Scenes Through the Looking Glass, Part I

Posted on 2022-12-19
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I am working on a big piece in anticipation of a huge year in salvation history next year. I have decided it would best be held until after Christmas.

Everyone knows the country and the world have become utterly unrecognizable. We have been living the prelude to the fall. Everything is absurdity. If you oppose sexualizing children you are called a hater who supports actual violence. Same if you support free speech. In this Looking Glass World, to oppose censoring conservatives is to ‘threaten free speech.’ Lefties release criminals left and right, who then go on to commit more violent crimes, which allows lefties to call for more gun control. Hey guys, crime control disarms criminals; gun control disarms victims. I thought, today, I would survey a few scenes from the frontlines of the terminal madness that is eating away at what was once a great country.

What’s With Trump These Days?

While never a big fan of Trump’s bombast, when I saw his commitment to keeping his promises and his shrewdness in pushing policies that were for the good of all and actually worked, I became a big fan. I like people who get good results even if their methods are significantly different from mine. I figured that perhaps his bombast even helped forward his policy goals in ways I did not quite understand.

I got disenchanted when he started attacking people he had endorsed, not because they did not strive mightily, but because they failed. I got very annoyed when he attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – a man who has tried mightily and succeeded on our behalf. I was baffled when he had his dinner with Kanye West – who has been spouting real anti-semitism for months (personally, I think West is suffering a mental breakdown) – and Nick Fuentes, a genuine white supremacist. It made me wonder who is doing his vetting and advance work. It was a terrible blunder, but one that did not reveal a dark heart. It would be very hard to find a president who was as courageous, effective and forthright in his support of Israel. But it sure was an unforced error. Then his big announcement last week was about overpriced, over-hyped digital trading cards (NFT)?! That same day he gave a very serious, sober speech about his commitment to America’s basic freedoms and how he would protect and renew them. But it was entirely overshadowed by the NFT fiasco.

I did not support the mission of American renewal because Donald Trump led it; I came to support Trump because his actions advanced the mission of American renewal. Want to fire on the enemies of American history, memory and values? I’m all for it. But when you start firing on allies in the mission before us because they might be rivals to you, that is not going to fly with me.

Now the House J6 Committee has passed on criminal referrals against Trump that are even more fact-free and vapid than the Russian Collusion hoax or the two impeachment efforts were. He will be indicted by illegitimate office-holders simply because the left hates and fears him. Certainly, I will defend him vigorously and call on Americans to punish the people who have destroyed our justice system to vent their hatred. But I am wondering whether Trump has lost the narrative. It is about the mission, not about developing a cult of personality. I wonder if maybe he really is losing some steps because of his age, which would explain the serial lapses in judgment these last few months.

When Michael Jordan came to the Chicago Bulls, Coach Doug Collins came in and brought a formerly mediocre team to the brink of contending for the title. It was a stunning and unpopular move when Bulls management fired Collins in the off-season and replaced him with Phil Jackson. At the time, the Bulls’ spokesman said that Collins did a great job in taking the team from point C to point B, but that Jackson was the man to take them to point A. That justification was greeted with sullen derision. Then Jackson took the Bulls to six world championships.

In the Gospel of John it is written that, “…one man sows and another reaps.” (John 4:37) We owe Donald Trump a profound debt of gratitude for busting up the saloon of leftist incompetence and malice and revealing the depth of the rot in social institutions. I think he truly was a great president who was robbed of his second term. But unless there is a serious course correction and much tighter message discipline, I have come to think that Ron DeSantis is the best man to get us to point A.


We have now reached the point where some European countries have decreed the Covid shots to be more dangerous than Covid, itself. Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Denmark are among the countries walking away from the shots while outright banning them for younger people. Even so, some US authorities are still pushing them and pining for the heady days when they could mandate this poison.

Look back in the archives here and you will find that I have said consistently, from the start, that based on the animal trials, it would take two to three years for the long-term adverse effects to start kicking in. We are there. The shots began wide distribution just over two years ago. Now we are awash in myocarditis in young people, a vast increase in all-cause deaths year-to-year, and very quickly the largest cause of death is becoming “unexplained.”

It is going to get worse. Already many people who unquestioningly bought the narrative are expressing doubts and regrets. You can hide the reality when it is just mindless news readers and compromised public health authorities gaslighting, but when people you know start having serious unexplained problems and dying suddenly, people start to get wise to the grift. It is big enough here that it cannot be contained. It is going to get worse, and many will suffer loss.

Most of the people who bought the narrative did nothing wrong: they simply trusted institutions that, for most of their lives, had been trustworthy. Most people are not serious researchers. When they say they have done research they mean they have watched a news show or read a magazine or newspaper article. People should have gotten suspicious when authorities were trying to censor competing views and when they started mandating all manner of nonsense. Only bad actors do such things – and trust should be, at least, suspended from those who do. But here we are.

As I have also said from the beginning, God is not mocked. It was almost a given that when officials oversold a moderate crisis as an existential threat, we would end up faced with a real crisis. Even so, God does not want our destruction. He wants our reclamation by turning back to Him. The Brazen Serpent Prayer Card was designed last spring to help people overtly turn back to God for healing without spurning the natural means God provides for us. You can download the prayer here or order cards from Full of Grace USA.

If, like me, you have loved ones who took these dangerous shots, do not taunt them as it becomes clearer how bad these things really are. Pray for them, offer them this prayer, then live solidarity with them as best you can. If some of them were imperious nags about “the science,” (which they clearly knew nothing about) do not treat them as they treated you now that the shoe is on the other foot. Treat them well, but remind them of this disastrous fiasco if they ever get imperious with you again.


Kennedy Assassination 

I was disappointed that Tucker Carlson cited an unnamed CIA agent as the single source of his blockbuster claim that the CIA was involved in the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy. It had all the sourcing and probative value of the establishment media’s endless claims of how the walls were closing in on Trump. While Tucker is the gutsiest, most on point TV host out there, he has a penchant for occasional poorly sourced clickbait stuff.

A conspiracy is possible, but it must be embedded within the framework of the indisputable forensic reality and the short timeline based upon when the Dallas trip was planned. The idea that Oswald was a long-standing CIA operative is laughable for anyone who knows the history. Oswald was a pathetic loser with delusions of grandeur who failed at everything he tried. He was volatile and unreliable. Most assassination conspiracy theories do violence to known facts to try to shoehorn their theories in. The famous “Magic Bullet” theory propounded by former New Orleans DA Jim Garrison required you to pretend that Gov. Connally’s jump seat in the presidential limo sat directly in front of Kennedy rather than being indented six inches, as it actually was.

Vincent Bugliosi, the former Deputy Los Angeles DA who successfully prosecuted Charles Manson and his ‘family,’ compiled the massive book, “Reclaiming History,” which covers the Kennedy assassination AND the major conspiracy theories. It leaves little room for a conspiracy, because it shows how the major conspiracy theories deal with counter-factuals to make their theories work. There are certain things we know with absolute certainty. As of yet, I have found no conspiracy theorist who respects – or even has done enough to know – what those things are.

That said, there is one plausible conspiracy theory I have ever read. It is a work of fiction, but it respects both the hard forensics and the timeline. It is Stephen Hunter’s novel, “The Third Bullet.” It covers the very narrow room that actually exists for a conspiracy to have happened.

Why do I get so annoyed by this sort of thing? We have serious work ahead of us, perhaps the most serious in a millennium or two, and we allow ourselves to get distracted by things that don’t hold up under serious examination. Tucker probably talked to a CIA agent who imagined himself to be living a life of high adventure by saying this. Just as with Stephen Hunter’s book, I am open to scenarios that respect known facts, but as soon as nonsense is spouted, I tune out. The only people who could take seriously the idea of Oswald being a CIA asset are people who have no knowledge of Oswald’s actual bio. It is time to Joan up, because we have very serious work ahead in the next year.


Homeless Liberals 

I pity actual liberals these days because they have become the biggest homeless class in American history. Up until a couple of decades ago I had a lot of good liberal friends. We would have lively discussions and arguments, but would enjoy and even collaborate on social events together. Most liberals then actually believed in faith, family and freedom, but had significantly different ideas on how to accomplish them. Now a liberal has no place to go that he can really call home. He is not comfortable with conservative methods. He puts a premium on communal action rather than individual liberty. But the vicious, America-hating, child-grooming, authoritarian hard left has taken over the Democratic Party – and is quick to cancel anyone who does not toe the neo-Stalinist line. It was liberals who were the primary foot soldiers in the civil rights movement 60 years ago. Liberals were deeply inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for a colorblind society where people were judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Now the hard leftists who have hijacked the Democrats consider that “racist.”

As much contempt as I have for the Republican Party, which has spat on conservatives since the days of Reagan ended, the most forlorn refugees of the culture wars have to be honest liberals. I used to love their company. Now they are driven from the landscape, as vanished as the Cherokees from Georgia after the Trail of Tears.


I’ll get to part II later in the week. Know that God does have a plan – a plan for our reclamation rather than our destruction. Everything now happening will contribute to that plan. But as St. Joan of Arc said when asked why God didn’t just save France if He wanted it saved at her examination before taking the lead of the French armies, “It is ours to fight the battle and God’s to grant the victory.” So it is in our day, too.


My newest granddaughter, Maggie, and I have hit it off quite nicely. This little cherub thinks her Pops is one heck of a squirrel!

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