The Hour of the Hyenas

Posted on 2022-08-17
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I am entering the home stretch of my latest tour of visits. I will enjoy getting home next week, resting a bit, then working intensely to prepare not for what is coming, but for what is already unfolding before our eyes.

I laughed ruefully when I saw a silly columnist write that the outrage from the senseless raid on Donald Trump’s home will fade over time. Of course it will, but does this columnist think that this is the end of outrages? Once it was fully politicized to oppose Trump at every turn in 2016, the FBI and Justice Dept. have largely ceased to prosecute anything that is traditionally criminal. They haven’t stopped mass shootings, school shootings, terrorist attacks or “mostly peaceful” protests from the left because they have been far too busy going after anyone who might be a Trump supporter. This despite having advance warning about almost every mass and school shooter out there. The only question the FBI and Justice Dept. are interested in any more is, “Are you now or have you ever been a Trump supporter?”

Tucker Carlson did a brilliant synopsis Monday night of the police state America has become in the last two years. The Biden regime justice department is all about politics: actual crime can wait. This is not because they are bumbling buffoons, but part of the planned destruction of ordered liberty under a constitutional system where the people rule. Emerald Robinson brilliantly sketches the outline of the plan. The hostile takeover of American society is not coming: it is here. Like an unborn child, it is not fully developed yet – but is growing more clearly defined each day. If you are telling yourself it is not there or that it will all go away with one election, you are whistling past the graveyard.

I am devoting myself to laying out some basics each of us can do to resist without violence – and preparing to build anew on the rubble that the illegitimate Biden regime and its handmaidens in the media and institutions are leaving. My main questions are three: 1) how to resist the depredations of our walking dead society without an orgy of destruction, 2) how to endure the destruction engendered as the insane left seeks to destroy us in its own orgy of self-destruction and, 3) how to unite rational people now to effectively rebuild a healthy society after the left’s immolation of our society is complete.

This, quite frankly, was what CORAC was created for. The fact is that God wins – along with the people who follow Him. I get a ton of letters and such from people frantically telling me what the latest “prophecy” is and how God is going to solve this for all of us. I will tell you bluntly: if you are waiting for God to solve all the problems we have created for ourselves, you need to know that God is waiting for you to saddle up and get to work doing what we should have been doing generations ago. God will bless your efforts and there will be more than a few miracles along the way – but it is your efforts He will bless, not your pipedreams. Get to work. We have got a lot of trials ahead of us on the road to Mordor – and Christ is asking us now, even as we tremble, “Do you love me?”

Certainly, you can connect with a ton of people who are already working together to preserve a Godly culture even as the walls of our secular Jericho collapse by joining CORAC. We work together on health and wellness, frontier skills and foraging, ham radio communications, emergency contingencies, education, prayer teams and more – all designed to knit together once more the fabric of the people of God. We are in the midst of our summer fundraising drive. We live cheaply and offer all our resources without charge, but we depend on people who are voluntarily committed to keeping us afloat by donating. Be our Joanna and our Susanna. Get involved in the community, which stretches nationwide and, now, even internationally. Help with a project or two. Don’t wait until the storm is at a full roar before figuring that maybe that ark wasn’t such a bad idea after all. We need your help now – and you need our help and fellowship now.

The hyenas that have taken illicit control of our culture are determined to take the great lion of freedom down – and all who will not join their venomous pack. As hyenas always do, they attack the weak the first. They are coming for your children, they are coming for you, they are coming for all that is good and true. The FBI and Justice Dept. have joined their pack. The media has joined their pack. Almost all institutions in our culture have joined their pack. Now you must choose. Will you stand with the great lion of Judah even as he is under siege; will you hide away and hope the hyenas don’t notice you (good luck with that); or will you join their malignant pack? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I pulled up an article I published three years ago that is worth a re-read. It is entitled, “In the Lord’s Winnowing Fan,” and appears below:

Double Rainbow

By Charlie Johnston

Just a couple of hours after I published my venting complaint Thursday (The Assault on Reality), I saw a beautifully vivid double rainbow while I was out in a farmyard. I had been feeling more and more gloomy about the growing absurdity and fecklessness of modern life – in society, the culture, and in the hierarchy of the Church. I hate to write when I feel like that. I much prefer to offer solutions than merely curse the darkness. Sometimes, things get so clogged internally, you have to vent before you can get back on track. I see that a lot of you took the opportunity to vent, as well. Good for all of us.

Make no mistake, though; I am no revolutionary. My attitude is more akin to that of William Wallace in the movie, “Braveheart.” I want to press those who are charged with leadership to exercise it on behalf of the people they are called to serve – not just to feather their nests or cover their behinds. I want the king to be a king worthy of the name and the nobles to act with nobility. If they don’t, that doesn’t stop me from acting with vigor, fidelity and fortitude. Over time, those characteristics can inspire even a moribund leadership class. It was not Wallace who won Scotland’s freedom – but Robert the Bruce, the rightful king who had once betrayed Wallace. Yet he was so inspired by the great commoner that he ultimately chose to live fidelity to Scotland – and finally accomplished what Wallace started.

I don’t just want victory; I want a proper, honorable order resurrected. I want the elite to be worthy of the name rather than pathetic, arrogant shams; I want nobility, I want both courage and restraint, kindness and rigor, everybody living their lives with honor, dignity, and affection for their neighbors and tolerance for each other’s quirks. A few thoughts on that…

I was disappointed to see the venting lead some to take shots at St. John Paul and Pope Emeritus Benedict, suggesting they had to know about the scandals. To the contrary, before Pope Francis, those noxious clerics who want to subvert the faith took great pains to remain in hiding. Remember, Theodore McCarrick pretended to be a passionate reformer in 2002 even as he was about the business of molesting young men and older boys. St. John Paul, in his youth, literally risked summary execution to maintain fidelity to the faith in Nazi-occupied Poland. Benedict XVI wasn’t far behind navigating Nazi Germany as a youth. For men such as this, the idea that Priests and Bishops would eagerly and intentionally betray the faith to indulge their own sexual perversions was literally unthinkable. I can see them seeing discrete reports and thinking that these were just a few bad apples who had given in to human weakness. The idea that it was a large, co-ordinated conspiracy indulged in by a large cabal of depraved clerics was literally unimaginable. Shoot, it was unimaginable to me just a few years ago. I know that Benedict decided to resign within days of receiving a report he commissioned on just how bad the problem really was. When he saw how big and extensive the evil had become, it is entirely credible to me that he decided a younger, more vigorous man must tackle this. And then it became clear that God had another plan.

Some say anyone in such a position must have known. I know better. I have served as chief advisor for more than a few statewide candidates and officials. The pace is so frantic, even at that lower level, that the principal rarely knows more than his advisors and the media tell him. I took pains to have some different voices in the campaign and tried to never let my guy get sand-bagged by a public surprise. Many chief advisors do NOT do that. I knew and was close to one statewide official who had once been good, but had an office that had grown rife with corruption. Turns out he had developed an alcohol problem and his chief of staff was both protecting him AND badly taking advantage of the situation. That chief later went to jail. So with everyone trying to hide the corruption – and much of it being centered in the Vatican – AND the idea of such widespread filth being literally unimaginable to men like St. John Paul and Benedict, you bet I see how it could have been kept from them except at the margins.

To trade reflexive credulity for reflexive cynicism is a very bad bargain. One who is reflexively naieve lacks judgment, but is usually innocent. One who is reflexively cynical gets on a downward escalator; first believing everything is corrupt, then believing that the good is not even possible. Once you convince yourself there can be no good, you are not far from believing there is no God. Besides this, any sort of reflexive response makes you a slave to others. It is a lazy man’s way to play at being good or smart. If I know how you reflexively think, it is simple to manipulate you. Do what Jesus said and “Judge righteous judgment.” If you say all clerics are honest and true, that’s annoying and can allow a culture of corruption to fester. If you say all are corrupt, you are doing the devil’s work of smearing the righteous and just. Judge righteous judgment.

The virtue of obedience is both misunderstood and underrated in these times. In Christianity, obedience is not a matter of the lesser submitting to the greater. If it were, how would it have been possible that, after the temple, Jesus was obedient to His earthly parents? In Christianity, obedience is a means of cooperatively opening up channels of grace with each other.

A quarter of a century ago, my first spiritual director was concerned that I was, perhaps, too eager to obey. He was concerned I might think this relieved me of my personal responsibility. I explained the above to him and noted that if he gives me the best, most well-considered direction he can, even if he errs, his intention and my obedience sanctify it and cause even the error to bear fruit, opening up a channel of grace between us. Similarly, if I err or even rebel for a time, his careful prudence in advice sanctifies my error and, again, opens up a channel of grace between us. If we seek, then, under God, to live our duty to each other well, we keep the channels open and the grace flowing – and can always re-visit any matter that seems errant.

We worry way too much about dominance. We should rather worry about legitimacy and obedience. The person who commands in an area takes responsibility before God and man for living his duty. I have often been the leader of significant temporal movements. When I have that responsibility, I listen carefully to the ideas of those who work with me, but I expect their obedience once I have made the decision. Similarly, when I am a member of a group under another’s command, I endeavor to follow the lead of the head with fidelity. I reserve the right to speak in disagreement if necessary, but I rarely use it. It is stupid and mendacious to argue with the leader just because that is not the way you would do it. You disagree when you are concerned that a particular course would cause lasting damage. Few people make excellent leaders if they do not also have the capacity to be excellent followers.

Obedience never means you should submit to an unlawful order – nor do you have to obey an order that is outside the capacity of the one giving it. Far too often, though, we rebel against lawful authority out of pure mulishness. That is not from God.

I am obedient to my Archbishop – and glad to have him. Though our communications are not frequent, we do speak informally through his designees and, occasionally, formally but privately. While it occasionally stings, he has never ventured outside his legitimate authority over me – and it has helped me make this site better and live my duty better. In fact, though our audience here is about a quarter to a third of what it was a few years ago, we count an astonishing number of key decision-makers in both the Church and secular society among our readers. A key to that is not just that I write some pretty insightful material, but that I listen, obey lawful authority, and endeavor to tell you bluntly when I am wrong.

Ego is killing us. That is a key lesson God wants us to know and that the devil wants to hide from us. If you are more concerned with proving you are right than actually getting it right, if you are too focused on establishing your dominance to ever follow a leader faithfully, you are going to have a lot of problems ahead. I am more terrified of failing to acknowledge an error than I am of actually making one. Everyone makes errors…it’s just part of our pilgrim journey. But when our pride causes us to refuse to acknowledge or repent of them, it encases the error in cement around us. Encase yourself in enough cement and you soon won’t be able to move at all. Better to shake it off as quickly as you can.

The Rev. Michael Brown (not the Spirit Daily publisher) wrote a brilliant piece about what happens when a nation spirals into darkness. If social trends continue their current trajectory, we have some dark days and real strife in our future. We must be deliberate in everything we do; not giving in to despair, to indifference or to triumphalism. Don’t walk around with your hair on fire at every offense that comes. Rather, steadily acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. There will be times when you have to make quick decisions. The habits of deliberation, regularly and vigorously cultivated, will make even those rushed decisions into better decisions.

Along our way, we will all vent sometimes. But never let such venting take possession of you. Frankly, I don’t fight it too much. Rather, I wallow for a few days – and then get back to work. Of course, the call we have is a hard one. What grace, what merit would there be in it if it were otherwise? We are in God’s winnowing fan – and everything we do gives witness to Him of who we are.

If the storm on the horizon moves in in its full fury, the decisive element will not be found among the bankrupt class that calls itself elite. It will be found in the faith, fidelity and fortitude of millions of ordinary people all across America and around the globe. The most effective leadership will come locally and regionally…leadership that resolves that, whatever is happening around the world, it will take that next right step in cooperation with willing neighbors who share the same commitment, fortitude and fidelity. I am glad that most of my readership here have abandoned the false hopes of individual prepping. It is cooperative action between friends and neighbors that will hold things up when the elite classes are violently self-destructing around us. I have been working with some people to develop areas that people who are working together in every area should consider in order to help each other weather the storms. I will publish a piece on it just before I go back on the road in a few weeks.

When you are weary or worn out, go ahead and let loose a primal scream. Heaven knows, I do. But don’t let that be the last word. Judge righteous judgment, knowing that the criteria you use to judge others will be used to judge you. Resolutely take the next right step, even though sometimes you have to rest your weary soul. If we do this, when Christ comes to hold us to account, He will find faith on earth.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.

Find me on Twitter at @Charlie62394802


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