Homeopathy as “Energy Medicine?” A Brief Q&A

Posted on 2023-06-13
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Questioner: I don’t understand when they talk about the energy in a remedy; what is that? Is it some atoms left from succussion of what it started from?
Answer:  Homeopathy is not “energy medicine” in the New Age usage of the term. On the contrary, each homeopathic remedy has a particular energy because of the physics (rather than chemistry) of the remedy.
Let’s take the physics of magnets. When I was little, my mother took a sewing needle and a horseshoe magnet and showed me something cool: she stroked the needle across the magnet several times, and then used the tip of the needle to pick up a straight pin. I was amazed. She said, “I have turned the needle into a magnet.” As a matter of chemistry, the needle and the magnet and the pin were unchanged; but because of the friction applied to the needle with the magnet, the physics (the energy) of the needle changed… it took on magnetic energy that it hadn’t had before. And the more times the needle was stroked along the magnet (in other words, the more friction that was applied), the more the physics of the needle changed; and thus the more the magnetic energy of the needle increased.
Likewise, when a homeopathic remedy is made by way of repeated dilution and succussion (friction), there’s pretty much no more “chemistry” left after a few dilutions (it’s so dilute that there might not be even one atom or molecule of the original substance remaining in the liquid). However, the repeated application of friction (via the succussion) repeatedly alters the physics of the liquid remedy and thus repeatedly increases the energy of the remedy. That is why the more the remedy is diluted and succussed, the more potent it becomes. I hope I’m making sense; if not, please let me know and I’ll give it another shot.
Questioner:  Thank you for your help in understanding remedies a little more. Then are you saying that it is the energy in the remedies that gets the energy for healing going in your body?
Answer:  That’s exactly right. It’s kind of similar to how the energy (again, this is physics, not chemistry) of the UV rays of the sun hits our skin and causes various physiological changes in our bodies (such as the production of Vitamin D, and the tanning or sunburning of our skin). Likewise, the energy of a homeopathic remedy causes physiological changes in our bodies, and these changes promote healing.
Questioner:  Thanks. I think I got it finally!


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