The Cry of the Poor

Posted on 2022-03-29
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The late Tom Clancy’s thriller novel, Rainbow Six, was published in 1998, 24 years ago. It is about the creation of a multi-national NATO-based elite anti-terrorism unit. The book imagines a series of terror incidents and how the elite team handles them. The meta-narrative, however, is about a cadre of elite scientists and officials who plot to destroy almost all the world’s population in order to reset and “heal” the earth. The means they use to do this is to bio-engineer a deadly virus to be released into the population and then manufacture and force a “vaccine” onto the afflicted that actually makes things worse and ensures their death. A tiny few get a genuine vaccine that will save them to inherit the earth.

When he was actively writing, Clancy had the uncanny reputation for crafting plots that later became reality. The most striking was when he posited terrorists hijacking airlines to use as weapons against the U.S. government – years before 9-11. One hopes Clancy is not reaching beyond the grave for one more round of eerie prescience. On the other hand, all the conspirators in his novel were utterly destroyed by their own vile hubris, so maybe one does not entirely so hope.

This month the evidence is coming in hard about how deadly and unsafe the Covid shots are. In the last year the number of excess deaths in the cohort of people between the ages of 25-44 rose 84%, almost double. That has never happened before (except for the great plagues of Europe. Ironically, history may record the Covid shots as a cousin to those plagues). Meantime, the evidence is compelling that public health officials and vaccine manufacturers knew how bad these shots were and suppressed the evidence – lied to each other and to us all.

California, being California, is reacting to this by proposing a raft of legislation that would A) mandate shots for all schools, public and private (SB 871), B) discipline any medical professional who criticized the shots (AB 2098), C) require law enforcement to enforce all public health orders from the state or have funding pulled (SB 1464), D) Prohibit anyone from making any statement the government deems untrue or misleading about any subject (SB 1390) and E) require proof of having a Covid shot for anyone to work or otherwise make money in California (AB 1993). I wish that this were all, but it is literally only half of what California is proposing to force you to do even if it means intentionally poisoning yourself. Of course, it is all patently unconstitutional – but it has been a long time since Democrats gave a hoot about the Constitution when it impedes their imperial will.

I have a different approach. After much contemplation I first wrote, on December 23, 2020, that I expected the Covid shots to become the greatest medical disaster in history. After trickling in for the last year, the evidence has become, this month, a hard flow. It will continue to pick up pressure and intensity to the point where shortly it will become absolutely undeniable, however much public officials and their stenographers in the media try to obfuscate.

At the same time I wrote what a disaster I expected this to become, I also wrote that God does not intend our destruction, but our reclamation. Just as, in His mercy, He directed Moses to set up a brazen serpent so that all the rebellious Israelites who looked upon it in repentance would be healed of the deadly sting of desert serpents, so He would provide a means for us to repent and be healed of the consequences of turning our trust from the City of God to the city of man. Last week, I made arrangements with a supply house to design, print and manufacture prayer cards, which will include a Miraculous Medal, to be ready for distribution by June (by which time “vaccine” remorse will be rapidly giving way to “vaccine” panic). I intend for CORAC to make an initial order of 5,000 so I can distribute several hundred to Regional Coordinators and Team Leaders for distribution – and the cards will, of course, be available for order from the supply house, independently.

Except for the first couple of months when there were many genuinely unanswered questions about this new type of virus, almost everyone who has died of Covid has actually died from malpractice and the sinister machinations of a government and media that are willing for you to die in order to enhance their power. No more. The city of man intends that you submit to their orders, even if it means you have to be disabled or die. The City of God intends to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). The next few months, bad as they are likely to be, will serve to clarify where hope and life is to be found and where it is not. As for CORAC and our house, we will serve the Lord.

This does not mean we will spurn the natural means God provides for us, demanding with unconscionable hubris that we will only accept His supernatural means. We will do all things with prudence and humility, taking counsel with each other and with people who have expertise (which is an entirely different thing than having a corrupted credential) in order that we act deliberately, with each decision, to take the next right step. That calls for prudence and counsel in all things, natural and supernatural. Our first call is to do no harm.

More than a few well-intended souls have been sending us various “miracle” cures for various things and pushing us to promote them through CORAC. We have a process, and we will follow it rigorously. Everything of this type that comes in must be submitted to our Health and Wellness Team for study – and to our primary science consultant if there is any question about it. It will not even be considered for promotion through CORAC until I have gotten a solid thumbs up from these entities.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were easy. They had both been in wide use for decades with no ill effects. Almost every country in the world recognizes their anti-viral properties except the US and Canada. Every place in the world where they have been widely used as prime treatments for Covid have done tremendously better than those places which have suppressed them, such as the US of A. Practically no downside, a lot of upside and positive results, what was not to like? (The fact that it made the heads of lefty authoritarians explode was just a bonus).

Public health authorities, government officials and wide swaths of the medical community actively lied, suppressed effective treatments, and let tens of thousands of people die rather than give them effective treatment during the Covid fiasco. They abandoned all standards, forfeiting their credibility and squandering the good will ordinary people have long had for the medical community. But just because they abandoned all standards does not mean we at CORAC will.

When effective therapies are suppressed, people die. When effective therapies are mis-administered, people can die. When therapies that have NOT been vetted are taken by enthusiasts, people can die. We will not promote anything that is not carefully vetted – and even then we urge people to only consider it in consultation with their doctor.

We have a nice core of traditional doctors and of practitioners of effective natural therapies. We weed out anything that is derived from New Age or other occult practices. Our credibility is important – and will be even more so as things get darker.

Even things that have had good results can be problematic. A good example is chlorine dioxide, which has a lot of enthusiasts right now. It can have good effects IF used and dosed properly. It is frequently used effectively in disinfecting water. However, if misused or improperly dosed, it can cause serious degradation of red blood cells and of kidney function. It is NOT something that should be used without close consultation with a doctor.

I appreciate the good intentions but remind all that the purveyors of apricot pits to cure cancer back in the 70s and 80s had good intentions, as well. That did not stop people from dying from the buildup of cyanide in their system that the amygdalin in apricot pits often caused. Our Health and Wellness committee does not seek to replace doctors. Shoot, it includes more than a few traditional doctors. Rather, it seeks to educate all and give proven means of treatment in conjunction with traditional doctors. That could be vital as things get rougher, but we are not going to succumb to health fads that can be deadly dangerous. Everything must be vetted. That is something I will not negotiate with anyone on. First, do no harm. It is the CORAC way.

God is the source of all healing, natural or supernatural. Ours is to humbly call on Him and do our due diligence before Him, offering Him the very best we can and trusting that, when we do our part with faith, diligence and humility, He will hear our cry and respond.

They Matter

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.


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