Weak But Willing

Posted on 2021-11-10

My dear friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon, OFM, passed on Saturday night in Denver. He worked with St. Mr. Teresa, doing Eucharistic Formation for her nuns. What a glorious man with a lively sense of humor. Thank God we got to visit just before I hit the road – but it had to be at his residence rather than at his favorite little restaurant where I would co-conspire with him to cheat his diet. I pray he has a tub of ice cream for me today. I will repeat a piece I did on him to honor his memory and his love for God and His people later this week.

People are kind enough to seek updates on me. Speaking with my lead doctor on Friday (and my good friend of over forty years) he said I am mending, but I should expect a good five weeks of recovery. That is largely what I expected – and is not near as difficult or as dangerous as my recovery from my neurological damage 18 years ago. I suspect my expectations are different than those of a lot of good folks.

While it is certainly true that Jesus can heal anything in an instant, it seems to me that votive suffering can be a truly great privilege. We are always asking the Lord for consolation and help. Votive suffering, accepted with docility, seems to me to be our one opportunity to climb up onto the cross with Jesus for a time and offer Him consolation.

It is written that there is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death (Prov 14:12). Often in my life I have thought I have known, but have been wrong. The Lord is merciful, indeed, to those who seek to do the most right thing they can, even when they err. But fullness of wisdom is to be found in waiting on the Lord and hearkening for His voice – especially when He would show you His better way.

On Saturday I removed myself from the chain of command of CORAC and appointed Deputy Director Michael Murray (our own MP) to take my place. We will review matters in early December. We have done a very good thing in forming the nationwide network of CORAC – giving people a way to work together as true Christians, lifting each other up and helping those who are assaulted by our now demonic government and culture. But if it is a very good thing, does it not make sense that the Lord is now preparing how to deploy those who are devoted to Him to renew the faith and face of the world? I think I have been a competent captain, but the Lord is my general and king – and how good to wait on His instruction!

Too often when we say we trust the Lord, we mean we trust Him to do what is easiest for us or to give us our way. Why not trust Him to know what is best for us, for those around us, for gaining souls to Him, and for deploying us most efficiently? I just think, “You lead, Lord, and give me the grace to follow – even into the most unexpected places.” It is such a secure way to live. I don’t know the route the Lord is taking me, but I know He will get me there safely. It is why, though I grieve over family members and loved ones who don’t love the faith or even hold it in contempt, I don’t worry much for I trust that in His time the Lord will offer them extraordinary graces. That is His job, not mine. Mine is to live fidelity and trust to Him and expect all good things through that.

I’ve had a few surprises. Several people wanted to push me to accept hospitalization. Alas, since Obamacare, our hospitals have become the primary support system for the culture of death. Oh, they still do some good things, but that is not their primary purpose anymore. Their primary protocols are three now: 1) to enforce government narratives 2) to punish dissent from same and 3) above all, act as primary support system for the culture of death. Thus, no longer will I participate with them. Some friends apparently assumed that this was just mule-headedness on my part, that principles are just things you stand on until they become personally inconvenient. I guess my experience of forming and living principles is different than some. First, I narrowly construe them and apply them only to myself. It is why I am usually rather quiet about them. Despite the perversion of the hospital system, I think young families should be open to them in a way I am not. Further, I don’t expect anyone but me to live my conscience: I expect others to live their own honorably-formed consciences. From a practical standpoint, on the rare occasions I have been persuaded to violate my own principles, disaster has almost always ensued – disasters that don’t happen when I live clean. There was a moment of grace in it all. My doctor, who knows me so well, recommended hospitalization, as well. I told him my objection and that it was out of the question. He chuckled gently, said this is where we disagreed but set the parameters, and that we have always done well together once we know the borders.

Another staggering moment of grace came from a dear friend who walked with me through five years of sorrows leading into my dire neurological damage in which they lost me twice in surgery. This friend and his brother saw to it that I did not sink into the abyss – and was witness to my sorrows and my lengthy recovery. I told him my doctor told me I would have a tough recovery. This is what my friend wrote – my friend who was witness to all before:

“Doctor to Charlie: Well. Sir gallant knight, you are a very sick man.

Charlie to Doctor: Did I ever tell you of the time God wrang my neck and, just to show him, I walked across the country!

Doctor to Charlie: You are facing at least five weeks tough convalescence.

Charlie to Doctor: ‘Tis merely a flesh wound.

And finally, my friend to me: May you have a blessed convalescence gallant knight.”

I couldn’t help it. That exchange from one who was constant witness brought me to tears.

Some have wondered since I have been hit so hard if I have changed my mind on the experimental gene therapy they call vaccines. Absurd! Having gotten seriously sick does not magically change the very bad science of the vaxxes into good science. I am not a leftist, pounded about by how I feel at a given moment. I think these things through carefully and go by the evidence. One of my favorite old research institutes, the Heartland Institute, espouses the scientific method as taking no one’s word for it. You’ve got to do the hard work of sifting and examining the evidence or you are merely choosing a preferred narrative and falsely calling it science.

A few weeks ago, I responded to what turned out to be a very honorable, but misinformed, fellow about the scientific deficiencies of this gene therapy in this manner: “You may be sincere, but your “method” would result in an unending series of thalidomide holocausts in which no one would even know there was a problem until a full-scale disaster had already unfolded. As you have continued, it has become clear that you do not understand the sequencing and protocols – or even the fundamental purpose of clinical trials at all and have no grasp of the role of statistical analysis in analyzing unfolding dynamic scenarios in which there are substantial variables and unknowns.

First, medical clinical trials are NOT designed to prove the dangers of a widespread practice. Rather, they are required to prove the safety of a new therapy before allowing it into widespread practice to begin with. They start with animal trials. Before any experimentation with humans is even allowed, there must be substantial success in animal trials. Complete fail here – the animal trials were almost universal failures – an occasional okay spot in a sea of disaster.

Second, human trials may not begin until there is substantial success in animal trials. An exception can be made if there is a genuinely critical emergency in which no other effective therapy is easily available. Failure on all counts here. A) a disease with over a 99% survival rate for all but the very oldest and sickest does not constitute such an emergency. B) the cheap and easily availability of hydroxy-zinc protocols and ivermectin have worked to almost completely suppress the most dangerous symptoms of the disease wherever they are used – India, Africa and Sweden – but inexplicably have been forcibly suppressed and even outlawed here in the States. The basic justification for emergency use authorization is completely non-existent. C) in any such emergency trial, all data must be entirely transparent so that the conclusions drawn flow freely from all the evidence rather than the evidence being shaped to support a pre-conceived conclusion. In this case, both government officials and media have collaborated to censor any information that does not support their favored conclusion and doctors who dissent have their very medical licenses threatened or revoked. Complete and comprehensive failure on all counts.

Third, once human trials begin, all subjects must be volunteers. No person can be coerced into participating in a clinical trial for an experimental therapy. Notwithstanding that this experimental trial did not clear ANY of the hurdles for human trials to begin, even the minimal standard for human trials has been turned on its head. Rather than making such a trial completely voluntary, the government seeks to make it mandatory on all persons. Both a complete failure AND a violation of the Nuremberg Protocols.

Now, for the proper use of statistical analysis in predicting early warnings of long-term dysfunction. In an ongoing, dynamic situation where the long-term consequences are not known, statistical analysis is used as a predictor of probable long-term dysfunctions. This completely bypasses the correlation/causation conundrum because, at the early stages causation is very difficult, sometimes even impossible, to establish. Yet it is unacceptable and irresponsible to wait for extensive disaster to reveal itself because, by then, the damage is irreversible. What is most commonly used is a “variation from norm” analysis when compared to similar situations where a protocol for the acceptable norm is established. This is important because, even when there is a substantial variation from norm, it is usually a statistically small number of people affected. That is important because, even while early adverse events that are wildly out of whack are contained to a small subset, the variation from norm is a very reliable predictor of a potential cascade of much larger long-term adverse reactions. This is why experimental therapies with substantial variations from norm are sent back to the drawing board rather than allowed to continue, until they are refined enough to work within historical norms. Catch and contain the problem while it is still small rather than waiting for absolute disaster or absolute proof.

The experimental gene therapy shots have failed on every metric. But even under your very loose, gauzy standards that have never been the norm for experimental standards, they fail. You cite the personal, observational evidence and that there is none in your suburb. Notwithstanding that doctors are likely to lose their license or be severely ostracized if they actually reported such data, you are still wrong. There is the small subset of prominent celebrities known to most people – and it is always useful to look at reportable adverse events there. Start with former wrestler Marvin Hagler and baseball star Hank Aaron, both otherwise healthy who died within days of taking the shot. Then there is Eric Clapton, who suffered paralysis after taking the shot. Then there is Australian gold medal swimmer Madi Wilson who developed lung and chest problems for which she had to be hospitalized and may end her career. These occurred after she was double vaccinated. She blames it on Covid, not withstanding that it did not happen until shortly after her second shot. There is NBA player Brandon Goodwin who developed blood clots after the vaccine – whose season is over now. Other examples are abundant, though you have to screen shot them as quickly as possible, for search engines bury them down the memory hole as quickly as they can. Perhaps your community is an outlier, but when information is being suppressed as quick as it becomes available that is a risky proposition to believe at best.

You may very well be entirely sincere in your belief that you are being objective and scientific, but that does not change the fact that your method turns every standard protocol in such matters on its head. I don’t think you have cited a single horse you have not put a cart before. Your method, as you have described it, would never notice a problem at all until it had become a complete disaster – and defies both logic and what was standard scientific practice before the Covid panic arose. If you are sincere, I suggest you go back to the drawing board on your knowledge of logic and evidence. I am not being snarky, but entirely sincere. You have succumbed to the most dangerous form of sophistry in your analysis, positing things that sound reasonable on the surface but, upon deeper examination, violate basic rules of logic and evidence.”

So much of the narrative has changed in the last year. A year ago, the jab supposedly immunized you from Covid infection. Now the story is that it was never intended and cannot protect you from infection or transmission: that it only reduces the severity of symptoms. Think about that: it means the vaxxed have nothing to fear from the unvaxxed – for the unvaxxed know when they are sick and stay home (trust me on this!), but the vaxxed often don’t even know they are sick and contagious, so we are creating an army of super-spreaders. Now we are starting to forcefully jab young children. We KNOW that children are in more danger from vaxx injuries by at least a factor of five than from Covid, but stupid, virtue-signaling parents are putting their own children’s health at serious risk to show how woke they are.

I am going to link to the problems with the animal studies on mRNA gene therapy from the perspective of a doctor who was extensively involved in those studies. On Tuesday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that people who criticize the vaxxes are criminals.  To the contrary, it is not the people asking questions who are criminals, but those suppressing evidence, suppressing effective treatments, and refusing to answer serious questions to facilitate their making trillions of dollars in profits who are criminals and belong on yardarms – and that most assuredly includes Bourda.

I said a year ago that this experimental gene therapy was likely to be the biggest medical disaster in history. It goes beyond that. This now has the potential, without God’s active intervention, to become a near extinction-level event. Fortunately, I have also said that God is going to use this as part of His plan to set things right and bring us back to the safety that can only be found in Him. Again, in summary to my honest correspondent a few weeks ago, I wrote, “From what you say here, you did what you did in complete submission to God. I don’t think there are going to be any ill effects because of that. I have a Priest friend in some significant authority in Chicago. He hates the idea of the shot. But he was not going to be able to continue to minister to his people there without accepting it. He told me he accepted that he might become a martyr, but that he took it so as not to have to abandon his people. I have another Priest friend in some authority on one of the coasts. He primarily ministers to the ministers. He decided he will not take it because there are those who could almost seamlessly replace him. Both, I think, are doing the will of God as best they can.

I do NOT think that almost all who took it will die within three years. Divine intervention is such a given for me I usually underestimate how hard it is for others to accept it as a commonplace, given the proper disposition. I expect enough to succumb that it will become clear what a disaster this is, and then most to turn to Him – as you have already done – and receive the Divine exemption from our earthly hubris. I have two scientists I am in regular contact with who are deeply concerned with the trajectory of these shots (one here and one in Europe). Both fear that, from their research, over a billion could die from the long-term effects. Recently I assured them that, if it comes, it will be a MUCH smaller number than that, a tiny fraction of that amount (without pretending it won’t be an objectively large amount). That this dysfunction, created irresponsibly by man, will instead be used to manifest the glory and mercy of God, along with His sovereignty.

So Philip, in the end, I suspect that five or 10 years from now we will have a cup of coffee together and laugh at how frantic the crazy times were. For the decisive thing is not – and will not be – whether you got the shot or not, but whether you submitted to God in everything you do, whether you erred objectively or not.

This exchange has been helpful in another way, too. Many who have gotten the shot, as evidence of serious problems mount, have been in fear of it – with that fear sometimes manifesting as spirited defense of the shot. Some good people have gone into despair and think they are doomed. I had one lady who was waiting for me to get home this spring who had gotten it and was fearful that she had doomed herself – and nervously confessed the same to me. I assured her that God does not strike us for our weakness, only for our defiance – and that she would be fine. She was genuinely reassured.

I can’t hide that many will die – and already have. But I can say with absolute confidence that God has poured forth extraordinary graces over those who submit to Him before all is revealed…and that this is NOT for our destruction, but for our reclamation. I accept and expect divine intervention as a commonplace. When this is all over, a whole multitude will do the same. God will not strike us for either our errors or our weakness, only for our hubris – and those who become collateral damage to this earth on the way to that unveiling will be given extraordinary graces.”

In the last week I have listened to Joe Biden speak on this – and he shows not a vestige of understanding of the scientific method or the science behind this. I heard him speak about the supply chain problems – and reveal that he has absolutely no understanding of what it is or how it works. I have listened to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laugh at the very idea that government can do anything about energy prices – and that she wishes she had that magic wand. Perhaps she should ask Donald Trump to lend it to her, for he made us energy independent – and restored a lot of manufacturing that Barack Obama said he would need a magic wand to get done. Democrats think they are very smart because they give long explanations for why they can’t do anything to make things better. A lot of Republicans are just as stupid. But the best of conservatives, like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, just get it done, earning the vicious hatred of the left which can only explain why nothing can be done.

The left has come to think that America gets to elect its own boss. That is not how it has ever worked. We don’t elect our own boss to push us around. We elect a clerk to serve us. That clerk does not get to tell us what medical procedures we must take or whether we can have a job or make a living. It does not work that way even when we have a legitimate and competent leader; it most certainly does not work that way when we have an illegitimate usurper who is non compos mentis.

All these battles, in which ignorant, vain people relentlessly choose propaganda over solid evidence and logic signify something much larger than people yet grasp. We have entered into a full-fledged spiritual war in which the dark forces of the satan are determined to rule the lives of men and destroy faith in God. We were a country built on Judeo-Christian principles, dedicated to faith, family and freedom that was tolerant of other attitudes. We have been captured, for a time, by pagan Orcs and Visigoths, committed to the rule of raw power with no tolerance for any dissent. It is the final confrontation between good and evil – and there can be no compromise, no acceptable result other than unconditional surrender by the forces of satan.

We will not be rescued by Republicans or other temporal conservatives. They are more feeble than I am in my sickbed. There are some very good religious leaders – but not even a fraction of what is needed. Most busy themselves figuring what articles of faith they can toss overboard to curry favor with those who loathe them. Leadership must come, this time, from ordinary people who are completely committed to the Lord, Our God – no apologies, no hedging, no negotiating the fundamentals. When ordinary people stand, people who hold formal positions of leadership (though they just seek their own pathetic influence) will ultimately be inspired to stand, too. But we must stand guard to make sure there is no hedging, that only a Godly worldview will stand. Man is made in God’s own image, male and female He makes them – and He is sovereign over all. Any cleric who seeks to correct the “many errors” of Christ and His Apostles must be banished to outer darkness. Enough already.

I say this battle begins to turn with the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception this year. May Our Lady the Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph go forth in tandem to lead us to the restoration of God’s Kingdom on Earth now. Much we value will be lost – mainly because we value so many dead things. But much will be restored. After so much strain and assault, the circle between God and our families will NOT be broken, but restored. Begin to prepare now for the Novena to the Immaculate Conception beginning Nov. 30, and then midway through, beginning Dec. 4, add the Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac (Guadalupe). If your life is turned upside down now, be of good cheer. God is deploying His assets to renew the faith and the face of the world. No prisoners, no compromise, only unconditional surrender. There will be war, but you are to prepare for victory under God in the way He chooses to deploy you. For God and country!


Fr. John Wang, assisted by Beckita Hesse, celebrated Mass in my hotel room Sunday


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