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Posted on 2022-02-04
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We had no new podcast this week because of sickness and administrative issues. Next week we will cover some commonly asked questions that new people have about me.


I was deeply saddened to hear that one of our key CORAC members – and host of a presentation in eastern Iowa from a few years back passed over the weekend. Charles Vaske of Epworth, Iowa near Dubuque was a wonderful salt of the earth man. He took me to see the “Field of Dreams,” just a few miles from where he lived and we had one of the most fun, pre-presentation dinners ever, at kind of a Chuck Wagon Restaurant. Charles was a thoughtful man and an old school patriotic American. I pray that, already, he is interceding for us all from above.


My talk Saturday will be at 3:30 p.m., Central Time, at JoJo’s Coffee and Goodness, 4652 E. Hwy. 20, Niceville, Florida. Click here for information and to sign up ahead of time.


Back when I was doing radio in the 90’s. one of the themes I often went to was the paucity of consequences when liberals were caught red-handed in corrupt, dishonest schemes. I maintained that, tactically, if the worst liberals faced over such was some criticism, then letting everything get back to normal, we were heading for a crisis of major proportions. After all, if the stakes when you mount a corrupt gambit to seize power are that, if you succeed you have the power and if you fail, you are told not to do it again and everything returns to default, there is no incentive for you to stop. Human nature being what it is, the boundaries will keep being pushed until you are ultimately in full crisis. We are there.

As a general rule (and it certainly does not always apply), conservatives long for normalcy while leftists yearn for power. Conservatives (and most normal people) mistakenly think that if they respond to provocations by always adopting a forgive and forget stance it will facility normalcy. They are wrong.

I am not given to vengeance for vengeance’ sake. Oh, I indulge in fantasies about it sometimes, but it is not my nature. When I sued the newspaper group that spent nearly a year libeling me, my attorney encouraged me to add as co-defendants about five people who had eagerly taken up the cause against me, as we could recover damages from them in addition to those from the newspapers. I considered it, but ultimately chose not to, reasoning that these people were only useful idiots, perhaps intentionally malicious and perhaps just caught up in the feeding frenzy. It seemed to me that if we succeeded in the very rare result of beating a newspaper company, it would be an object lesson to all – and lead to a more just public discourse for all, if only because the malicious would be cowed that there was accountability for outright lies. None of the people involved as potential defendants knew that they were ever in the crosshairs. Most of them, after it was all said and done, apologized in some form over the next few years, anyway. But there HAD to be a reckoning.

Most of the leadership of the left have become power-mad obsessives. They are not just wrong; they have given themselves over to evil.

Right now, the leftist narrative is visibly crumbling. There is increasing evidence that, with new variants, you are MORE likely to get Covid if you have gotten the shot than if you haven’t. A Scottish study ominously suggests that the more shots you have had, the more likely you are to get Covid. Frighteningly, serious scientists have been arguing that creating a “leaky” vaccine actually drives the formation of new variants – and the original gene therapy shot offers only limited protection from the original variant while degrading your immune system, thus making you more vulnerable to future variants (along with a host of other ailments). A leaky vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission, but reduces symptoms in those who have gotten the shot. Sadly, what the authors in this last link do NOT note is that ALL the chickens involved in the Marek test died. The intentional obfuscation of critical negative information in many of these “scientific” journals has become more visible to all who are paying attention. Yet despite burgeoning evidence that the Covid shots actually make the situation worse and ultimately make you more vulnerable (I am talking here only of the medical data, not the mountain of ancillary damage cause by shutdowns, suppression of effective therapies, and mandates), US officials and many other western countries are doubling down on the mandates – demonstrating conclusively that this is about power and compliance rather than any concern about public health.

Fortunately, some western countries have outright ended Covid restrictions, while others have gingerly started scaling them back. Even more fortunately, massive protests by ordinary citizens, such as the Canadian Truckers Convoy, have put officials’ backs to the wall. Ah, but that is not the end of the story. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has responded to the massive protest by suggesting he will enact mandates to cross provincial borders as well. Officials there are talking ominously about sending in the military to whip the protestors back into line. Meantime both the establishment media and social media are working all the harder to censor solid evidence. The wheels are falling off the truck on the massive fraud in the 2020 election as well – and more candidates are emboldened to say it bluntly, even as establishment Republican hacks like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger join Democrats in desperately trying to peddle dissent as “insurrection.”

Some might be tempted to dismiss as comical the visibly collapsing superstructure of leftist dreams of supremacy. Don’t. These people have given themselves over to evil. They were willing to consign hundreds of thousands of people to miserable deaths by suppressing effective therapies, threatening doctors’ licenses for dissenting from the party line, and defunding hospitals that dared to give life-saving treatments that defied government mandates. By early May of 2020, our primary scientific consultant at CORAC, Steve Baker, was furious. Initially alarmed at Covid, after only two months of research he said the death rate should be near zero – because we had the means to handle this, but the government would not allow it – and the invincibly ignorant media only parroted the leftist’s lines. If you look closely even at early CDC documents on the death toll from Covid, an obscure footnote said that only 6% of listed deaths were from Covid alone. That does not mean that Covid was only fatal to six percent of those who got it: a common cold can kill someone with an already seriously weakened immune system. It is fair to say, I think, that somewhere between 10-15% of those who died were primarily taken by Covid or that it was a significantly complicating factor. So, even going with the most generous extrapolation, that means that 126,000 have died of Covid – or with it as a significant contributing factor – in the last two years. That is 63,000 per year by the government’s own reckoning – which is a moderately bad flu season. Most of those people would NOT have died if the government had made known effective therapies available – and if the establishment media had not done everything in their power to scare people to death. All of this was done (and continues to try to be done) in order to secure power. These are evil people.

I think that a fellow such as Lindsey Graham genuinely hopes that, with submission, congeniality and normalcy can return. I respect that a fellow like Mitch McConnell is genuinely a gifted tactician who has done his party a lot of good – especially at managing federal court confirmations. But both of these gentlemen, however well they might be intended, are unwilling to defend the basic liberty of people who are not them. They want to negotiate with terrorists (which is what the Democratic leadership has become) – with your life and liberty.

This time, there must be severe and draconian consequences when this all lifts. How do you handle people who willingly decimate an economy, destroy millions of lives and livelihoods, and literally kill hundreds of thousands to secure and advance their own power? Some have obliquely suggested yardarms and firing squads. I am not a fan of that. Besides having moral qualms, it would be a tactical mistake – inflaming many when we will be in need of major reconstruction and reconciliation. But they cannot just be retired to enjoy their pensions. If so,  a few years down the line we will have a new generation of ambitious men think it a good gambit to sell their soul for a little transitory temporal power and be back in crisis.

I think we had best plan to reopen Alcatraz after the reckoning comes and start working to set up large prison colonies in remote areas of Alaska. The worst offenders can be housed in Alcatraz until the prison colonies start to come online. And yes, I am talking about banishing Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC and the rest of her squad, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and every single official who actively targeted Americans’ liberty. It will be sufficient, to me, to ban the useful idiots such as McConnell and Lindsey for life from any position of public trust. We have to handle this in a way that does not descend into an orgy of violence but makes clear to generations to come that targeting people’s lives and liberty is a deadly dangerous way to secure fleeting power.

Make no mistake: the heart of the battle is still ahead. Yes, the narrative is collapsing but remember, the bulk of our “ruling” class consists of evil people who did not bat an eye in destroying our livelihoods and lives to secure their aims. Do you think people like this would quail at releasing a genuinely deadly new disease to stoke panic and justify new authoritarian measures? These people are the moral equivalents of Saddam Hussein and Haffez Assad who released poison gas on their own nation’s people to secure their own power. Nothing is off limits to them. It will not be sufficient to imitate the early Gideon, who was willing to do God’s will in a hostile climate so long as God was willing to keep his name out of it. Those terms were not acceptable to God. The Lord demanded that Gideon boldly and publicly declare himself – and then granted the victory. Dov Fischer, of the American Spectator, wrote a marvelous piece showing great insight into the psychology of the “Good German,” and why we are all ever in danger of becoming the same. The only thing that will do is to do whatever you do in front of God and everybody.

For young people who might read this, understand that leftist politics is incapable of building anything. It pretends to virtue in what it opposes and what it wants to destroy. In the end, just like the satan himself, all it is capable of is wanton destruction. If you want meaning in your life, if you want to find joy and real fellowship (rather than the fellowship of mere con-conspirators) you have to do the much more mundane work of building and doing kindnesses to others. If you see an old lady struggling in her home and think to demonstrate your moral superiority by decrying the lack of government services for the elderly, you are probably just a pretentious, lazy jerk. If you actually go and help her, you accomplish real good and likely make a friend along the way. I do not pretend there are no abuses that must be conquered. Shoot, I outlined a bunch just above. But if you spend more than, maybe, 30 percent of your time decrying abuses rather than offering humble help, you are part of the problem. Worse yet, you will never find joy or meaning in your life.

As my friend, Jim Graham likes to say, we need to pray up, git up, and saddle up if we would change the world from the dystopian nightmare it is becoming – and has already become in many quarters of the world. The ice of the nightmarish rule of the left is cracking – but as the cracks reveal themselves the left will fight all the more frantically to hold onto the power they have stolen from you. Joan up!


We are near the end of the second week of our winter fundraising campaign for CORAC. My thanks to all of you who have already generously donated. This is the way we here focus on building the world anew – by working with each other and training each other in skills that are useful in good times and absolutely vital in bad times. Won’t you send a contribution today if you can?



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