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Posted on 2022-07-23
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I am so mad right now I could just spit. Word came out yesterday that Bishop Donald Hying of Madison, Wisconsin has disciplined Fr. Richard Heilman for being too political. From what I can gather looking at local blogs and such, the catalyst for this was Fr. Heilman calling for people to help the J6 prisoners held now for 18 months for largely taking selfies in the Capitol. Understand that a catalyst is not an actual reason, but the precipitating event that causes reasons that have been bubbling beneath the surface for a long time to be translated into action.

In his letter, Bishop Hying tries to peddle the notion that this has nothing to do with political correctness or timidity but of “honoring the respective roles of the clergy and the lay faithful.” Balderdash! If this were a question of supporting homosexuality or abortion “rights” or tanking the Traditional Latin Mass or raising bail for rioters and cop killers I doubt there would have been a peep coming from Bp. Hying. Accommodating the political left in its assault on the faith and the faithful has become all the rage in certain quarters of the hierarchy. But dare to call for solidarity with people, many of whom have been held without charges and in solitary confinement for over 18 months for the crime of taking selfies in the Capitol, and that is a bridge too far for certain men without chests who masquerade as Bishops. Never mind that in Matthew 25 Jesus specifically listed visiting prisoners as a corporal act of mercy.

The offense that Fr. Heilman committed – and has been committing consistently for years – is to be boldly orthodox religiously and stoutly supportive of American principles of liberty. When the anti-God left politicizes everything there are some timid Church leaders who argue that if you dare greet the political assault with anything other than silence or open praise, that is “political.” If you dare openly proclaim the Gospel and fidelity to the Magisterium, that is “political” and worthy of punishment. These are the sort of Bishops who would have crucified the 11 Apostles who remained faithful to Christ while inviting Judas to take an honored place in their own ranks.

The best, most innocent interpretation I can give to such behavior is that Bishops such as this hope to curry favor with the world to prevent leftist governments from cracking down on them. No catacombs for these guys: they are determined not to disturb their own perks and privileges. So the very best of them are busily tossing faithful clerics to the crocodile in hopes that it will eat them last.

I have news for all these timid men with mitres: you are the target. It doesn’t matter how much you try to ingratiate yourself with the minions of godless modernity; it doesn’t matter how very useful an idiot you can make yourself for them; you are the main course. It is not just orthodoxy to Scripture and the Magisterium that they hate; they hate the very idea of any organization that could ever be a rival to the worship of and slavish devotion to the state. Unless you are willing to become Hobbesian Priests of the State rather than of Jesus Christ, you are doomed – and your timidity and political correctness only hastens your doom.

Thankfully there is a corps of Bishops in America who are quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, making their stand for religious liberty and human freedom. Alas, that corps is too small right now – but it is growing quietly and steadily, as well. Some Bishops are boldly standing for the faith and the faithful. Some are boldly attacking the ancient faith and the faithful. Many are timidly hoping that this will all pass over and they will never have to publicly declare themselves. Every new outrage brings the moment of decision closer. All must make their stand and publicly declare themselves. If you constantly try to accommodate yourself to the world and its transient enthusiasms, you have publicly declared yourself even as you try desperately to avoid it. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin at another pregnant historical moment – the signing of the Declaration of Independence – you must all hang together in fidelity to Scripture and the Magisterium or you shall all hang separately.

Please pray for Fr. Heilman – and pray for Bishop Hying – and pray that all our Bishops and clerics will be filled with fortitude and resolve to serve the Lord, to Whom they took a solemn oath, and to the principles that He enunciated.


I am horrified that the man who tried to assassinate Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for Governor of New York, was released on his own recognizance within 12 hours of his murderous attempt. This as the people who took selfies in the Capitol are approaching their 19th month in prison, often in solitary confinement. How much clearer can it get that the only crime in this suddenly dystopian leftist nightmare we call a country is to be a faithful Christian or a conservative? New York just sent the message loud and clear that you can try to kill all the conservatives you want and, in New York at least, you’ll get a wink and a nod.

I spoke above about how a catalyst is not so much a reason as it is the crystallization of reasons that have been bubbling beneath the surface into sustained action. Keep playing out the dual system of justice ever more brazenly, leftists, and snickering about how you are sticking it to those stupid religious folks and conservatives. What you are actually doing is manufacturing the Mother of All Catalysts.

Come, Lord Jesus, and let the action that will soon commence take the form of justice rather than bloody revenge.


Bulletin: I just got news that our dear friend and CORAC leader (former head of Region 7), Bill Hammer passed away last night. Please add him and his family to your prayers. Bill was a tireless champion for the things we cherish at CORAC. His family will keep me advised of funeral arrangements – and I will let you know as I do.


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