The Shape of Things to Come

Posted on 2022-01-02
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I was planning to launch an end-of-year fundraising drive this week but I’m holding off until the second week of January. My convalescence is over but I am not fully right yet. In normal times, I can work eight to 10 hours a day four days a week just fine. Right now, I can get in three or four, but if I go to five, I will be out of commission the next day or two. Tough stuff. I long for the days before my spinal surgery when 16 was a piece of cake and I could go 48 if needed. Truth is, you can still get a lot done in the aftermath of serious infirmity if you know and respect your own limitations. Each stage of life has its own joys and delights. Live them all well. Fortunately, I get notably stronger every few days, so I should soon be up to five or six – and that will play until I am completely recovered.

This piece – and the sequences that follow it – contain predictions, not prophecy. It is the sort of thing I did routinely when I was in the media and for political and other clients. My record has been one of 85+ percent accuracy – with the big downfall coming in timing. I am off on that at least 80% of the time – and probably closer to 90. It has value, though, just as colleagues and clients always found. This will just be a quick survey. Over the next week and a half I will go into more detail on each of the subject heads.

I expect next year to be one of decision and clarity. And I expect it to be much worse than 2021. While it will look like the left is backing off from some of the madness at the start of the year, by the second quarter, it will ramp up furiously. Here, then, specific categories of the coming madness.

Public Health

When the officials and media figures who have spent the last two years hysterically peddling Covid panic porn start conceding that what they called “conspiracy theories” are actual facts (or “spoiler alerts,” as one meme deliciously put it), you know the Covid narrative is in tatters and ready to fall away completely. That does not mean we are done with “crisis” medicine. For certain personalities (very common on the left and among busybodies who delude themselves they are living a life of high adventure), excuses to boss and bully other people are more addicting than crack cocaine. After a relatively subdued start to the year, look for new “crises” to justify more draconian dictates to start falling hard and heavy in the second or third quarter of the year. This could be because of fallout from the Covid shots (as bad as the early adverse reactions have been, they have only been short-term. The long-term reactions should start hitting in spring – and they are far worse than the short-term variety, unless people are VERY different from every animal ever tested). If not, do not be surprised if sinister officials collaborate to release a new and genuinely deadly virus into the mix.

Big Tech and Media

One of the biggest problems with modern corporate media is not just that they are consistently wrong about almost everything, but that they lack the intellectual bandwidth to have a clue about what they are talking about at all. It is like listening to a kindergartner opine about nuclear physics – only with a whole lot more malice. Since they have no self-awareness and are so very smug about their comically insurmountable ignorance, expect the same thing from them in 2022 as you got in 2021. A big surprise will be the collapse and shuttering of some very established social media sites. I expect Twitter to collapse and cease operations before the end of the year. Conservatives have been busy building their own sites that are immune to cancel culture – and the migration from old sites to the new rivals the migration out of Detroit in the mid-70’s. The biggest surprise will likely be that our technology will fail for a time. All those who manipulate bytes and pixels for a living would be well advised to learn some frontier skills. But they won’t. They think themselves masters of the universe – and are not aware that the shoulders of the “little” people they stand on are actually the giants who make what they do to make money possible.


The economy of the US has been astonishingly resilient, especially when tricks are used to hide the disorders. I knew early last spring about the serious problems with the supply chain – which are FAR more serious than public officials are letting on. Inflation is poised to skyrocket beyond anything ever seen in the US. For decades, our foreign allies could experiment with cockamamie economic plans like a teenager playing with drugs – because America was always there with a backup plan. But when America gets addicted to disastrous economics, there is no backup plan – except God. And when the American economy topples, it takes the rest of the world with it. The actual “dark winter” Joe Biden loves to opine about will not come from disease, but from Democrats economic policies. The bag of tricks used to hide the dysfunction is nearly empty.

Domestic Affairs

If it weren’t for corporate media and “experts,” public officials would be the dumbest, most malicious people (as a group) in America. They seem particularly incapable of learning from their mistakes (which are legion), so we can expect more of the same throughout this year: eliminating borders to stop illegal immigration, abandoning allies to show our commitment to stability, appeasing enemies to force them to be nice to us; printing money to stop inflation and create prosperity. Most federal officials would make a marginally competent village board member. But just because we can expect more of the same invincibly ignorant behavior, that does not mean we will get the same results. The longer stupid policy is indulged, the more catastrophic the consequences. Our cities are in deadly danger of becoming Mad Max style dystopian landscapes. Migration from blue states to red will accelerate as people desperately seek safety and some limited opportunity rather than deadly crime and serfdom. If our technology fails for more than a month, millions will die – mostly in the cities and among the elites. For the most part, city dwellers and elites are as helpless as a newborn kitten if the utilities don’t work and Uber Eats doesn’t deliver. Ordinary people will adopt a modified form of the Benedict Option by necessity – for survival. When the system fails catastrophically, people will have to form a new system in conjunction with their neighbors and friends.

One thing I was notably wrong about the last few years was my conviction that police would stand with ordinary people if governments started issuing unconstitutional, arbitrary, draconian edicts. I have been horrified to watch the New York City Police Force, after itself being terribly oppressed and abused by former Mayor DeBlasio for eight years, eagerly harass and abuse families, old folks, and even children over Covid restrictions. I guess when the real problems are scary enough, functionaries attack fake problems to pretend like they are doing something useful while cowering from the real problems and violating both their oaths and basic decency. If only it were the NYPD! But across the land, too many police have eagerly followed malicious orders against their own citizens and neighbors. I could still ultimately be right about the police standing with the citizens, but only if there is an internal reckoning by honorable officers against those who eagerly bully those citizens.

Foreign Affairs

Barring divine intervention, 2022 will be the year when the whole world goes fully into crisis under the weight of anti-God, leftist power games. When people abandon God, all that is left is the quest for power. Without meaning, power is…well…meaningless. Western European elites have hollowed out their countries. They face the twin perils of internal revolt and demographic collapse. If ISIS reconstitutes, it will be in Western Europe. The elites won’t fight it, but the common people will as they withdraw their loyalty entirely from incompetent elites.

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are already lost: they face the binary choice of revolution or sullen tyranny.

China is on the move and will likely use this window of America’s impotent senility to move decisively against Taiwan. Yet China’s emasculation of Hong Kong in violation of its commitment may have signaled weakness and insecurity rather than strength. China’s economy is more tenuous than America’s – or even Europe’s. Gobbling Hong Kong and Taiwan may very well be a desperate attempt to capture their economic prowess without offering them the freedom in which it flowered. Nothing is so dangerous and malevolent as a tyrant wounded by his own incompetence and failure. Something peculiar and subtle is going on in China that bears watching and sober study.

Russia is the most mis-analyzed country on earth. After making a caricature of it since 2015 for purely political purposes – to get Donald Trump, we drove Russia into the arms of China. It is a tactical alliance, though, not a strategic one. If our foreign policy geniuses (subpar under Republican presidents; absolutely delusional under Democrats) would just study a map while contemplating China’s hegemonic ambitions, the answer would emerge. Russia has understood the danger of China much longer than America and the rest of the world has. To complete its hegemonic ambitions, China MUST ultimately neutralize Russia. Vladimir Putin, whatever his faults, has understood this. To withstand Chinese aggression, he desperately needs a partner. During the Obama years, it was clear that this was not possible, as Obama’s foreign policy consisted entirely of wishful thinking. The Trump years offered a potential opening, but the Democrats chose to play malicious politics rather than grasp the reality that WE need a strategic ally to withstand the growing Chinese threat – so that opportunity was lost. Biden may be a wholly owned subsidiary of China. When Putin acknowledged in October, 2019, that the Russian relationship with China was “alliance-like” he was buying time – for he knew that help was not coming from the US anytime soon. Russia is desperately trying to enhance its strength before the inevitable confrontation with China – and fondly hoping that America will come to its senses before it is too late.

Effective diplomacy consists in establishing areas of mutual national interest, creating means of mutual benefit to further those interests, and exercising the credible threat of force when interests cannot be integrated. In my lifetime; Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan and Trump conducted foreign policy primarily on the basis of mutual national interests. Otherwise, Republicans tend to try to outmaneuver everyone while Democrats try to appease unappeasable enemies while taking allies for granted. Catastrophic events will soon force us to act from national interests again – and it should begin with a major housecleaning in the foreign policy desks.


In the best of times, politics is a blend of self-interest, the struggle for power, and honest patriotism. These are not the best of times. As the elite classes have abandoned God, all that is left is self-interest and the struggle for raw power. Democrats have become predators while Republicans are timid geldings, arguing that they can better manage the governmental monstrosity Democrats have created but refusing to defend basic principles of liberty and self-government. Though I don’t like to say how truly pessimistic I am on this, there are only three active politicians I completely respect. Many talk a good game – but that is all it is. I expect this to continue until political authority has completely collapsed. We have come a lot closer to this outcome in the last year and a half than even I would have believed possible. And things are speeding up, not slowing down.


None of this depresses me, because I have been expecting it all for a very long time – and know it to be part of the process by which God will renew the world. Before the great confrontation can be fully engaged, God first purifies His people, to fit them for the battle. I have always been convinced that God intends each man and woman to make their stand – to rely on Him completely and not seek to abrogate their personal responsibility to someone else. The social dysfunction we are seeing is part of that process, forcing each of us to see that if we do not make our personal stand, this nation, under God, shall indeed perish from the earth. Many, maybe even most, Christians and faithful Jews have figured that out. But we still lack something. The best among us largely trust to their own strength and wisdom to carry out God’s will. That will not do. I think that God is going to deliver us from our manufactured religious certainties in the first half of this year. It will be painful and disorienting. The best minds are taken up with massive religious conspiracy theories to explain all that has gone wrong with the faith. They are wrong. Other top-notch people are caught up in a prophetic frenzy, imagining that they have completely divined the mind of God – who is always startling, fresh and new. They are wrong. Minor reforms are offered as panaceas that will correct all wrongs. Chopping away a branch does not kill the poisonous tree. If you would successfully navigate this period of purification I believe is upon us, you will live what I have taught from the start: Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You. This dictum combines steadfast resolve with genuine humility – acknowledging that we both don’t know much and can’t know much, but can only do the most right thing we can discern in the moment and then live it. We are going to have to get accustomed to thinking that all is lost while doing the best we can and trusting God to come through – in His time and in His way, seeking actively to find what we have missed. If God whispers to the best of us a thousand times per day, the best of us only hear 10 of those whispers. The “fiery trials” St. Peter speaks of in 1 Peter 4:12 are about to become our reality, I think. It is not for our destruction, but for our purification, that we may be true children of God as we act as the army of God to renew the faith and face of the world. Do not be dismayed, but trust that by the second half of the year you will be grateful for such intense training and deliverance from illusions that would prevent you from effectively re-evangelizing the world. When you can march forward with steadfast resolve when it looks as if all hope is lost, you are finally fit to be a soldier of God.

The Church

There are noble Bishops and noble Priests, but the hobbling of the hierarchy helps make it clear that this will be the hour of the ordinary man. War is being waged against the faith and the faithful from the heart of the Church. Do not be dismayed.

Usually, when the house is under siege, it is the father of the house who defends it. If the father of the house is disabled, it is the children of the house who defend it; not to overthrow the patriarch, but to restore him to honor and dignity.

“I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and turning to a different gospel.

Not that there is a different gospel, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we (the apostles) preached to you, let him be accursed.” – Galatians 1:6-8

It is time to live this Scripture, that all righteousness may be fulfilled – and everything restored to its proper honor. Despite how much the Pope and many in the Vatican hate it, the Latin Mass isn’t going away. Despite those Bishops and Priests who hate the Gospels, they are not going away. I do not expect those Bishops and Priests who hate the Magisterial faith to start living fidelity (though I pray fervently that they do). I do expect honest Christians throughout the world to firmly commit themselves to living fidelity and, so, becoming God’s hands and feet in restoring the faith and face of the world.


Again, I will elaborate on these subject heads over the next week and a half. I have come to be devoted to Our Lady of America. I believe that America must lead in renewing the faith through purity and fidelity – and then help the rest of the world to recover it.  Then will come the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the renewal of the world.

Peace and prosperity are great blessings. But infirmity and affliction are God’s classroom. I fervently pray that the troubles that afflict us may soon pass away, but not a moment before we have absorbed every lesson God intends for each of. Let us all apply ourselves without nodding off while living the privilege of being in God’s classroom.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.


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