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Posted on 2022-08-12
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For several weeks now I have been telling my closest friends to prepare for a putsch, a hostile takeover of the American government from the left. I did not argue that this was absolute, but that panicked Democrats are probing to see if they can get away with it.

You can argue that they already hold all the levers of power in the American government, including the unofficial levers of the major non-governing institutions. You would be right. But they hold the levers of a system they do not want. They hate the Constitution; they hate the Bill of Rights; they hate Judeo-Christian faith; and for all their bleating about ‘our democracy’ they hate the idea that ordinary people should have any say at all in how things are run. Though our system is badly tattered and frayed, they want, if they can, to overthrow it entirely and declare themselves authoritarian rulers of a land whose only law is whatever they decree.

During my heavy political days, one of my strengths was the ability to enter into the internal logic of opponents’ actions and predict with good accuracy what the trajectory of their actions going forward would be. Alas, that ability largely abandoned me about six months into the first Obama term. There was no coherent rhyme or reason to leftist actions, just routine grabs for power, sometimes under wildly contradictory terms. These were always justified, however flimsily, for the “good of the people.” Yes, you could see that the one unifying element was the concentration of centralized power, but the execution of how to get there was slapdash and opportunistic. It was hard to discern a strategy when it was all just random tactics, like Quantrill’s Raiders writ large. This was the Democrat’s guerrilla warfare period against American law and the American people.

Though I did not realize it until early this summer, a genuine strategic framework for the left’s serial outrages began to take form in late 2016. Some of it has been planned, some has been opportunistic. Vladimir Lenin said that communists should always be probing with a bayonet: where they encountered softness they should plunge ahead and where they encountered steel they should pull back. The left’s guerilla tactics were working well until the rise of Donald Trump. He was an existential threat to their dreams of transforming America into an authoritarian leftist theocracy. So a strategy began to take shape based on what they needed to complete the transformation of America into the sort of nightmare it had been created to rebuke, even in the face of serious and overt opposition.

Thus, from the moment Trump was elected, the left mounted an ongoing administrative and legalistic coup attempt that hobbled his entire presidency, which culminated in actual insurrection on Nov. 3, 2020 with a magnitude of election fraud only seen in banana republics. On Dec. 11, 2020, the Supreme Court confirmed the coup by refusing to examine any of the already mountainous evidence of massive fraud. The day after this ruling I wrote a remarkably prescient piece on how things would unfold from there, concluding that Dec. 11, 2020 was the day the American Republic died. (Please read that link: it is important to see how the pattern has unfolded.) But I also noted that this was the beginning of the hour of the ordinary man.

Let us follow how an actual strategy of overthrow of American institutions and law took place:

Shock of 2016: The night before the election in 2016, I had a private dinner at the home of a prominent Catholic broadcaster. In the course of the evening he asked me my prediction on what was going to happen the next day – not prophetically, but simply as an old political pro. I told him that Donald Trump would shock everyone by winning quite handily. I conceded that I had seen more evidence of large-scale election fraud than I ever had before and estimated that Democrats had manufactured at least 5 million and maybe as many as 10 million fraudulent votes. The shock for them, I noted, was that it would not be enough. Democrats that year had vastly underestimated voter anger at the imperial depredations of the Obama administration AND the complete cooption of the establishment media as handmaidens of leftist fever dreams. Further, their dummying up of polls to shape the election had backfired, giving them no early warning of how bad things had become for them. I told him that, in the aftermath, Democrats would do what they always do when reality smacks them in the face: pitch a gigantic hissy fit. The only thing I got wrong was that I thought things would settle down after a month. Boy, was I naïve about that part!

Firing of General Michael Flynn and the Russian Collusion Hoax: Right from election night, the fully politicized FBI and intelligence community began weaponizing a fraudulent conspiracy hoax commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee that Trump had colluded with Russia to subvert the election. The FBI lied, leaked, and knowingly falsified evidence to prop up this means of effecting an administrative coup. After several years of a special prosecutor it all fell apart – because there was no there, there. But there was no one held to account for these utterly treasonous acts, so Democrats saw no downside to manufacturing crimes out of thin air. If their lies and conspiracies succeeded, they would destroy their opponent: if they failed, idiot Republicans would be eager to let bygones be bygones. So for the rest of the Trump administration, they tried to manufacture more “crimes” they could charge him with or impeach him on, confident that they would not be called to account by a GOP that had defenestrated itself. Their confidence was well justified. But this was not all they did.

2018 Election: I was consulting with a major pro-life group in Texas for this cycle and collaborating with many conservative candidates for the legislature and the Texas Republican Party. I was confident of a victory that moved things in a more conservative direction for the most part, with losses largely confined to blue states and border regions. The only time I have ever been caught so flat-footed was in the first contested election I ever managed, way back in 1973. I saw no signs of the massive suburban shift to Democrats that happened on election day. Shaken, that night I told my prime collaborator that it had looked like fraud to me at first, but then I looked and saw it happened almost everywhere in the country. The only way for that to be accomplished would be for election machines or internal reporting servers to be connected to the internet or for software in the machines to have malicious programming on a massive scale, which we had always been assured they were not. It had to be a black swan event, a completely unexpected realignment of the suburbs. It was two years later that we found that they DID use the internet in internal reporting and counting and that there WAS malicious software in many of the commercial election programs. When that news came out, my prime pro-life collaborator told me I had called it back then. I was grateful that he remembered the comment rather than just remembering that I had lost. I have now come to think that 2018 was the trial run by Democrats on how to perpetrate fraud large enough to overcome massive voter disgust with their depredations.

Covid restrictions: After massive backfires because of their serial hoaxes attempting to get Trump – and with an economy humming along at a record pace – and with a world largely at peace with America getting entangled in no foreign wars – and peace breaking out in the Middle East, for crying out loud, things looked dim for the Democrats. Taking a virus with a 0.2 percent mortality rate, almost entirely made up of people in already dire health straits, and blowing it up into a crisis gave Democrats the opportunity to bowdlerize election laws throughout the country, almost universalizing mail-in voting, which is the easiest system under which to exercise large-scale fraud. Combined with same-day registration, refusal to verify signatures, and refusal to update voter rolls, the stage was set for America’s first third-world style election. Republicans and Trump bear some accountability for failing to legally challenge blatantly unconstitutional changes to election laws immediately when they happened. But the people who failed to realize the magnitude of the danger do not bear the moral culpability of those who mounted the attack. The Democrats mounted a steal of massive proportions. Courts and legislatures refused to examine any evidence of the massive steal. The idiot media jumped in to call protests of fraud a big lie. It claimed that refusal to examine evidence was “debunking” that evidence. They hammered their lie in disciplined lockstep so that even many Republicans and some bona fide conservatives repeated the media’s lie – merely for fear of being called a wingnut by fashionable serial liars and predators.

There were a lot of surprises in all this that offered tyrannical schemers opportunities. First, it was a shock to many serious thinkers, including among leftists, how easily and quickly people submitted to radical, unconstitutional edicts across the country from tyrants both petty and grand – and all for a disease that even the regime conceded had, at worst, a 0.3 percent mortality rate. In fact, many citizens eagerly joined in in bullying dissidents. The new bullies claimed they were “following the science” even as the heavily edited versions of public medical pronouncements could not withstand even the most cursory examination. They were shocked to find how easily both the scientific and the medical communities could be co-opted to enforce a false narrative. I personally was shocked to find how many in the medical community are little more than glorified cable installers – incapable of actual research or reading independent data sheets, but only eagerly enforcing what their political masters decreed.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even England quickly succumbed to large-scale tyranny – and England even with a supposedly conservative prime minister. It became thinkable that American constitutional government could also be overthrown given the ease with which it happened in other western countries.

Biden’s disastrous policies: Democrats swept the table of both houses of the legislature and the presidency (even though I, like millions of others, believe they did so through massive fraud). The upshot was that they were able to get everything done on their agenda that was not so radical it offended even some of their own legislators. Contrary to their confident assertions when they were out of power that if we just did everything their way, all would suddenly be sweetness and light, every single metric has collapsed under their tender mercies. The economy is tanking, global tensions are higher than any time since the prelude to WWII, crime is rampant, the murder rate is up dramatically, the all-cause death rate has spiked 40% year over year, the border is functionally non-existent, we have a plague of deadly new drugs and human trafficking. It just goes on and on. There is not a single metric that is not significantly worse than it was two years ago. The Democrats’ response has not been to change course and make things better, but to claim that all is well and getting better even as things crumble all around them.

The simple truth is that Democrats do not really care whether their policies work or about the quality of your life or about any kind of justice (including even “social” justice) or even what you do – so long as it is mandatory and they get to issue the mandates. Having abandoned God, the Democrats’ only god is power. They will do – and are doing – anything to hold onto their precious power, which substitutes for the meaning in their lives that was tossed overboard as so much ballast when they turned against God.

Now with everything tanking throughout the world they face the prospect of existential annihilation. Forget the dummied up polls, which are now designed to convince you that you are out of step if you don’t like paying more than double for gasoline, food and shelter. Whoever is actually pulling the strings for the left know that the next election, if even semi-honest, will be an extinction-level event for them. So how to hang onto their precious?

Once again, Lenin advised his communist minions that they should always be probing with a bayonet. When they encountered softness they should plunge ahead; when they encountered steel they should pull back. That is exactly what the Democrats and their pet media are now doing. They are testing the terrain to see if they can get away with formally overthrowing the rule of law, American constitutionalism, and freedom under God that they have already functionally discarded. If they cannot engineer another steal, they are gone from power for a VERY long time. The only way to hold onto the precious would be the overt overthrow of the traditional American system. The danger in that for them is not that they will lose power – they are going to lose that anyway. Rather, it is that many of their leaders may face life in prison or even execution if they try to overtly overthrow the American system of ordered liberty and fail. The next six months truly are for all the marbles.

The left has set the table to keep their options open. The J6 prisoners, held without bond, bail or charges for a year and a half for mostly taking selfies in the Capitol have been designed to be an object warning to any who would dare to defy the establishment narrative. All but a tiny handful of those imprisoned are simply being oppressed and held as political prisoners to demonstrate that the regime can do it. In better times in America, Church leaders would have been at the forefront of defending the rights and liberties of the oppressed. Alas, these are not better times. One Bishop not only refuses to defend the basic human rights of the wrongfully imprisoned but punished a Priest who did. (I know that the Priest in question, who I deeply respect, asked people not to criticize the Bishop because he is a “good guy.” Sorry, I don’t care how much the Bishop loves his dog: a man who takes a solemn oath to stand with Christ and defend the flock and chooses to refuse that duty lest he seem political is deserving only of my contempt.) Dietrich Bonhoeffer is dead. In fairness, two-thirds of the Protestant Christians in Germany voted to support their Churches AND to support Adolf Hitler. German Catholics could not be so brazen as the Catholic Church extends far beyond Germany – but most German Catholic clerics chose to keep their heads down and go along to get along. Heroic fortitude under pressure has not been a strong point of establishment Christian leaders for over a century. While there are some very good Christian leaders out there (Rev. Franklin Graham, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and a good many others), if we are waiting for Church leaders to take the lead in defending liberty and basic human dignity we might as well just put on our chains. Same thing with Republican leaders: only a handful have consistently stepped up to defend the political prisoners. Perhaps with the sudden new targeting of conservative legislators by Merrick Garland’s Injustice Department that will change as a matter of self-interest. But I am not holding my breath.

Almost all conservative thinkers were caught flat-footed by the FBI armed raid on a former president’s home on transparently manufactured grounds (Has the FBI used any other type of grounds when it comes to Donald Trump?) I was, too. Not that I didn’t expect it: I just expected it to come in October instead of this month. But the manufactured grounds were a feature, not a flaw. The Biden Regime, led by Chief Capo Garland, was not really going after Trump seriously. It was probing, seeking to gauge public reaction to put into its calculations on whether it can get away with an overt, formal overthrow of liberty and the Constitution. Though not as widely noted amidst the outrage, the Injustice Dept. quickly followed up with a warrantless seizure of a Congressman’s phone and indictments against some state legislators who had called for investigation of centralized Democratic vote fraud. It really wanted to get the message out that no rule of law or decent sense of equal justice will keep it from striking out against principled opponents of the regime. It got more blowback than it hoped for.

Most commentators, both in conservative media and among public officials, cautioned people to avoid falling into any violent traps – or even major public demonstrations that the regime can pretend were violent. That is good counsel. There is no doubt that the left is now trying to provoke an imprudent response to its outrages that it can leverage as evidence of “militant extremism.” Alas, most of these same commentators limit their advice of effective response to winning at the ballot box. I am not so sanguine about an election when the power mad left has shown it will not be constrained by law, justice or decency and is a past master at vote fraud. If the left spent a tenth as much time learning about economics as it does coming up with innovative methods of vote fraud we really would have the strongest economy in history.

When I set up CORAC, I had long envisioned the scenarios we are going through right now and worse – much worse. One of the principle aims of CORAC from its founding was to erect effective means of resistance to tyranny that did not rely on violence. There is no doubt that elections are a tool in the box…but if it is our only tool we have already lost. There is much more we can and must do. I will be writing about these over the next few weeks. Just as an example, both New York Mayor Eric Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser have squealed like infants stuck with a safety pin when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a tiny fraction of the illegal aliens he has to deal with every day over a few months. The left largely exempts itself from the consequences of its depredations. When it is forced to face them, it crumbles and whines quickly about how unfair it is instead of dealing with it. Time to make them face those consequences. We don’t need another truck convoy, as heartening as they are. Rather, we need truckers to cease making deliveries to Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and wherever…make the ruling class suffer the depredations they have done to the supply chain. We need states to start drilling oil and natural gas for the good of their people – and arresting any EPA or other federal agents who come and try to interfere with their determination to give their people a life and a hope. These are the sorts of things I will be covering going forward.

Right now, I think one of the most dangerous periods in our nation’s history – perhaps the most dangerous – will occur between November and January. If the Democrats manage a new, innovative way to steal the election (or even if they just send the voting machine systems into hyper-drive, counting every Democrat vote three times and ignoring all Republican votes) it is hard to see how revolt will not begin in earnest. If it is a semi-honest election and Democrats reap the historic shellacking they have sown, there is real and deep danger that they will try to overthrow the American system in a putsch between election day and when the new Congress would be seated. We live in interesting times.

We have a large contingent of leftists determined to overthrow American constitutionalism by hook or by crook. We have some people who are determined to defend faith, family and freedom – but we are not as well organized or filled with the demonic intensity the left is. Then there are the mealy-mouths who just want to be on whichever side they think is winning. Truth is, we are now in God’s winnowing fan. We are in the box giving our deposition to Him as to who we are. We ARE publicly declaring ourselves, whether we know it or not.

God wins. Our call is Ora et Labora – Pray and Work. If you sit waiting for God to solve all the problems that we, ourselves, have created and call it faith, you are in danger of Him telling you He never knew you. God intervenes in a crumbling society when the people turn back to Him with their whole hearts – with their actions as well as their words. If you go off half-cocked without acknowledging God thinking you can solve the problems with your own prowess, you will fail miserably and be told that He never knew you. Ora et Labora.

Our Church leaders won’t rescue us. Our politicians won’t rescue us. This is the hour of the ordinary man. We must, under God, do the little we can right before us – and then He will join His mighty arm to our little effort – and He will rescue us. We have a lot of work ahead of us and many scary moments. I have told you true and now you must choose or perish.


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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