boss is stronger than your boss. But take care, for my Boss sometimes takes curses against His servants and redounds them against those who curse them.”

The appointed night came and went and I continued on my pilgrim way. What happened to the Wiccans doing the cursing, I couldn’t say. I never heard from them again. But they never made a public vow of cursing me after that.

I guess to a certain extent many think the pagans have won. After all, for the last decade or so, almost ALL western countries have become, suddenly, functionally pagan. But I understand why they would shriek so hideously as they see what they had thought they had won slipping away from them. And by gum, TRTL is playing a HUGE role in the slipping away of power from neo-pagan hands.


If you like being at ground zero, that is where TRTL is at right now – and you’re invited to join them. Yes, CORAC members are being offered complimentary tickets to the grand TRTL Celebration of Life Dinner in Houston on Saturday, Sept. 18. But you have to register by the end of this week. Just drop an email to Bilot.lambfam@gmail.com. I went to my first dinner there in 2016 and I haven’t missed it since. Take it from a fellow who has probably been to more than a thousand grand political and social gala dinners, this is by far the best (and with the best food served, I might add.) This year’s keynote speaker is Jim Mcingvale, better known to Texans as Mattress Mack, the creative, funny and engaging king of furniture stores in Texas. What is less known is what a profound humanitarian he is – because he lives life as an intentional disciple and does it without fanfare. I have had dinner with Mattress Mack and a few other friends the last few times I have been in Houston. If you think he is funny and engaging in his commercials, he is absolutely amazing in person and in how he lives his life. I hope to see you there.

When you register, you are automatically registered for the VIP Brunch on Sunday morning where various department heads from TRTL and some allies will give updates and chat with those in attendance – and then shortly after the VIP Brunch is finished, we will have a CORAC meeting to do our own updates. The dinner is comped if you have registered, but you have to handle your own transportation and lodging – though TRTL will send you information on getting the group rates at the downtown Hilton of the Americas where everything is happening.

What is going on down there?

The main reason why everything is getting so very chaotic so quickly is because no one is in control of events at all anymore. Neither the good nor the evil. The anti-God left-wing globalists are looking on with horror as their plans collapse as dramatically as the twin towers did in New York two decades ago (it is so weird to me to consider that any babies born on that day are now 20 years old. Man, they grew up in a far different world than I did. I have told some of the young people I work with, including David Daleiden, that they don’t know what normal is, having never lived in a normal world). Leftists are always long on the certainty of their own superiority and short on any actual competence. It is why every time they take control in a society, everything goes to pot. This time, they have taken control of most of the globe. But their control is slipping away from them, as ordinary people recoil in horror at the folly of their crackpot plans.

Even as the supposed efficacy of the mRNA shots and masking is collapsing (Israel is the most “vaccinated” country in the world – and now it is the premier Covid hotspot in the world), leftists are shriekingly demanding every one double down on the authoritarian measures they insisted on that didn’t work the first time. That is all a leftist has: they are incapable of adjusting to reality when their plans collapse and can only insist on doing more of what failed in the first place. They never consider that they might be wrong, because they are convinced that theirs is the vision of the anointed, as the great Thomas Sowell contemptuously described them. Their frantic efforts to double down are just their reaction to the loss of control their myopia is costing them.

In Europe, some of the big bankers are trying to hedge their bets by going big into precious metals and stones, as the realization is hitting that all the economic tricks in the world will not prop up the economic damage leftist ideological pretensions have wrought on the global economy much longer. They have an even bigger surprise coming. In the end, though precious metals and stones are much more stable than fiat currency, they are still just a form of currency – and offer little protection in a catastrophic collapse. Spain, which had a hundred-year head start on England in the New World was not as successful in its colonization efforts. This is because Spain thought that gold and silver were real wealth – and concentrated on extracting that. England knew that setting up a mercantile system was what created an ever-growing flow of economic prosperity.

A very simplified view of the problem recognizes that there are different forms of value. Three concern us here. First there is intrinsic value, which is what something is worth in its own right. Then there is market value, which is what something will trade for. Market value is dramatically affected by factors such as desirability, scarcity and utility. Thus, because of its plentiful nature, water, which has a supremely high intrinsic value has very little market value. But if you are trapped on a desert island, would you trade all your preciously gained food stores for even a mountain of gold? If you did, you would soon die if you cannot replace those food stores – and you will have very little use for the gold. Extreme situations dramatically magnify the importance of intrinsic value and diminish the importance of market value, depending on the depth of the crisis. Finally there is imputed value. This is what props up all systems of currency ever devised. A relatively worthless article is agreed upon as a means of trade, representing the productivity of the people who agree to the form of currency. It is based on trust: as long as people agree to and believe it has value, it does. When confidence in a currency collapses, so does its value. Economic trickery can prop it up for a time, but at the very high risk of collapsing confidence in it altogether. This happened famously in the American Confederacy, the Weimar Republic and Pancho Villa’s Mexico. More recently, it happened in Yugoslavia as it broke up, Venezuela as it moved to communism, and in Lebanon in the last two years as the government has tried to dictate, by fiat, what the Lebanese lira is worth. The bankers have already lost control of the narrative – and their palliative of moving to precious metals and stones will only slow, not stop, the slide.

While everyone is focused on the humanitarian tragedy of America’s botched, incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan, few yet understand that what Joe Biden has actually accomplished is to unleash the dogs of war. America is clearly no longer the world’s policeman; it is not even a reliable ally. Not only can’t it keep the peace; it won’t even keep its word. This has dramatically empowered terrorists across the globe while importing a whole new generation of terrorists into the United States. It has also emboldened nation-state aggressors across the globe. We are on the verge of World War III, far more comprehensive and destructive than the two that preceded it, because of vain fecklessness. It can’t be much forestalled now even if a Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump were to take the reins – for we have taught evil aggressors that if an American administration which takes its job seriously is elected, all the aggressors have to do is lay low and wait for the inevitable Jimmy Carter or Joe Biden that will follow when feckless Americans cease to take sound policy seriously in favor of ideological pretensions or perceived benefits. We have also taught our allies the same. For over a century, America has been the great restrainer in global affairs. Now the hand of the restrainer is withered and dead.

America and the entire west have become like a bus without a driver careening down a mountain road towards the barricade to the abyss beyond. Ordinary people are feeling an awful dread, while the anti-God left is frantic that it wasn’t supposed to be this way and are trying to re-establish the control they have already lost in the only way they know how – ever more draconian dictates. The dictates lead to more resistance, which lead to more dictates in an ever-deepening spiral which hollows out confidence in the institutions doing the dictates. If the “leaders” among us had an ounce of knowledge of actual history, they would know they are enacting the archetypical format for catastrophic collapse and global strife which will erupt into catastrophic war.

While dealing with some of the problems at my lower level, I am almost gleeful. For most of my life, I have been convinced that man was increasingly drunk with the illusions of his control over events. I have been expecting that, at some point, God would strip away all illusions, that He might first break down man and his vanity and then rebuild healthy cultures in His image. For there is One who has not lost control of events – and that one is God. Many of you, maybe most of you, in the comforting cocoon of western security, liberty and prosperity, have assured yourself and others of what your fidelity would be in extreme times. You say you trust God and walk in your own integrity? Now it is as if God were from Missouri, for He is inviting you to show Him your faith. To help you along, he has made Himself the only lifeline out of the swirling vortex sucking everything down our culture has become. But it only appears as if God is inviting you to show Him. He already knows what you are and can be. He intends that you demonstrate it to yourself, for He knows that imagining a crisis and living it are two very different things – and so He proves you through this fiery crisis that, even now, comes barreling upon the world like a runaway train. If you actually live the fidelity you always said, from your ease, that you would, you will walk with greater confidence in proclaiming His kingdom to the weary and the fearful – not because your confidence in yourself has grown, but because your confidence in Him has grown and you are able to abandon yourself more fully to that confidence.

God uses this technique over and over throughout Scriptures. Do you really think God was bargaining with Abraham in the debate over Sodom in the 18th Chapter of Genesis? God knew He would spare the city for the sake of 10 righteous men even before Abraham said a word. But He also knew how wroth Abraham would be with the city when he saw how hideously depraved it had become. So God entered into discussion with Abraham to draw forth from the man a sharing in God’s own pity, a deep desire that even the most vicious enemies be reclaimed to God rather than destroyed in mere human vengeance. The enlarging of Abraham’s heart through the “negotiations” did not spare Sodom, but animated Abraham’s outlook for the rest of His life. He craved less the vengeance that men crave – and more the turning of the hearts of men that God craves.

For most of my life, I have looked forward to the chaos that would come when all illusions of mastery are stripped away from both the great and the small. As fearful as it is to have our delusions of grandeur crucified before our very eyes, its signifies the same grace that flowed from the Crucifixion of Our Lord. We are to lift up our heads and rejoice, for redemption is at hand for all who trust in the Lord. We are to walk both humbly and confidently with the Lord, for He has condescended to invite us to cooperate with His plan for recalling those who have fallen who are willing. We cannot stop the crash. We cannot force those who have irrevocably deluded themselves that there is nothing greater than themselves. But we can assemble the ambulances to care for all the wounded who WILL stretch out their hand to God for healing – and what a glorious call it is! From the fires and rubble of a culture that, by its hubris, will make the City of Babel blush at the judgment, we are invited to participate with the Master in rebuilding a culture of life in the City of God. I tell you now that those who stand true in these fearful times and participate humbly and confidently in this great work God has appointed will be revered and called blessed by their children and grandchildren up unto the establishment of the new heaven and the new earth. What a glorious time to be alive! And God has chosen and called you for this moment. Don’t obsess over the wreckage of the dead culture collapsing around you. Answer His call with rejoicing and participate in building the City of God. God will use the coalition of the willing in his service to renew the face and faith of the world. It amuses me sometimes that God has decided, this time, to renew the world with an army of misfit toys – and I am foremost among them.



I was going to kick off a fall fundraising drive this week, but some of the key players in facilitating that are also key players with Texas Right to Life. I prefer to help them with their crisis right now and delay the start of the drive for a week or two. When we get started, our targets will be to get 100 people to pledge to monthly donations and secure a total of $40,000 heading into the fall. Also, for anyone who has emailed me at my CORAC address recently, know that it has been temporarily affected by the attacks on TRTL. I will get back to you as soon as I can get back into my account.

If you can help us get it started before we formally get started, you can donate here. I deeply appreciate it as we continue to assemble the ambulances. Make sure to check out the videos, discussions and papers of our Health and Wellness, Sustainability, Communications and Prayer Teams Pages. It helps you prepare for the worst in a way that paves the way for the best.

I have been delighted with the functionality and usefulness of the Gab social media site. It does everything I want it to and none of what I don’t. You can find me there under Charliej373 or the CORAC group. You can also follow Texas Right to Life there, under its newly formed group page.


I will kick off my latest missionary journey this Saturday, Sept. 11, at the 9/11 CORAC event in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is an all day event that will begin with a patriotic Rosary at 9:11 a.m., followed by a spiritual warfare presentation by Deacon Dan Dullinger. A shooting range will be open for enthusiasts and there will be presentations on sausage-making, communicating via ham radio, and natural and herbal medicines. In the afternoon at 1:30, I will give a presentation followed by questions and general discussion with attendees. Not only that…organizers have some 2,200 lbs. of dried navy beans on hand – and all who attend are invited to fill a bucketful to take home before they leave. But it is a BYOB event – Bring Your Own Bucket! (only for the dried beans; there will be brats, beans and beverages available on-site to keep you from fainting in the mid-day sun) For information on where it is and to let them know you are coming, call Kris Rehfeld at (605) 228-3539 or Dino Kremers at (320) 309-3655.

Come on up and we’ll have a lively time.


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