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Posted on 2022-05-06
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In the last item today, I will highlight a piece from our friend, Dan Lynch, founder of Dan Lynch Apostolates and tireless promoter of Jesus, King of All Nations, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of America. I have always gravitated towards people who do stuff, who get things done. Too many folks in religious ministries spend too much time talking and not enough time doing. Dan certainly talks the talk – but I admire him because he walks the walk, as well. He promotes processions with images of Our Lady and Our Lord – and he supplies the images to groups across the country.

Last fall, I gave a presentation in Estes Park, Colorado on Saturday, October 16. Earlier in the day, pilgrims with CORAC had made a pilgrimage at Mt. Meeker – and Dan supplied a beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. That morning, before the presentation, I wrote the piece, “Fatima Unfolds Before Our Eyes.” It was unusual because usually I spend days or weeks mentally composing pieces before I begin writing. But this one came all of a piece that morning. I intended to make it the heart of my presentation – but did not have a way to print it out. I figured no problem, I would just pull it up on my phone at the presentation.

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was prominently displayed at the hall where the talk was held. I pulled up the text I wanted and used it. I noticed that some of our organizers seemed startled by my action – and could not figure out why. Ha! If someone is going to be startled, it is usually because of something I say, not something before I begin talking at all. After the talk I found out the reason for the quizzical looks was because where I was speaking there was no internet service or cell phone service – so I should not have been able to pull up anything on my phone. I laughed and gave a big thanks to Our Lady of Guadalupe for helping me – and a little thanks to Dan Lynch for providing the magnificent image of her for this talk.

Through many little acts of faith, we are weaving the fabric of faith anew together, which is the true foundation of our culture.


This weekend many on the left are planning a “mostly peaceful” protest at Catholic Churches around the country to vent their anger at the possibility of the overturning of Roe v Wade. The left is as angry now as 19th Century American southerners were when the nation insisted they must free the slaves…or the German high command when forced to quit murdering Jews and other people they didn’t like…or as the Chinese officials will be if they are ever forced to stop murdering Uighurs and starving the people of Shanghai. Demonic powers are most frenzied and violent as they approach the precipice of their defeat.

It is good that Churches should prepare for this by having burly men at the entrances and on the aisles to respond quickly if the “peaceful” protests by the left suddenly become fiery – as usual with that crowd. The magnificent Fr. Dwight Longenecker had a great suggestion, too:

Planning for protests at your Catholic Church on Sunday: Get some of your folks to bake a batch of cookies, and if protesters show up get the children to give the cookies to them and say, “Thank you for coming to Mass today.”

Some places will, undoubtedly have some hissing and snarling. That’s what demonic acolytes do. As for us, to paraphrase St. Padre Pio, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry” – but be prepared. Update – A Priest friend suggested that this would be a great time for the Knights of Columbus to mobilize to protect our Churches. I heartily concur!


I have long been fascinated by Russian history. It is kind of a cousin to American history, but written in tragedy and grief. I have taken notice, though, that events in 1916 in Russia and 2022 in America are WAY too close for comfort.

In 1916 in Russia, though she was not the sovereign, Czar Nicholas’ wife, Alexandra, was calling a lot of the shots. Problem was, she was completely crazy and obsessed. She successfully pushed for the appointment of the most mendacious mediocrities to high office – who proceeded to loot the country while mismanaging everything and proclaiming themselves geniuses. No matter how bad things became, the officials deflected, blaming others or bizarrely claiming that the misery they engendered was actually success. This process accelerated dramatically when the delusional Nicholas went to take charge of Russian troops in the war personally – overruling his commanders routinely and creating chaos on the front. When the mismanagement led to severe, crisis-level food shortages, it didn’t phase the duplicitous officials Alexandra had gotten into office a bit. They had theirs, after all, and were content so long as the gravy train kept rolling for them.

Everyone except top Russian officials knew the country was on the verge of revolution. Maurice Paleologue, the French Ambassador to Moscow, wired his superiors that, “Anything is preferable to the state of anarchy that characterizes the present situation…I am obliged to report that, at the present moment, the Russian Empire is run by lunatics.” The reaction of the lunatics in charge to growing public discontent was to try to clamp down harder on the people and punish them for any criticism of the regime. People of substance worried less about whether there would be a revolution and more about when it would come. A newspaper editor in Moscow wrote that everything was seething and that he feared that, “…the tighter the government screws down the top on the cauldron, the bigger the explosion is going to be.” (See pages 31-32 of Red Victory: A History of the Russian Civil War by W. Bruce Lincoln)

See a few parallels? We have our own Alexandra (better known as AOC) pushing hard that the solution to the problems her ilk have fostered is to do more of the same thing that brought the problems on. Our economy is diving into a tailspin while our Rasputins tell us that grooming children is a good thing, there is no way to tell a man from a woman, and that free speech is a threat to “our democracy.” The government tries to screw down the top on the cauldron with the establishment of a Ministry of Truth and a Dept. of Environmental Justice.

When the revolution came, folks didn’t even realize that was what it was for a few days. Seven thousand starving women who worked at a textile mill started a protest seeking at least subsistence wages on Feb. 23, 1917. By dark, the protest had grown to 70,000 people – and by the weekend it was at a quarter of a million. Of course, Russian officials had the police and the army to enforce their will…until a few days into it the local army garrison joined the protesters, vastly outnumbering local police who, bit by bit, joined the revolutionary forces as well. Top officials thought they were tamping down dissent. Actually, they were drying out the kindling.

Within a week, the revolutionary forces had taken effective control and the Czar had abdicated. Leaders of opposition to the regime in the Duma (the Russian legislature) took control, which they confusedly shared with the Soviets (local “people’s councils”) that popped up. But the formal “revolutionary” leaders in the Duma were timid men. Russians were delighted to be free of the demented oppressions of the last Czar, but the society had no clear direction other than that. In October, Lenin and his forces seized control from the Duma and over the Soviets – and the prolonged national nightmare of the Soviet Union began in earnest.

I can’t help but wonder if the French Ambassador to the U.S. has recently written to the home office that, “I am obliged to report that, at the present moment, America is run by lunatics.”


A lot of chastisements have begun – and many more are on the visible horizon. Here then, Dan Lynch’s piece on spiritual protection as we go deeper into this ugly storm:


Chastisement Protection Prayers, Promises, Medal and Image


By Dan Lynch


On March 8, Jesus King of All Nations revealed this message,

Once more I say that this image and devotion of mine were revealed for these times. Times that will witness the greatest punishments seen thus far upon the earth because of the tremendous sin that covers it. …

Do not fear my children for I AM with you to save you. Come before my image and pray my prayers. Wear my medal. Acknowledge to all that I AM the True King of all peoples; of all nations!


Jesus revealed His devotion, precisely for these times of secular “wokeness” that have brought these chastisements upon us. He revealed His protection prayers and promises and his medal and image in order to avert or mitigate these chastisements that He has prophesied to correct the conscience of mankind as an act of his justice and mercy and to bring humanity back to a relationship of love with Him. He has also prophesied a Great Renewal of the Holy Church, of Mankind, and of All Creation. This should give us hope.

The original messages and revelations were granted the Nihil Obstat that is a declaration that they are free from doctrinal and moral error, that they contain nothing that is contrary to faith or morals. Bishop Enrique Hernandez Rivera D.D., Bishop of Caguas, Puerto Rico, granted the Nihil Obstat on August 15, 1993. The bishop said that he recognized “the need to foster more devotion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, True King of All Nations.” No bishop or other Church authority has condemned the revelations or issued a negative judgment on them.

Jesus King of All Nations said, “In these times, only one thing will be given as a remedy. I myself AM that remedy!” (Journal 159). “I have told you of the remedy, that of the public practice of my Devotion and veneration of my Image.” (Journal 671).

Bishop Robert Barron wrote, “A king is one to whom total allegiance is due, one who is not subject to the people but who rather commands and orders them. If the way of Jesus is to prevail over and against the enormous power of the way of the world, He must be acknowledged as King and Commander – and we must be willing to march in His army.”

So, let us learn:


  • How to be protected from chastisements HERE;
  • How to practice His Devotion HERE;
  • How to enthrone His Image HERE; and
  • How to prepare for The Coming Great Chastisement and the Great Renewal in my book below.

Buy your copy TODAY!and buy the Journal HERE.

Jesus King of All Nations has now prophesied a GREAT CHASTISEMENT because of unrepentant sinful humanity. He said, “Let it be known and made clear, that soon, very soon, there shall come upon mankind the Great Chastisement which has been prophesied for many years yet held back by the most powerful intercession of my immaculate mother and the prayers and sacrifices of my faithful ones.” (Journal 420).

He said, “Awake! Lift up your heads my people! Do you not see the signs all around you?! A great catastrophe is about to befall you!” (Journal 664).

He said, “It is for your good, O mankind, that I allow my justice to be poured out in order to awaken your conscience and correct your sinful behavior.” (Journal 414).

Listen to Dan HERE talk about chastisements on the Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio beginning at minute 37.

See and listen to Father Mark Goring’s video, The Moment of Chastisement Has Now Arrived.  


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.

Find me on Twitter at @Charlie62394802


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